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Does The Goodness Of The Heart Give Way To Forgiveness To Alternative Lifestyles?


Good morning friends!  This past week, I downloaded a video on my YouTube page Friend of Heaven, along with 5 or 6 more, and I spoke about the heart and how it’s the heart Jesus is coming to judge.  I spoke also about men and women who have lived a homosexual lifestyle and I knew from the moment I opened my mouth, many would disagree with me.  That’s okay, it really is and I will tell you, I never know what I am going to share until the moment I open my mouth.  I talked about WHY Jesus is coming to judge the heart…not our words, not our thoughts, but our hearts and what lays there as the heart cannot lie.


We must remember that Jesus says that if we ask for forgiveness, we shall receive it but we have to truly repent and He says to love the sinner but hate the sin, does He not?  During the time of darkness, that 3 days where He shows Himself to each and every person in this world, He will show them the status of their heart – the good, the bad and the ugly as whatever is there, it will be seen.  After this review, He will give each what He called “His last GIFT to humanity”, the opportunity and their last chance to be forgiven of their sins committed while here on earth in this corrupt flesh we call a body.  He will allow all, the chance to bend their knees, see their sins, ask Him for forgiveness and be added to the Lamb’s Book of Life.  ALL WILL HAVE THIS VERY ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME CHANCE!  Jesus will look in their hearts to see if  the remorse is heartfelt, is it sincere and if the people are truly sorry…the heart cannot lie and will bring TRUTH to the surface.  He will be able to tell if their mouths are moving, water works pouring all in righteousness or all done in falseness, showing their hearts to really still be ice-cold and only saying words to try to save themselves during this time.  I just can’t imagine anyone thinking they could hide anything from the Good Lord, can you?  But for those who do not know Him, they will try and many will blatantly refuse this GIFT.


Now, if He offers forgiveness to all, He is then forgiving the sin, is He not?  Will He not forgive those that have been told that God could not love them because of their homosexuality?  Now please remember, I am in NO WAY condoning this way of life as I believe we must love what God loves and hate what God hates but I do know too –  that I have known many “gay” people who for instance, at the age of 2, had their preferences known and these traits were expressed at that tender age.  A 2 year old is innocent and does not know what is feminine or masculine – they just play “from the gut”.  As the years progress and they become older, these traits seem to get a bit stronger, enhanced and parents, family, etc. can usually see something is different by time the teenage years arrive, and that too, is when one will start to feel conflicted and confused because they are aware they are a bit different than friends and family members.  I personally believe it is at this point too that the enemy begins his celebration because now, the world has begun telling them they are an abomination and while they live and participate in a lifestyle which is against God’s Word, Commandments and anything else you want to list, they start searching for “a god” or “the god” that will love them as they are.  They need to be able to stand somewhere. Why?  Because they have been like  this from their earliest memories; walked through their childhood in confidence loving the Lord and just knowing that He loved them back.  They never had doubt about the one solid love in their life, God’s love.  Now, they are awoken and aware but what do they do?  Thinking that God can never love you because of who you are can be quite devastating to someone who lingered their entire life in the confidence of God’s never-ending love.  It is at this point, I believe, a person embraces a life that will give them false understanding of who they are and even a more deceiving acceptance of God’s Word and Will.  They run to spirituality to find God’s love but return from it with a manipulated misconception again adaptable to their lifestyle.  Evolution and science become a viable explanation and quickly makes room to comfort all who want to find a way to live in this world being different or those living in a way that is unpleasing to God.  At least there, the God they remember from childhood loves them.  From that point on, for a while at least, they have placement, confidence and understanding even if it is short-lived and a lie (the lie being the New Age/Spirituality Movement, not God’s Love).


Am I saying that this applies 100% to everyone…no.  Am I saying this is the cause in each case…no.   There will forever be the argument, is this a choice or is a person born like this – I think it’s both but it is not up to me to judge them as Jesus will do that and if I am who I say I am in Christ, then I will not judge.  Remember, Jesus has told us over and over that our understanding of the Heavenly Structure and Courts, His love and forgiveness to all who ask is not attainable to us until we are changed and become residents of Heaven as it is so much bigger than us and the answers are not cut and dry.  It will be at that time, we’ll  know and understand His Divine Love, Wisdom, etc… We are so limited in our abilities to accept and ration that kind of “Agape Love”.


