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Are You The Bride or The Church? What Are They Different? Video

Are You The Bride or The Church? Why Are They Different? Fearing Things of This World – Why?  (Video Link)


I am working on a detailed video where I’m going to speak about The Bride of Christ and The Church – what is the difference, their roles, and who exactly is who.  Also, I will review a little of everything I have talked about from the 3-days of Darkness coming, 144,000, etc.  I will try to finish it tomorrow so I can get it posted immediately.  Thanks!  I truly love everyone here and wish for blessings to be poured over each and every one of you and your families!





Daughter write – All is not as it seems to the eyes of those I love yet they know what I have placed in their Spirits is true and from Me. Look not for other reasons – it is Me dwelling in you My Children. You may not understand My Time or My Ways but you know Me as I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Lord and Savior whose shed blood you plead around you so I may cover and protect My Own in your days upon this earth. Listen to My Voice in your Spirit. Hear Me speak to you for I AM there! Who are you not trusting – Me or you? Clear the chaos and the noise from where you sit and listen well for I AM there! Trust My Spirit that dwells in you!

I hear your cries, see your tears, know your hearts and prayers. While you wait for Me, listen to My Voice in you. You lack trust in YOU and if My Spirit be upon you, you doubt the One who sent it. The enemy whispers this to you…do not listen…do not doubt who you My Children, My Flock, are in ME!

I have told you that I chose you and you did not choose Me – that all that are Mine were marked so at the time of their birth. I had you always and if I have brought you this far – would I leave you standing outside My Door while I walked through it? No, I would not! Know where I walk, so do My Sheep!

My time of coming is not counted or marked on a date, on a required calendar day but by events that must occur. This is My Timing. It is hard to understand Heavenly Ways and the structure of My Father’s Heavenly Kingdom in your earthly form but this is where you My Children, must pray for Divine Heavenly Teaching so you are not ignorant of My Ways and Time. Most importantly, you must walk all your hours of the day in pure faith in your Lord Jesus and The Father in Heaven for We are One. Faith, blind faith, is pleasing and grants Heavenly Rewards unimaginable to you now but, The Father has prepared such things for His Faithful.

I have shared with My Messengers, much of which was sealed…things that were for this exact time and the ears to these understandings must be open. Pray to your Father in Heaven that He Himself allow you hearing of these Words for they were written for NOW! Did I not say to seal them up to the end and am I not now fulfilling My Word? YES I AM! Know and believe in what I have laid before you – what has been allowed to be placed into your Spirit so you could walk these last days in Me. Do not let the enemy destroy what My Children know to be Truth from Me!

You follow My Breadcrumbs and know I lead your way. I led all to where I needed them to be. Take comfort in these Words. I have reasons I only speak what needs to be spoken for if I shared all with My Children, what good would it do as it would only leave you open to more evil and attacks from the enemy.

Remember your Rewards in Heaven! This is where your eyes and heart must be now. My Children, I long to be with you for I love you like you could never know. Go to your heart and remember all your True Heart’s Desires – for this is what will be given in Heaven. This earth is but a memory now. Do not think I delay as I do not. Time is still as I’ve said.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

(message received December 30, 2013 at 8:00 am)


~How You Found Me Blog-To-Blog~I’m Really No-One~I Just Chased The Heart of God~

This is an unlisted link that I’m just posting here on the Blog CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW.  It was recorded yesterday morning, December 27, 2013 but I forgot to download it (so something I would do lately).  Also, I should not have released Bonnie’s message as it was not for the public yet and was in a private forum but I did not know that it was not yet released for posting and excitement got the best of me!  I’m so so sorry if I caused anyone emotional stress or confusion by posting that message.  I cannot run in front of the Lord…I have to wait for Jesus and when He wants things released!!  I just got so excited, I didn’t even think and I should have.  Bonnie was so sweet and she is nothing but a completely sweet sister-in-Christ and I love her so much…I was in tears, so afraid I messed with the Divine Plan of things!  I did not as I went to the Lord twice in prayer and all is well.  He said that once something is posted anywhere in the internet world, it’s open to all even if we don’t realize it…it’s already out in circulation and was from the first moment it was posted in the private forum and it’s all okay, nothing has changed and that I should bring it to mind no more.  He is always “steps” ahead of us…He has to be so He can catch us every single time we fall or error!  He must surely walk next to me 24/7 then!


