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You Know The Battle is Happening Now, Don’t You?

It’s Battle time, are you in it? Did you know that “It’s Happening” right now?  Most church members do not realize they are missing it, while they are waiting for it!

I’m going to tell you my friends, what you can “check” off your list and how you can get in this 24/7 arena that God is leading the way in! 

**Before I start this new post, which I expect to be a lengthy one, I ask that all read below the specific words from The Word, and how to read scripture understanding these definitions, not as we see them, but as they were written to be seen.**
That the sea denotes a collection of memory-knowledges, comes from the fact that waters, springs, and rivers, signify truths, and therefore collections of these are signified by seas. That this is so, is also evident from passages in the Word where mention is made of the sea and of seas; as in David:–
The earth is Jehovah’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. He hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the streams (Ps. 24:1, 2);
where the earth and the world denote the church; the seas upon which He hath founded the world, denote memory-truths; the streams upon which He hath established it, denote the truth of faith. That the earth, the world, seas, and rivers are not meant here, is evident, for the world is not founded upon the seas, nor is it established upon the streams.
[4] Again:–
Thou didst break through the sea by Thy strength; Thou hast broken the heads of the whales upon the waters. Thou hast broken the heads of Leviathan, Thou gavest him for meat to the people Ziim, Thou hast dried up the rivers of strength (Ps. 74:13-15);
in the internal sense, the subject here treated of is the memory-knowledges that destroy the truths of faith; the whales whose heads are broken, denote memory-knowledges in general (AC 427293); in like manner Leviathan (AC 7293); the people Ziim to whom he was to be given for meat, denote those who are in falsities, or the falsities themselves. From this it is evident what is denoted by the sea, namely, memory-knowledge misapplied to weaken and destroy truths. In Habakkuk:–
Thou didst tread the sea with Thy horses, the mire of many waters (Habakkuk 3:15);
where treading the sea with horses, when spoken of Jehovah, denotes to instruct the natural man who has memory-knowledges.
[5] In Zechariah:–
In that day, living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; part of them toward the eastern sea, and part of them toward the hinder sea (Zech. 14:8);
living waters from Jerusalem denote truths of faith made living from the good of love; the eastern sea and the hinder sea denote the natural and sensuous in which are memory. knowledges, which are collections of truths. In Hosea:–
They shall walk after Jehovah, and the sons shall come with honor from the sea. They shall come with honor as a bird out of Egypt (Hosea 11:10, 11);
sons from the sea denote the memory-truths that belong to the natural man; for this reason it is said that they shall come as a bird out of Egypt, for Egypt in the Word denotes memory-knowledge (AC 93409391).
[6] In Ezekiel
All the princes of the sea shall come down from upon their thrones, and shall cast away their mantles, and put off the garments of their embroidery; they shall be clothed with terrors; they shall say, How hast thou perished that wast inhabited in the seas, the renowned city, that wast strong in the sea (Ezek. 26:16, 17);
where the subject treated of is the vastation of the knowledges of good and truth, which are Tyre (AC 1201); the knowledges of good and truth are the memory-knowledges of the church; the princes of the sea denote the primary knowledges (AC 148220895044); to cast away the mantles and garments of embroidery denotes to cast away memory-truths (AC 9688). As these things are signified by Tyre, therefore Tyre is said to be “inhabited in the seas, and to be a city strong on the sea
[7] In Jeremiah:–
The sea is come up upon Babylon; she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof. Her cities have been brought into desolation (Jer. 51:42, 43);
Babylon denotes worship which in externals appears holy, but in internals is profane (AC 11821326); the sea upon Babylon denotes falsity from memory-knowledges; its waves denote reasonings therefrom, and the consequent denials; the cities which are brought into desolation denote doctrinal things.
[8] In like manner in the Revelation:–
Every pilot, and everyone who is employed upon the seas, and mariners, and all they who trade upon the sea, stood afar off, when they saw the smoke of the burning of Babylon, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, wherein were made rich all that have ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! Then an angel took up a stone as it were a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall Babylon be cast down (Rev. 18:17-21).
ships denote doctrinal things from the Word (AC 6385); hence it is plain what is meant by a pilot, and a mariner, also by the sea, and those who trade upon it; a stone as it were a millstone, denotes the truth through which is faith; being cast into the sea, denotes into the falsity of memory-knowledges. In the other life there appear seas, and also ships upon them; as has often been granted me to see. The seas there in a bad sense signify the falsities of memory-knowledges, and those who are in the ships signify those who boast of having such things, and teach them.