Jesus has taught us that it is all about the heart and I will tell you that it has been my experience, most homosexual men and women have the kindest, most loving hearts I know…all good, all caring and most giving so again I say, it is the sin He hates, not the person and if He comes to judge the heart’s of men looking for whose is pure, good, loving, kind and of Him,  along with for those which are cold, unforgiving, and well, just not of Him or have become corrupted beyond the point of no return, isn’t that what will stand out and isn’t He giving them/us all a last chance?  So, He will be forgiving the “sin” but loving, saving and reconciling back to the “sinner” back to Himself?


I in no way meant to offend any reader here but sometimes we do not have a choice on which subject we talk about and share.  I was not expecting this topic but the Lord was.  All the answers to all our questions are about to be answered and the most important event for a person to attend, is about to start and this my friends, is the most important decision one faces in life…is Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Messiah and Our Savior?  If you know this answer to be yes as that is the truth, why is it taking so long to admit it to Him and all in your life?  Time is out now, no more lukewarm, in the middle, riding the fence, it’s time to chose so are you in or are you out?  Let the Lord handle everything else, including who He can love and who He doesn’t love.  Remember, He is LOVE COMING DOWN!








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Are You Dreaming of Jesus? Is Jesus Showing You Your Place & Coming To You Via Dreams?

Dreams…visions…Jesus.  Did He not say that He would show Himself to His Children in this exact manner?  Why, yes He did!

Thank you friends for emailing me your wonderful dreams when you receive them…I cry right along with you and jump for joy by your side as you scream, cheer and smile with excitement, I do, I really do.  If you all don’t mind, I would like to share with you a dream sent to me today by one of our own sister’s and following that, I am going to type out a dream that my older sister Marsha had one night last week. First, I need to share with you a bit of history that these 2 people share…they both have told me numerous times that they don’t think they are part of the Bride…that they haven’t done anything but love the Lord with all their heart.  In turn, my response to both was, “Yes, you are part of the Bride!  You wait and watch each day with the anticipation of a true bride; you love Jesus with all your heart and your life reflects all these changes and your heart shines bright with this love and affection, along with your search and longing for Him each day.  Yes, you are the Bride, never ever think anything different, ever!”  Now, both of these lovely women have had very similar dreams with just days of each other…coincidence or confirmation, or both?

Dream from Irene:

My Dream. Nov 10th 2014 

 In my dream I was trying to encourage my daughter Lauren to read a book, (can’t remember which) to help her understand.(Save her Lord, and many friends & family that are lost)  Then I seemed to be watching a movie, (can’t really remember much about it) only my Husband Chris got in the way of my viewing. Ha ha! 

Then I myself was in the movie. I was standing outside with a group of people, it was very dark. Up in the sky there was a small round bright light, far away! That appeared to be split down the centre, it seemed to go smaller, and then suddenly a point of light headed straight towards me, very fast! I remember thinking ‘oh my goodness what will this be like?’ then with my arms reaching upwards I was lifted up, all tension gone, in this swift smooth transition. Only to find myself in the arms of my Saviour, He hugged me like no other, His love for me was indescribable, and I returned that love, His cheek rested against mine. I was overjoyed!

I felt that each and every one of us are as one, and that Jesus loves all as if we are the only one, His eyes for you only. (All of us). I cannot describe, I don’t know how to put it into words. God is truly remarkable; His ways are beyond any imagination! Next I was walking along a road, I was wearing a white dress, I had no idea what it looked like, I didn’t look down! My hair was very long and flowing, I was young and slim. 

I saw Jesus sat talking with some people, He looked up and saw me walking towards them, me being so shy, turned around, and next I was walking down a street, I saw people and a lady I knew, she had a little dog. I spoke to her and said ‘I wonder how it is on earth right now?’ she replied, ‘they seem to have taken over Syria completely’. Then I saw others arriving, they were behind a glass corridor, these people were looking at me amazed! 

Next I was seated with many others, Jesus was there! I thought of the animals and felt that they would be with us soon. There was a lady among us who had cancer. Jesus said ‘Let’s take it away, Shall we’! 

Then I woke up! 

This dream, tells me that the Rapture is not far off. Jesus love for all of us is so strong. I cannot wait to be with Him, and He cannot wait for us much longer!

Now, the other dream from my sister Marsha:

Marsha said that she was looking up into the sky when she saw Jesus standing up above the clouds…standing with His white horse, holding His arms and hands upward.  She could see His Face, His Hair, all of Him and He was standing above the clouds calling us home.

Very close image capture of Jesus…


Thank you Irene and Marsha for sharing your recent dreams of Jesus!  I invite any and all that have had recent dreams of Jesus, Heaven, etc. to share here on CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…I would be happy to post them for all to see!


See you soon!

Mary Beth


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