In all, I feel much better about it today because so many were blessed by it and Jesus knew that…He was not mad at me at all, so sweet and just rolled it off His Sleeve!  At this point, I really don’t think it matters – all information is going to be released out to all His Children and if something comes to one He loves or He is trying to reach, how can He or anyone be mad or upset over that!  It’s just a waiting game right now…but I know He is coming at any moment, He is so do not lose hope, faith or sight of how blessed you/we are that He chose us before we were even born to see and be a part of all this now.  How lucky are we?  Share what you know as we are in unprecedented times and He is opening/teaching what has never been taught as they have been sealed until now.  Again, how blessed do we feel that we have been called to be apart of this?


How You Found Me Blog to Blog-I’m Really No-One I Just Chased The Heart of God (Video Link – link is unlisted so unless you have the link itself, it cannot be viewed…I just posted this video here)


Follow the Heavenly Breadcrumbs He has laid out for you – don’t ignore them or scrap them away with your feet for they are leading you Home.


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Oh, So Much Fighting, Festering on YouTube Between the Children of the Lord, Really? Really?

The Fighting Between God’s Children on YouTube!!! (Video Link)


Shame shame I know your name!  That is all I want to say to all those fussing and fighting…shame on them!  Walk in harmony, peace and understanding of each other right up till the very end…well almost.  BAM!  The enemy is hitting hard now and how delighted in himself must he be?


I just did a video and I really should have titled it “Don’t Call Anyone Fat!”  If you have not realized yet, that what comes out of your mouth, can and will  swing back around and stick to you in record time flat, well, you are in for a BIG surprise…HUGE!  God makes it where we all have to feel what we put out, good, bad, kind or ugly…that is just the way He rolls!  When we judge others without literally walking in their exact footsteps, we too must be judged.  When we venture into ignorance or into an area “above our pay-grade”, we must be brought to a level of awareness of how our words or actions made others feel and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found this out the hard-way!


When we are small, innocent of God’s demands and ways, He understands we speak from a place of immaturity, not fully understanding just what we are releasing from our mouth…it is done usually in a “knee-jerk-reaction” scenario, a “in-the-moment” counterattack/response to someone else’s actions or words and done so without true thought and meaning.  But now, as we age and become “all-the-wiser”, we should know better that to claim ignorance to the consequences He will send our way.  How many times have we been witness to this in our own life?


When I was 33 years old, I was at the top-of-my-game as I call it.  Fit, active, full-of-life, great job, great life, great everything!  I had just met my future husband (husband #2) and thought God has blessed me with the absolute “Perfect Man”…Ha – was I misinformed…I totally missed the memo that day!  Those days I felt as if I walked from cloud to cloud because I just could not believe the “Lord” put this wonderful 6’4″ man in my life – totally over-the-moon!  Like most of us, along with him came a past, a ex-wife, children, guilt, blame, remorse and secrets.  I had no idea what I had let myself and my children walk into and one of those things was the bitter, resent-filled ex-wife who hated my guts and was terribly mean to me.  She hurt my feelings over and over but it was when she spoke outright lies about my children that got me “festering” and ready-for-battle.  I was clueless then and had no idea you could not eventually win over people that truly hated you with everything they had inside – even when they knew nothing about you.  Finally, my last button was pushed and I opened my mouth to release words I knew would cut her to the core…”Well, your fat!  You have permed-hair from the 80’s and dress like your mother!”  I did not want to say it and afterwards, it really did not make me feel better, okay, maybe for a few days it gave me some pleasure, but after they passed, I regretted each and every word but I could not take them back…shame on me!