[9] In Jeremiah:–
Thus said Jehovah, that giveth the sun for a light by day, the statutes of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who throweth into commotion the sea, that the waves thereof are tumultuous (Jer. 31:35);
the sun for a light by day denotes the good of love from which comes the light in truths; the statutes of the moon and of the stars for a light by night denote the goods of faith and of knowledges, from which comes the light of truth in the dark; to throw the sea into commotion that the waves thereof are tumultuous, denotes to dispel the falsities of memory-knowledges from which come reasonings about truth.
[10] In Isaiah:–
By shortening is My hand shortened, that there is no redemption? or is there no power in Me to rescue? Behold by My rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the rivers a wilderness; their fish shall rot, because there is no water, and it dieth of thirst (Isa. 1:2);
to dry up the sea denotes to destroy the good and truth of memory-knowledges; to make the rivers a wilderness denotes to vastate the truths themselves; the fish which shall rot denotes the memory-knowledge that belongs to the natural man (AC 40991); because there is no water denotes that there is no truth (AC 270230583424497656688568).
[11] In like manner elsewhere in the same:–
The waters shall fail from the sea, and the river shall be made quite dry and shall dry up. And the streams shall recede; the rivers of Egypt shall be diminished and dried up (Isa. 19:5, 6);
the waters that shall fail from the sea denote truths where there is a collection of them; the rivers of Egypt which shall be dried up, denote memory-knowledges. Again:–
The earth is full of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea (Isa. 11:9);
the waters denote truths; the sea, a collection of them, that is, of memory-knowledges; therefore it is said, the earth is full of the knowledge of Jehovah.
[12] In John:–
The second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood; whence there died the third part of the creatures that were in the sea having souls; and the third part of the ships was destroyed (Rev. 8:8, 9);
a great mountain burning with fire denotes the love of self; the sea into which it was cast denotes memory-knowledge in general; the blood which was from it denotes truth falsified and profaned (AC 4735697873177326); the creatures which thereby died denote those who are in the doctrinal things of truth.
[13] In like manner elsewhere in the same:–
The second angel poured out his vial into the sea; and it became blood as of a dead man; whence every living soul in the sea died (Rev. 16:3);
here by the sea is meant memory-knowledge that is of service to evils to destroy truths, and to confirm falsities. Again:–
A beast coming up out of the sea speaking blasphemies (Rev. 12:1);
a beast out of the sea denotes memory-knowledge destroying the truths of faith. From all this it can be seen that the sea denotes where there is a collection of memory-knowledges, from which there is reasoning about the truths of faith.
[14] As the sea has this signification, it is said of Zebulun:–
He shall dwell at the shore of the seas, and at a haven of ships (Gen. 49:13).
He shall suck the affluence of the sea, and the covered things of the hidden things of the sand (Deut. 33:19);
by Zebulun in the representative sense are meant those who draw conclusions from memory-knowledges about the truths of faith; wherefore it is said that he should dwell at the shore of the seas.
[15] But in the opposite sense the sea denotes memory-knowledge which looks to the world; its waves are in this case reasonings from worldly things about Divine ones; consequently to be sunk in the sea denotes to be immersed in memory-knowledges from worldly and earthly things even to the denial of truth Divine; as in Matthew:–
Whoso shall cause to stumble one of these little ones that believe in Me, it is expedient for him that an ass millstone be hanged about his neck, and that he be sunk in the depth of the sea (Matt. 18:6);
a millstone denotes the truth that is of service to faith (AC 43357780); an ass denotes the natural, because it is a beast of service (AC 27815741595863898078); consequently an ass millstone, denotes memory-knowledge that is natural and worldly; the neck denotes the conjunction of things interior and exterior (AC 3542); being hanged there denotes the shutting off and interception of good and truth (AC 35423603); being sunk in the depth of the seadenotes in what is merely worldly and bodily, thus into hell. These things spoken by the Lord, like all other things spoken by Him, are therefore significative.
[16] But memory-knowledge is signified by the sea in accordance with the density and blackness of its waters; and on the other hand, in accordance with their tenuity and transparence. From this it is that the memory-knowledge which looks to heaven, which is spiritual in the natural man, is called a glassy sea (Rev. 15:1, 2). That there shall be no reasoning about the truths of faith from memory-knowledges; but that truths shall be impressed on the heart, is signified by, the sea shall be no more (Rev. 21:1).
from AC 9755

