Why is God Silent – Is Silence Really Golden?

Why is God Silent – Is Silence Really Golden?

For the past few months, I’ve been unusually quiet, at least for me as I am a “people person”, have always been and cannot truly remember a time in my life that I’ve allowed my voice rest.  Oh, it’s not gone by a long-shot so don’t worry about that!

You see, I’ve always been led by my heart and that is where I speak from.  I believe too this is why God says to not worry what you will say before you say it, meaning He will lead the way.  When you don’t prepare your “words” beforehand, whatever comes (come-what-may) is the truth that dwells within us, within our hearts.  What is our heart?  It is God’s Garden.

Where do we walk with Him – In His Garden.

This is where we all are taught by God Himself; this is where He dwells among us.  When we “prepare” via our brain using the earthly tools such as pen, paper and “scripted” dialog that has been carefully orchestrated prior to the time of “sharing”, then we, I have learned, are not allowing God or His Holy Spirit to speak as we are speaking for Him, in our “Self”.  You see, in the Garden, God feeds us from The Tree of Life, the Tree that grows or produces the True Fruits of Heaven.  As we are walking with Him, He is feeding us along the way, stopping too, to allow us to drink from the River of Life.   When we have that pure “sunlight” beaming and radiating through the walls of our heart so all that is from Heaven (not Earth) gives Divine Truth (Sun/Son/Light) to the Fruit being grown, produced, shared and eaten from The Garden, our Garden, where God Himself has anointed with His Feet as every step He takes within His Garden, is Holy – thereby the soil in your/my/our Garden is too, Holy Ground.  If God truly walks with a person here on Earth, it is in the Heart of each where He takes His Rest.

But before He can Rest from all His good work He is doing in us, He must first take ROOT!


I cannot stress the importance in removing the cobwebs from every corner you can reach which is removing ALL resentment, hatred, along with giving all your enemies forgiveness.  If you don’t, you cannot see just WHOM it really is you are walking with – as the Path in your garden has no light and you walk in total darkness.  The God that you want so badly to speak to you, hold you, guide and lead you must be seen in light, His Light and it’s in that Light, that Heavenly Divine Teaching, is what gives your Tree of Life it’s Fruit of the Spirit, the Heavenly Spirit – as it’s grown in soil watered by the One who produced the Seed itself.

The Light must replace the darkness, not sometimes, but at all times!  It’s a process, it is work, and many times, just plain hard to remove all that you’ve hoarded over the years.  All that “junk” sitting there comes in handy when we need it – especially when we need to blame our actions, emotions or life on any of those priceless items!  Meaning, as long as we have an excuse for the bad things we say or do while stating “but I’m a good person”, we allow the darkness to rule or overthrow our walk with God as He always strolls in the Light as that is where all is seen.  He requires Truth from His Friends on their walks together because it’s during those little strolls, He reconciles those hurt hearts one-by-one, step-by-step to Himself so they can be removed forever.  He teaches, loves and gives us Divine Guidance and Truth when the Light shines brightly within, which then frees you from your confined quarters and ultimately, allows you to finally “clean house”, no longer hoarding the “stuff” that restricts your daily life and walk.

Oh, okay, back to the “silence is golden” part.

Once all that garbage is dumped – after we are done complaining, whining, crying, asking “why” – projecting out our “peace”…we can FINALLY close our mouths and open our ears in order to fully “hear what the Spirit is saying”!  In our silence, we hear HIM LOUD AND CLEAR!  If we could just stop our “self” in our tracks or take a moment to “flip over that 45 record” before all those repeated words become the only thing we hear and concentrate on, it would stop our following actions that seem to place our footing farther and farther away from the music He calls from.

I have learned the hard way too many times to count.

In 2012, that’s when it all started to change.  That’s when I spoke less and listened more – to HIM.  I began to shut out the words of the world, by choice, so I could “turn up the volume”.  The teaching the Earthly Church has spread throughout the “world” is what keeps us from finding comfort in His Silence.  They are the noise.  The music and “voice” most (I said most) hear from (meaning 8 out of 10) is the REPLICATED EARTHLY VOICE and not the TRUE DIVINE HEAVENLY VOICE OF THE FATHER.  Oh, His Voice is in all of us, HIS DIVINE SPARK OR DAUGHTER, but it’s the Earthly Churches themselves that have defiled her.  They took her “virginity” which is her Divine Truth and Light, and sold it for “profit”.  What has been passed down throughout the generation’s, is NOT what was given in the BEGINNING.   Now, all she can wearis filthy, torn, defiled garments that have too many seams!  See, Heavenly GARMENTS have no seams, they are seamless.  Whenever garments have seams, the material that covers the “body”, is not whole, it has a foreign object intertwined into the fabric.

Why do you think the Roman’s cast lots for Jesus’ robe?  Didn’t His mother Mary make that robe He wore herself?  Think about this.


The problem that is soon to “Arise” (couldn’t help myself there), is that while all the righteous “church-going” people are continuing to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR, making sure EVERYONE HEARS THEM, they themselves have gone deaf.  They all talk over themselves.  They all talk over HIM!

Here on “this” earth, well, it is what it is, but up there, they themselves will be their own “stumbling block”, the stone that bruises their feet.  As they all go forward, hand-in-hand, talking all the way, they have no clue what Door they are to walk through, especially when there will be 3 presented before them.  They think all the doors will be open and they have access to an “OPEN HEAVEN” –  but what happens when they have to chase that Heaven to find the Open Door?  Things are not going to be as they think (but again – so many ARE waking up in the silence most avoid) so it’s imperative to walk in that as it is there, one is handed the Keys which will allow ALL DOORS TO BE OPENED regardless.


Well, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus each have a “Door”…each being one for “a” Bride, “a” Groom, and “the” Guests.  Which one is which?

Enoch was taken to be God on the Throne’s “Witness” to events PRIOR to the Flood, while Elijah was taken up to be “Witness” to God’s Throne AFTER the Flood.

What does that mean?

Enoch is before the “separation” I believe, Elijah after it.  Enoch is the Scribe who used his mind and his hands while Elijah is the Prophet who used his mouth and feet.  Both are part Heavenly and part Earthly.  Or, are they?  You decide but remember, Heaven and Earth are opposites and as such, half will always be in conflict with the other half.  It is how we were/are born…it’s the Heart/Soul and the Mind/Spirit.  Elijah spoke via his Heart which directed the PATH of his Feet…at times it was Earthly, at times it was Heavenly.  What about Enoch?  He wrote with his Hands which were led by his Mind.  Was he at times led to write from his Earthly mind/spirit or his Heavenly Mind/Spirit which guided the Hands he wrote with and the words scribed?


That we, all who are “of God’s Creation” are both, we are the good and the bad, we are Heaven and we are Earth.  We are the Good Guy and we are the Bad Guy and when we bind “the enemy back to the pits of Hell”, we are binding part of ourselves – yes, we are cursing OURSELF!  Again, we can go back to the Bible to when the Arch Angel Michael told Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!”  He did not say “I”!  This shows he gave it to the Lord to do so.  This is an entirely different direction that I would love to discuss but I’m trying so hard to stay on point here so I will leave it at that and hopefully soon, I can finish my page on that specific subject alone.

The Spirit and the Soul must start walking on the same Path; it’s these two “Sisters” that must cross the Great Divide, conquer the elements that have kept them apart or at odds with each other.  These are the twin granddaughters of Noah, or, are they the twin sons of Tamar and Judah?  Here on earth we call Israel and USA sisters, we use “she” instead of “he”.  Will that be different in Heaven?  Is Heaven the two brothers?  Whichever, they are still siblings…they’re family.

Is this the “brother against brother” God spoke of?  I believe it is.  Unfortunately, we can only see earthly manifestations due to our limitations of our Heavenly sight.  We are blind to see the Heavenly or the Divine, therefore we bring to life what was not meant for us – as we are ignorant to most of the written Word given in Scripture.  We are not “all that” and in our arrogance we have brought to life that of which should have been never born in our world.

I believe wholeheartedly, that The Father of ALL Creation, all the Heavens and Earth, the ONE that is nameless for there was nothing or no one before HIM to name HIM, that it is THIS FATHER who is THE GREAT SPIRIT!  It is HE that is the GREAT LIGHT, the PURE LIGHT and it is HE that is addressed in the Lord’s Prayer below:

 Matthew 6:9-13 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

In this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

10 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory forever. Amen. 

I’ve taken Luke from the Amplified Bible which speaks also of the same prayer the Lord taught them to pray when His disciples asked Him “how to” pray: 

Luke 11:2-4 Amplified Bible (AMP)

He said to them, when you pray, [a]say:
b]Father, [c]hallowed be Your name.
d]Your kingdom come.

‘Give us each day our [
e]daily bread.

‘And forgive us our sins,
For we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended or wronged us].
And [
f]lead us not into temptation [[g]but rescue us from evil].’”


  1. Luke 11:2 I.e. as a model or pattern.
  2. Luke 11:2 Later mss add phrases from Matt 6:9-13 to make the two passages closely similar.
  3. Luke 11:2 I.e. set apart, keep and treat as holy, revere.
  4. Luke 11:2 A plea for God’s kingdom to be inaugurated on earth.
  5. Luke 11:3 I.e. life’s essentials.
  6. Luke 11:4 I.e. lead us away from situations where we are vulnerable and have the opportunity to sin. God does not tempt man (see James 1:13) but does allow man to be tested.
  7. Luke 11:4 NU omits.


It is HIS Spirit that is UPON the Throne of Heaven…the One who sits upon THE Throne does so with the full SPIRIT OF THE FATHER and therefore it is in the One who rules over all UNDER that Throne and are bound to Him who governs those Heavenly realms from that Heavenly place.

Didn’t Jesus say “I am IN the Father and THE FATHER is in Me?”  Here, it shows that Christ was the SPIRIT that resided in the Father who sat on the Throne – and that He (Christ) was THE FATHER (THE TRUTH/GREAT SPIRIT OF ALL CREATION).

Just as there are realms – there is a “tier” system, sort of.  It’s how I understand or see it.  You can look at it from one angle as we look at our physical body parts; the head, the torso and the lower leg/feet area.  This can be a 3 Tier (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) separation system.  We can then divide into more tiers after that but the main “body” is firstly in these 3 portions.  In each section, there are valuable divisions and each play a part, or have a Divine job assignment, which eventually, gets us back HOME!  Each of these 3 major parts are a door:  Enoch, Elijah and Jesus.  Since we are both sides as previously noted above, man as we know “Man” to be, has 2 sides, the left and the right – hence, the Double-Minded Man stated in James.  When you see that each half has 9 sections, we have 18 – your 666, the number of Man.  Each part of our 3-tiered layers has 3…when that body/tier is divided as told in the Scriptures, you have 6 per each layer/tier/realm.  In the end of it all, we have to get back to 3, then as it was in the Beginning, to the ONE.

There is a reason we have the number of bones in our extremities that we do, it’s not a fluke.  It’s okay if you are having trouble understanding, seeing or accepting what I am saying here, but do me a favor, file it.  File it away so when the time comes, you can pull it out of that long extended file cabinet; trust me, you’ll need it!  (Update:  I’ve been working on this post for the past few months – I type it little by little, it’s been a labor of love you could say.  But today, in the early AM hours, I clicked on a YouTube video about numbers.  These weren’t just any numbers, they were 3, 6, 9…and how these numbers are the base for all things.  I about fell off my couch!  I will add the link at the bottom when I am finished, if I can find it again as it just appeared or “popped up” in the “recommended” section of my channel.  Just saying…)


So many people around the world have become “loners” these past 7 years or so.  Where once they were surrounded by hundreds of friends, family, loved ones – well, maybe not hundreds, but way more than the number has dwindled down to in recent years, they have all but been abandoned now to walk The Path alone.  This should be seen as the blessing it is instead of the punishment it’s taken as.  This is God the Father calling you out – out of the world of chaos and noise.  He needs your full attention and that my friends, is only possible when He is the One and Only!

I think back now of how many tears I cried as I wondered what I had done that was so wrong to deserve the destruction of my life, ultimately leading me into complete isolation, where I would wake up realizing I was alone…utterly alone.

At first, my mind raced (conversations back and forth of what I should have done and was going to do) and this I later realized, still kept my attention toward the world that had broken my heart.  If I could just “shut myself up” and be quiet for two seconds, I would see He was calling me to Him just as I prayed over and over for Him to do.  When I learned to stop “festering” and to finally throw-in the “white towel” into the boxing ring, ah, this is when He started to answer my questions and allowing me, no one special really, to know His Heart…to know the “why” I had mumbled out of my mouth too many times to count.  It was at that moment, I started to relish and adore the silence and isolation.  It was my time with My Father and He had finally turned His Face toward me because I turned my face toward Him.  I woke up in complete excitement to what the day of “God School” would hold and yes, I LOVED HOMEWORK!

As of today, this very moment in time, I still feel the exact same way and I have long given up the world that kept me captive for too long.  I’m a loner, a rebel, and I could not be more happy – nor have I been happier as what I have been taught is BETTER THAN THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!  I no longer ask why – well okay, sometimes it just slips out but within seconds, I shake my head and look up saying, “Oh why did I say that Lord?  I know why!  Thank you!”  I know that nothing is allowed unless He has a divine reason for it or if it’s to be used for His Divine Glory, period.  I’m not saying it’s easy, a smooth sail all the way across the waters but I know what it’s not…it’s not to punish or to spank, His reasons are always so so so much higher!  I have to put the cherry on top here and say that God has never blessed me more than He is now.  Not that He is giving me material items, or has become my own personal “Genie in a bottle”, but, He miraculously provides for my needs in ways no one would believe unless you could see them yourselves.  It’s been the most loving act of LOVE, GOODNESS, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and PEACE one could imagine…I linger it.  Thank you is such a simple everyday word but that is all I can seem to mutter these days.  I always ask that HE search my heart for all I have has filled every single place in those 2 words…it’s saturated with my entire being, my entire all and I know, HE knows this!

Thanksgiving Eve – this was a good night.  At the last-minute, plans changed for where I would go for dinner.  I had now decided that I would cook my own Thanksgiving meal but I had not saved enough money from my disability check to do so.  Wednesday, I prayed, laid it all out and gave it to the Father.  I said I needed a miracle and I knew HE had this…I knew HE had me!

I went to the Farmer’s Market to get some huge sweet potatoes they had a sale on and some fresh green beans.  I then drove to the grocery store hoping I could pull together enough money to buy a turkey, and maybe, just maybe, one or two sides.  As I was sitting in my car, I decided to check my account one more time to see my exact balance, not expecting it to be over 20.00.  To my utter amazement, I not only had 20.00, but now I had $200.00!  Yes, yes, and yes!  I cried.  HE did it again!  I jumped out of that car and had my 3-year-old granddaughter Trey-Olivia and my Bo with me, who is now 11.  I was so filled with joy – I was like a little child going into a toy store!  I texted my son Taylor and daughter Tara on my way home telling them, “WE ARE HAVING TURKEY TOMORROW!”

My kids always go to their dad’s side for Thanksgiving, splitting it with both my side and theirs.  Since the death of my son Trey, or until about 2012/2013, I didn’t care to attend any feasts or celebrations as they just reminded us of the empty plate, the vacant chair at the table and the person we missed so much.  I was fine eating cereal, but I always made them go to their dad’s and told them to have a wonderful time and to please not worry about me – I was right where I wanted to be.  See, prior to my son Trey’s death, I would start decorating my entire house for the holidays the first week in November…opening it up to anyone and everyone as this was my favorite time of year.  Now, it was the season I wanted to skip and avoid the most, until the arrival of my grandchildren.  I want them to have the same happiness my children had, the traditions, the love and the light we shine upon others and not the sadness.  From now on, I will always hold these days of togetherness in my home and not the home of those who still haven’t learned to walk the path of the talk they speak.  (PLEASE SEE MY NEXT BLOG POST/ARTICLE FOR THE FULL STORY ON THANKSGIVING 2017 AND HOW THE LORD BLESSED THIS DAY AND WHY.) 


It is!  All of HIM is right there for all to see and truth-be-told, it’s always been there from the very start, The Beginning surely told The End.

The “Mind” or the Spirit, is what was there in the Beginning – it was quiet, silence was common than the noisy voices talking over each other.  How do we know this?  Abraham tells us through his story.  It was in that stillness, he first heard “The Voice”.  Others did not hear what Abraham did – this is why his “people” grew as it did, they followed the one who had hearing, who was no longer deaf and followed him wherever The Voice in the Wilderness told him to go.


This is the good part…Abraham broke “his father’s idols” and then left the city of his father, family and his childhood.  He broke away from the pack.  He left the noisy voices of those who continually prayed to the “gods” and those that lived in wealth/security worrying about nothing as they could not see how anything or any place could be better than the city they lived.  It was their own special paradise you could say and hey, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”  Status Quo standing at status quo.

It was Abram’s (later changed to Abraham after leaving the land of his father Terah) heart that was called to, which in turn, turned his head onto the Path into the Wilderness of the Silent God, or Holy Spirit.  The heart must be the first to be broken, then healed, being renewed so that IT can lead the head to the Divine Truth, knowledge of the Hidden Mysteries so the “Head” of the body could be healed too, thereby allowing no one to perish due to their “lack of knowledge”.  This is Heavenly knowledge.

John the Baptist was loud, very vocal in his “call” or “calling”, while Jesus spoke in a much calmer, softer voice…so what is this parable saying?  Cut the head of John the Baptist off, so he can decrease (earthly teacher) and Jesus can increase (Heavenly Teacher).  This is why John sent his own disciples to Jesus – to be WITH Jesus to learn the next layer that was needed.  They crossed the River Jordan which is the crossing of the waters up, where we too have to cross, through the “sky” and above…the Heavenly waters of baptism.  Water baptism allows the cleansing of all earthly things to prepare the “body” for its FIRE baptism of the Heavenly Holy Spirit.


Leonardo da Vinci painting of John the Baptist “pointing up” to Heaven…I know!  I know!  How good is that?


So now, once again, we look at this time of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights.  The lighting of the Menorah, cleansing of the Temple (us) and the removal of the idol placed there by the Babylonians.  What is this?  This is what I believe is going to happen, soon…very soon.  This is my belief of our approximate journey as we walk to and on the Path Home:


First, just as Moses parted the Red Sea, which is the division of our hearts, showing we are both Earthly and Heavenly, showing the 2 Laws, Law of God (Law of the Heart) and the Law of Man (Law of the Land), Jesus will now clearly divide the Waters as we follow His Path up.  The Waters are above us and all will be taken up together, the wheat and the tares, but one goes left and one goes right.  It is during this crossing that the darkness is upon all as we will be cleansed via these Waters.  The Earthly Spirit will be removed from these bodies while the “transforming body” prepares to receive the “Heavenly Holy Spirit” – hence, your 3 days of darkness.  This is the time all are being “healed” and the corruptible will become incorruptible.   This is when our Soul departs from our body, but our Spirits remain, or our Spirit departs and our Soul remains.  One is Heavenly and one is Earthly so if they are not in sync with each other, they cannot be either/or, so they remain in limbo or what the Catholics call “purgatory” where the world sees them as demons.  What is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven, remember?  This is why.  Oh wait…a Spirit without a body is a Ghost, correct?  So, yes, a Soul without a body would be called a Demon.  (The Lord just literally downloaded in me, as He is downloading all of this as I type.)

This is why God had to blow into Adams nostrils…to give him life!  The Soul, she is looking for her Heavenly Body of Christ and until she learns, or better yet, REMEMBERS the Truth from which she came, she must be “shaken” awake, hence earthquakes in diverse places.  The Soul will sojourn until she sees a spark, a flame, a light that guides her to the Path she takes Home.  This is why they lived in “tents” in the desert, a temporary dwelling.  A house, and the going in and coming out of, is a permanent residence, not as easy to pack up and move from due to the “payments” that must be made to live there.  That’s why they must be knocked down and the residents “removed”.

Let me back up here…prior to this, as we come out of the Waters, which is a baptism for some, cleansing for others, you must be able to recognize the Lord.  Remember, Peter and the others did not recognize Him on the water as He was walking to their boat, and it was not until He called out to them in the storm, allowing them to hear His voice, that Peter finally got out of the boat.  He was blind to the Man walking upon the water until He, Jesus, called out to them.  They heard His Voice and THEN their eyes were focused in on WHO it was that called!  Peter was willing and totally able, but the minute he looked down (back down to where he just came from, hence going back in the mind to the world he knew before), he no longer could stand in that pure faith which he needed to walk to the open arms of Jesus.  When he started to sink, Jesus pulled him up and out of the water and immediately took His place beside them in the boat.  You cannot receive the Divine Glory of God the Father if you continue to look back into your corrupt Earthly body (prison) as Peter did.  Peter’s transformation was only temporary and not full-on as he had not shaken all the dust from his feet, obviously!      So, now yet again, he had to be shaken awake a bit harder each time he did this showing really, his lack of faith.   The Door was open, he just couldn’t see it.

