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March 21st to June 21st On Enoch Or God’s Creation Calendar Is The Season; Scripture Does Match Calendar Dates

I didn’t plan on anymore videos but I have so many emails, I can’t get them answered.  It is easier for me to just do a video, or two or three!

Please guys, watch everyday as we surely are in the time Jesus told us about.  Watch this weekend, Memorial Day Weekend and Pentecost as I’ve had these marked for months as you know.  Here are 3 videos where I’m trying desperately to explain how Scripture matches the calendar dates.  Thank you!

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Questions Answered; Not Baptized? Key to Heaven – Your Heart! Don’t Panic, Have JOY!

Questions Answered; Not Baptized? Key to Heaven – Your Heart! Don’t Panic, Have JOY!

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Important Time*Watch For US Attack May 15-17 & First Call; Earthquakes Will Follow; WATCH!!!

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The Bride’s Wait Almost Over; All 12 Months Is ONE Season; 24/7 Watch


Below is copies of my beautiful (hahaha) work calendars of all three groups/months.  The first line is “E” and that is Enoch’s Date on the Creation Calendar (remember, I may be a day behind so the day posted could easily be the next calendar date)  – these dates are in PURPLE.  The next is “H” for Hebrew Calendar and those are in ROYAL BLUE.  Finally, the “G”, the third line is for the Gregorian Calendar.  Please disregard the light blue small numbers, or not, as I just noted new Omer Count numbers if it were counted from the Second Passover on May 3 instead of the First Passover on April 15.  The small circled numbers in black is the Omer Count numbers as they are in line with the Hebrew calendar today.


Please watch today, tomorrow and Saturday as today is May 14, the day Israel became a nation but remember, the next day war started out.  Then note Saturday is May 6th on Enoch Calendar – to me it references the 6 Day War as that too was started during this same timeline.  This is the time in history Israel and the Jews came into trouble and patterns always need to be followed and kept close eyes on.


Please understand this is just for your “viewing pleasure”…I would suggest however that you search and study the importance of all these dates, times, numbers and feasts.


Heads up from now on…war is on the horizon and we are going home!  If you don’t believe me, hey, that’s okay but just in case things don’t play out as we have all been taught, keep this in the back of your mind so you do not panic, leaving you unable to direct all the others around you as they will surely look to us for answers!  I’m working matching the Chapter/Verses in the Bible to the dates of the calendar and hopefully, I will finish that tonight.


Love to all, God Bless you and may we all be great friends in Heaven!  All are always invited to my home wherever Jesus has chosen to build it!


Enoch Calendar 2nd MonthEnoch Calendar 3rd MonthEnoch Calendar 4th Month


Below is a copy of my “Wheel”, God’s Creation Wheel of Time and how Heaven negates all timelines/seasons, etc.  Now, you can continue to note years all the way around and they will just keep going.  I chose to end or start at the 3:00 position 1995 as that is just where it ended as I went around.  This could easily go on to 2019, 2020 – on and on.

Enoch Calendar Creator Wheel




Oh, here is my beautiful “GIFT” from the Lord who will be ONE on May 28th.  Words cannot express my love for this little girl and just how perfect and wonderful she is…she has that look of love upon her always.




Trey One Year Black White PIc


Can you just stand this black and white one, sitting in a field?  Too much – that face is happy like this all day long!

Trey ONE skirt pic

So sweet, so loving, so full of good…


Trey ONE pic purple


Just shut the door on this one – really?  Really?  Too much cuteness here!



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