It’s hard sometimes always taking the high-road because you have no release for all that build-up of “yuk” that accumulates over time…I did not have the tools and the armor I have now and probably, I’m only guessing, most others my age didn’t either.  God had special plans for me, I know this now and I knew it then, so He always had to allow me to feel my actions so I could 1) understand others with heart-filled compassion; 2) learn to hold my tongue when the enemy whispered in my ear; 3) pray for my enemies and mean it; 4) become the child He ordained me to be;  and 5) feel the pain of others that was caused by my own actions and/or words so I would never do it again.  So, now, He had to make sure I felt the pain and true definition of my own words…I too got fat!  I went from a size 4 petite to a size 14 PETITE within just a few months…it was like watching the little girl on Willie Wonka turn into the rollie-pollie blueberry and the little Oompa Loompa mixed all in one!  I literally looked like I would pop if someone stuck me with a sharp object!  Then, guess what happened after that…I too now had to wear clothes like my mother, yes, yes, yes I did!  I could not tuck anything in or show any of my rolls so I had to wear larger over-sized “open-hang” clothes to hide all that weight underneath (yeah, like that was ever gonna happen).  At 33, I was all about my style which was neat, clean straight lines and all my clothes were Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor – the classic looks because they never go out-of-style and look good on everyone.  I’ve always had my own style…love a great pair of classic jeans, nice crisp ironed white shirt, a navy blue or camel colored blazer and a great pair of low-heeled boots or penny loafers.  I could not get one of my legs into the waistband of my jeans and my Hulk broad-sized shoulders were bursting every jacket seam I had.  I was miserable but, at the same time, don’t think I didn’t know down deep inside of me, that I did this to myself and God was teaching me a great lesson so I would not be so “ignorant” the next time someone hurt my feelings or was “mean-to-me”!


If these lessons are not allowed, how do ever become the children He made us to be?  How do we learn when evil attached itself like a second-skin?  We cannot live a life always fighting fire-with-fire because if we did, what is left that has not been burned by the flames?  What beauty is left on this earth?  He allows our lessons so we will learn to hold-our-tongues so we ourselves can become the beauty of this world; a beautiful work-of-art that the Father Himself made to represent Him so He could place us among the thorns so they would not be what one saw first – they would see God’s Handiwork of Goodness and Beauty among the evil and ugly.  How can we be His “Beacons-of-Light” if we do not fear the darkness – that dark place we seem to reside in while each lesson/consequence is being allowed and learned?  Did that make sense?  I was not nearly at my best confidence wise or health wise and never wanted to go back to that place again so I quickly watched my footing and speech.  Please do not think this was the first or last lesson God allowed in my life over judgments or comments made toward someone or about them and their life…oh no, no, did it a few times before this and a few times after this and each time – I felt my words “bounce off them and stick back to me”!


I’m now much older and wiser but still, people hurt me and cause me pain and heartache and of course retaliation is a thought and option, but refuse those resources.  Use what God has placed at your disposal – Jesus Christ of Nazareth…He is always the best, most wise choice and should always be our default “go-to” response.  He knows what He is talking about when He warns us of what to do and what not to do…they’re all right there in His Word, so it’s not like we haven’t been told, taught and shown in black and white.  He means what He says…literally!


It’s hard to be on the other end of ridicule, misunderstanding, evil/harsh words spoken by people who are supposed to be like you…people who you thought were like you, understood you and knew you.  When these are the ones being “mean-to-you”, it is truly heartbreaking but realize this, you have no power to change the way they think or see things but Jesus does.  Jesus knows who you are, what you do or don’t do and who you belong to!  That is all that matters!  If someone does not understand or does not “get” something, they are not meant to…the message/teaching is not for them so wipe your hands off like your sweeping off a light layer of dust from them and move-on, forgetaboutit!  Let Jesus take it from there before it becomes a pride issue…let them learn THAT lesson while you get 10’s for taking the high-road, the one He wished you walked each and every time!  This will only get worse now, realize this and just keep your focus on Him…keep looking straight ahead – not to the left and not to the right, but straight because that is where He is and that my dear friends, is where we are going!