To understand, truly understand what in the world is going on right now, it’s imperative that you know what has happened, why it occurred and, what did it really mean and what to expect in its form again.

Remember always the ring around the clock that we have going, more than just one.  The ring going counterclockwise (Jordan River reversing its flow at the time of Jesus’ baptism indicates this) means that we should direct our feet upward now, from earthly to Heavenly, or from flesh to spirit.  Note* – The counterclockwise rotation could also have started when Adam/Eve fell from the Garden.  When your born in a fleshly body, it really starts the “Clock of Your Days” and when you die, it starts another time.  Either way, we have a wheel going back to the Start.

When Jesus arose out of the water, it says “And He arose from the waters with the sins of Mankind upon His shoulders.”  Then, He immediately went into the desert for 40 days and nights to be tested, or tempted by Satan.  He walked into that place with the red ribbon around His neck marking Himself “The Scapegoat”.  The ribbon denotes the sins of the people who He wore as a type of Mantel.  He doesn’t come out until the ribbon turns white, or you could say that when His testing period of 40 days is completed, He walked out wearing a clean white ribbon showing His sacrifice had been accepted – the sins were forgiven or washed clean as snow.  But now, He was the Pure Sacrificial Lamb.

But, who took the sins off His shoulders while in the desert?  Picture Jesus rising out of the water with a giant huge piece of land (us) wrapped around His shoulders like a Fleece.  Or carrying a huge heavy rock (like a picture of what the flat earth is shown to be like) and carrying it up and out of the water?  Wow…think about that for a minute.

He had to overcome 3 Tempters/Temptations through:

  1. Obedience (like Isaac – The Son)
  2. Faith (like Abraham – The Father)
  3. Blessing (like Jacob – Messenger or Spirit)
  4. Forgiveness (like Israel – God)

These led to the 5th – Jerusalem where He came to set the captives free.  Those held in bondage by the Laws of Man/Moses who was the one sent to deliver them but instead, became their Earthly “God” and captor by their own hands.  They fashioned him and Jesus really, came to lead Moses HOME to God’s Promise, finally.  Hence Yeshua/Joshua, would battle the Giants, the Hands of God which wrote the Word of God.  He had to flip the tables so the Veil could be torn so the WORD could be on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Glorified and Illuminated.

Jesus was tested 40 days with promises of worldly riches (Promised Land) Bread/Life and asked to tempt God’s favor/love/hand (Grace/Forgiveness) upon Him by “falling” – throwing Himself down the Mountain.  I look at 40 days (years) to be the same as 2000 years.  He had to go ahead, meaning first, in order to make a Path via enemy land for us to follow as this has been the time of temptation of worldly cities, treasures and promises.  We lived in its houses, have eaten its bread and tempted God by throwing our hearts and souls off the Mountain and into the dry dirt, valley below – completely following the patterns of our Forefathers.

Jesus came out thirsty, blistered and hungry and this is when His Father in Heaven supplied Him all His needs!  He fed Him Manna from Heaven, (this is why you never see Jesus eat or drink in John) and His Father  sustained Him filling His Vessel fully.  Now, the Miracles could begin!