The earthly will recognize Earthly and the Earthly will recognize the Heavenly.  Heaven and Earth are opposite so what you receive here, is not what you will see there.  All of these errors must be made right…the Truth must be shown, taught and ACCEPTED (every knee will bow) before receiving the Glorified version, which is baptism via the Fire of Heaven.  The Fire Baptism is for those that are ready to receive – the flesh must be clean when coming to the Altar of God so the Invisible can be seen by the Visible Father and the Visible can return and be remembered by the Invisible Father in Whom Christ Jesus resides, in Spirit, as He IS THE SPIRIT!.  All go back from whence they came…but not until they are no longer ignorant of THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY OF HOLIES SPIRIT – THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER – TRUTH, FAITH AND WISDOM.  This is when the Earth is made New and New Jerusalem comes down…The healed “Body” is ready to receive.  This is the New Heaven and New Earth – the Spirit and the Soul.  They are paired as they were in the Beginning, married, making them ONE!

This is the final “Rapture” of the Bride of Christ – when She (the Soul) is brought back to Her original HOME!  Her Light has come back through Christ.  Just as the Wo-man brings life into being here on earth, it is the Man who delivers them to Everlasting Life in Heaven.

Just as the Waters were parted in the Beginning, then again parted by Moses, they now must come back together as the wall of waters must come down (Pharaoh’s Army on the dry sand chasing the Israelites as they walked across via the ocean floor) but not before He called His people out of the Waters.  He let the very last one come upon the dry shore before “closing the door” behind them.  Remember too, it wasn’t until ALL were “on the other side” that the dross that crossed with them (the tares) showed their true colors as to who they really were.  Same pattern as then will occur and they too will be “shaken” by the Earth and separated from the others via the “line in the sand” (earthquake separation line).


The 7 Mountains, 7 Hills or 7 Continents, hold up, set under Babylon, which is the City of the God who rules with Earthly Laws, Truth, they have raised this city up and until their Seals are broken, their “words/mysteries” released, these Mountains cannot rise or fall as they still hold something that is “hidden” and the Lord has told us that NOTHING will be hidden!  Behind or under each Seal (which is the tomb door/stone that needs rolled away) or Scroll which must be opened so it is known, visible.  When these 7 “Seals” or “7 Truths of the 7 Churches” a/k/a The 7 Fold Spirits of Heaven are opened, (given as Heavenly Gifts and NOT plagues or curses), the good fruit can be eaten from the Tree of Life.  Then her,  Path, (the Soul’s) becomes lit and becomes brighter as each is broke open – so it’s imperative those walking ahead of her, carry enough oil (Truth) to light their 7 candle Menorah so she and the others who are crippled, can be healed and find their way Home.  They need to be able to see those Lampstands shining in the dark, lighting the way, thereby restoring sight, no longer keeping them blind and behind the Walls of Jericho.  It was in her dark place, behind the walls that She the Soul, became a Harlot (Rahab who ended up marrying Joshua).

I believe that the 7 Mountains are the 7 Angels, which are kings/gods/rulers and each of these kings have 10 tribes under them (ie. Jacob and 10 sons by Leah and 2 maidservants/Haman had 10 sons) and these are the 10 Nations the church today speak of (yes, I see these as the same 10 Nations of the church prophecy/Revelations).  When you times these 10 Nations 7 times, you get 70, same number of “people/tribe” of Jacob that accompanied him to Egypt during the famine and Joseph’s time in Pharaoh’s house.

This is your “7 Heads and 10 Horns” of Revelations…the 2 Hands of God, each hand having 5 fingers for a total of 10 fingers that must break open the Heavenly Mysteries and Truth by unsealing each Scroll as they arise up through the 7 Heavens, or 7 Kingdoms or 7 Realms of the 7 Arch Angels, also called “The Seven-fold Spirits or Fruits”.

I see this near time as all here on this earth, passing through on the dry strip of land which is actually the bottom of the sea, with the 2 major walls of water holding back it’s waves until the last has passed over onto the waiting shores of what they thought would be “The Promised Land”.  It’s during this time, the heavier the load one tries to carry, the easier it is for them to get caught in the muddy sand, needing a major rescue, delaying their steps that carry them quickly to the other side.  Think of this for a minute.  Remember the movie The Ten Commandants?  It was those that loaded all they had onto their backs, wagons and servants that were at the end of the pack.  These are those that started to panic when they looked behind them to see Ramsey’s army, all on horses or chariots in fast pursuit of the Israelites!  Another problem when bringing your items of wood, silver, gold, copper, etc. which puts you at the end of the line, is you cannot hear the “Voice” that is leading the exodus as he is at the front giving the orders – making and/or transforming, whatever he original said, into “hear-say” by time it reaches the end.  Do you understand what I just said here?

It’s also the “metals” or the riches/possessions they carried along this journey that was ultimately the materials used to make the Golden Calf, the false idol!

Take nothing with you on this time of exodus from this land.  No silver, no gold,  copper, no metals, nothing…you must be “as light as a feather” so nothing is holding you down, or back – the lighter you are, the faster you run, you fly, you cross the finish line and will hear “first-hand” from the Voice or the Head that is directing your feet, your Path.  I pray that the Spirit of the Divine Holy Creator, The Father of ALL, grants all of you the ears to hear what He is saying right here.

This post has taken months to finish.  Not to the lack of words, but because I had to make sure they weren’t just “words”; that they were beyond what could be uttered from my mouth or earthly wisdom.  So many times I opened this document, ready to sit down and finish it but for whatever reason, it never happened, until now.  I feel I still have more to add, hopefully this will be sooner than later because I know in my heart, time is of the essence when understanding the Mysteries of Heaven…what was released out to all Peoples to uncover and hear.  Is, understanding the true TRUTH of His Heavenly Mysteries the uncovering of “The Pearl”?  I believe it is most definitely could be and if not “the”, most assuredly it’s “a” pearl.

I will say nothing of dates but I will say that we are in every month, every week and every season right now.  The world does not know how to count the way God does, only a few can seem to understand “the Face” on the wheel of time!



BBC Travel – Festival of Lights  (The below images and descriptions have been copied from this link and website; shared here for fair and educational uses only.

Bright lights of Christmas (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bright lights of Christmas
Since Neolithic times, man has gravitated toward fire, especially during the dark days of winter when luminous celebrations set gloomy nights aglow. From Scotland’s Hogmanay to Nepal’s Balachaturdashi, light plays a starring role in holidays around the world, brightening skies, spirits – and travel itineraries – alike. 

This shimmering stunner of a Christmas tree in Tokyo’s Shiodome – where marine life combines with festive illuminations in this year’s theme of White Christmas in the Sea – illustrates a universal holiday truth: in the dark days of winter, nothing is more welcome than a luminescent celebration. (AFP/Getty Images)


A blazing Scottish new year (Credit: Getty Images)

A blazing Scottish new year
Scots ring in Hogmanay on 31 December with a blazing celebration inspired by Gaelic and Viking traditions, which held that fire burned off the bad spirits of the old year and invited fresh spirits for the new. Today, revellers dance in torchlight processions, swing burning fireballs and burn a replica Viking ship, pictured here in a celebration in Edinburgh. (Getty Images)


Bulgaria’s Christmas of caring (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bulgaria’s Christmas of caring
Eggnog, gifts and stockings rarely come into play for Orthodox Christians, who view Christmas as a time to fast, pray and care for the poor. Many Orthodox Christians –found predominantly in Belarus, Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine – celebrate the holiday on Epiphany (7 January) when they light a small fire of frankincense and palms (a religiously significant plant) to commemorate the wise men’s gifts to baby Jesus, and light candles to represent the light of Christ, seen here in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria. (AFP/Getty Images)


A triumph of good over evil in India

A triumph of good over evil in India
On a new moon night in late autumn, Hindus around the world light diyas, or oil lamps, to signify the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. One of the most important Hindu festivities, Diwali (which falls between mid-October and mid-November), sees celebrants shop, feast, clean their homes, dress in their finest and light fireworks. Pictured here, widows celebrate the festival of lights in Mathura, India. (Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
_____________________________________________________________________________________ **Correction:** A previous version of this caption incorrectly stated the timing of Diwali. This has now been fixed.


A Jewish festival of lights (Credit: Getty Images)

A Jewish festival of lights
When a scarce supply of sacred oil miraculously burned for eight days in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple in the 2nd Century BC, the tradition of Hanukkah was born. Today, Jewish people observe the Festival of Lights – which may occur between late November to late December – by lighting one branch of a menorah, pictured here in Washington DC, each night for eight nights. (Getty Images)
A crown of candles in Scandinavia (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)
A crown of candles in Scandinavia
In this Scandinavian holiday commemorating Saint Lucia, a Christian martyr known for her service to the poor, the eldest daughter in a family dresses up as in a white robe and glowing candle-decked crown to serve her parents mulled wine and Lucia buns, a traditional sweet pastry. St Lucia Day is celebrated on 13 December, the winter solstice in the old Julian calendar and a pagan festival of lights. (AFP/Getty Images)


Fire fights ice in an old Gaelic holiday (Credit: Getty Images)

Fire fights ice in an old Gaelic holiday
Got a case of the mid-winter blues? Take a cue from the ancient Gaelics, who waged a war against winter with bonfires, candles and torches of fire. The pagan festival known as Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox – typically around 4 February – and encourages the rejuvenation of the land and the return of the sun. Fire festivals take place in locations throughout Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, including the town of Huddersfield (pictured). (Getty Images)


Iraqi Kurds burn away winter (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Iraqi Kurds burn away winter
It’s the budding blooms of spring rather than the cold of winter that ring in the New Year for celebrants of Persian or Zoroastrian descent, including Iraqi Kurds, seen here celebrating with torches in Akri, Iraq. The ancient holiday of Nowruz falls on 21 March, the first day of spring, and is celebrated with feasts and bonfires, a tribute to the fire-worshipping origins of Zoroastrianism and a means to burn away sins in order to usher in a fresh start. Travellers can ring in Nowruz in countries such as Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Georgia. (AFP/Getty Images)


A Nepalese night of worship (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A Nepalese night of worship
In Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath Temple (the most sacred temple of god Shiva), Hindu pilgrims celebrate the holy night of Balachaturdashi in late November or early December by holding an all-night oil lamp vigil to pray for deceased relatives. Night-long chants and dances pay homage to the god. (AFP/Getty Images)


Tamil India’s full moon festival (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Tamil India’s full moon festival
An ancient feud between Hindu gods Brahma and Vishnu form the foundation of Karthigai Deepam, one of the oldest and most important Tamil holidays, celebrated on the night of a full moon in late November or early December in South India. Hindu devotees light oil lamps, pictured here in Bangalore, as an auspicious symbol to ward off evil spirits and usher in prosperity. (AFP/Getty Images)


A uniquely African American holiday (Credit: Washington Post/Getty Images)
A uniquely African-American holiday
A pan-African heritage, a common history of slavery and a Swahili phrase (matunda ya kwanza, meaning “first fruits of the harvest”) gave rise to Kwanzaa, a weeklong celebration of African-American culture, first celebrated in the United States in 1966. The holiday focuses on seven principles including unity, creativity and faith, represented by a seven-pronged candelabra, or kinara, seen here in a Kwanzaa celebration in Washington DC. Travellers to DC can visit cultural exhibitions, such as Spirit of Kwanzaa, an annual celebration held at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that spotlights African dance, song and poetry. (Washington Post/Getty Images)



Due to the changing “time-periods/zones” of the Northern/Southern Hemispheres, and Seasons, Festival of Light celebrations are held throughout the world from August to March and although we, or maybe it was just me, assumed it was exclusive to THIS holiday season only (Hanukkah/Christmas).  I did not consider the Chinese New Year’s Floating Lantern Festival and a similar festival in Taiwan, in the same celebratory manner as the Jewish Festival of Chanukah.  Actually, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I studied the importance of these worldwide “lighting of lights” ceremonies, their cultural importance to their heritage and beliefs.

Why is the this important?  It’s the lighting of “candles/flames/wicks” which as I said above, is the lamps to our feet as we travel the Path to our Heavenly Home…This shows that we are not exclusive to this knowledge/understanding and to be honest, Christians really, or at least I think, are the least knowledgeable, educated and spiritually discerned regarding not only their importance, but also their festivals and how they are celebrated, including the established length of time for each.  Most truly, are clueless!  They have no idea who is leading them through the darkness, whom those “lights” represent and how through them, as we continue to move forward, it’s these Lights that give us HIS LIGHT – THE LIGHT, the Divine Pure Heavenly Truth that engulfs and envelopes us, which then ultimately, Raptures us Home – to HIM!  This my dear friends, is the Heavenly Wedding March, the Processional Path that leads to being ONE in marriage where your white wedding down is your Heavenly Garment of Radiant Light.

It is then and there that Self is no longer individual, one of the earth as it becomes part, once again, of the Original LIGHT OF THE CREATOR, who is Spirit.  It is then in the ONE, that we then become a true Brother, Sister and Bride of Christ; it is then and only then, can one be called a Born Again Christian and a member of THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD!

Other Festival of Light Celebrations Throughout the Year Around the World

You can do your own research, your own homework and I think we all should.  He has given us a gift, a true gift of the internet.  Never before have we had the ability to have all we need, right at our fingertips so we can truly know the Heart of God, the Mysteries, and the Divine Heavenly Truth as it was in the Beginning.

Thank you my dear friends, I hope this finds you all well.  I will try to continue these posts in a bit more timely manner in the future!

Remember, do not be anxious…do not worry, HE HAS YOU…HE HAS THIS!  Ask for Divine Heavenly Peace, Love and Wisdom…remove all the darkness from your heart, forgive, forget and rid yourself of this world and it’s garments that make you feel defiled, ugly, unworthly, unloved, unseen and abandoned.  You are none of those things!  He is LOVE and LOVE IS COMING DOWN!

See you soon!

Hugs, blessings and love to all – wishing all a very Merry Christmas and even a greater New Year!

Mary Beth (FriendofHeaven)

A big fat THANK YOU to all my loving friends who have been so kind to me throughout my “bad blogging” – from start to now, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Special hugs to Tatiana!


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Fighting 50-Shades of CRAZY God’s Way!

Well, turns out, I AM NOT DEAD!  LOL

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to post here but know, the will was there, just not the energy.  It’s been a trying time here, daily conflicts and battles beyond my comprehension.

But, all that was pushed aside, GOD TOOK CHARGE!  Or, as I have been saying all week, “GOD WAS IN THE HOUSE!”

images (1)

Wednesday, August 9, my son Taylor was standing in front of the Circuit Judge to plead his case, all deals off the table, no short-cuts, life-line, it was “all or nothing” at this point.  Let me put it this way, he was about to walk the tight rope over the Grand Canyon with no net!  His entire family was there, even his son Eli as at least he would get to see him one last time before he was sent to prison.  Oh, yes, Taylor had been sitting in our local county jail since Mother’s Day for domestic violence but this time, everyone was on HIS side!  Even his sister Tara was standing behind him (which tells us right there none believed he deserved what was happening).

Here’s where it starts to get good.

As I was called as a Witness for the State’s Attorney’s Office to testify “for” my son, not “against” him because they knew I would not as even I was listed as one of the “Victims” which I politely refuted, I was flooded with uncontrollable tears.  I was going to tell what I had experienced first-hand for the past year between Taylor and his ex-fiancé Erin, with whom he has a 22 month son with, Elias Jordan.  I was prepared to speak justly, relaying how much I did love Erin but how her Borderline Personality Disorder/Bi-Polar and Chronic Depression was “off-the-reservation” due to her refusal to control her illness via her meds.  I was not going to “throw-her-under-the-bus” but I was going to verbally expose the emotional abuse and what I can only describe as horrific evil thoughts, words and actions which never seemed to stop.  I have never experienced anything like it in my life, never.

If I had not heard with my own ears, seen with my own eyes, I would have supported the woman, being Erin, 100 percent, having no doubt that the man, Taylor, deserved to be locked away until he could control his temper.  What I now have no doubt about is the fact that these young men are helpless against these young women as no matter what they do, what they say, it will never be right and it will never be enough.  While these young men respond via the emotions of their hearts, the girls put their plots in motion via their mind – it’s like the difference between someone being charged with First Degree Murder vs. Involuntary Manslaughter.

This is what God speaks about too, reacting from your heart vs putting into motions actions plotted by the mind.  These two must be reconciled back to each other, become a free flow connection so one is not evil while the other is good.   While the “heart” is an earthly vessel, home and garden of God, the “mind” is Heavenly as it is of Spirit.  Problem is each feed off the other and if the mind is only thriving on what is dispersed to its right and left sides, which in the long run just becomes a very long painful game of Ping Pong as it never reaches the Heavenly level of the Father so ultimately, His Will be done in the end.  He is the Center line of our brain.  From there, He decides where those thoughts and emotions go as it is here, we “give it all to God”.  Unfortunately very few of us do this and allow these very heated painful feelings “fall where they may”, thinking we have no control over where to they are delivered.  But we do. OKAY, BACK TO MY STORY AND MIRACLE…


There I was, sitting on the stand in totally familiar surroundings as I worked for the county/state for many years, actually heading up the “Family/Child Support” Division.  I knew the judge very well for over 37 years; the court reporter the same, she and I were even neighbor’s back when I lived in my old very exclusive “Covered Bridge Estates” community.  I had walked those back halls where the Judge’s Chambers were probably more times than all the lawyers sitting at the tables.  My job this day was to speak with clarity, knowledge and truth of what I knew of the events and charges laid out against Taylor.  Four (4) Class 4 Felonies is what he was facing and 4 years in prison, not jail, prison.

As I began to tell the courtroom of how Taylor was my sweetest child, that prior to the death of his brother, I had never seen any anxiety or rage come from that boy.  Even throughout these last 12 years and all we’ve gone through with him, never did I see that in him.  He may throw tantrums; get 30 tickets in 45 days for not putting the new sticker on his license plates of his car, things of this sort, but never rage.  There had to be a trigger, something that sent him back to that immediate place of pain of his brother’s death.  This pain is something no one can understand unless they have experienced it and as we evolve in learning how to live “with” this pain, we begin to avoid the “triggered points” that cause us to become anxious and heartbroken all over again.  For me, one is visiting his grave, which I do not because I cannot take seeing my son’s name, date of birth and date of death written in stone.  There are more, but this one I use as an example.

So, there I sit, tears flooding my face as I’m speaking and every time I tried to start a sentence with “Erin, …..” the Lord twisted my tongue, I couldn’t do it.  I don’t mean I couldn’t do it, I MEAN I COULD NOT DO IT AS THE WORDS WOULD NOT FORM IN MY MOUTH!  All I could do was speak of love.  How her mother and I loved both of these children and how we all were at the end of the day, one large village raising this beautiful child Eli together and it had to be what was his best interest.  Let me just say this, I was CNN and she was Clinton!  It was like a total love-fest.  I did not get to say why Taylor had to quit his new job with full benefits, 401K, paid vacations, etc., or how she would not find a babysitter while I was taking care of my daughter post-surgery and refused to quit her Boost Mobile job, literally just leaving for work and Taylor to watch Eli.  There was no option for him.  He was the caregiver, the one who made sure he received daily what usually comes natural for a mother, or how she brought him over to my house at 8:45 in the morning with long pants and boots on when it was already 95 degrees and was expected to rise over 100 degrees that day.  I did not get to say how she wakes Taylor up umpteen times a night to get her a drink, to get Eli, to give her covers, whatever the need may be as she is oblivious and a foreigner to “Sshhhh, tiptoe, don’t wake everyone up”.  In fact, the totally opposite – she has no empathy or awareness during these hours that he has to get up at 6:30 AM for work!

I wanted so badly to tell him of how she had sent for her mother in Arizona so she could come back here to Illinois and live with her so she could help her with Eli after her and Taylor moved into a very nice house.  But, after a week, another fight was manifested and Taylor’s removal from that house secured by another arrest.  This pattern was “the pattern” and as I thought back, it was ALWAYS THE PATTERN!  Her mother arrived here, coming from a sober living environment as she has been a life-long alcoholic, recovering or recovery always trying to be maintained.  Within the first week of her arrival, Erin was drinking in front of her every single night.  Who does that?  When I questioned Erin about this, her response was “Well, it’s okay; she doesn’t drink beer, only hard liqueur.   It was at that moment, I knew she was setting her mother up to fall just in case she decided she no longer needed her to live there.  It was about the 3rd day in that I found her mother had started drinking again but it wasn’t until the following week I witnessed her stone-cold drunk, passed out in the chair on the porch.  I remember this night so well as it was the night 4 Swat Team Police cars pulled up to my house, full tactical gear wearing police officers coming to “speak” to Taylor as she reported that Taylor had walked into her house and “kidnapped” the baby.  Yes, KIDNAPPED!