Update and Notes

First just let me say that because Bonnie closed her ministry and her blog, she no longer posts any of her messages from the Lord publicly.  She still however, does hear from the Lord, that has never ceased but only posts privately.  I’m in continued contact with her and have been as we are friends and the Lord works through 4 of us to confirm each other’s messages.


This message was posted in our Barn Forum – which then can be read by others who post them in their You Tube videos to spread the message.  I decided this message was needed to be heard and may give many of you who have been worrying these past weeks, a little comfort and closure.  Now, I’m regretting that decision.  It has obviously struck discord in a few hearts of ones who have not been following this site since it started and may be unaware of what has been written here or spoken/shared in the videos.  This was not meant to be confusing.


Bonnie is still very well, very much in the Lord’s Favor and very much in His Sight!  Closing her blog/ministry was something the Lord told her to do – but never did she say she would not receive messages or He would stop speaking with her.  I just thought it would be nice for many who have followed her for a very long time to hear this word as it is for now and I believe all needed to hear it.  Please do not let the enemy come into your thoughts – do not let him deny you the joy of our Lord’s Words for that is what he is trying to do.  This is just what it is…There is nothing to be upset about – there is nothing to make you rethink what you have been told or what was shared with you…all is wonderful!  I’ve never shared any of her’s before because they were private – this was not told as private, neither was Julie’s latest message so that is why I shared them both.


Enjoy each day, love everyone and live happily till the Lord comes!


Merry Christmas Everyone – Stay Strong!


Merry Christmas everyone – I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their families.  I’m so sorry I have not written till now…yesterday we were out all day getting toys for the 3 little ones I told you about and thanks to so many wonderful people – their Christmas was WONDERFUL!  It was late last night before it was all done and by time I got back home, I was just too tired to move and I ended up speaking for a very long time over the telephone with one of our sisters-in-Christ and we had such a great conversation, thank you for that.  I pulled my computer out to type and I feel asleep in motion, head back, mouth wide open and fingers on my keyboard!  A few hours later, that cold came back and I was up very early just trying to get warm, my head unclogged and my throat and chest open…

I have been fighting Satan himself, I know I have.  He is hot and heavy in the chase for my son and I know this.  After my son went to his father’s family side Christmas Eve gathering, he was to come back here…he never did.  Now I ask you, HOW DOES SOMEONE NOT COME HOME ON CHRISTMAS EVE?  WHO DOES THAT?  He walked in the door around 9:30 a.m. this morning, looking terrible and after confronting him like any parent would do, he just went wild…rage, defiance, just raw hatred came from his eyes, face, mouth, voice…I have no idea who this boy is.  I know who is chasing him – who is trying to destroy my son because he knows the promise of God and he knows that Taylor loves the Lord with all his heart and he was going to become a Youth Pastor and now, he takes my keys to my car and I don’t see him for days.  He left again today in full-on fury and told me that he was taking the car (my car) and he was never bringing it back and he was never coming back.  I thought he was going to wreck the car as he peeled out down the street driving so wreckless.  It’s now after 8:00 p.m. my time and I have no idea where he is.  Who does that?  He was not raised this way but this behavior has been typical and consistent these past few weeks and it’s getting worse…the more I do for the Lord, the harder the enemy attacks my children.  I’m walking in peace, faith in all the promises my Lord Jesus gave me and there I will stand but to others around me, they cannot understand why I’m not calling the police, screaming, going as nuts as he is but what good would that do?  All it would do is open a door that I, through my behavior and lack of faith, would open.  I started cooking for my daughter and I, along with my older sister and have been in the kitchen all day – sitting down for the first time right now.  I could not stop to type because there was no one else to do what I was doing…I’m tired today, so very very tired.