Jesus was healed of all affects/afflictions He received in the desert via the Love and Compassion.  He was held up by His Father as Moses held up the Serpent during his time in the desert and why He told the Pharisees and Sadducees they must do the same.  Moses could never leave the Mountain to enter into his rest because the Priests and Temple Guards keep him there. They won’t read past the First Five Books of Moses, which is considered the Torah today:  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deut.  So that pattern of those Five Books repeat themselves throughout time.  He could enter the Promised Land if they would just read and accept Joshua/Yehoshua, which is the Sixth Book, or the 6th Day, or the Son of Man, the day for refining which takes you into the Promises of God.  But, they just won’t do it!  Moses is stuck on that Mountain until they do.

So, the 5th Day of Shabbat is as far as they can go, or move without starting all over again.  Now, Joshua/Yehoshua must knock down the Walls of Jericho, the City where the Harlot Rahab resides – within the walls of a dark heart.

Until Moses can be released from Idol Worship, the Golden Calf will always be their God of the Desert encased in gold and the heart cannot be refined until given unto the Son of Man to do so.  They still worship the Sun/Moon/Stars that is set under the Kingdom of God/Heaven where the Fallen Angels rule as gods, hence worshiped under the Sea of Glass/Dome.  (This is the story of Michelangelo’s Creation Story painted on the arched dome ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, a creation of Man’s hands, Man-made on the orders of Earthly church rulers (gods) of Self.

Last Judgement From The Sistine Chapel 1538 41 Fresco Painting by Michelangelo Buonarroti; Last Judgement From The Sistine Chapel 1538 41 Fresco Art Print for sale

His Disciples who had a faithful heart, are the Twelve (12) Fruits of Heaven (Spirit) PLUS!  As Jesus was in the desert/wilderness all this time, He now has to search for those who’ll hear the Divine Heavenly Truth via Spirit, Wind or “Airwaves” that is heard with the mind, heart and not audible to the natural ears, seen by earthy eyes or spoken with earthly knowledge/teaching.  Noise…pre-written or pre-recorded or MSM (patterned as the Pharisees spoke).


No growth or evolving due to only hearing parables/riddles while those that could “Hear What The Spirit is Saying” could dine with Him in His Upper Room, meaning receive Food/Knowledge-Wisdom or TRUTH from His Source – THE FATHER! If you do not raise your senses from Earthly to Heavenly you cannot see what He is doing above the Sun, as nothing new can be seen under it.  We all have to nail the Earthly fleshly Word to the Cross in order to rise up to The Father’s House.  It’s dead, written on dead trees (paper) which is a pattern of writing His Laws on the 2 Stones.  God writes His Word on our Hearts as was His original plan and intention at Mt. Sinai (Mt. of Sin).  But, they didn’t wait, losing faith so quickly that Moses was coming back even after all the miracles God had already shown them.  They still needed to see and hear in the physical realm to believe.  They still needed an Overseer to tell them what to do.

They were still in the “world” relying on external senses and not using internal or Heavenly higher senses.  They forgot how.



The first Viking Kings received markings/tattoos on their face/forehead because they were ignorant, having no discernment (internal or Heart) to draw from.  Their Hearts were like Stone.  They knew only the Laws of Valhalla.  They could not read the writing so it had to be placed where someone the “gods” chose could read it.  It was only before they died did that “wise-man” come to tell them what was “marked” said. External eyes to read external destiny.  Funny how so many groups today are putting strange marks on their face, forehead, neck, head, etc. having no clue what it really means.

I look at the time of the Nordic, or Norseman, Vikings (think the TV series VIKINGS) as Heavenly Angelic Beings/Angels who came down from the North, having hunting and survival skills like no other during their time.  They “loved” their own, but had no concern, compassion or kindred spirit to others outside their Clan.  When they pillaged villages, they ravaged the women, killed the men and babies, and most of the time, captured the children as slaves, bringing them home and raising them eventually as their own.  But, they had no heart-strings to tug at, no remorse, sadness over the other members/people they killed, they couldn’t relate.  They needed heart which at that point, was as cold as ice so-to-speak.