My mouth dropped.  You see, Taylor had Eli all day, even the night before as he stayed the night as he always did.  Thank God for text messages between Taylor and me that day, showing his day with Eli.  The police were ready for a possible “shoot-out” scenario as they didn’t know what they were walking into.  Eli had been very sick and she forgot to bring his meds, which was typical, and Taylor earlier in the evening finally went to the house to pick it up.  What Taylor did not know however, was that another man moved into his house the day after he had left – THE DAY AFTER!  He has been made to believe that Taylor is a lunatic EX boyfriend who refuses to leave her alone; that they have been broken up for months and he just won’t accept it.  This poor guy has no idea what he has walked into.  He thinks he is protecting her, so he runs outside with a golf club and smashes Taylor car window while Eli was in his car seat in the back.  Poor Eli.

I wanted so badly to tell the judge, “THIS IS WHAT WE DEAL WITH EVERY SINGLE DAY!  EVERY WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH IS A LIE!”  Nothing, nothing would come out.  What 25 year old man or woman for that matter, would not be stunned, shocked, devastated to learn that you had been replaced within a 24 hour period and that a perfect stranger was now living with your child?  So, I follow the police to her house that night to take Eli back and the picture I’m going to try to paint was really priceless at that moment.  Her mom (who I dearly love) was passed out in a chair on the front porch, wrapped in a quilt; Erin drunk, slurring her words, forgetting that she had texted me earlier that day telling me she was at her grandmother’s house over an hour away and wouldn’t be home until late that evening (she had never left, was home during that entire time); and some guy, I had never seen EVER, was standing there acting like he was Eli’s father and protecting HIS FAMILY!  I had to shake my head – I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

I did not get to tell that courtroom how many hours I have spent with Erin teaching her how to be a mother, the “do’s and don’ts” of single motherhood as we were all ready for them to be apart.  How I watched her wake up and speak the most evil things a person could speak just because she woke up in a manic mood and had to push that feeling off but needed a reason to do so.  How everyone knows men and women are just different and it’s why mothers/wives spend their life saying, “Don’t tell you dad!”  We do this because men have a huge RED BUTTON that when pushed, you never know what you’re going to get!  She didn’t understand that as she was raised by her father whose red button was stuck in the PUSH position.  This is what she knew as normal so each morning, BAM!  I myself was at my breaking point.

I challenge any man to live this 24/7, plus be the main caretaker of the child.  Facebook drama is more important than positive one-on-one time with your small child.  Wake up, get ready for work, then say, “Babe, can I have the keys I’ve got to leave for work now.”  But be told, out-of-the-blue, “Ah, no, you cannot take my car today.  I decided I need it today.”  Taylor would almost be in tears, not again.  So, he asked, “Ok, then can you hurry up and get dressed to take me?”  No. No.  No always followed.  His anxiety was off the charts and now I truly understand why.


But what I desperately wanted the court to see was the triggered reactions from her daily threat of taking Eli away, telling Taylor he would never see his son again.  This was the trigger to his full blown anxiety, blackout attacks at the pain of never seeing his son again.  This immediately took him to the pain of losing his brother which he had no control over.  You never knew her moods 15 minutes to the next 15 minutes.  I sat and watched drama, trauma and contrived situations and events purposely manifested into play so the same outcome was achieved each time:  Erin being the Victim, Taylor arrested and all playing out the way her mind had prepared/expected, only to then change it when Taylor would be released. Taylor in his fear of losing Eli, will get right back on the roller-coaster for another horrifying ride to Crazy Town.

NOT A WHISPER OF ANY OF THIS FROM MY MOUTH!  This is only a little, I just can’t type all of it, way too much – but hopefully, I’ve painted a picture and you can see what I’m trying to articulate here.  Articulate – funny word to me now as I normally am very articulate but that day, NOTHING!

So, the days and events blend together and add in the mix a total stranger (to us) that knows nothing and we knew it was only time, before he too would walk the same path as Taylor.

Well, I had told Taylor that she would be pregnant within 3 months, same pattern as with him, and yes, she is pregnant.  I told Taylor this guy is going to through the same treatment as nothing has changed, and yes, he too now has been kicked out, begging to come back and like Taylor, his days/nights all depend on Erin’s moods which remember, is pregnant so now, add in the hormones.  This poor guy did say, “If I would have known it was you that was the crazy one, and not Taylor, I would have never gotten involved with all this and done the things I did against him!”  He then stated he had to leave before he hurt her.  (Of course this lasted only days and he returned back to the land of 50 Shades of Crazy.)

Now, back in the courtroom, we are all sitting there crying, including Erin’s mother next to me, and I have my face covered with my hands because I can’t bear what is about to be spoken.  After a long speech of Taylor’s actions (remember he has heard nothing about Erin’s role here), the charges, etc., the judge then starts to give his final sentencing decision.  The lawyer asked for minimal time on the first charge, and probation for the other 3.  The judge asked if she advised her client to take the time or would she advise him to seek strict probation on the first as well.  She of course said yes, but they didn’t want to disrespect the court by seeking probation on all 4.  (This is how severe this was.)

The judge gave Taylor probation on all 4 counts!!!!!  Unheard of!  GOD WAS IN CONTROL OF THAT ROOM!  IT WAS HIS WILL THAT WAS DONE!


images (4)

How did this happen?

Well, what do I say?  Pray for Divine Heavenly, to the FATHER that HIS WILL, HIS SPIRIT FILL/REST/RESIDE and that you PRAY AHEAD!!  I gave this all to HIM a long time ago but I continued to renew my FAITH IN HIM each day.  I asked that it not be man’s earthly will that was done, but HIS.  That HE takes HIS MIGHTY HAND and places all the pieces in order, HIS DIVINE ORDER.  I asked that HE soften the hearts of all involved, may they have compassion and that Taylor be judged on what he has done, not what he might do.

This also included days (Mother’s Day to August 9th) of talking to Taylor 4 or 5 times a day reminding him to do the same and to KNOW HE HAS THIS and whatever the outcome, IT IS HIS FINAL DECISION!  This was the mind set going in.  My heart was at peace with that but it was still hard for me walking my path to this day as it was a high trigger event for me.

Broken Heart Syndrome is what I call it and the pain, the pain I cannot explain.  I felt like I was losing another son but this time, I knew the exact day and time the accident would occur.  I woke up with the feeling of losing my breath, tears, my trigger was full-throttle and I had to give it to HIM, all of it each time it came up.  It’s a process that we all must learn when that type of pain is relived or triggered; it’s a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) AND Extended/Complicated Grief Disorder.

All this time, I thought Taylor was Bipolar but he was and is not; he suffers from the above.  Actually, his actions are text book.  I never knew, and it wasn’t until this kicked in with me during this process here, that I realized what Taylor actually was feeling – I knew what it was like for him when he said he couldn’t breathe, the pain was suffocating him, as I too felt the same.

Everyone in that room that day was left literally speechless.  It was quite a moment and you had no doubt what was just witnessed – A MIRACLE!

I know now the reason I was not able to speak any ill about Erin was because that is NOT HOW HE WORKS!  HE is love and HE was going to show what HE could do without throwing anyone under the bus.  HE was showing that regardless of what the odds were stacked up against you, HIS IS THE DECISION AND IT’S HE WHO IS THE DIVINE JUDGE!  I wish I could explain the feeling in that room, it was electric.  It took me 2 days to recover from the “AWE” of what was witnessed but HE did exactly what I knew HE would do because HE tells us when we have that PURE FAITH and do not jump ahead of HIM in our flesh, HE WILL RESCUE!

images (2)


What was it that the disciples asked Jesus?  It is the Key to all things Heavenly – Prayer.  This is hidden – hidden in the mysteries and if you do not learn how to pray, how can you truly know “The Remarkable”?

Why did Michael the Arch Angel say to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you?”  Because if he, or even we, say “I rebuke you” even in the name of the Lord, we are rebuking ourselves.  This is why people cannot understand the “Why” of “Why did that happen?”  We are all part Heavenly and part Earthly, and it’s our Flesh that is the enemy.  So when we bind him, we bind ourselves.  This is why Michael said, “The LORD rebuke you!”  That is what we need to remember, to learn and to understand when you pray without asking for the Divine Heavenly, then you are praying to the principalities of the world.  You have to get above that “line” that was drawn in the sand.  That CENTER LINE I spoke of earlier where the FATHER, The HOLY SPIRIT resides.



The next few days look for major events to occur.  It’s been 99 years since WWI, June 8, 1918 was the last full eclipse across the US exactly as the one coming and 40 days later, WWI was sealed and war soon followed.  These 99 years are likened to the 99 lost sheep and the 40 days will end on the Jewish New Year on Tishri 14.

This eclipse, well, it has every marker I’ve spoken about for the past 3 years.  It is also the Path that led to the Gateway to the West, which ironically St. Louis and the Arch is in the center of the totality zone, which will now be the Gateway to the East.  Salem, Oregon where it starts on land should be seen as a major biblical sign as Melchizedek was known as the Priest of Salem.  I do not know a “start date” because the calendar we, the world uses, is so far off the mark…I have 4 calendars that are in play but there is no use trying to explain them at this stage in the game.  Just know, our time is NOT HIS TIME! But, we know we are “in the Season” and a Season is 91 days, but again, those 91 days can be 91 hours too.  We are in “the Time” of His Coming.

It’s the Moon’s start that I look at – its start over the waters of the Pacific oceans and it’s ending over its “face” over the Atlantic oceans.  You see, it’s like the Beginning all in Genesis Chapter 1:

Genesis 1Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB)

¶ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

And the earth was without order, and empty; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.



What is the Face of the Waters?

This is a biggie, I know.  So let’s start with the 7 towns or cities named Salem that is right in line of the 70 mile totality zone from Oregon to South Carolina.  Oh yes, let’s also add in the fact that God, or Jehovah God is known to have 70 names.  It is also said that God forgives “70 x 7”, so let’s throw that in the mix as well, and the fact that Jacob had a total of 70 people or family/tribesman that followed him into Egypt during the famine.  Really, what are the odds, you can’t make this stuff up!

As I have been researching my family’s ancestry on and off for the past 15 years or so, I just happened to be in my “research” mode of this once again these past few months.  I noticed that the eclipse was also following the Indians/Native American’s Trail of Tears, the PATH taken also by the first settlers of the Americas who were fleeing wars, rumors of wars, cold, sickness and/or persecution of marrying outside of their own clans/tribes or blood.  Some just wanted a New Life, a life of freedom from who they were or life they were born into and moving West seemed to be the answer to these various wants/dreams or needs.  It was a hard life for so many, danger loomed at every turn, every crossing of the river was a new area of land they had to walk through, having no clue of what was really waiting for them on the other side.

What I found exceptional was the area or the X spot in Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.  This Quad-state tip which was the center dot on the map for the longest totality “time” of the eclipse, was also the “crossroads” that determined which Path, or River, these specific groups of people or multitudes traveled as each went one way or another at this exact marker.  Water is the source of life, especially at that time so some followed the Mississippi River or the Ohio River, one flowing East to West and the other North to South but both came together and separated in this 4-state connected land territory.  This is why the counties within these areas hold so many of the records needed to accurately trace our ancestry or lineage in order to find out who it is we really are as this too is a huge factor in the upcoming days of “where we are going”.

Many decided to stay right there in those exact areas as my ancestors did and had I not been searching these specific records, having such difficulty when I first started compared to now, I would have never realized what I was shown here.  I had to dig, then I had to DIG DEEPER!  The deeper I dug, the bigger the well, the bigger the well, the more water I found!

Everything is a game of connect the dots or Life.  Whether or not you’re a DIRECT descendant in a particular lineage or not is much more important than one realizes and it explains who you really are and why many things in this life, your life, my life, took the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the forward/backward movements/motions they have and why many doors were opened and allowed whatever that followed to occur.

So having said this, you may understand a bit more as to why the 7 Salem’s and the 70 miles stated above were so remarkable to note.  As you all know by now, I believe the times we live in and are about to experience is really Angelic and about the Angelic Heavenly and Angelic Earthly Realms and clans, tribes, nations, etc., are all a form of LEGIONS (Angelic families, off-spring, children, marriages, sons/daughters, etc.) and just as there are 7 Continents, there are 7 Churches, 7 Brothers, 7 Sisters, 7 Seas, 7 Seals, and so on, and it is within this number that 10 Nations (Names of God) arise or arrive.  Each of a group of 7 hold 10 names, or 10 “sons” (Haman or Jacob example) and 10 of these nations/names/sons, are forgiven 7 times. Or…or, 7 of the 10 (70 out of 100) are forgiven as they are “under” or below the First Three (3).  It is something of that nature to be sure.

The Priest of Salem, this being the Heavenly Divine PRIEST of The Spirit or ‘Holder of Truth/Scepter – Melchizedek’, forgave these 10 sons of nations/men OR under the name of Jehovah God, 7 times as the eclipse crossed the land of these United States within that 70 miles totality zone, thereby making the first Salem and the last Salem (Jeru-Salem or Jer-USA-lem) equally yoked in their forgiveness making the first the last and the last the first.

There were 12 STATES INCLUDED IN THIS CROSSING!  To me, the cleansing of these “12” or the center line, also gave the rest of the land forgiveness…hence the 12 Disciples which are known as The Feet.  Let me just put it this way, “THE 12 DISCIPLES JUST HAD THEIR FEET WASHED BY JESUS, WHO WAS IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN”!

I am so far behind in uploading my videos to this site, I know, but I did a video stating that “The Shadow” was the “thing” to watch…it held a Key.  I didn’t understand it all till just now when I wrote the above all out.

Wasn’t it God’s “Light” that went over the “Face of the Waters”?  The Sun or the Moon is the light source from where we stand – both going over the waters/seas/land.  I know that Waters is different than Seas; and Land is different than Earth.

So we can see that the 70 x 7 is 490 which is an off-shoot of 7 x 7 = 49, Jubilee.  This also has to do with our 49 States of America, THE UNITED STATES, showing that the 49th state is one to take note of, then the last, the 50th, being the “Year of Rest” – Hawaii or Alaska?  The Lord is so good, wow, here we have the “hot and cold”, one or the other, or one following the other!


In these long days full of hours and minutes of reading, researching and praying about all the food taken in, I absolutely know that numbers are a pattern, but more importantly, they are NOT ABSOLUTE!  Meaning – 400 can be years, days, hours also can be the number 40; 3 days can be 3 hours, 3 minutes, 3 seconds; 60 can be days, 2 hours, 2 years, 4 seasons or 4 years.  Here on earth, the first dimension as we see and live, we see these as absolute time, etc., but as the layers are seen or illuminated, you’ll see these layers as realms, kingdoms, lands, times, etc.  As we rise above this earthly plain of existence, time accelerates so the faster you rise, the quicker you pass through the Seals each of these hold.  When I say “Seals”, I am speaking of “Truths” that one must unlock prior to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  Now, remember, the Kingdom of God, the Heavenly Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven ARE NOT THE SAME!


download (1)

We arrive at one via our heart and the other, via our mind.  Both must be cleansed.  The heart must be encased in gold so it can travel untouched, unharmed, safe and secure through the fire one walks through before given the “Key” in which grants one entrance…the Pure Heart that is encased in gold, is then handed to the Lord as “payment” or “gift of love” as it holds the tapestry of our life within it.  It is our “love letter to God”.  Jesus carries our hearts as that is where the Garden of God is – where God walks with us here on earth…because our body is the earthly temple of God – where else could He live?  He resides with us.   This is how God “walks” with Enoch, then Enoch was not for God took him!

But, once through the cleansing fire which removes all the earthly dross from what is on the Path to Holiness, it then becomes our mind that will become payment or gift.  The FATHER is Spirit, His Holy Spirit – this is when He can read your mind – when speaking without words comes into play as this is when HE CAN TRULY KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS as this is HIS HEAVENLY HOME!  He has moved from the Heart to the Mind and this is how the “Body of Christ” ALL come together, become ONE and work as ONE BODY OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!


It’s okay if you don’t believe what I am saying, truly, HE HAS THIS AND HE WILL TEACH YOU! But, you’re going to have to light your Menorah and light the Path you are walking on in order for Him to see you in the darkness.

Things/events are not going to happen as everyone thinks – they are not.  I promise you this; they are going to be SO MUCH BETTER!  If all are waiting for the “Rapture” to occur as the earthly church taught and has been taught, well, sorry-about-cha, it might be a little worse or really, just longer!  LOL

One cannot be “raptured/caught up” into the Kingdom of God’s Glory until they are resurrected from death, our dead body that we are covered with here.  This is the type of “dead” the Bible is speaking of.  As long as all continue to misunderstand the origins of His Word(s), all are blind and deaf, starving and crippled.  Famine is not from “food we eat”, but from “Heavenly FOOD we don’t eat” – FOOD being the Word of God.

He is and has been CLEARLY telling us to fast in these last days again meaning, “Do not consume and devour yourself in an Earthly Word – BUT SUSTAIN FROM IT, but DO COME TO ME IN YOUR HUNGER FOR I WILL GIVE YOU HEAVENLY FOOD – THE DIVINE TRUTH!  We fast so we can be emptied completely of all things Earthly so we become eager to hear, learn, understand just as little babies, children would.  When are weak from our hunger, HE IS STRONG AND GIVING in His FOOD OR WORD/TRUTH He fills us with!

HE is common sense!  He has told HIS STORY in our History of the World.  Go, find and seek Him in each story told in the Bible, HE IS THERE!  Who are the players?  Who holds or carries “WHICH” Spirit?  When the characters /people/places are “likened” to another, which means it’s a “mirror image/image” of the former or forefather of the Original.


It’s just too much to write at this time.  If you’ve been listening to my videos these past few years, truly hearing what I was sharing and myself learning, then you too should be able to see the “pairs” or “likenesses” and just whom they really are.  God is telling HIS STORY!  Think about this:  Michael-Angelo was commissioned by the Pope to paint the Story of Creation on the arched dome ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, correct?  Yet, he was originally really a “sculptor” (his statue of David cut from one piece of marble) yet now became an artist who was “painting Creation on the Dome of the Earthly Church”.  Who is Michael-Angelo in the His Story?

Remember he started his “masterpiece” over when he was not satisfied with his first drawings/paintings didn’t settle right with him.  He is stated to say “If the wine is sour, throw it out!”  So, he painted over his first brush strokes and started again from scratch.  Who else did that?  Watch the movie “Agony & Ecstasy” with Charlton Heston; it is well worth your time.  He was originally hired by the Papal to make/design the Pope’s “Burial Tomb” carved out of the most beautiful marble in Italy but was taken off that assignment when the Pope decided he wanted the “ceiling” painted with the original 12 disciples of Jesus or Christ.  He was from Florence and known as a “Florentine” but was acquired or hired for his services by Rome.  He was to be given a salary and a home to rent during his stay, his basic needs met by “the Church” or the Pope himself.  He practically starved as no payment was being given by the Pope on a regular basis and Michael-Angelo had to beg for funds throughout the entire 4 year commission time.

Now, take what I’ve written above to the next level – take it higher to The Dome which is under the Sea of Glass.  He was reluctantly taken to Rome  at a time that was not really convenient for him – called to make a burial tomb for the “Head of the Earthly Church”, yet instead, ended up painting the Creation Story on Rome’s or the Pope’s earthly “Heavenly Church”, each section telling the story in the written Scripture.

God has written it all out.  He has told us what happened and what is going to happen.  The Old Testament is Heavenly Events that transpired on Earth.  The New Testament is earthly events that have YET TO OCCUR IN HEAVEN!

Okay, that’s enough for now as it only took me how many months to finally upload a post!  Please go to my YouTube page and play any videos I did not post here in the past few months.  They say sooo much!  But remember, DO NOT GO BY THE TITLE NAMES – I AM A BAD TITLER!