I’m tired, but I’m not worrying about what the Lord promised us and you should not worry either!  Many were very upset and worried after they read Julie’s last message and I knew that was going to happen…this is why I posted a few remarks above that message.  Remember where we started, when this blog and videos started and what I have said from that very first time – THESE MESSAGES/VIDEOS WERE FOR “SPECIFIC” PEOPLE – PEOPLE THAT THE LORD HAD CHOSEN, WAS CALLING AND THAT THEY WOULD FIND WHATEVER ANSWERS/COMFORT THEY NEEDED HERE.  REMEMBER THAT?  Just last week or so, I posted a message that stated how the Lord has heard you, is going to bless you and has SEALED YOU TOO!  I keep saying this – HE CHOSE YOU – YOU DID NOT CHOSE HIM!  Do not let doubt and worry in, please.  I am going to do a video first thing in the morning regarding The Bride and The Church which will hopefully ease all your hearts.  Please do not worry, please!

Hanukkah just really began last night, December 24th and this is the time of the Festival of Lights.  The days of this Jewish Celebration is very important and crucial to the Lord – again, I will touch on this in the morning.   I did read the news from all around the world yesterday and wow, wow, wow…so much going on!  I’m standing strong, standing in my faith and His Promise that He will do all He has said He would do but I want you, everyone here to do the same and no not let doubt into your mind, heart, soul or spirit because it is the enemy trying to pounce on your vulnerability.  All of you are searching your hearts and just searching for Jesus Christ in general or else you would not have found me.  This is what He looks for – He has asked you to look to Him, withdraw from the world, love Him and be pure in your heart showing kindness and compassion to all in your path.  Have you had your eyes on Him?  Yes.  Have you been searching for all things Him?  Yes or else you would be here right now and know all that you do, regardless how little you may think you actually know.  Remember, He is coming for your Heart!

What He was saying in Julie’s message was “The Church” and those that think they are “The Bride” and the difference between the two.  The Church are those that we’ve been talking about – those that go to the same church every Sunday, having done so since childhood yet have learned nothing of who Jesus really is.  They claim to love humanity but clearly hate the people of this world…they are the ones with 2 faces, one face they show the world and one face they show in the mirror.  He is speaking of “The Church” that’s speaking words of wisdom, yet they have no true Heavenly Knowledge or even earthly knowledge really, of Jesus Christ and The Father God above but freely speak like they do – they talk-the-talk but clearly do not walk-the-walk.  We all fall short, we all have days of failure but we are not FAILING!  We show great strength each and every day in our constant search for everything Jesus.  Sure, we may feel down at times and sure, we may screw up but we get right back up, pull our striped tube socks back up to our knees and we look straight up to Heaven and say, “I’m so sorry Lord, I messed up, you know how much I love you and how hard I try to stay in favor, stay YOUR course and do all I know you want me to do – please forgive me as I know I fall-short some days and today is one of those days but please, look in my heart, see me, cleanse me and remove anything that may cause or allow me to stumble again!”  Each day, we get up and run for His Heart – we look for His Coming but those of “The Church” do not…they do not run to Him, they hide from Him.  Even though they love Him – they love their life and those objects in their life more and this is what He is speaking of.  I don’t see that here, I don’t and again, you were searching for Him.  I will tell you this – I’ve yet to be contacted by anyone who doesn’t want ALL OF HIM – isn’t that what The Bride searches for, asks for…all of Him?

Remember, He knows you – He knows what He is getting when He comes…no big surprise so do not let worry/doubt become your friend – it is not!  You’ve come too far to take a step backward…so don’t!  Keep cool, calm and collect and just show Him the person HE KNOWS YOU TO BE!