“What, so I killed those babies, the mother, father, ransacked their farm, livestock and burnt down anything left? What did I do wrong?”

Basically, that is how it was.

That is until they went East…

After the building of their great ships, they decided to travel East to a place they didn’t even know existed.  When the fog cleared, the first thing they spotted on dry land was a Monestry in England, near the edge of the coast line.  After doing the same, they ended up taking a Monk.  The Monk(s) (they did take more than one but only one survived), didn’t have skills to survive the world outside, no survival skills, they were all heart.  So whereas the Viking’s had no internal discernment, compass – they could teach the Monks how to survive in the World, and the Monks, having only know their internal gifts, they could teach the Vikings how to have Heart – how to LOVE.  That is what they did.  This is how the Vikings then found their way through Europe, they were Evolving, while basically, the men of God, were Resolving.

God had allowed this “match” so each brother could learn from the other, as both Internal/External Skills are needed to survive this land, this world.

Today, this is where we are once again.


Darkness to Light

Our President, who I personally believe is the most productive, most caring and best we’ve had.  I believe that if JFK had lived, he would have been such a president.  Having said that, I firmly and profoundly believe that President Donald Trump is completing what John F. Kennedy had planned to do.  I believe he has “Helpers” both Earthly and Divine.

I believe that The FATHER has merged these two-sides once again…Men of Wisdom and Men of Heart, but both sides being Men of God.

I believe that what we think we have seen, have heard and have been told is both truth and lies.  Finally, after being crushed as a Nation, our hearts are finally going to feel happiness – while our eyes cry tears of joy!



I’m sure all are aware by now of the JFK JR. “talk” and the magazine covers that have been promoting the memory of Camelot; the Kennedy Family with special direction leading to WHO SHOT JFK and WAS JFK JR’s PLANE CRASH AN ACCIDENT?  There is a reason for this.  JFK Jr. and Donald Trump.

This is when “The Plan” began.  I like to call it “Operation Dark to Light” – lies to truth…the Real Truth.  Operation Real Truth.

I do believe he, his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren are all 3 alive and well.  I believe he is going to appear very very soon and when he does…the truth will set many free! I do hope I get time to write about him, his father and what continued to go on even after John Sr. died.  It’s a game changer!

I will slide in here too, that I also believe a few more ‘Beloved’ have not quite left the building…and they’ve all come together to fight this evil and help save no only America, but the World!


My time today is limited.  My life seems not my own these days as I have no time to myself.  I’m tired…I’m a very tired woman.  I’m a very very tired Grandmother and babysitter, and I’m an exhausted Warrior of Truth and true Friend of Heaven.  It seems no matter what I think I’ll do, I’ll go, God stops me at the door and turns me back around.  It seems I’m to remain outside the worldly noise to finish this race strong.  Less is more…

In order to truly ‘Hear what the Spirit is saying’, you must hear only HE that is speaking therefore the words of others just become more…There are too many words being spoken by people today, meaning literal ‘words’ which have the same meaning yet spoken in different texts and dialogues.  This what happened in the Beginning till Now…too many WORDS!

We’ve already used our Hearts to express our emotional feelings of the events that occurred throughout the last 100 years.  Now, we are going to have to READ and give-over to our Minds and let that be the place soon-to-be-released ‘truths’ are sorted.  Again, we are going backward here…Speaking, Hearing and Reading; Mouth, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Mouth, Eyes, Mouth, Ears.  Or, Speech to Hand, the Writing…whichever way you want to look at this, the ‘Writing on the Wall’ has been there the entire time!