Watch for what I will call a “Paradigm Shift” or “The Wave of God’s Hand” as I believe He is going to raise all mankind/humankind from the Land of the Dead, the Catacombs I now call it.  That is where we are I truly believe.  I now know what the verse “THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING” means – we do not know ANYTHING!  He has to transform us and heal us so we can be “whole” in order to be taught the Heavenly Truth and that cannot happen here on this ground.  It must be at a higher position of the 3D or 3 dimensional earthly layers/realms…the ROOF!  That is where we, like Bathsheba bathing/cleansing herself on the rooftop, catches the eye of King David.  But unfortunately, she married Uriah first (connected to wedding in Cana occurring first during Jesus’ early ministry or prior to it).  She and Uriah barely knew each other when wed, and had not even consummated their marriage prior to him leaving to fight in David’s army/war.  So, who is “The Bride” going to marry first?  Remember, Jacob married Leah first as he was too drunk with wine to notice throughout the darkness of night it was not Rachel, his intended and betrothed, or Promised One!  The father of the bride is who veil her identity from her groom so again, I believe this time it is again the same pattern.  Only this time, it’s the Bride who is once again veiled by her Father, but it’s her that will not see who stands there waiting…it will not be who she believes it is…just saying!

Stay ready, stay alert, stand NOT IN FEAR, and be all things LOVE!  Love is coming down to those of us who stand in that concrete footing of His Steps, the Good News, and the LOVE!  Don’t get caught up in all that fear, tribulation or else that is what will manifest down onto your Path.


See you all soon!

Mary Beth, Your Friend of Heaven

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Smoke & Mirrors dividing Heaven and Earth? Choosing between Jesus and Barabbas once again – who is chosen this time…



Did anyone know that Barabbas, a/k/a ‘bad-guy’ in the Bible, the one who was released out into the world, given freedom from his jailer’s chains and was known for his continual rebellion of 1) Jewish Laws of giving to the Temple and sacrificing of animals along with selling their skins; 2) the Roman occupation of the land and city of Jerusalem? He thought that fighting his way through to make his voice heard was the only way. He thought that the time for negotiations was all but null and void. He thought that he had no one but himself to depend on; that God was not listening to the good, let alone the bad, like him. He relied on himself. He taught himself to trust only things he could see, touch, feel – things on and of this earth. (Good thing God uses His sense of SMELL to receive those that are a pleasing Aroma to Him.) All the other stuff such as faith, love, compassion – he could have no part of because he had no understanding of such things as these were not the attributes he had ever been given in the world, on this earth. They were foreign so he fought against it. He did not trust new, he did not trust old so what was left for him to trust and believe in? He had to find this. He had to be given a match, a spark that would light the Light that could and would allow him to find what he thought did not exist for him and others like him, or the things he thought only existed through him. This is why he was left and released.

Jesus was sending him out to find Him, the One standing next to him who he did not know, meaning Barabbas did not know Jesus. He sent him back into the world so he could then stand next to Jesus again and that it would be Jesus who could now know him. If not, the two once again would stand next to each other only the next time, it would be Barabbas standing in the spot of the judged and Jesus being released to the Ones who knew him.

If this pattern has already happened on earth, it will happen again in Heaven. This is one of the most important, yet over-looked parables that has been told. Barabbas is not who we think – for we have judged in and by the world’s standards, by the flesh but God has used his story, his life and his rebellion for a much greater picture – for His Greater Good!

Barabbas represents the man who was born of flesh or who is covered and walked through his life on earth in the flesh, that was in chains, imprisoned by the Laws governing his surroundings. The Law that was chained hand-in-hand to that flesh. What he saw the day Jesus died, what ‘gift’ he was given was something he struggled with, through and for, the rest of his days on this earth. I find it so amazing that his story, in the end, tells the most endearing tale.

Most don’t realize that in the of his life, this rebellious man took the place of John the Disciple on this cross. While imprisoned with both Peter and John, and after he had been given sight to see just what it was Jesus did for him, he believed he was to sacrifice himself in place of Peter. Peter told him no – that is not the will of God and that it was Peter’s time and he would go to the cross himself. Then, John was called and when John’s name was called out to come to the guards for his crucifixion, Jesus Bar Abbas claimed himself as John. So in turn, it was the thief, the man in chains, the rebellious one that gave the world the Revelation of Jesus Christ, or the Truth. He took the cup in order that the Divine Heavenly Wisdom, again The Truth, could be released unto the people upon the earth. Amazing, isn’t it?



We all know about the wedding in Cana that Jesus and His Mother Mary attended but very little about the details surrounding it. It is believed, or said that during the wedding, the father’s gold was stolen by the thief, Barabbas himself. It is said that the bag full of gold was then used to pay the woman who owned the house that was home to the harlots, women of pleasure. The gold was paid to her for the release of a girl he could not forget – the one he called “The One With No Name”. Also, it was enough gold to pay for all the women who sold their bodies for food and shelter. They themselves did not realize freedom was at the door…they were just unable to see it as the ‘walls’ separating the rooms they were laying in kept them in the dark of this purchase that was just made. They missed the open door that would have set them on their Path to freedom.

The ‘No Named One’, would not give him her name which intrigued Barabbas more. She was in one storyteller’s tale, a harlot herself named Rachel, while another wrote she was a young maiden who just worked there and was called Esther. Whichever holds the truth, I do not know because both versions tell a story. It was from this women getting to know her ‘master’ or ‘owner’ that soften his heart, even if he tried so very hard to keep it as hard as a rock. Her gentleness, yet strong conviction in the Lord, is what nursed him when he was beaten by the servant from the father’s house (who held the wedding), who had afterwards been thrown into the continuous fire pits, bound by both hands and feet. It was from a leper’s ‘hook’ that reached into the fire and rolled him out, flesh singed and burnt but actually, it was only mere moments he endured the flames.

The woman was then left to find oils, herbs and medicines to nurse this man who bought/purchased her, back to health. Having no money, she was led to beg on the streets and soon after, was given a gold bracelet to sell as that was all the Roman wife had to give. That woman, that wife, was the wife of Pilate.

After this, Pilate’s wife who was searching herself for truth, found herself as the girl, searching out Jesus and the teaching of Heaven. These unlikely women found friendship and even though they were worlds apart in comparison, they were very much alike in their search for something higher. The girl became pregnant, only to lose it at the hands of the Roman soldiers who came to hunt Barabbas down. The loss of this child was now removing all the warmth and softness that had been slowly but surely settling within is heart. To further add to his grief, she died soon after in the streets by the crowds coming against Jesus and His claim to being the Son of God. In his despair, he was arrested by the Roman authorities and sent to the sulfur mines of Sicily. Once settled in this pit within the earth, Barabbas was partnered in chains to a Christian who himself was sentenced to a life in darkness because his refusal to through a cargo of slaves overboard in the sea. This man in the beginning, hates Barabbas for being pardoned instead of his Master, the one called Jesus.

These two who started their imprisonment in opposition to one another, are chained together for 20 years, in which time, had become friends. It was these two foe-friends who ironically, became the only two from the mines who could be rescued as they were the only survivors when an earthquake shook the ground, collapsing the mines pits below. Twenty years he was below the earth, in chains, with a believer in Christ. The good, the bad – making every move together – led them to become friends and were so still when taken to Rome where they would train to become gladiators who fought to the death in the great coliseum of the Roman Emperor Nero. Friend killing friend, enemy killing enemy, it seemed no matter where his feet took him, the matter of life or death always stood in the path that he would have to walk or take, including the paths he ultimately crossed.

It was Barabbas who took his Christian friend and follower of the teachings of Christ, to be buried properly after he was killed with a spear to his heart. Ironically, the place of burial was in the Catacombs of Rome, so again, Barabbas was led to man-made chambers of darkness within the earth. When he appeared above ground, finally making his way out of the dark maze that held so many dead, he saw the fires of Rome. He remembered what was said by the Believer’s in his life and thought that finally, the end of the world had come. So he too grabbed a torch and lit fires so the City of Rome would burn. It was in this doing that he was arrested and accused as the one who started the fires, when really, he was only one participate, one man following the lead of others. This act is/was his final act, the finale of the life of this rebellious man who many thought would not or could not die. It was at this time, he was sentenced to death. It was the his standing up – professing his faith in Christ that sent him to his death on the cross, along with all the other Christians arrested that night in the City of Rome.

Christians lighting a fire to the homes of non-believers, pagans who had a belief of a different god other than their own or possibly, their belief in a same God but separated by their blindness in Jesus and the truth of whose Son he really was. This is yet again, another pattern to watch for only this time, hopefully, you’ll see it with Heavenly eyes and understand that the fire which burns a home, is really a cleansing of the flesh. It wasn’t the Christians that started the fires in the first place, so who was the real ‘Fire-Starter’? Who was it that lit the first torch? This is such a huge layer and parable – I hope you see it.



A while back, I stated that something happened at the cross – a switch of sorts when Jesus spoke to John and His Mother Mary these words: “Son, this is your Mother…Woman/Mother this is your son.” We know that Jesus has both Spirits within Him as He spoke with each saying, “My God, My God why have You forsaken me?” Then again when interceding for those who cursed Him: “Father, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” One ‘Son’ was in intersession to His God while the other was pleading to His Father. One was Earthly, One was Heavenly. One was speaking as Jesus Christ and the other as Christ Jesus. Jesus was born with one Spirit while baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River thereby receiving the other. Jesus’ journey into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, was His time to conquer His flesh against the enemy and at the same time, the God of this world. (40 days in the desert is likened to 2000 years.) Jesus was never actually subject to sin, only the temptation of it.

He had to also pass the test of temptation so he could quiet the voice of man or men that rang loudly throughout His walk; it was the noise coming from the mouths of those He went to save. Jesus had to walk in Heavenly ways, using the new ‘gifts’ He received on the waters of the Jordan. When the dove descended, so did the Spirit from Heaven that now rested upon Him. This is a pattern that shows a parable of what will happen to Believers as they too are born via the waters of Heaven, receiving too their Gifts – to then be sent out to minister to the blind, deaf, crippled and to share the truly good things of Heaven. This is where the healing will again occur; the Harvest reaped.

If Heaven and Earth are bound (what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven), then this must now occur ‘up there’ as it has already been completed here. The Gifts that Jesus received here, were earthly and given as He went out and received the Twelve (12) Disciples, who in Heaven are now called Apostles (earthly to Heavenly). No longer will the earthly Gospels be the fruit, but the Heavenly Apostles which represent the Heavenly Truth (Fruit). This is what the pattern will follow once again. The removal of the demons, seven (7) so it says, is the teaching or ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ that were given here and that gave our earthly body it’s food or fruits. These must be removed once we are in Heaven and replaced by the Divine Spirits of the Tree or Fruits of the Tree so we will have understanding and Heavenly discernment on the Kingdom level. Again, this is a parable of healing, when one receives Revelation or Truth of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the Fruit that leads ones feet to the Path of Knowledge which in turn, opens the Door to Eternal Life with the Father. These are the candles which Light the flames on the Menorah. Each of us have a Menorah that needs to be lit and is done so by following the Path which is laid out for us via the Tapestry of our life which is written upon our hearts.

Jesus already came as the ‘Man’ or Son of Man representing the earthly idol or god; now He must come as the Beast, the Son of God parable as now, the Golden Calf worship pattern manifests and takes hold. It’s the Babylon Golden Man worshiped and built within the City and the Israelite Golden Calf Statue worshiped and molded out in the wilderness of the desert; both were worshiped as a Golden God and so again, this pattern will be followed. Jesus comes as the Beast to those who do not know the Truth. The Destroyer will destroy the earthly things so that we, or people, will see only the things of Heaven. He must destroy the teaching of the earthly, fleshly man which to most, will be looked upon as a Beast, but really, He is destroying the teaching or Word, the flesh resides in. By doing this, the Walls of Jericho will fall, and the Harlot released from her captivity from behind and within the mighty walls of a Babylonian-idol worshiping land. She is free. This is the parable of Rahab who helped Joshua and the Israelites conquer Babylon and if you remember, it is she that Joshua married. If Joshua is a parable of a likeness of Jesus, then who did Jesus release and now is set to marry? The Daughter of Babylon. If she is the Harlot on earth, then she is the opposite in Heaven. Same goes the other way…so if the Virgin marries her Groom in Heaven, who is she marrying or married to on earth? Remember, Jesus ‘flipped’ the tables in the Temple Courtyard so what did He really do? What does the flipping of tables actually mean?

All is from above us, the Heavenlies or Heavenly realms. As in the Beginning all descended, or ‘came-down’, the tables now need to be flipped and the ascending back to the place from which we came shall take us up and not down. The ‘waters’ are the above us through the sky. We will pass through the Kingdoms which are the layers or realms lined out in the atmospheres above. There are Seven (7) that must be passed through before we reach the Gates of Heaven. Why? There are 7 Kingdoms below the Sea of Glass or Dome and three (3) above. These the Roman, Greek, Persian etc. These lands have kings and rulers and once again, their lands must be crossed in order to get to the Holy Land, the Promised Land of God is really what this area is and just as it is on earth, it is in Heaven, meaning, these Kingdoms lay between the North and South, ruled by 7 Rulers…the Seven Churches, the Seven Seals, Seven Mountains and really, the 7 Angels or Angelic Hosts. Each hold a Seal of God – a teaching of Truth. As each obtain that teaching of Truth or receiving it by eating the Fruit or Good Food of the Tree each Church provides, they have broken the Seal of that Mystery or Scroll. Each land or layer, holds the Secrets of Heaven and of the Father and to Eternal Life with Him. If a heart is not pliable to receive what is given, the earthquakes or ‘shaking of the dust of the earth’ must occur so all will be brought to their knees so they can see what is needed in order to take the Home. The shaking of the dust – is the flesh. The Wind then comes along and blows the dust (Dust in the Wind) toward Home as it must be removed prior to receiving ‘Rest’ in the Father or His Mansion where the True Body of Christ shall reside.

Find the sequence of these in the Bible pattern – read how they ended and again, this will be the pattern only reversed. Everything human beings here on earth think they have understanding of they do so only from an earthly understanding and discernment. All see it happening here. I, believe 1 million percent, all will happen ‘Up There’. Our walk with the Lord, with Christ, is individual and also separate than the group. Each must receive REVELATION/TRUTH and it was His 7 Churches (Angels) He sent to fulfill this…each is responsible for breaking a Seal that holds the Heavenly Gifts needed to achieve this, in order for man to receive God’s True Holy of Holies Spirit.

These Angels are too the 7 main Fallen Angels as they were cast down UNDER the Sea of Glass unto their own Heavenly realms, atmospheres because what they were teaching, was not Heavenly, but Earthly. On earth, we see these ruling over the 7 Continents. There is a City of Gold or City of God that sets atop these Heavens, these “7 Hills”. They were removed from the Kingdom of Heaven because they had to reside below in order to do what God had told them to as they are Messengers, Children and really His FIRST CREATION. They, like Barabbas, are too labeled as “Rebellious” but look what Barabbas’ rebellion did for God’s Kingdom or the Kingdom of Heaven? It revealed It’s TRUTH.

These are all the Kingdoms, Kings, ruling Lands, etc. of the Bible. All the diverse ‘Era’s of Time’ the World or planet experienced throughout it’s various countries and kingdoms, it was a shadow of what was occurring above. Each time we walked through one ‘Age’ onto another, this was due to the CHANGE of Rule or Authority above…one Angel took the Kingly Sceptre from the other (hence the Dark Ages, Golden Ages, and the wars within etc.) as each Church had a different mission, or message they had to ‘Unseal’.

The 7th Heaven or 7th Seal is where the Little Book was eaten. It tasted like honey but settled in the stomach as bitter herbs. If this is written here as this, then up there, I look for it to be the opposite. As the Truth is given it is being swallowed as bitter tasting because it is opposite of what we’ve learned/been taught here but once settled in one’s stomach, it will lay there like honey…This is why we are sent through the wilderness in the first place, so that we eat the bitter herbs of the thorny bushes first, as did John the Baptist. Then, the locust which are those that know the truth who come to eat the stalks of the wheat and anything else they see growing in the fields that are of an Earthly truth and not Heavenly. Then, you can eat the honey.



Remember, all are appendages of Jesus – all are His Fruits. All things are used to get us HOME! Earthly is the ‘Likeness’ – it is the replica. If there is a Heavenly Brother/Sister than there is an Earthly Brother/Sister…Is this why Thomas was called “The Twin” because of his doubt which is the opposite of faith? Earthly doubt vs. Heavenly faith is what we as ‘twins’ battle. We doubt Heavenly things because we have only earthly knowledge, wisdom and our flesh rules over these, thereby opposing the faith of our Spirit. If the world doesn’t agree or know about such things, we cave – crumble to the world…never really conquering it. Until one receives Heavenly Truth from Heavenly Teachers, we can never leave the prison of our flesh, the One who holds the True Temple of God captive. This is why it is said, “The Truth will set you free!” Go all in…crush the head of the snake. There are always 2 in a battle…just as it was shown hanging besides Jesus on the cross. One on each side…both thieves but one spoke in faith while the other cast only doubts. It’s overcoming the doubt through the faith.

As long as were are here, we are handicapped by the Veil of Deception so what we do not understand on Heavenly levels, is really not our fault. it’s been set from the beginning, our blindness that is; so until we are above the Sun, everything will continue to repeat the patterns once again, only using different players, different people God has made in order to show their life in teaching parables, telling a Heavenly story…His story. This is common throughout the stories of the Bible. This is why I always say pray for ‘Divine Heavenly Sight’ so you can see above the Veil to the something New He has promised. Once we are over that Sun – watch out because that is when He is going to do something we wouldn’t believe even if we were told! It’s His SOMETHING NEW!

I pray you receive this Gift as the following scripture is meant specifically with all this in mind: Proverbs 25:2 – “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.”



I’ve been quiet these past months in my blogging responsibilites and for this I apologize. It’s been quite a time of learning.

I’ve come to a time in my walk that I no longer believe I can share what I have been taught. Not because I don’t want to or that I haven’t tried. I finally realized it is not up to me to teach, it is only by HIM above. HE is the One that must blow Life into dry bones…It is only Him that can change the hearts of men so that it becomes soften, child-like in order for it to accept the Gift HE is giving. I can share but when it gets to a place that exceeds my boundries, well, I must stay behind my line that has already been drawn in the sand.

What I can share with everyone, all my friends I’ve made through this site and my videos, is that remember the story of Barabbas above. Good isn’t always good and evil isn’t always evil. That God is in charge of all that is His and that means, He sets the trees in their exact alignment on each sides of the Path He puts us on. The Right-hand, regardless of how ‘Right’ is may be, it is just half of the whole with the Left-hand and both hands are used to carry us HOME.

As we are removed from our cave, our pit, our prison and the chains that hold us here, all are given the Promise of everlasting life with HIM. It’s a Promise that takes all to the place where that Promise from God can be fulfilled and it’s taught while we walk in and through His Promised Land. It’s the Land that is full of promise. It will all be there but if you do not remove what is earthly from you, clean your garments so-to-speak, He will have no choice but to “shake the dust from you” with His Mighty Winds. If you do not bath in the pools as you walk from Promise to Promise, from Seal to Seal, you will have to go through the fire and He will burn if off. Be assured, one way or another, He will complete His Word and His Promise. By water or by fire, by sea or by land – HE WILL BRING YOU HOME!

As the days ahead may become scary for most, let them not be scary for you. He has this!



It’s been in front of us the entire time, all of it right there! It’s Paul…it’s his journey on the road to Damascus. Paul represents how we should be now, how we should be learning…not from earthly lights, teachers, knowledge or books, but by the Voice crying out in the desert. This is when we move from Earthly to Heavenly, the Spirit, our True Teacher. He blinds so He can heal and give Heavenly sight to the things of Heaven.

The 3-days of darkness is when the Exodus begins and the Earthly Holy Spirit is removed from us. It is during these 3 days we journey from the land across the seas. We leave what will then be known as the Enemy, behind. Unless we put on our Armor, it will be a rough wavy ride. How can one hear a Heavenly Voice if the only voice they’ve ever listened to has been Earthly? You cannot hear via your ears nor see via your eyes…you must think of Paul’s blindness and how he walked when the Father said “WALK!” or “RISE!” That was his only security during these darkest days of his life! But, what happened at the end of those 3 days? Exactly what the Voice whispering in the Wind told Paul would happen! He kept His Promise!

Paul was not taught by anyone other than the Holy Spirit, the Christ Spirit. No earthly teachers, no teachings he had embedded in his mind since birth…He listened to only ONE. This is why Paul at times went ‘head-to-head’ with Peter and James. They were taught Heavenly things by Jesus but still did not have full Heavenly understanding. Not like Paul did. Paul knew things were not one way or another, but both. This is why many believe Paul’s teachings do not belong as he is seen as the Double Minded Man who carries a Double Edge Sword. He knew there were the 2 sides of man…2 within the One.