I went downstairs to my daughter’s basement late morning today and kneeled down on both knees and elbows on the cold hard concrete floor.  I cried so hard, prayed to Him and gave Him every burden I had.  I asked for forgiveness and begged for Him to take me right then and there if I was not doing His Will…if He had changed any Words He spoke and gave because my heart could not withstand that heartache and how I gave my children to Him and would not be unfaithful in taking them back.  If He had a different agenda, to please allow me release from this world so I could not see it with my heart and eyes as it would crush me.  Then, I stood up and placed my feet in that concrete footing I always speak of, telling Him that I believe all His Words – All His Promises – Everything Him!  I asked Him to please ease the hearts OF ALL THOSE WHO ARE HEAR – ALL THOSE THAT HE HAS SENT HERE and give all of us peace where we can stand and rest in.  I heard Him say that His Word WILL STAND – NOTHING WILL CHANGE AND ALL WILL BE AS HE HAS ORDAINED!  HE SAID TO STAND STRONG, BELIEVE WHAT HE HAS SAID AND DO ALL HE HAS ASKED US TO DO – HE WILL DO AS HE HAS SAID AND PROTECT ALL OF US…HE HAS SEALED YOUR NAME IN HIS BOOK, HE TOLD ME THAT OVER A WEEK AGO!

I know He is coming, I know He is.  I promise I will do a video in the morning – and we can all talk about it!  We are family here, I love all of you so much, I just can’t hardly stand it!!!  Know your worth, know Who loves you, know Who FORGAVE you and know Who is COMING FOR YOU and leave that thought on your heart – nothing else!  I do.

I’m so sorry this took me so very long – it’s been a long day but I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  It was just my daughter and me, that was it but it was nice and I didn’t miss anyone or anything except the presence of my son.  Pray for him, pray that the Lord hears our prayers and send His Warrior Angels to help us break the enemy’s stronghold over my son right now…I’m battling Satan head-on and I will be victorious because He that is in me IS GREATER than him that is in the world.

Love to all and thank you to those who helped this Christmas happen for the less fortunate – thank you so very much!!

Mary Beth


MY BRIDE – MY PEARL (Message from Julie @ Iamcallingyouhomenow Blog)