Words beget words.  Words are children born from either wisdom or ignorance.  Is this why God tells us to choose them wisely”?  How much ‘wisdom’ have we shared through the years?  How many ignorant children have we birthed?  I’m scratching my head on this as I look around and see the physical children/generation of today!  I’d say ignorance is leading that pack.  Just sayin…

I’m trying to upload videos, even those from last year I never downloaded.  Please watch them all even though some of the “in the now moments” I’m talking about have passed.  It doesn’t matter as all things given from 2012 till now, I believe, are still very much in play and they’ve not reached their ‘Appointed Times’…yet!

Love to all and please, let that be multiplied to those we seem to love just a little less!  It’s hard to love people who aren’t like we are…cold hearts are very hard to hug in a long, warm, loving embrace!  The breaking of the ice takes extra strong tools and is very wearing on one’s body.  I feel like I’m 100 years old – okay, 99 years old!  So please bless…


Please remove the noise that floods your houses and causes so much panic, fear and chaos.  Turn them OFF!  This is going to be BETTER than the Greatest Story Ever Told, I have no doubt!  We are in a Spiritual War…battle ground is Air and the ammunition is Words.  Who do you think will win?  Who do you think IS winning?  Who do you think has already WON?  That’s right…If people truly have Heavenly Sight, they can see when that Victory occurred.  Even the Earthly eyes should be able to read what is right in front of us as President Trump is telling in his tweets.  He is giving us ‘Play-by-Plays’ of The Plan as we go along – nothing is being hidden to those that who want to know.

(Above it seems to be two friends fishing?  Standing in front, of course it’s President Trump but who does that look like holding that extra large Fly Fishing pole?)

You must learn to read the Comms, or Military Communications as we are in a what?  Battle.  That means Wartime and Wartime communications are implemented, continually being used just as they have always been.  I completely understand now why God had us go back to the Origins of the Word!  As in the Beginning, so it shall be in The End.

The Special Ops have been deployed into this war.  The Air above is their area of expertise…it’s their Land.  The Air space above us, the Firmament, is separated into grids just as fault lines (faults) here below, separate Earthly rule or control.

Hmm, think back on the Earthquakes that split the ground?  Think about the Eclipses, signs in the objects above and what those events were really saying?

File this even if you don’t believe me.  It will be important. 

That line cut through the middle of the Earth, that invisible line of silver and gold, that’s where I feel I stand…right at that line as a connector to Heaven and Earth.  I feel like I have a funnel in one ear which then sends the Heavenly meaning via a megaphone, down to the Earthly for understanding.  It’s like standing on a tightrope 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.  My days are filled with this, He is literally in everything around us and all is included in His Story, History.  When I first started this blog and my videos, all came from my Heart as that is the first step.  That is the place of enclosure and all that comes from it – is heartfelt.  Involuntary reactions.  Blind Faith.

Now, I see how the second half of my videos posted since then, are moving from my Heart to my Head…my Mind.  It’s placing or trying to place all the puzzle pieces together as He’s given them to us, this is why my videos, what I’m trying to share, I’m more structured (positioning the layers) as I’m trying to explain the Heavenly the best I know how, using Earthly words and understanding.  I reconciled and refined the Heart giving it peace, removing all that was poisoning it, causing it to have fear.  How?  I removed it and sent it up to the Brain for understanding and discernment.  The Mind is the light bulb that was turned on…it had ‘Homework’ to do because the Heart was begging for healing, to be put back together, and when the Heart finally lifted its burdens up, the switch turned on!  The Super Computer began to do what it was built to do.  Processing.  Separating.  Connecting broken wires of communication.  It was then able to send comfort to the Heart so it could be given rest from life’s worries.  No more involuntary reactions that open doors which then must be reconciled and shut, once again.  This love between the two is that of The Song of Solomon.  I walked from Blind Faith to Faith – KNOWING.

If I start to doubt all what has been given, which there has been days when I almost, almost have stopped, I pour myself a cup of coffee and look up, shaking my head with a smile and a “I’m sorry Lord” because I know it’s His Truth that I share.  But, there are moments, I feel the frailness of this body.