The Church, the Earthly Christians are walking through the ‘wide-gate’ as they all believe the same ‘concept’ of the original teaching from man. It’s the hidden that takes us through the narrow-gate. Flip the tables, stay strong through the blindness and stand strong in knowing that all through the NT Jesus was healing the blind – giving them sight again. When He put the mud on the beggar’s eyes in front of the Temple doors, the beggar yelled out, “Stop! Your hurting me!” This is when the scales are placed at the beginning of the 3 days of darkness – it will hurt and most will yell-out but that’s good; yell nice and loud so He can hear you because that is what He wants. He wants you to scream out to Him so He can come swiftly to rescue and heal you. He has to cripple in order to bring healing because unfortunately, we don’t realize that we are the children the Bible speaks about. We, we the people are the little ones – and doesn’t all the little ones go up into His arms?

I pray that our Father in Heaven who created ALL will bring life from those dead pages and make them truly alive in your heart, spirit and soul. Nothing is going to play-out as expected as I’ve said over and over throughout these past almost 2 years. Use your Heavenly eyes to see above, not to your left or right that is here, but up where our help comes from. Remember what I have told you – file it away so you can easily bring it to mind when you realize what the shaking is all about. It’s not to bring you down, but to bring us all up.

Most importantly, do not judge what you do not know. I apologize to all I may have offended when speaking about how their church may operate, may teach because now I realize that they do have the truth, but only on an Earthly level of understanding and not in it’s true Heavenly form or Truth. They have ‘a part’. All have been given a piece, some Heavenly Truth but since it had no choice but to be received by Earthly ears and discerned with such limited earthly knowledge, judgment, pride, lust of wordly things quickly began to take root…The Barabbas Spirit is what was released into the world so that is who the world hears and gravitates to first. The Earthly fruits replicated the Heavenly fruits and no one can tell the difference in the ‘likeness’ and ‘original’. Now, both will be exposed and how will man see the difference? How will they know Heavenly from Earthly? How will they know who the real Beast/beast is? Jesus Bar Joseph or Jesus Bar Abbas will stand in front of the people once again – but who will be WHO? Who will the people choose this time?

Before I close here, I will share with you what brings a smile to my face every day. I will leave a video below for your to listen to and regardless what you think of who it is or who it isn’t, just know, it makes me happy because it’s voice I’ve listened to since I was 4 – 5 years old. There’s a ‘big’ story there that many won’t take the time to search out, but like all things good and of truth, they are hidden and one much do their homework to find the knowledge in order to understand. I’m not saying one-way or another what I think, it doesn’t matter, but it lightens my spirit, brings a smile to my face because it confirms to me what I’ve been taught…nothing is as it seems…smoke and mirrors can hide what has been in front of us the entire time – they just did their job very very well! Enjoy!

I love you…see you soon!
Mary Beth – Friend of Heaven



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Got your running shoes on? Get them on now! Psalm 119:32; New Video Playlist




Hello everyone, blessings and as much love and thanks I can send, I am sending to each and everyone of you!  I am in the process of downloading 3 new videos, they are long (of course they are) but to be honest, they don’t even cover but a speck of what I have been given during my time in “God School”.  Please watch them because I doubt there is time left to do any more.



Last year, I tried to explain over and over how important July was and what exactly this month meant in the realm of things.  Well, just as the Jewish calendar has 2 New Years, 2 start dates, months, beginning times, etc., so do we…January and July.  Included within these months, we also have the Jewish months of Tevet and Tammuz, sometimes Shevat and Av.  This means we have 12 months, but really, they are paired – have sibling months as Summer/Winter and Spring/Fall each have 6 months total.  This also describes the 6 hours of the clock, time – showing each side within a 24 hour period also have a twin, both in the AM and in the PM.  This is how His time is divided and His days are divided…always 4 sections just like our hearts and His Heart.  Then, all is divided within Seasons, then the two parts of the globe, being the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere; it all matters when understanding WHO HE IS AND HOW HE DOES WHAT HE DOES!  To top that – all those dates then get paired making each one of those having 4 dates, then again where each date is really 6 different dates…

But, today, right now, I want to get out there what today, tomorrow and the rest of the week is about and why it is SO IMPORTANT!  All of the days, years, signs and events have aligned together which has never happened like I see it doing now.  The “world” is not seeing what is layered between the pages of the Bible as they are blind.  They do not truly understand His Time (not that I totally get the “whole” picture either), but if you’ve put everything in your life to the side and studied in God School, there is no way anyone could miss it.  First of all, we are still in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Yes, that is correct.

December 23-27, 2012, I believe, is now.  The events of 2015 they too are now as 2016 is a prophetic year, it’s that extra day of the “Season” so-to-speak.  Each season is 91 days but that day is sort of erased, looked over, not counted, oh, I don’t know but it’s not counted…this is like that day.

We are going to go through the waters above – past the waters before anyone crosses over into the Promised Land, remember Joshua and the 12 spies.  When asked to search this land out that they had to “pass-thru”, ten of the spies gave bad reports because the men there were Giants.  This land again must be passed through – it’s the Angels though, not the Giants – the Land of the Trees.  Remember, trees are Angels and what is so surreal about this timing of events…the New Year for the Trees in this hemisphere will be on the 23rd of the month.  What happens on this date?  Oh, the TREES WAKE UP OUT OF THEIR WINTER SLEEP!  So, the Sleeping Giant is literally going to be awakened within the next 3 days…ARE YOU READY!

Please do not be fearful…just stand in faith and know that HE HAS YOU!  Starting tonight and into tomorrow, the constellations are right on point too!  Please go to July 20th Signs in the Sky and then read the Moon/Planet lineup for tonight and the rest of the week – it’s unbelievable!  What is even crazier, is this bit from their paragraph on how the Sun entering into Cancer during a specific time has not happened since 12 B.C. – 2000 years ago!

However, if we had a time machine, and could transport ourselves back to the year 12 B.C., we’d actually find the sun entering the constellation Cancer on the June solstice. The sun would also be entering the sign Cancer as well, when the constellation Cancer and the sign Cancer were in alignment on the sky’s dome over two thousand years ago.

The seasonal or tropical year, as measured by successive returns to the June solstice, is about 20 minutes shorter than the sidereal year – the year as measured by the backdrop stars. For that reason, the June solstice point has shifted about 30o westward relative to the constellations of the Zodiac since the year 12 B.C. That means the sun on the June solstice now shines at the border of the constellations Gemini and Taurus, rather than at the border of the constellations Cancer and Gemini.

Signs of the tropical zodiac remain fixed relative to the equinox and solstice points. Therefore, the sun always enters the sign Cancer on the June solstice, irrespective of which constellation backdrops the sun at this time.

In our day and age, the sun enters the constellation Cancer each year on or near July 20, and then enters the sign Leo approximately two days thereafter, on or near July 22.

Bottom line: You may know that the sun enters the sign Cancer every year at the June solstice. The sun enters the constellation Cancer a month later, on or near July 20.

Now, as I’ve said, I believe this is the time we’ve been watching for and up until August 19, 2016, sequenced days of events also fall perfectly in-line.  This date incidentally, is also Av 15, the day that ends “Dying in the Desert” and also, that 5:15 alarm “time/date”.

Could I be wrong, sure I could.  We know what our Father in Heaven wants us to know, allows us to know and what a kick He is getting watching us put these puzzle pieces in place!  But truly, I believe with every single thing I have in me, thank you Lord, that is starts now, within the next few days, I believe.  It will not be as everything things, remember this.  The thief comes in the night hours – it mimics when Jesus was arrested in the garden.  What times was that He was arrested?  We are going UP – this is the Path of our Exodus and so we must pass through what the Israelites crossed, walked and where their division was made is where we too will part ways.  All get to “cross-over” but some go to the darkness and some go straight to the Lord.  Below is a picture that may help give a visual:

7176995_orig  I think this picture is missing a few layers…but I could be wrong!




I believe we are in the Realm of the Dead – Jonah’s Whale.  When the “Fountains of the Deep” open, that is the whale’s blow-hole releasing Jonah from it’s belly.  We are definitely in the Belly of the Whale but it wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realized just where we REALLY were!  Yep, that’s us, I believe, in SHEOL.  I could be wrong, we could be at the point of “THE EARTH” but I don’t think so as we are under the “EARTH”; the basement I call it and we need to get to the roof.  This is where King David saw Bath-Sheba, bathing on the roof, again this is another huge clue.  This is the CAVE that Adam and Eve were sent to; the CAVE that is mentioned in the Bible where so many ran to, lived in.  Could I be wrong, sure I can but until I find a better description of what I know is true, this is the best picture to describe just what our Exodus Trail will look like.

We are at the time of Jonah, Elijah and so many others.  If I have time, I will add to this post later this evening.

Remember Tammuz 15, 16 and 17 are HUGE in the patterns of Bible.  It was Tammuz 16 Moses was to come down from the Mountain but when he didn’t return, the Israelites made Aaron build them the image of the Golden Calf…the false idol was made.  Moses did not come back down until the next day, Tammuz 17 and as luck would have it, it was at that exact moment they started the worship and praise to this molten image.  This was to be, however, the day God wrote His Word onto the hearts of His People…they day of marriage and union but it never manifested into play.

Until I can finish this, stay watching, stay “pure of heart” and forgive all…RIGHT NOW! lol Seriously, do this today and every day from now on…so important.

I believe this is what should be posted next:


I said this numerous times – Scripture Chapter/Verses are days/months…also they are the number of days counted (ie. Omer, etc.).  I see 4:21 as the 21st day of the fourth month (4-21) that being either July 21 or Tammuz 21.


I love you all and I’ll see you soon!  Oh UPDATE – I’ve just uploaded 3 new videos on a playlist and they are attached below!

Mary Beth, Friend of Heaven


Tammuz/July 2016 – Start of God’s Season


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Crossing into the Land of God, Wilderness Training and More

Today is Tuesday, May 31, 2016, another day will soon be just another day in history.  History, now there’s a word that holds a heavy weight – holds everything really.  It is burdened with everyone’s good/bad, best/worst, memories/unaccomplished resolutions, completed goals and yet-to-be or never-to-be completed Bucket Lists, but most of all, words.  History is full of God’s words and men’s words and as time has passed, and still passes, the lines seem to become blurred as to which words are His –  and whose words are his.  For that matter, who is hearing what, from where and from WHOM?  Well, I would like to break this down so we can take a look at it from an Earthly view and from what I think may be a Heavenly view.

First, let’s go to the last in order to understand the first…Revelations written by the Apostle John. Let’s first look at Revelations Chapter 4:


King James 2000

The Throne in Heaven

1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up here, and I will show you things which must be hereafter.

2 And immediately I was in the spirit; and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

Okay, first you must see the obvious here.  Verse 1 says “AFTER THIS, I looked, and behold, a door was opened IN HEAVEN”.  It doesn’t say the door was opened TO Heaven, but a door was opened IN Heaven.  So John, was already IN Heaven.  He heard a voice as IT were a trumpet talking with him (trumpets are musical instruments, music is used to praise and Angels were created to praise) which said to him “Come up” and he would be shown things which must be hereafter.  So, we know the “first voice” was like that of an Angel, but which one.  We’ll come back to that question, so now, let us look where John was really going.  If a “door” was opening/opened in Heaven, John must have been somewhere ABOVE where we are now.  He was at a place where he was “beholding” something or about to behold a site of things to come.  Then, John was IMMEDIATELY in the spirit.

Okay, to me, I see John being changed into spirit form immediately by what he was beholding.  To understand this, you must look in the Word for other times this word “behold” was used and it wouldn’t hurt to use or review the first things that comes to our mind when we use that word in earthly terms.  For me, it is “Behold the Ides of March” as I believe this is a warning marker or event marker for our earthly eyes.  The Ides of March are on the 15th day of the month, for the months of March, May, July and October; the 13th day of the other months of the year are considered the Ides of March for those months.  It is said that we should be watchful and aware 7 days prior to and including the Day of Ides as it’s during this window we will behold something and we are to take special notice of events, even the small ones.   The Strong’s Concordance says this:

Word Origin
a prim. root
see, behold
NASB Translation
behold (7), envisioned in visions (1), gaze (2), gloat (1), look (3), looked (1), prophesy (3), saw (7), see (12), seeing (1), seen (7), sees (4), select (1).


I’ve given this as an example so you can see how we must connect the dots – the use of words placed in some of the most important, or really, most discussed, most confusing books in the Bible.  When a description is used multiple times, on various people, places or things, I believe they are to be seen as equal-parts, and not so much “likened-to”.  Both reference, but just as John the Baptist is “likened-to” the Prophet Elijah, he had within him, born with the Spirit of Elijah…he was of a “likeness” or a replica of Elijah, both having the Spirit of God within them, not only upon them.  They were born as something that already pre-existed in a way yet they were born as human beings to this world.  The same applies to Enoch, I believe and he too had a Spirit born to him that pre-existent, heavenly.  Whenever it is said that “they walked with God”, it doesn’t mean they strolled next to Him down the lane…it means HE WALKED WITH HIM – HE WAS PART OF HIM, IN HIM AS JESUS OR THE SON WAS!  I believe.

I know what the Father shows me each day is true…I know it’s His Truth.  I have said over and over things are not going to occur as the Church has taught, discerned and how He has Angels/Powers on the Left and the same on the Right.  I had never heart of the Right or the Left, nor given a thought about it in those terms and it wasn’t until I was thinking, wondering which Finger of the Hand of God wrote the 10 Commandments?  I couldn’t get it off my heart so I started searching to see if any knowledge was known “somewhere out there!”

I knew the Hand was referenced to His Wrath in the Old Testament but which one?  Upon my history lesson on the hand(s) and the attached digits, the fingers, I learned more than I could have ever hoped for.  Yet at the same time, I knew I just entered a door of which there was no return…and it was!

Too many coincidences of their orders, functions, and root word (original meaning) for their names and how it all added up to a precise military, battle-ready formation, along with their sub-layers/formations and names.  How and why they are attached to the next line of defense and then the next – it left me speechless, in tears of joy because I knew there was no way I could have understood the ranks of these rows of bones unless His Perfect Spirit had given His Breath to this find…He illuminated what I had asked in prayer to see.  I had no interest EVER, not even an inkling to know  about any of this…wasn’t important to me as I was not going to medical school any time soon!  Wrong again…

I have found that if we do not understand our bodily structure and how it’s not only built, but how it runs or works together in harmony so the human “body” can have life.  The same goes for God’s Garden, The Garden as it Life and if nothing grows there, nothing grows here, in us.  The two are part of each other and that is why a few years ago I talked about how the “heart was our love letter to God”  This my friends, takes it to an entirely higher level!  The true Temple of God is within us, each of us and the Garden where God walks, where His four rivers flow out to water the land, well, it all comes from the “Heart of the Matter”.  The blood that runs through our veins, it’s the “water” that keeps His land nourished, alive and you can say, “It’s a WELL OILED machine!”  Each layer that has been added is to protect these machine parts, the 10 vital organs – TEN!  This to me, seems to be a marker to direct my attention to the First 10 Generations, the first 10 Sons of Jacob and the 10 Sons of Haman.  Oh, there’s more but this is how my mind now sees these coincidences.

Now, set over/around this organs of the “body” is our bones, the skeletal structure used as, to me, the last or first line of defense.  Our bones are our Warriors…they battle and they get broken.  When we need to “heal” a broken bone, the “doctor” CASTS it with great care and with proper rest and care, once the “cast” is no longer needed, it is “cut-off” and removed.  Think about this long and hard.

The muscles too are a very much needed line of defense as they twist, turn, move and stretch not only the arms, legs, well, entire body when needed, they also huddle and/or tighten around any injured part of the body when trauma comes to it.  They remind me of the 4 creatures or angels that guard God’s Clock 24/7, and I’m guessing they too huddle and tighten around this the center when needed.  Now the last layer as I call it, is the skin, the flesh, the “Matter” or “Dust” which is the outer layer that battles the elements of the world non-stop.  To me, this shows how the Angels covered themselves with “flesh” in order to protect the true Body of Christ…the Garden and His Temple.  They wore this outer layer, or “mask” to fulfill and complete their duty, their role in His Army and in doing so, again, their JOB, they allowed the world, the enemy, the flesh to be worn as a outer garment of protection to always protect the Heart of God, His Kingdom and His Creation.  Just like Joseph who also wore a disguise in order to save the people, so does the true Body of Christ.  Now, who are the true Body?  Angels…they were the First, the Beginning and they will be the Last, the End…the Alpha and the Omega.

How can this be though, meaning how can our Father in Heaven, God of All the Universe, the ONE True Light – begotten by nothing before HIM – nor could HE be named as HE just was, just is, be the Alpha and the Omega if that means Beginning AND End?  He is eternal as is our life with Him if we KNOW HIM, praise HIM and give HIM all the glory and worship only HIM?   Because there is a difference between the God on the Throne, our Creator – the One we pray to and call Father.  See, the God on the Throne is also a Son…He is a Father, a Son, an Uncle and His Seat, His Throne does have resting upon it, the Spirit of the Father.  The Spirit of the Word of Truth – the Christ, is Spirit – not flesh and it is cast down upon the earth, resting where the Lord Almighty shows favor by allowing His TRUTH to be known.  His Spirit is the Light and wherever the Light is, thereto HE is!  Here is where I believe the “line in the sand” has been drawn.

Genesis tells us that “man is made in His likeness” but do we know or understand this word “likeness”?  Is it a counterfeit or a replica?  It’s because of the “likeness”


On to the really good stuff…Image result for dead sea scrolls

I did not read any books or scrolls or have any “taught” knowledge regarding this next level I’ve been trying to share for what seems like forever now!  I have read some of the Lost Gospels, Dead Sea Scrolls or Nag Hammadi more than a few times, while other books found in those groupings I’ve only read once, or maybe a page or two here and there, and then others (which mean many more), never at all, yet.  There are quite a few and it takes read upon read to understand these until you “get” how they have been written and why.  I absolutely believe these are the Real Deal and seeing how they were hidden then found in 1949, right on time as this is when events for these end days were being manifested into being…it was the PERFECT time for the Mysteries and Sealed Words of God to be uprooted and exposed.  The “Clay” jars they were stored in upon discovery tells this was a Divinely “Hidden” find.

Last week blew me out-of-the-water when I read or listened via audio video, when I heard the “Testament of Job” along with a few others.  When Job asked and spoke about the exact things I’ve been trying to share, to explain, the tears were uncontrollable, along with my praises of thanks and love.  But yesterday, this was everything I was trying to explain, but couldn’t…it’s all the pieces from beginning to end He has been teaching, leaving breadcrumbs to what we need to know and The Truth most will never come to know, at least not here.

When I was explaining the “brothers” and the Left and the Right, the 2 Armies of God, the Hands and the Feet, the Above, Middle and Below and all the repeated patterns, along with how earth is not the Earth we think, or Paradise the Heaven many are expecting…I was speaking from the heart and what He had shown me.  But, as hard as I’ve tried, I couldn’t do IT justice, along with the fact too that overnight, so many “haters” started their bashing and name calling.  Regardless, I still ran my race each day, never giving up receiving this most important Truth that we were blinded to.  The following attachment/gospel I read yesterday, must be read by everyone as it tells the Story.  I’m still numb to fact that He allowed me understanding, so when I read this, it made perfect sense, meaning I understood the tiered layers as it was explained.  (click link for Nag Hammadi Library) (Apocryphile1970 YouTube page to watch the books on video – GREAT CHANNEL)



NOW…NOW here is the GOOD STUFF!  Moses’ JOURNEY out of Egypt when he was EXILED from Egypt, he crossed the dry deserted wilderness with only ONE (1) day worth of food and water…ONE DAY!  One day must be seen as DAY only so there is 6 or 12 hours in a day of God’s time (morning should be 6 AM to 12 PM and day 12 PM to 6 PM) and when seeing the Story in whole, you have to adjust your eyes to catch this these tiny breadcrumbs that are missed.  A complete DAY to us is from 12 AM to 12 AM when using the 24 hour system or 6 AM to 6 PM when using or seeing a day as when the Sun is shining it’s Light upon the world…but do you see here that we only receive a 12 hour day – 1/2 the day = 1/2 the Light…1/2 the Word.  The point here – no one knows how long it took Moses to cross the desert as it was God’s TIME and this is a parable of the TIME the world uses to compare and count these days and the days ahead.

Now, back to my point, the GOOD STUFF!