Dear friends and family – oh, I just can’t hardly stand it, I just truly love love love all of you!  Is that Lord of ours just not the BEST – does He not work WONDERS – does He not KEEP HIS WORD – YES YES YES TO ALL!  Do not worry now, please, if you worry, then I’ll start to WANT TO WORRY but then I’ll pull my “tools” out and remember what I’ve been taught, what WE have been taught and then, I will place my sinful feet in that cement block where the Lords Steps are so finely imprinted and I will stand steady, all sanity coming back and all I’ve been taught will be seen front & center with His Light of Heaven cast upon it!  You must do the same!
Now, when you read the following message foom my sister Julie, please read this with DIVINE DISCERNMENT, UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWLEDGE…do not rely on your own thoughts, understanding or interpretation because when you do that – you let the enemy whisper these words into your ear:
“You are not the Bride silly silly fool – are you even the Church?  You did not make the cut, did you?  See, you were never good enough no matter what you thought or did…did I not tell you this over and over?  Nana Nana Boo Boo – your not going!  Told ya so!  Told ya so!”
It’s all those “NANA NANA BOO BOO” words I told you about – so be prepared!  It’s all the school yard type bullying from the BIG OLE’ BULLY HIMSELF so realize this if and when these thoughts comes to mind – because they will come to mind – because he will start to whisper them.  Know your surroundings, know what you are walking into before you even take one more step to read the following message.  It is a WONDERFUL MESSAGE – STRONG and STRAIGHT FROM THE LORD and He is not mincing on any of His Words!  Fight fire with fire – Nana Nana Boo Boo him right back!
“My DADDY is BIGGER than you!  You are just jealous because you were bad and are not getting to go on the Field Trip with the ENTIRE SCHOOL!  Your just mad because you did not mind and now, YOUR GONNA GET IT, YOUR GONNA GET IT!”
You know, it’s almost what it’s like – but stand strong and DO NOT WEAKEN NOW – DO NOT LET THE FESTERING IN!  We are standing in the line of the Wally World Amusement Park – right where all our relatives dropped us off at (Crazy Town) and we have been waiting for the Park to open for a very long time.  We are first in line – got our tickets in our hand, just waiting for the Park Owner to say “THE DOORS ARE NOW OPEN – COME ON IN AND WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST AND BEST ADVENTURE IN THE WORLD”!
If you have been looking for the Lord Jesus in all you, searching for Him daily, awaiting His Return at any moment and have been “all about Him”, you are THE BRIDE!  You are aware…you are waiting…you are longing…you know He Comes…YOU ARE HIS BRIDE!  The Church is those that believe in Him, love Him, know He will come back one day but still do not look for Him now…nor have they left the world like His Bride has!  We are not them!  Now, if you believe what I have just written, then you may proceed to the message below!  lol
Tell My people little one that My Bride is My heart. It has always been a heart matter and My Bride is captivated by Me. Many have been called but few are chosen. My Bride, My pearl lives for none other than Me. She anxiously greets Me each morning in complete and utter surrender and obedience to My will alone for that day. This heart lives and moves and has her being in Me alone. The sufferings and sorrows of this heart are deeply etched and intertwined with My heart, My sufferings and My pain. We live as One. Our hearts beat as One. She knows no other. Her life is worship of Me. This dear one no longer descends into the world, seeking to satisfy shallow yearnings and desires with the lies and feigned love of the traitor, her enemy. This one knows Me, knows Me intimately, therefore knows true, abiding, perfect love and will not settle for anything else. This pearl has endured much over time. This heart has bled and died alongside of Me. The scars and abrasions of this pearl are what made her who she is in Me. We speak spirit to spirit and she loves with a love that is genuine and pure. It is only through the refining process of being sanded and molded and set apart that she has been transformed from something ordinary to My Beloved. She wears My righteousness as her wedding gown. She forsakes all for My glory and incessantly intercedes for the lost. Her desires are My desires. This pearl comes together with other precious gems in My Kingdom in union as they honor, serve, and glorify Me as One Body . It is My life’s blood coursing through her veins. My Bride has given her all for Me and therefore certain privleges are bestowed on her. She will see Me in all of My glory before the rest of My church. Her time of waiting has drawn to a close. She is My Queen and she will rise to assist Me in My last and greatest harvest. She will be given much power and authority in Me.

Many are you who profess Me as Lord, but your hearts are far from Me. Believing on Me as your Saviour is not enough to qualify you as My Bride. Your lives must reflect My heart. You must be a new creation in Me. Spiritual pride and idolatry have taken dominion over you. I tell you this–I am coming for an undefiled and pure people. Have you allowed My Holy Spirit to completely blot out every bit of self in you? Is every thought and action measured and tested against My Holy Spirit as your guide? Have you willingly let go of every lure this world has to offer you? What do you continue to allow your eyes to view and your ears to hear? Do you still continue to compromise? I will say to you-your time has not come yet. You have work still to do before we meet face to face in order that you enter My Kingdom for My Father will send Me for His first-fruits before His church. My church as a body has more training to do, and more purifying before she is worthy to come home. She has lost her first love and continues to drink from the cup of iniquity.

The door is closing My children and then tribulations as you have never seen shall come. What say you this day? Do you know in your heart of hearts that you belong to the Bride, My pearl or have you forsaken Me and My ultimate sacrifice for you? I died to give you life eternal and because of My love for you. The door is indeed closing very, very soon and then there will be no turning back. 

YESHUA-the Artisan of your heart

Song of Solomon 7:10

King James Version (KJV)
10 I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.

1 Corinthians 1:26-31

26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:
27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.
30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:
31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

Isaiah 29:13

13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:

Matthew 7:21-23

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

John 4:23-24

23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Revelation 19:7

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
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