I’ll leave that there for now.  Hopefully, I will be able to finish this later tonight, but most likely tomorrow.  It’s already December 22 and I’ve not one gift for my family members.  All I have to give is my time and my love.  They don’t seem to quit understand that – yet.  I’ve given up all I have and walking that Tightrope has left me with many aches and pains!  It’s funny as my eyesight is so messed up right now but by memory, I can keep my steps in sync on that Rope.  I have to see with my ears and hear with my eyes.  Isn’t that just how HE works?!!  I know I’m penniless here as I’ve stored all my treasures in Heaven where they are in abundance, but I’d sure like maybe a little gem tossed down here or there!  (From my lips to God’s ears!) Lol.  But then, I say “No Lord, I’m just kidding, I’m fine.  You know my needs and you always make sure I have what I absolutely need!  Thank you!”  This time will pass and I’m fighting hard to hold back those tears. It’s the ‘Mother’ in me – as in us all.


I’m laughing because the other day, on Twitter, someone very nice made a statement about me being a “Newbie”…if she only knew!  I’m just one of those last resort Twitter users!  LOL  My past employment history has allowed me to understand first-hand the deep hidden ‘players’ in this War.  It’s like being in the Communications Office and when a person, place or thing comes up, I’m right there knowing immediately where to dig.  Little things most wouldn’t pay attention to, but how would they know?  I just happened to be in the office where much of this (a Think Tank, one of many heads of the Power Pac $$) was being birthed – I just didn’t know it at the time. So you see, how can I not be a part of this when I have so many ‘Comms’ to share?  I cannot.  Names, places and associations I’ve been trying to put out there since I joined January 2018.  I can see the Core or many Hubs that have been placed around the world, especially the Midwest, and by the grace of God, I remember certain names that others pay no attention to.  These are the ones that continually pop up here and there, yet I see them involved with all the low-laid or “in the shadow” Big Mr. Somebodies who have a very big stake in this giant game of Risk.  They are the enemy and I for a time, worked behind enemy lines, I guess.  If I would have known then early to late 90’s) just where I worked and what was to follow, I would have known what to look for LOL!

On Twitter, I’ve found many like-minded friends and others that are very much AWAKE!  Most Christians though, I have found, still haven’t raised their senses up to that Heavenly Spiritual level yet, I mean having TRUE understanding of what the ‘Events of Today’ really mean and where they should be placed.  In finding or discerning the Truth, you can’t be one-sided as you must see all the sides and consider each when placing whatever COMMS your receiving in their right order.

This is what I do.  Add too that – the Heavenly download and illumination from God placed on these events, exposing the patterns of the past, giving the Bible true Life…I fear I’ve become an even worse blogger than I was before!  Just know, I’m not idle but my words are less.  I’m fighting in the Spirit, the WWIII Battle Over Truth & Lies.  It’s peeling the layers back, or exposing the roots of a very old tree.  As this shift occurs, the fruit will fall off the branches, hopefully allowing many to catch them with their hands before they hit the ground!

The Great Awakening

Remember how throughout these last 6 years, I’ve said over and over that the Earthquakes are the shaking of the dirt, our dirt – those that are covered in Flesh?  The foundations on which we stand must be cracked, broken so we can rebuild on a solid steady one – The Divine Heavenly Truth.  Some people are harder to wake-up than others so unfortunately, they need multiple shakes and longer shaking time.

He shakes your Spirit, your Soul and anything else that is asleep inside of us.  He is surely trying to shake those Church Pews and the people who’ve sat on them for way too many years to count.  They are definitely asleep!  These are foundations that will take on many cracks – hence the Temple after Jesus died was a foreshadowing of this and veils will be ripped and removed.  If your Spirit cannot wake up your Soul, then it’s up to the Mouth (hence why you can’t speak as a double minded man).  If that doesn’t work, it’s left to the Physical Body which is not going to be a good thing.  That’s a ‘Last Resort’ tactic so try not to wait until then.    (Earthquake reference above?)

I’ll see you soon!  Love and blessings…

Mary Beth, Friend of Heaven  (Videos won’t be uploaded until tomorrow, December 23.)





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