Image result for moses and motherThe son born to a Jewish slave (the Fertile Womb), not yet given a name…born after 6 months and 1 day pregnancy, hidden in this same basket in their home for the first 3 months of his life, only to be then placed in this same basket and sent down the Nile River to his new mother, an Egyptian Pharaoh’s own daughter  (Barren Womb) and raised as a Prince of the World. (Egypt).
Image result for moses and motherWhen this mother pulled him from the water, she named him Moses, which means “from the waters” and her prayers had been answered as she had prayed to the gods for a child.

Well, what did Solomon say to do when two mothers fought over one son?  Split HIM in half of course!  Moses was alive but technically, HE was split into two different SONS.



When Moses was empty, hungry, exhausted (needing major REST), he finally gave-in, not UP, but gave into his surroundings.  Once he gave up the fight of relying on his own body to keep him going, OUT HE WENT – DOWN ONTO THE SANDY, DIRT-FILLED GROUND DID HE FALL, RIGHT WERE GOD WANTED!  Moses woke up near a well – WATER to quench his thirst and renew his strength but if you remember, he woke up and immediately there was an argument at the well with 7 female shepherd “sisters/virgins” who were fending off shepherds of another tribe (males) who tried to claim the well (WATER) as their own and that THEIR sheep/flock should be watered first.  The sisters fought against this and it was in the midst of this argument, really the “pre-battle moments” just prior to a major war between the two taking place. Moses was a witness to this and being Moses, he quickly came to the sister’s defense and fought off the male shepherds, leaving them to scamper off along with their flock.

Moses was then taken to their Father’s TENT, the Tent of Jethro which rested under the Mountain of God, the Sinai, or at the “BASE” of the Mountain it can be called.  So here at the “base” of Mt. Sinai which looking from our view, is the East or South-East.  Remember, Egypt was to the North-West, North of Mt. Sinai so this means that Moses made it across to the “other-side” by just walking around it, not over it.  There, he was given lessons in Wilderness Training, which were also lessons on “How To Be A Shepherd”!  Do you understand this?  Moses was OVER THE MOUNTAIN…It was the place he went through training, “school” prior to climbing up HIS MOUNTAIN where God spoke to Moses via the Burning Bush.  It wasn’t until he was trained by the female virgin sisters, daughters of Jethro, that he could SEE the FIRE of God and HEAR HIS VOICE!  This, my friends, is the SPIRIT OF HEAVEN…THE SPIRIT OF THE FATHER that appeared in the form of FIRE!  See, Moses was HOME – he was safe, happy and enjoying a life of peace and security.  He married the FIRSTBORN daughter of Jethro who would not “dance” before men as her other 6 sisters did, but it was her quiet strength, wisdom that Moses took note of and it was her that he chose.  Her skin was not fair, nor soft as the fair-haired woman from Egypt he loved before…his wife’s skin was dark from the blistering sun, her hands showing wear from her days of hard work and tending to her family’s flocks and her hair did not carry the flowery fragrance from the oils the beautiful women from the cities anointed their hair and body with daily.  ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE HERE?

Image result for Moses is God

Moses was in his own Paradise.

It was not until his wife called out to him, “MOSES!  Moses, I found a MAN in the SHEEP!  There is a MAN HIDDEN in the SHEEP!”  Then Moses asked her where exactly he was and she said, “He is in the cleft of the rock!”  When Moses ran to see, it was Joshua who came out, being in the same shape, condition Moses was in when he arrived in Median after coming through the Wilderness in search for Moses. Joshua, who we all know is a parable to “Yehoshua/Jesus”, traveled to the East or South of Mt. Sinai, taking the same route as Moses (or so it looks like the same path), in order to find the one he knew was to deliver the Jews from bondage.  Moses though, he was enjoying his life, the “good fruit” of life you could say and had, for lack of a better word, forgotten about his kinsmen in Goshen, the slave-pits of Egypt.  He was so “all about his life” he removed the one thing that had really made this life possible – the memory of from where he came, the people he came from, and their own plight for freedom.  It wasn’t until JOSHUA CAME AND WOKE HIM UP OUT OF HIS SLEEP – ENTERED INTO PARADISE OR THE LAND MOSES “THOUGHT” WAS PARADISE AND TICKLED MOSES’ EAR!  Once that occurred, what did Moses do?  What?  He looked up to the top of Mt. Sinai and said, “Did you see that?  Did you see that STRANGE FIRE ATOP THE MOUNTAIN?”  Moses then made his move and started his feet upon the Path to God, His Home, His Mountain and what happened?  He found HIM at the top of that mountain and it is there, The Spirit of God, The Father, spoke to Moses and directed him to go back down to Egypt and GET HIS CHILDREN!  Moses was in Heaven already, you see that, or what he THOUGHT was Heaven but it was not, it was his Paradise, but not Heaven.  It was the place where Moses was “schooled” in the ways of the Lord.  It is where he met God on His Mountain but was sent back down to bring the others home.

What is this a parable of?  What have I been talking about?  Here, Moses is telling the story in his story…

The Israelites had to be cleansed, washed from the sin of the land they were being removed from (hence going through the waters) and in order to go from one LAND to another LAND, the WATERS of the LAND must first be passed through…ALWAYS!  It’s like removing the garments one and putting on the GARMENTS of the other.  This is why Jesus crossed over the waters here so many times to get to one side of the LAND to the other side of the LAND.  His GARMENTS so-to-speak, would change.

Moses was taking the People, God’s People, back!  He was taking them Home from whence they came, originally.  Moses himself, shows us the Path we all must take to get to our final, I mean FINAL destination!  We have to go through the Wilderness so God can provide for us; we end up at the BASE of His Mountain, but there are two (2) bases…one on the West side and one on the East side.  The East side as shown by Moses, is Paradise while the West side, the “other” side, is where the Israelites were stopped, they lingered because they could not see the miracles the Lord had done for them – they were not attending and learning what they needed in SCHOOL – in their Wilderness Lessons, therefore, they could never receive their Wilderness Training which must be completed, MUST be completed prior to resting in Paradise…finding REST from surviving the elements of the dry desert provided by God as they continually tried to depend on themselves, leaders, and other gods/idols (hence the Golden Calf).  They just “didn’t get it”, did they?  So, the Lord made them stay there to be hand fed and taught for 40 years – which is the 40 days of Harvest that will occur now.  This is the pattern which it follows.  They must be taught to have faith, depend on Him, not him.  They, the Israelites, depended on him, him being Moses and Moses depended on Him, Him being the Lord.  So, the Lord had to remove the one who stood between Him and His People – him…Moses.  The one time that Moses acted on his own authority, his own accord and action, was when he split the ROCK in two in order to quench the thirst of the People…the masses.  He divided the ONE ROCK in to TWO rocks where the ONE WATER stream now flowed out to nourish the land, or the children He had just sent Moses to save, to remove from bondage…the ONE he sent to bring His Children HOME to Him.

But now, the since Moses had done this splitting on his own, without the authority of God, without hearing HIS VOICE first, he made it so the People now had 2 ROCKS (rocks) is was fed or streamed through – 2 MOUNTAINS!  See, while one side of THE MOUNTAIN received the SUN (SON) during the morning/day LIGHT hours (6 AM to 12 PM) is was PURE LIGHT – meaning no shadow or darkness was their time with the Sun (Son) accompanied with – while the other side of the Mountain, the West side, they received their Light, their time with the SON (SUN) was always accompanied with a Shadow casting, always.  As long as you were standing on the West side of the base of the Mountain, the Light received there always cast a shadow – meaning is came with Darkness, there was no other way around it.  They could only EVER receive 1/2 instead of the WHOLE received on the East, before the Shadow was cast.  You have to get to the EAST SIDE of the Mountain in order to receive the WHOLENESS, 100% OF THE LIGHT!  What is this – TRUTH…the whole Truth and nothing BUT the Truth!

So, this pattern and life parable of Moses is telling us the story.  The Mountain is the Stone, the obstacle that is blocking the West, the “Left-Hand” of receiving the FULLNESS, the full LIGHT, TRUTH and in order for this to occur, 1) the Mountain must come down, must fall, 2) all must be perfect without needing correction, teaching, lessons, etc. so they, or anyone for that matter, arrives on that side of the Mountain.  As you can see, No. 2 is impossible so this is why Joshua was made to go and search out Moses…he knew the way.  Joshua was “like” a son to Moses and therefore all he did was directed by Moses, sort of like his “earthly” father.  So friends, if Joshua is likened to Jesus and like a “son” to Moses, who is MOSES?  We know Joshua is seen as Jesus, so Moses is seen as God.  Remember, it was Moses who gave the slaves 1 day of 7 to rest and ordered the baskets to be filled with the food from the grain bins the priest’s had filled to the top and was labeled “Food for the Gods”, to feed the starving slaves…the People.  What does this mean?  Moses gave them food, knowledge/wisdom of the gods of Egypt as that is what food is…it’s a “word”.  If the “people” were dependent of Moses as their leader and the minute they could see/hear him during the time he ascended the Mountain, who is Moses really? He is the parable of God on the Throne.  Now, if the Lord is the ONE who Moses was led by, who is “The Lord”?  The Lord is the Spirit that led Moses – it’s the Spirit of Christ from the Father of Heaven who resides in the Holy Land, the expanse of the Heavens!  But see, it was God on the Throne, God who resided on top of the Mountain that called the Jews “His People, His Children” so these are His Creations, those that were made in His Likeness.  But see, the “Likeness”, which is a Replica of sorts, it produced it’s own Likeness and that is what has NO LIGHT, it in itself worships the One in which it’s own Likeness came from, or was born of, but it is below the “Likeness Itself”.  It is Egypt…it is the “enemy” but the enemy remember, worships the One is whose Likeness it was replicated from so here we can see, we have again, ONE GOD WHO PRODUCED 2 LIKENESSES…2 Sons, 2 Creations…2 Kingdoms.  This is seen in our body…we have one head, but two shoulders…the Head being the Mountain and the two shoulders being the bases of the left side and the right side.  One side was given wisdom via the grain/food they were fed in Egypt, the enemy “below” and the other side, they were fed from the FULLNESS OF THE SON, THE LIGHT as no shadow or wall was cast on the Eastern side of the Mountain…the East of Eden.  The listen to the Spirit of the One in Heaven, walk in faith of the Voice (again, parable of Moses as God leading them in faith by listening to the invisible Voice of the Father in the Heavens).

Thank you Lord…I didn’t even know I knew that – it just flowed right out of my hands as I was typing…WOW!!

This shows that the earthquake is not going to happen here as the land was split once they arrived in the Wilderness, did it not?  All the Israelites were allowed to exodus Egypt as it wasn’t until they arrived in the desert the division was made (wheat and tares).  Those on one side of the crack (this is the line drawn upon the sand Jesus drew in the NT) they go to the Eastern side of the Mountain where Moses was – Paradise, while the others, they stay at the base of the Mountain and take the LONG WAY AROUND.  See, you, we all thought those that died and was taken or killed by the earthquake and the fire balls that were also shooting down from Heaven, was bad, but really, they were taken HOME sooner, weren’t they? Or were they?  Did one group go up ahead to the East to be taught as Moses was to be a Shepherd, to receive their Wilderness Training so they could come back and save the People once again at a later time or even receive the training to lead the Jews out of the desert, finally?

I was lucky, no lol, it wasn’t luck, it was the Lord all the way, that led me just an hour or so ago to this one website as I was looking for the names of those 2 groups that were divided at that time and I found the most remarkable small paragraph that describes what it was these 2 divisions were arguing over.  The moment I read it, I smiled because I understood exactly what I was reading…again, thank you Lord for your Spirit allowing this discernment and understanding as all is from you and divine, thank YOU!

Fear set in and the trust of their leaders was challenged as their fantasies and dreams of an easy march to victory, was to be tested.  They could not imagine themselves as a people capable of standing up to united confederations and military forces, neither could they imagine themselves as patiently waiting for an unseen Supreme Being to guide them in a conquering campaign. 

It was much easier to rebel then to consider the unthinkable; return to the land of their captorsTo do so they would have instigate an insurrection and seek to stone Moses and Aaron and the designated leaders of the Israelites.  Instead the Lord of hosts, with the mediation by Moses, punished them to forty years of wandering in the wilderness. (Numbers 14:26-36)  As truly spoiled children, the Israelites then decided to show the Lord, not with repentance, but that they could conquer the land of Canaan by themselves, to a dismal defeat. (Numbers 14: 41-45)

Soon after this rebellion at the border of Canaan, another rebellion was in the brewing.  This time it was over the designated role of the civil and the spiritual leadership in the tabernacle service of the LordThe Korites as Levites were given a specific role and responsibility; to the ministry of music of God in the sanctuary service (see the Psalms of the sons of Korah in Psalms 42, 44-49, 84, 85, 87, and 88)

It was Korah, a great-grandson of Levi, who allied himself with two co-conspirators who were two great-grandsons of Reuben.  The Korites wanted not to be temple musicians but to have the cherished office of the priests.  The Reubenites, as the descendants of the firstborn of Jacob, wanted the responsibility of civil government.  In all, ‘two hundred and fifty leaders of the congregation, representatives of the congregation, men of renown’, (Vs 16:13) gather in a civil revolt against Moses, Aaron and against God for they were now in a theocracy.

The leaders of the congregation desirous to be priests, though they were not called by the Lord of hosts to be priests, were personally called by Moses, Aaron and the 70 elders of Israel to bring their censers and present themselves before the sanctuary of the Lord the next morning.  Dathan and Abiram, in the camp of Reuben refused, thinking this was a set-up and they would all be ambushed and blinded by Moses and Aaron. So they chose to stay in defense by their tents.

Let us look carefully at this scenario.  A rebellious group of camp leaders are now standing in the front of the Wilderness Sanctuary, all with censersAnother group of leaders are standing inarmed rebellion by their tentsHow was God going to answer their charges?

The answer of the Lord of hosts came with a powerful earth rending earthquake and fire bolides shooting down from the heavens. The want-to-be civil leaders in rebellion were consumed by the earth and the want-to-be spiritual leaders were consumed by heavenly fire.

The next day, the entire camp was in revoltThey charged Moses and Aaron with calling down the fire from heaven and the earthquake with its deadly destruction. How so?  Let us not forget, Moses’ right to leadership with the assistance of his verbal spokesman, Aaron, was to call down the plagues upon the Egyptians in their defiance against God.

They are now charged that the “people of the Lord” were the ones that were killed, suggesting that Moses and Aaron were evil impostersThis recognition by the rebelling Israelites was thatKorah, Dathan, Abiram and the 250 consumed leaders were recognized spiritual leaders in the camp of Israel.

Leaders, maybe not recognized by God, but recognized by themselves, they had set themselves up in defiance against God, with their own ambitions of power, greed and controlIt was they who said, God has no right to arbitrarily kill someone even though they are in defiance against Him. God has no right to kill wives and children of rebellious leaders, for are they not the poor innocent victims?  Man also has a ‘right’ to live and to rebel, even against the Lord Himself.

The armed mass of rebels then ‘turned towards the tabernacle of meeting,’ the House of the Lord. (Vs. 42)  As a symbol of the Lord Almighty, were they now seeking to destroy the visible structure which sheltered the presence of the Lord’s Shekinah?  Here we see, “and suddenly the cloud covered it, and the glory of the Lord appeared.” (Vs. 42)

Moses and Aaron suddenly prostrate in fear and awe, for the Lord spoke to them, “Get away from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment.” (Vs 45)

Here we see a remarkable pictureAaron, the High Priest with his sons, the deputy priests for the people of the Lord, was commanded by Moses to rush to their sacred duty and make atonement for the rebelling people, for the Lord was sending a plague within the immense camp of the Israelites.  Here we see an aged high priest running to save the very people that were reviling him“And he stood between the dead and the living; so that plague was stoppedNow those who died in the plague were fourteen thousand seven hundred besides those who died in the Korah incident.” (Vs. 48-49)

As Bible Searchers, let us now digest and put on our spiritual eyeglassesIt is our belief that the chosen people of God, the Israelites were selected in part to be actors in a continuous drama with the Lord, and each mini-drama will be a scene that will be replayed in full at the end of timesHere we have a historical event, a mini-drama that may give us insight to the final chapters at the time of the endThe central issue is rebellion against God.

I loved this piece of writing as I can tell you, it was surely written with the Favor of God upon it.  I believe that those two groups, the number of all included within each division noted, received exactly what they were asking for via their rebellion.  In the moments of the fire falling from the sky and the earthquake, each group were taken to their the exact designated spots that those wishes or desires could and would be given.  In order for their pleas to be answered, they had to be removed and taken to “Land” or “Place” each would receive their teaching for their “swapped” or “reversed” role just as they had requested.  It’s the “name-changes” that are made throughout the Bible when someone from the designated “Left” is moved to the designated “Right” – when they are transferred from “wisdom to faith” and to “faith to wisdom” (hence Saul to Paul, Jacob to Israel, Simon to Peter, etc.).

Well, typical that I my posts, like my videos become so much longer than originally attended.  I was showing our future, our course of the days ahead which are not going to be as the world of Believer’s, Christians, and Churches have taught and hold-fast to.  It’s going to go like this.

Remember, Moses had to be awaken from his Paradise by Joshua…Joshua had to “hide in the sheep” to get to where Moses was residing…Do you truly understand what this means?  What I just typed out here?  A MAN, had to HIDE as a SHEEP in order to GO WHERE GOD WAS IN HIS PARADISE IN ORDER TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM BONDAGE AND THE ENEMY.  We don’t know the true definition of Man as it was made in the Beginning as it’s not the same as we know Man now.  Jesus, the Spirit of Man/Son of Man, was disguised/wore a disguise of the Spirit of God/Son of God  in order to get to the other side of the Mountain, East of Eden, to awaken God from His Paradise, His REST!  HE WAS RESTING!!!!  It was His Day of Rest!  Jesus/Yehoshua had to hide in the flock of sheep!  Remember, Joshua was NOT Moses’ son, but LIKE a son…Lot was not Abraham’s son, but LIKE his son…

So tell me again, who declared one day of six to rest?  Moses…aka God on the Throne.  He got caught in his own law as He was sleeping on the 7th day…He fell asleep and He too had to be shaken awake.  This pattern also occurs in Daniel regarding Babylon (the next post will be finished up with Babylon).

I did not know how that I was trying to explain these past 2 years was going to come together…I didn’t know how Jesus was Jesus, yet not the Jesus we think He is.  When I was trying to explain that something happened at the Cross, even before – the change, the switch, the taking of the cup…I still did not truly know, have full Heavenly understanding of it all but as the time has passed and each day I go back to God School, asking for the Divine Truth, HIS TRUTH, He has been so GOOD!  Just in the past few days, I’ve done a few videos and from then to today, He has filled in so many blanks I just didn’t have then.  (Note:  I started this post on in May 31st – today is June 17, 2016, with nothing in the middle!  So, there was a reason I did not finish earlier as I wasn’t to know the rest until today!)

How do we know this besides what suggested above?  Nefertiti, Ramesses’ wife, mother of his son.  When the plague of death entered Egypt and the firstborn of all who did not have the lamb’s blood over their doorpost died, well, she said, “He will not kill my son!”  See, her son was born to royalty, earthly royalty but in the eyes of the world, he would live over another’s son. So here when Jesus died, the world would not accept the death any other way.  Jesus’ death mimicked the son of Ra’s death as Pharaoh assumes the Sun God identity so his own son dying was likened to the death of God’s Son…This is a shadow of a “like” event above so this too tells us that it was God on the Throne’s Son (Sun) who died, not Christ Jesus who is the SON from the ONE (Father) above the Sun.  Christ’s Spirit, which was the other one I spoke of was not the one that died on the Cross, but it was the Son of God on the Throne, the God who created us, who died, Jesus Christ as He and Christ Jesus are not of the same Father…One is the Son, the Light, the Word from the Beginning who is OF THE ONE, THE ALL, THE ALMIGHTY FATHER IN HEAVEN AND OF HEAVEN, who is Unknowing, Inconceivable and Unnameable and is of Spirit, not body, who there is NO BEGINNING NOR ANY END OF and HE is the ONE with NO NAME as there was nothing before HIM in which to name HIM.  His Son is the Truth Word of Light, Christ Jesus and the other Son, is the Son of the God who sits on the Throne which is anointed by the Father in Heaven…whose Spirit is UPON He that sits upon the Throne.  HE too is His Father.  The child born of Mary was born with one spirit and baptized with the other and like we stated at the beginning of this post, it is two (2) spirits within one (1) body…TWO FRUITS FEED FROM ONE TREE!

All this being said, remember the Father and the Son are ONE…no one can reside with the Father except through the Son…the Body of Christ which is in Spirit as their mansions are prepared there in the HOME of the ONE who is, was and will always be THE LIGHT that ALL of life everywhere began.  You cannot enter HIS DOOR without our Creator God on the Throne as He holds the Keys to which to enter.  We have to praise, honor and love Him first, always and it is through Him, His Door that we enter HIS DOOR!  This is Heaven and Earth united as ONE!  The New Hearts we are given, the New Names too are done so when we arrive HOME IN THE FATHER as it is in Spirit, a Heavenly Heart and Name showing our Faith and Wisdom and that no longer we are in ignorance.

Below are three (3) new video message I just posted/uploaded on my YouTube Channel.  No sooner did I finish the last one, the Lord let the rest just pour in, especially when I started writing the rest of this post.  It has been an incredible day, week and journey!  Still, even after I decided to stop here and close out this post, He kept giving me more truth which I’m trying hard to finish. Here is our story, our beginning and our end – hidden in plain site the entire time!  I have pages and pages to write so please pray I can finish strong in my servitude role I’ve stepped into these past few years.  Please keep watching for the finished product…which I 1000% believe is the Truth.

Love, thanks and blessing to all of you and I hope you understand what I try so hard to share and get across.  More to follow…

Friend of Heaven – Mary Beth





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I Broke My Back -Can you believe that!

Well hello there!  Yes, I’m still alive, but barely!  Let me tell you why the silence…

First, exhaustion just consumed by body to the point I’ve never experienced – I could not even keep my eyes open to finish a paragraph I was trying so hard to type.  I needed rest from everything and everyone and anyone who looked at me could see it via the dark circles under my eyes that would not disappear.  Each day I was going to record a video or type a post but as the day came to a close, so did my body.  Then, right when I was feeling better and ready to come back, I fell backwards and fractured my back – and swallowed a tooth!  Two chipped teeth on one side and a swallowed one on the other…good times, good times!

Today, I’m sitting in a recliner with pillow atop pillow trying to find just a little bit of comfort.  I feel so hard, my tooth literally fell out and I swallowed it!  Really?  I knew I was hurt immediately and was in bed for the next 4 days, unable to walk alone – even to the bathroom.  I have no pain tolerance, even the thought of being in pain causing me pain!  In 1997 and 1998, I had back-to-back surgeries to my neck and back, leaving me filled with titanium cages, plates and screws.  I swore that never again would I go thru that type of pain, never.  I took me 2 years to dress myself without help; I wore a half body-cast from Sept. to March and have since, almost every day, slept in a reclining chair or chase-type lounger that allows me to sleep at an angle.  I was finally at a point where I had a functional daily life, getting back a little bit of the quality it had before.  I was just able to dance again and more recently, I took my granddaughter Bo roller skating and I actually skated with her!  Now, back to square one!

As misery loves company, I had not been able to have a bowel movement in 12 days…12 DAYS!!!  Finally, the doctor sent me in for more test, no blockage thank God, but there was a fracture right in the center of the bone or vertebrae that we use to bend, all of our movements actually are led by this spot.  I’m calling the Neuro Surgeon that did my previous surgeries today to see what is next.  One a brighter note – I did finally start going to the bathroom again, slowing but hey, I’ll take it!  Anything is better than nothing!

I am in high-spirits because I know my Father in Heaven will heal me when He wants me healed.  Everything He does is for a reason, a very GOOD REASON!  He’s given me rest by allowing this – He is making me rest and somehow, someway, He will use this for His Glory, I know it!



I’ve been watching to calendar dates each day, along with the patterns of the past and what the Spirit of the Lord has led me to see.  Each day I still feel so blessed and say, “Thank you Father, thank you…what a Gift!  What a Gift!”  As I watch events unfold around the world and the YouTube channels going nuts with “Prophecy” related events, I sit as calm as a cucumber because what He has allowed me to see regarding those days to come, I know not to worry or fret because they are NOT going to play out as everyone thinks!  All we have to do is go back to all the stories in the Bible and see how it started and how it will end…it’s all right there!

It’s a shame that we listened to “people/men” telling us what to read and what not to read as this has caused such blindness and judgment of what we believe is right, wrong, good, bad, truth and non-truth or “tainted” truth.  Remind me again, who is going through the “wide gate” and who is going via the “narrow gate”?



Recently, I keep going back to Barabbas, Jesus Barabbas.  He was the man, a well-known thief that rebelled against the Laws, Priests really, and the way of the world.  He walked to the beat of his own drum.  Any-who…he was released out to the people while Jesus of Nazareth was crucified…the people, the world you might say, chose “the other brother” to be freed and live among them while they chose to condemn “the good brother” to death and removed from their daily life and presence.  This is a huge clue here – a GIANT BREADCRUMB we need to nibble on.

These are a few things that resonated upon my heart regarding Jesus Barabbas:

  1.  He was the “thief” that stole the bag of gold from the house of the Bride and Groom during their wedding in Cana…the wedding Jesus and Mary attended where they ran out of wine.
  2. Did you realize it was the Overseer of the house who is the one who tracked down Barabbas and cast him into the fire?  He was going to get his Master’s gold back.  He went out to find who stole from his master and to punish the thief by binding his hands and legs while dumping him into the continuous fire burning in Gehenna.
  3. Barabbas always visited the harlot’s house, where the prostitutes lived.  He wanted the young virgin that worked in the house, the one who would not give him her name thereby causing him to call her “The one with no name”.  There, in his drunken state, he yells out that he has “dropped his cup”…raging at the same time he wanted the one with no name.  (These are all parables…parables upon parables.)
  4. He bought the virgin with the bag of gold he stole from the “Master of the House” while all the guests were drinking, eating and dancing at the wedding in Cana.  He purchased her from the Owner of the house…the “Madame” as they are known today.
  5. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
  6. He only burned in the fire a bit before the “lepers” helped the young girl (Esther) get him out with a “fish hook” type pole.  He was only singed by the fire and healed quickly after being nursed by the young virgin.  To pay for the ointments, Pilate’s wife gave her a gold bracelet to sell.  She and Pilate’s wife had become friends and believers, and followers of Christ.
  7. He was sent to the underground “mines and pits” where no one ever returned alive nor survived the darkness and death as whoever was sentenced there, was done so for life, never expecting to return as it was a “for sure” death sentence.  Barabbas was chained to a “Christian” who went everywhere he went as they were literally chained as a pair, together.  Upon the mine cave-in and all becoming rubble, only Barabbas and his partner survived and they were lifted out of the dark cave/pit into the light of day.  They were then bought as slaves by a wealthy Roman couple who took them to Rome to fight in the “Arena” as Gladiators.
  8. Barabbas struggled each day with the question of:  “Why was my life spared?  Why did Jesus die on the cross while I was let free?  Why?  He could hardly stand the fact that Jesus died in his place and really, he could never be the same as he was before.  His heart was softening, his character was changing.
  9. He was blamed for starting the “fire” that burned Rome as around that time, he stated to the public after his Christian friend died, that he was a Christian and when he saw the city burning, he too picked up a torch to burn.  He was caught and blamed and put to death on the cross, same as Jesus.  But, before this, while he was sitting in prison with Peter and John (I think it was John), he stood up and announced that he was Peter the Disciple so he could take Peter’s place on the cross and allow Peter to live.  But Peter said it was God’s will that he should die here so Barabbas took the place of John thereby giving John freedom and life.  He took the cup of John…Who was John really?


First understand, Barabbas the thief, bought the virgin with no name (Esther she later on told him) with the gold coins he stole from the Master of the house or Father of the Bride/Groom during the Cana wedding while all the guests were eating, drinking and being merry…even Jesus and Mary.  It was the servant of the house that caught him in the act but was not able to stop him.  The servant was the one later who went after to kill Barabbas for what he did but only cast him into the fire pits of Gehenna.  Thing here is, I don’t believe the “servant” was an all-together “good guy” and thereby did this act on revenge.  There is something more there that tells more of the story.

Barabbas had a problem with people traveling to Jerusalem go sacrifice their animals and to give their gains profited by their sheep skins.  He had no problem robbing them of their gold and silver…there is a waaaayyyy deeper meaning here!  He was a lot like Jesus in that regard as we can see Jesus flipping the tables within the Temple courtyard.

The Christian that was chained to Barabbas in the mine pits or sulphar pits, he was sentenced there because he was a sailor who let slaves escape.  They were there 20 years and when the Christian became too weak to work and the guards were going to kill him, and earthquake shook the ground causing the cave-in and the only 2 who survived was he and Barabbas.  This is I believe, is a story of what will occur now or very soon as one will be sent down but 2 will be brought up, together; removed from the darkness and received into the light.  Who are they?  I say “they” because this is a pattern and as there is nothing new under the sun, it must be repeated again.

Regarding the “virgin” named Esther, some say she was a prostitute that conformed to Christianity once she started following Jesus.  They say her name was Rachel and that she was there too the day He died on the Cross and she too saw Him buried and was there in the morning when the tomb was empty.  So she had 2 men pay for her release…one with His Blood, His Life and the other with gold that was paid to the Harlot who was over the house she lived in.  She was eventually stoned to death to for her belief in Jesus as she tried to preach the Word in the streets of Jerusalem.  Who is she in the realm of things?

When the burning started in Rome, Barabbas thought the world was ending just as the disciples had taught.  This is why he gladly picked up his torch and joined the party.  He looked around and saw all that the Christians of that time were preaching.  Just as we can read within the Bible, we can see that most all who lived during this time/era, believed the end was imminent and very soon to come.  I believe it is shown in this way so we can see it now…the pattern of then continues now in the same paragraphs and verses.  As I said, we are doing to to go from right to left and if we start at Revelation going backward, the end would come early in sequence, unlike toward the end as seen when going from left to right – from the Old to the New.  We will go back the way we came but from the New into the Old.  I’m still searching for the historical facts regarding Barabbas so hopefully, there will be more to come on this subject.



Now, the calendar.  I cannot explain this as I have tried – it’s easy yet so complicated!  I go back to 2008, 2009, especially 2012 to today as that is when Jesus seriously started teaching the Mysteries and Sealed Words.  What you always have to keep in mind, always, is our “time” is sooooo different than His!  Our dates are so for off from how the calendar originally started, no one, I mean NO ONE knows what His true date, month or year is but He knows this so He gives us our “breadcrumbs” to work in the zone we know.  It’s up to us to pray for Him to illuminate all that He is showing or trying to show.  Then He gives us clues, parables and hints of how to adjust those dates but of course, we can only see 1 dimensional and only which our earthly sight and understanding.  Below, I’m just going to list some dates I believe are very important:



As I have said from the beginning of this journey, the 21st to the 24th, even 25th of the month is an important time to watch.  Last May, 2015, May 23/24 was Pentecost, with the Hebrew date of Sivan 6 landing on that date too.  Sivan 6 is the day the Torah was given to the Jews…it was their Pentecost.  May 25 was Memorial Day – the pattern sequence was perfect leading into the chapters of Matthew.  But first, let’s look at the pattern of events that occurred on Sivan 5 and Sivan 6:


The incident involving the mandrakes (dudaim) which Reuben, the eldest son of Jacob, found in the field “during the time of the wheat harvest”–recounted in Genesis 30:14-18–occurred on the fifth of Sivan of the year 2197 from creation (1568 BCE).

Jews Accept Torah (1313 BCE)

On this day, Moses made a covenant with the Jewish people at the foot of Mount Sinai at which the people declared, “All that G-d has spoken, we shall do and hear” (Exodus 24:7) committing themselves to observe the Torah’s commandments (“do”) and strive to comprehend them (“hear”), while pledging to “do” also before they “hear.”


SIVAN 6 (This day fell on May 24, 2015 Gregorian calendar)

Torah Given (1313 BCE)

On the 6th Sivan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), seven weeks after the Exodus, G-d revealed Himself on Mount Sinai. The entire people of Israel (600,000 heads of households and their families), as well as the souls of all future generations of Jews, heard G-d declare the first two of the Ten Commandments and witnessed G-d’s communication of the other eight through Moses. Following the revelation, Moses ascended the mountain for 40 days, to receive the remainder of the Torah from G-d.

At Sinai, G-d rescinded the “decree” and “divide” (gezeirah) that had been in force since the 2nd day of creation separating the spiritual and the physical into two hermetic worlds; from this point on, “the higher realms could descend into the lower realms, and the lower could ascend to the higher.” Thus was born the “mitzvah” — a physical deed that, by virtue of the fact that it is commanded by G-d, brings G-dliness into the physical world.


Passing of King David (837 BCE)

David, a descendent of Judah the son of Jacob as well as of Ruth, a Moabite convert to Judaism, was anointed King of Israel by Samuel in 878 BCE. All future legitimate kings of Israel were David’s descendents, as will be Moshiach (the messiah), who will “restore the kingdom of David to its glory of old.”

David fought many wars, defeating Israel’s enemies and securing and expanding its borders. He conquered Jerusalem, purchased the Temple Mount from its Yebusite owner, and prepared the foundation for the Holy Temple (which was built by his son, King Solomon). David served as the head of the Sanhedrin and the foremost Torah authority of his generation; he is also the “sweet singer of Israel” who composed theBook of Psalms that for 28 centuries has embodied the joys, sorrows and yearnings of the Jewish people.

King David passed away on the 6th of Sivan of the year 837 BCE, age 70.


During the first crusade (see “Today in Jewish History” for Iyar 8), the Jews of Cologne, Germany chose to be killed rather than convert to Christianity. This was the case, during the first crusades, for many of the Jews who were given the choice between being killed or being baptized. Most of those who converted continued to practice Judaism in secrecy and, one year later, were permitted by Henry IV to openly return to Judaism.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS YEAR, 2016, SIVAN 5-6, WILL BE ON JUNE 11-12.  SO YOU CAN LOOK AT IT AS 6/6/16 IN A MIXED SORT OF WAY FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR THE 6/6 SCENARIO.  Scripture that is noted to be read on this day is:

Now, I need to go back a bit to May 14-15 to May 22…May 15 I always look to because I know there is a “5:15” alarm time – but to me, it’s a date.  It is also the Ides of March on May 15 as each month has an Ides date and in May, it’s on the 15th just as it is in March.  So, again, we need to watch that day and the seven (7) days preceding it as it may be the time to “Behold” something with our eyes.  Watch this time and take note of even the little occurrences and events.  Then, May 22 which is 7 days after, is the Second Passover which again, is very important.  I believe this is the Battle of Jericho week.  This year, 2016, the 22nd of May is Lyar 14 (kind of like May 14th, sort of).  It’s the 29th day of the Omer – that is what is important as the 29th Day is the “key word” here.


A year after the Exodus, G-d instructed the people of Israel to bring the Passover offering on the afternoon of Nissan 14, and to eat it that evening, roasted over the fire, together with matzah and bitter herbs, as they had done on the previous year just before they left Egypt. “There were, however, certain persons who had become ritually impure through contact with a dead body, and could not, therefore, prepare the Passover offering on that day. They approached Moses and Aaron … and they said: ‘…Why should we be deprived, and not be able to present G-d’s offering in its time, amongst the children of Israel?'” (Numbers 9).

In response to their plea, G-d established the 14th of Iyar as a “second Passover” (pesach sheini) for anyone who was unable to bring the offering on its appointed time in the previous month. The day thus represents the “second chance” achieved by teshuvah the power of repentance and “return.” In the words of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch, “The Second Passover means that it’s never a ‘lost case.'”


On May 5, 2015, Lyar 16 fell on this day and below is the pattern of past events.  Now, what I’ve seen in the pattern of the calendars between the Hebrew and Gregorian and the years, is that the numbers seem to be reversed meaning I can look at Lyar 16 as May 16, runs hand-in-hand with the time we are in as May 15 is the day the 6 Day War started (in the eyes and dates of the gentile’s calendar, May 14 was the day Israel became a Nation and the very next day, the new nation had to endure a 6-day battle with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq which just happens to be on Lyar 5 (again, can be reversed as May 5th).  So, again, this is why it’s important to watch the 14/15th of May and the 7 days preceding it as this pattern is very important.  God has worked an amazing intricate maze with the calendars as you can see.  No one could ever know the day or time of His Events!

Below, I’m posting the events of Lyar 16, which is when the Manna from Heaven began to fall in the Wilderness, one month after the Exodus.  This falls on May 24th this year so we always have to watch.  Nissan 15 which was on April 23rd this year, was the first day of the Exodus so it’s possible, we can look a month later to both May 15, Lyar 15 and May 23rd to see if this is when the Manna may once again start to fall.


Lyar 16, (May 24, 2016)

The Manna (1313 BCE)

Manna, the “bread from heaven” which sustained the Children of Israel during their 40 years of wandering through the desert, began to fall on the 16th of Iyar of the year 2448 from creation–one month after the Exodus (see “Today in Jewish History” for yesterday, Iyar 15).

The Manna (the Torah’s account with readings from Talmud, Midrash and Commentaries)


In the year 70 CE (3830 from Creation), Titus and the Roman army laid siege upon Jerusalem, greatly weakening its defenders. On the 16th of Iyar, the Romans razed the middle wall of Jerusalem. The city was later burned, its inhabitants massacred, and the Temple destroyed on the 9th of Av.

Link: Destruction of the Second Temple – Historical Background

The Nazi Nuremberg Laws, depriving Jews the rights citizenship, were passed by the government of Nazi Germany in 1935. In 1939, on the 16th of Iyar, the laws went into effect in Nazi-allied Hungary.


Dachau Liberated (1945) (THIS IS IMPORTANT – THIS IS A MARKER)

Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and the model for the other concentration camps. During the war, 200,000 Jews were housed in Dachau. More than 30,000 were killed and tens of thousands died due to the conditions and spread of disease in the camp.

The camp was freed by the 45th Infantry Division of the U.S. Seventh Army on the 16th of Iyar, 1945. It was the second concentration camp to be liberated following the end of WWII.

The U.S. troops forced the citizens of the local community to come to the camp, observe the conditions, and help clean the facilities.

Witold Pilecki Executed (1948)

On this day in 1948 (5708) Witold Pilecki was executed by the Communist Polish government after a show trial where he was found guilty of espionage. A leader of the Polish resistance, he volunteered to be imprisoned in Auschwitz, where he remained from 1940 to 1943. During that time, smuggled out information on the mass killings and other atrocities that the Germans were committing. They were the first comprehensive reports of the Nazi killing machine to reach the West.


I started this post a week ago but could not get back to it until today, Wednesday, May 4th. I have to giggle a little because today is Nissan 26, the day Joshua died.


Passing of Joshua (1245 BCE)

Joshua (1355-1245 BCE), who assumed the leadership of the people of Israel afterMoses’ passing (see Jewish History for the 5th of Adar) and led them into the Holy Land (see Jewish History for the 10th of Nissan), passed away on Nissan 26. He passed away at the age of 110, in the 28th year of his leadership. He was buried in his own estate in Timnat-Serach, in Mount Ephraim.


Like Moses, Joshua was hid in the waters…did anyone know that?  I did not.  To read more on Joshua, which I highly suggest everyone do, you can go to this link:  Joshua (1355-1245 BCE).



Oh, that calendar!!  What a headache, considering I had absolutely no idea who to produce my own Enoch calendar, which is God’s True Calendar, just saying…The Hebrew Calendar was not sanctified until 2 weeks after the Exodus so anything spoken prior to that, well, it has the Roman way of telling time of the year charm to it.  They did not even have January or February, only a 10 month calendar actually, ending in December as their 10th and final month.  Today after oodles of hands in the game of “adjusting the days of our life” into one solid, easy-to-read and exact calendar for the world, experts say there is still an 11-day difference.  Now, we have to go back a bit further to the Beginning when time counting and day counting started to find God’s early spoken “Appointed Times”.  This calendar is sooooooo sooooooo important!!!  Of course Enoch is true, his entire book(s) are true and yes, God allowed them to be removed because they were not for anytime prior to the time we are now in.  It didn’t matter then but IT DOES MATTER NOW!  If you don’t believe the Book of Enoch, well, sorry about ‘cha…get in the game and start reading it.


Unless you read the words of the FIRST Scribe, how are you going to understand the words of the LAST?  It all starts with Enoch.  The story unfolds there with the players, the layers, the rules – it’s the “Ready” to the Set and Go!  Pray first, always pray first and ask for Divine Heavenly Sight and Hearing…Divine Heavenly Understanding and Knowledge and Divine Heavenly Wisdom from our Father in Heaven’s Holy Spirit – for It must be your Divine Teacher, your Divine Compass within.  This is what Paul was trying to tell us…you cannot be taught by any earthly “Word” or “Man”, only the Holy Spirit which speaks through our Heart.  Paul knew the Word, The Law of Moses inside and out and he was a Temple Guard so he was there to hear all the proclamations and prophecies made by the disciples and followers of Jesus so he did hear the Good News that came out of Man’s mouth.  But it wasn’t until Jesus knocked him off his horse on the way to Damascus did he fully receive sight and hearing – during the time GOD BLINDED HIM!  This is the reason for the 3-days of darkness to come as it’s a time of restoring sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf…the Paul’s of today!  Wow, that is a lot of people!  That is just about the entire Church!  Paul was an example of us hearing the Voice in the Wilderness…they are not to come from a book nor another’s mouth, only sound our feet should be dancing to is that of the Father’s Heavenly Holy Spirit which is SPIRIT, therefore cannot come from paper nor flesh.  Again, we are following patterns and the pattern here is unfortunately, the Church or Christians are now the Pharisees and will not “see” nor “hear” because of the Written Word – the Bible.  It’s the same thing now as The Law of Moses was then.  It’s not about being true or not, as both carry His Words – it’s about layers in Faith and Wisdom.  How can anyone find their way out of the Wilderness, the Desert if they can’t or don’t recognize the small still “voice” speaking to them, directing their way out?  Again, Paul was led out and into a home in Damascus while he was blind – he was led by the VOICE within into the city and to a place where God sent others to heal him.  This is what Paul represents and what Believer’s today must understand – immediately!  Also, this is why Paul went up against the other disciples at times regarding the Laws and the teachings to the Gentiles. This is how Paul knew what to say and what not to say because think about it, Jesus had already died and he was not taught by the others who walked with Him…Paul knew what he knew via The Spirit, The Holy Spirit and not from man nor book.

The Tetrads were giving us our calendar clues.  Dead center on March 20 was the Eclipse…this was also the Spring Equinox which is one of God’s Appointed Dates, it begins the New Month or at least it should.  You must take this date of March 20/21st and place it on the calendar as the first day of the first month…that is a what, 12 day difference from April 1?  In 2015, it just so happened that Wednesday April 1, was also Nissan 12 on the Hebrew calendar and if you move March 20/21st onto that date as Enoch’s date, you have April 1st, Nissan 12 (which is also 12 days difference between Enoch’s days and the current Hebrew/Gregorian dates) and March 20/21 all on the same day.  This is where your counting can begin.   I have so much good information on this but I’ve waited too late in the day or night today to finish it.  I’ll have to try and finish this tomorrow or this weekend but I will.  It’s too good and you have to see how He is working this and it’s been right there in front of us the entire time!



Now, here is the important players of the Bible and to understanding God’s Words.  The women, the mothers, sisters, daughters…this is where the “Keys of Knowledge” are gained or attained by understanding just who the women are and what roles did they really play.   I will tell you, much bigger roles than anyone can ever imagine.  As we all know, it started with them and I believe, it will end with them.

There is a reason but having only earthly understanding, people have no clue of their importance – such as this example I found on the internet regarding the 7-women to 1-man verse in Isaiah 4.  I’m going to copy and post below the question and then the answer – I’m still shaking my head and I’m only posting this here to show how we misinterpret things which will never allow us to know His Truth.  Here is it:


What does it mean, that 7 women will take one man and eat their own bread? Isaiah 4?

the first literal reading is polygamy with a reproach,
the symbolic meaning is the church.
which is true, are they both true interpretations?

Best Answer:  Prophecy generally had dual meanings. One for the now, and one for the future. This is one of those instances. The first aspect is that there will come a time with the ratio of women to men will be 7 to 1. The women will abandon their natural sense of modesty and jealous protectiveness of their husband and therefore become multiple suitors to one man. In spite of the natural suggestions of jealousy, they will be content with a share only of the rights of marriage in common with several others; and that on hard conditions, renouncing the legal demands of the wife on the husband. They want the name and credit of wedlock and to avoid a celibate life. The culture of the time tended to look down upon women and being an unmarried woman became a bigger hindrance. This part of the prophecy was fulfilled in the days of Ahaz when Pekah the son of Remaliah slew in Judea one hundred and twenty thousand men in one day. (ref 2 Chronicles 18:6)
As far as the symbolic meaning of the church it can mean a couple of things. 1: That despite appearances, there are more women in church than men (though this meaning is a little far fetched for there are many churches where the men are dominant in numbers). 2. That there will be a big falling away and their will only be a remnant within the church left to teach, preach and reach the lost. This “cleansing” will be done by God to get rid of the filth found within the churches walls. (This thought has more to do with the apostasy describing the falling away and those that cling to the truth. This interpretation has more a believable approach to it, since the finishing thought in chapter 4 has a lot to do with the cleansing of the filth from within and then a promise similar to the travels of the Hebrew people out of Egypt and into the promised land – found in Exodus ref Exodus 40:38 for example) This interpretation lends itself to the belief that God will take care and save the people within it.
Thus they both can be and are true interpretations of the passage.


Okay, this was the best answer for that question or so it says above.  What do you think this is about?  Do you believe it’s about a 7 to 1 ratio?  No…it’s about the 7-Fold Spirits of Heaven, given to men or man – they are Angels, Appendages…Spiritual Gifts that complete our Wilderness Training that will be used during the Harvest.  I don’t believe this has anything, not one thing to do with the lack of men and the over population of women due to the men dying.

Remember when I said the Lord taught that all Angels are born both male/female – twins as every male has a female that is their “other-half”, their “whole”.  If the male is here, the female is in the Heavens and vice-versa.  This is why in the Bible men like Abraham married their sisters as he married Sarah who was also his father’s daughter…really?  His FATHER’S DAUGHTER?  She was the female to Abraham’s male and both were born of the same Father.  There was no earthly “incest” as people continually want to believe – this was all Heavenly and beyond our earthly, fleshly intelligence and it’s inability to understand the Angelic and Heavenly realms.  If the Angels are male that fell to earth, then it’s their female “twin” that did not.  One is here and the other is up there…so if at some point man will be given the 7-Fold Spirits of Heaven, here it is saying they will be women, female.  The “Bread” they will eat that is their own, is again, Heavenly.  Their garments too are not clothes as we know them to be, but whose covering they are under – as they are Spirits and garments are houses or bodies.  Again, just as Paul was talking about “going in and going out a home” – it’s not as we think.  He means “people” as the Spirit go in and out.  Paul, as was those he wrote his letters to, was speaking from an Angelic side…as an Angel.  When he was talking about the “catching away”, but not until those that died were raised up and it would be then they too would be lifted up into the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, yeah that part…he was speaking from an Angel, a Remnant view.  He was saying that after the others were raised and passed-over, resurrected, then those of them that were left,  would also be taken into the clouds but after us.   Those of them that were still alive – still hanging on – they would finally be rescued by their Kinsman Redeemer.  That is not us…We are not the only “Watchers” appointed to His Wall and when you read that, God is talking about the Angels for they are the True and First Watchers and they still hold that position.  Oh now look, I’ve gone off course here on the subject of the women!  I’ll have to try to finish that another time because it’s just too good to miss!  I believe the Destroyer that is coming to destroy – an Angel – is also a female…it’s a “her” and not a “he”.  I could be wrong, of course, but remember, Jesus is the Light, and it was the Light of the Father, His Female consort that left the Heavens and roamed too and fro across the waters.   So again, who is Christ?  Not Jesus, but Christ Jesus?  There’s a difference.   More on this subject later.

I’m not saying I know it all, no way and I can only know what my Father in Heaven and His Holy Spirit, which is His Son, will allow me to know.  It’s so much – this is why you must have a pliable heart to learn.  Why you must have faith and firm footing in Him and His LOVE for you to believe what He teaches you.  It’s not for the World…and what they don’t know or understand, they condemn as wrong, as from the evil one, as a deceiving spirit…why?  Because they can’t see it nor understand it and therefore, it must be wrong.  Well, I know my walk, my prayers and all that My Father has shown and taught me…teachings that I could in no way have found or put together myself, no way, it’s too much!  You cannot have eyes, ears and understanding until He blows on it, giving it Heavenly Illumination allowing you to then see what He is putting and has put right in front of you.  But if you cower to the Church and other Christians who are content in never being thrown off the horse, well, you will continue to be crippled, deaf and blind and will need to be shaken and stirred in the coming days in order to be healed.  Or, you’ll stay as you are and be totally deceived – meaning, you’ll go down with the ship as you would not let your pride down long enough to learn and hear something that needed blind faith in your Lord and His love for you.  You have to know He always has you and would not let you take the wrong bus nor buy the wrong bus ticket.  You just gotta know…He has you!

Again…to be concluded at a later date and I promise I will try to finish this within the next few days as I am unable to do much else.  Please pray for my healing – a broken back, can you just believe that!

Thank you my friends…thank you.  Thank you Tatiana for your kindness.  I ask you all to please go to or another Jewish calendar site where you can follow the patterns daily, reading the event markers that will surely come again.  You must understand this piece of the puzzle because it’s not all about us…it’s about ALL OF US!

Oh, just wondering who knew that Lucifer was the Angel of Music?  Responsible for the praise music and songs in God’s Kingdom, who knew!  I didn’t.  What is this telling us?  Think about it, who in the Bible also loved music?

Blessings and love to all my dear friends…I hope all of you are well and hanging on as I am.  I know it’s not easy, it’s a lonely walk but we are almost Home. Thank goodness because I cannot go out in public with a missing front-side tooth now can I?  Can’t do any videos for a while, lol!

I’ll see you soon!

Friend of Heaven


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Can you? Can you hear me now – through the thorns and thistles?



When I first started this blog and the videos, I had no idea how long I would be doing them.  I never thought I would be here now, still explaining and sharing what the Lord has taught.  Never did I realize then, how hard and all-consuming this journey would actually be – concluding with the Greatest Gift I could ever have possibly hoped for…I still cannot truly digest the gravity of the situation and it’s rarity.

I have always said this:

  1.  My videos are NOT for everyone; they are for SPECIFIC people but who you are, only God knows.  If you don’t “get me”, well, you’re not suppose to so please move on to find your “breadcrumbs” elsewhere.
  2. Something I would say or share would be what was needed to get you over that mountain top – giving that “UMPH” to finally give your feet that bounce to finally get you over-the-top.  I never knew what I was going to talk about it until the Holy Spirit led me to it.
  3. I’m just like you!  If I can find it, you can find it.  I’m the least crazy person I know and if the Lord is allowing sight, well, He, His Holy Spirit is allowing it.  These perfect “Mysteries” are way way way above my pay-grade!
  4. Go to the Origin – The Beginning.  Do not rely on earthly teaching but give it all to Him, raw, child-like and He would surely do the rest.  What we know is NOT what was originally given – it has been squandered down to a bare minimum through the years and many verses/books or words have been tainted so-to-speak.
  5. SEE YOU SOON!  Now, I say these words as more of a warning and good-bye.


You have watched me learn through this time and passing on what was given me to you, my friends.  I cannot help or change what He teaches…HE IS THE TEACHER!  I can still recall (like it was just yesterday) when my eyes started to focus differently, my thoughts being directed “everything God” and how He was answering my prayers I had sent up, asking “TO KNOW HIM – TO KNOW THE HEART OF GOD!”  Wow!  How does one explain all that was given?  I’ve tried to do so the best way I could but I still have fallen short in my ability to communicate all that I have been shown and I apologize for that.  It’s not as easy as some would think.  In fact, it’s just down-right hard to do!  I get so overwhelmed but awe and excitement overcome the anxiety this “new sight” leaves behind – you cannot have normal days, nights, or even hours as all I think about it HOW UNBELIEVABLE THIS IS!!  I cry in pure joy yet at the same time, I smile in pure fear as it’s said that when “much is given, much is expected”…I pray that in my own struggles, my own humanness, my own error, that I do not mislead anyone thereby making them confused or turn cold or lukewarm from something (anything) I have said or done.

Understanding Heavenly or Divine Breadcrumbs is NOT AN EASY TASK!  And, I don’t even pretend what I know is of my own or from my own understanding because its not!  What the Holy Spirit lays upon my heart, my spirit is Divine Wisdom and can only come or originate from Heavenly places.  I know what I’ve been given is True…I know that I know that I know.  It’s been a process – a long road with stumbles and falls but after getting back up, the Lord would allow something better to be seen and heard each and every time!  He knew I was going to error, make mistakes and He allowed it because He knew it would send me to dig deeper and that’s exactly what I did.  I thought when the scales were removed and I shared with all who would listen, that all would have the same discernment, sight and hearing, that every Christian or Believer would “get it” but, that is not what occurred.  I know now that no matter what I say or share here, it’s up to The Messenger to deliver it to others.  That unless “The Spirit” gives life to them, gives them breath, they are just words from someone claiming to know something they don’t.  The HEART is what gives them life and that HEART must be pliable, open to receive and full of faith to believe.

I can tell you this friends that what the Lord has allowed me to see, hear, understand, know and stand in, is Good and it’s Truth.  I may not know all the details or facts, of course I don’t but it’s enough to see that the bridge crossing has a twist and a patterned cycle to make sure ALL arrive at their destination with the understanding of WHY they are there in the exact spot their feet landed upon the crossing of the waters.  When that crossing is complete, very few will be standing where they thought or had been taught, very few.  Actually, it’s the “WIDE GATE” the Church/Christians thought the “worldly non-believers” would be entering through but that is not so…it’s the “teaching” from the earthly Shepherd’s of this world that is leading the sheep through this misinterpreted gate as they all believe the same teaching or “word”, not having a clue they have been wronged.  This is those spoken about in the Bible and it’s those that take the path less traveled that will enter through the “NARROW GATE” as they opened their ears (finally) enabling them to “hear what the Spirit is saying”.  This leads to the TRUE path, to the Heart of God and to His Heavenly Kingdom – not the truth and kingdom spoken about from each “church” podium and stage.  Earthly teaching can only offer earthly understanding – you must offer up this knowledge to our Father in Heaven in prayer – asking that He “blow-life” into it and allow His Messenger to deliver unto you with Divine Wisdom and Divine Understanding…it is He that must bring it to life!  Then and only then can it be seen and heard as it was originally written.

I no longer sit in a church pew to hear the Word of God because I cannot hear Him or It there.  It is covered by the noise and the voice of a man who has been taught by another man.  They are drowning out the Voice of God!  I said this in many of the videos I have posted – that the Pharisees missed it, missed the One they had been waiting for because of the Written Word given to them prior to His arrival.  They had studied the Law of Moses day after day, heard the words of teachers generation after generation, having that teaching so embedded into their heads and hearts, they could not open their heads and hearts to see the Truth standing right in front of them.  The tongues of men, the hands of men and the feet of men crippled instead of healed.  They cursed instead of blessed.  Why?  Because people lacked faith, they had no confidence in themselves and their relationship with God, leaving them unsteady in their footing and dependent on man for their salvation and teaching.  This in turn gave man a higher place to stand, thereby allowing pride to take full reign in what was given to the people and what was withheld.  Control of the masses was an easy task once this spread and more stood in insecurity of God than the Security they were to be given.  This is why the Heart is the vessel to God.  It is our compass, our telephone, our straight-line to “CHURCH” but because of the lack of confidence spreading like a famine, all calls made on what should be a secure line, have now turned into 3-way calling!  The earthly “middle-man” seems to be involved in every single conversation and call, why?  This is what turns people to ignorance thereby transitioning what should come natural, with ease into a nail-biting, sick-to-your-stomach anxiety fest of “Why don’t I hear God?  Why doesn’t He speak to me?  What am I doing wrong?  I’m not good enough to go where their going!”  It’s our own Shepherds driving the sheep over the edge of the cliff!

How do we know this is true?  Paul of Tarsus.

Paul came a little late to the game, don’t you think?  He came after the game was over really but before the Homecoming Dance, luckily!  What was the reason for Paul?  What are we as Believers to take from his stories, letters, writings and words?  By time Paul arrived on the scene, all that was left was a crowd waiting for the Fat Lady to sing, right?  Paul’s purpose was specific – he was an example of what we now, the Christians, the Church, the Believers, whatever you want to call us, Paul was our template.

Paul was us.  He was someone who knew the Law, he knew the words in the Book, he knew all there was to know about God, he was raised with that teaching from childhood on.  God used Paul as an example of what is going to happen to us and how what we’ve been taught by man is NOT what will teach us – it will NOT be our TEACHER!  Paul was not taught by Jesus, nor His Disciples as he was too busy trying to kill what he didn’t know or understand.  Why?  Because of the Written Word and the Spoken Word.  Paul’s pride was not going to allow him to be like a child in what he knew – no way, he knew all the ways of God to thoroughly to even think about rethinking it all!  So, God did the only thing Paul would allow Him to do and that was to KNOCK HIM OFF THE HORSE!  He was blinded or scaled for 3 days in order to see the Truth.  He had 3 days of darkness and in those dark days as a blind man, he was shown, taught and supernaturally changed by the fear of God.  He experienced God’s power, His “shaking” and when someone is thrown from the horse like that, they have no other choice but to be still and allow the Lord to do as He sees fit!  First the Lord had to show Paul that it doesn’t matter what you want to do,  you’ll do as I want you to do!  After Paul was made vulnerable, then Jesus could start a dialect with him, help him, teach him and reconcile back to him back to Himself.

What Paul was taught in those first 3 days was downloaded via the Holy Spirit and thereafter, this is where all his Divine Knowledge, Divine Understanding and Divine Wisdom came from as he was taught not by any man, but by God Himself via His Spirit, His Heart.  Paul spoke from the Heart – he was taught via the Heart where God’s Spirit rests in us all.  Paul shows us WHO OUR LIFE-GIVING WATER will be and that nothing we learn from the men of this world can give us Divine Heavenly understanding – we must receive what is Heavenly from that which comes from Heaven.  All the peoples of the world or the “Believing masses” should have their vessels filled with Heavenly Manna right now and that is the Holy Spirit for He is our Messenger and Teacher and He is what teaches us the things of Heaven.  Let the Holy Spirit be your Teacher now, hear The Voice in the wind – don’t be the tumbleweed tossed around the wilderness because it keep fighting  against it, never settling next to a protective “rock” to block the brunt of that Mighty Wind!



Well, as it’s said, “It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of Kings to find it”, I doubt this is the conclusion most Believer’s come to when reading them.  But, this is what this means.

It all ties in – every number, every piece of nature – all of it a Divine Path that leads to HIS DIVINE KINGDOM.  Where is that Kingdom found?  Behind the thorns and thistles that protect it.  This is why those who crucified Him placed with crown of “broken branches” around His head.  Did you know there were 72 thorns in that crown?  What is 72 – half of 144,000, 72 ANGELIC WITNESSES!  It’s the Ram that was caught in the “thicket” God placed upon the mountain for Abraham to sacrifice INSTEAD of his son Isaac.  See the pattern there?  See the pattern here?  Another example is David’s son Absalom – yes, he too has his “hair” caught in the thorny branches of the trees…see the patterns yet?  Also, was it not Absalom that stood at the Gates of the City trying to “tickle” the ears of the people against his father King David?  Yes, why yes, I think it was!  Again, see the pattern of what is coming again before we walk into the Gates of the City?  Which way is it going to go this time as what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven and what is bad here, turns out to be good there.  So, if Absalom’s actions were disapproved of and look upon as “bad” while occurring here, will the “Words” of the One to speak in Heaven be the opposite?  Will they be heard, taken to heart?  These are the crossroads of higher-learning that will have to be met and at each of these crossroads, decisions will have to be made, just like this!  Who do you say He is?  Do you know?  Will you know?  

He is not coming like He did before – no, He will look quite different and we know this how?  By the disciples “crying and wailing” in fear on the water during the storm.  They did not recognize The Lord at first – in fact, they thought He was a ghost!  It was only when they heard His VOICE, did they truly SEE HIM!  Hence, “My sheep will know my VOICE!”

I am posting a few videos I uploaded to YouTube last week and if time and God allows, I will write a second part to this post.  But, if time passing I this is not possible, please “file” what I have written above, please.  I still believe this is short and sweet!  Please do not be afraid – have a pliable open heart to truly hear His Voice and remove all judgment of what you think/thought you know that allowed you to verbally rebuke another or other Believers or person during your walk.  This story is truly the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD – but with a twist that very few could see coming…I’m on the edge of my seat!

Remember too – it’s the path “less followed” – the path where the Pearl is hidden under the brush and leaves.  You have to dig and DIG DEEPER to find it and it’s not in the open bright light.  The left turn lane is where you want to be on this trip – that is where your treasure is hidden, that is your detour.  It’s not a wrong turn – it leads you to the Exit you need that leads you Home, not home.

I’ll see you soon!

Friend of Heaven



3 Part Video – End Times in the Pit; Rising to Rooftop; Paul Double-Edged Sword (click on link to videos)



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