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Fighting 50-Shades of CRAZY God’s Way!

Well, turns out, I AM NOT DEAD!  LOL

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to post here but know, the will was there, just not the energy.  It’s been a trying time here, daily conflicts and battles beyond my comprehension.

But, all that was pushed aside, GOD TOOK CHARGE!  Or, as I have been saying all week, “GOD WAS IN THE HOUSE!”

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Wednesday, August 9, my son Taylor was standing in front of the Circuit Judge to plead his case, all deals off the table, no short-cuts, life-line, it was “all or nothing” at this point.  Let me put it this way, he was about to walk the tight rope over the Grand Canyon with no net!  His entire family was there, even his son Eli as at least he would get to see him one last time before he was sent to prison.  Oh, yes, Taylor had been sitting in our local county jail since Mother’s Day for domestic violence but this time, everyone was on HIS side!  Even his sister Tara was standing behind him (which tells us right there none believed he deserved what was happening).

Here’s where it starts to get good.

As I was called as a Witness for the State’s Attorney’s Office to testify “for” my son, not “against” him because they knew I would not as even I was listed as one of the “Victims” which I politely refuted, I was flooded with uncontrollable tears.  I was going to tell what I had experienced first-hand for the past year between Taylor and his ex-fiancé Erin, with whom he has a 22 month son with, Elias Jordan.  I was prepared to speak justly, relaying how much I did love Erin but how her Borderline Personality Disorder/Bi-Polar and Chronic Depression was “off-the-reservation” due to her refusal to control her illness via her meds.  I was not going to “throw-her-under-the-bus” but I was going to verbally expose the emotional abuse and what I can only describe as horrific evil thoughts, words and actions which never seemed to stop.  I have never experienced anything like it in my life, never.

If I had not heard with my own ears, seen with my own eyes, I would have supported the woman, being Erin, 100 percent, having no doubt that the man, Taylor, deserved to be locked away until he could control his temper.  What I now have no doubt about is the fact that these young men are helpless against these young women as no matter what they do, what they say, it will never be right and it will never be enough.  While these young men respond via the emotions of their hearts, the girls put their plots in motion via their mind – it’s like the difference between someone being charged with First Degree Murder vs. Involuntary Manslaughter.

This is what God speaks about too, reacting from your heart vs putting into motions actions plotted by the mind.  These two must be reconciled back to each other, become a free flow connection so one is not evil while the other is good.   While the “heart” is an earthly vessel, home and garden of God, the “mind” is Heavenly as it is of Spirit.  Problem is each feed off the other and if the mind is only thriving on what is dispersed to its right and left sides, which in the long run just becomes a very long painful game of Ping Pong as it never reaches the Heavenly level of the Father so ultimately, His Will be done in the end.  He is the Center line of our brain.  From there, He decides where those thoughts and emotions go as it is here, we “give it all to God”.  Unfortunately very few of us do this and allow these very heated painful feelings “fall where they may”, thinking we have no control over where to they are delivered.  But we do. OKAY, BACK TO MY STORY AND MIRACLE…


There I was, sitting on the stand in totally familiar surroundings as I worked for the county/state for many years, actually heading up the “Family/Child Support” Division.  I knew the judge very well for over 37 years; the court reporter the same, she and I were even neighbor’s back when I lived in my old very exclusive “Covered Bridge Estates” community.  I had walked those back halls where the Judge’s Chambers were probably more times than all the lawyers sitting at the tables.  My job this day was to speak with clarity, knowledge and truth of what I knew of the events and charges laid out against Taylor.  Four (4) Class 4 Felonies is what he was facing and 4 years in prison, not jail, prison.

As I began to tell the courtroom of how Taylor was my sweetest child, that prior to the death of his brother, I had never seen any anxiety or rage come from that boy.  Even throughout these last 12 years and all we’ve gone through with him, never did I see that in him.  He may throw tantrums; get 30 tickets in 45 days for not putting the new sticker on his license plates of his car, things of this sort, but never rage.  There had to be a trigger, something that sent him back to that immediate place of pain of his brother’s death.  This pain is something no one can understand unless they have experienced it and as we evolve in learning how to live “with” this pain, we begin to avoid the “triggered points” that cause us to become anxious and heartbroken all over again.  For me, one is visiting his grave, which I do not because I cannot take seeing my son’s name, date of birth and date of death written in stone.  There are more, but this one I use as an example.

So, there I sit, tears flooding my face as I’m speaking and every time I tried to start a sentence with “Erin, …..” the Lord twisted my tongue, I couldn’t do it.  I don’t mean I couldn’t do it, I MEAN I COULD NOT DO IT AS THE WORDS WOULD NOT FORM IN MY MOUTH!  All I could do was speak of love.  How her mother and I loved both of these children and how we all were at the end of the day, one large village raising this beautiful child Eli together and it had to be what was his best interest.  Let me just say this, I was CNN and she was Clinton!  It was like a total love-fest.  I did not get to say why Taylor had to quit his new job with full benefits, 401K, paid vacations, etc., or how she would not find a babysitter while I was taking care of my daughter post-surgery and refused to quit her Boost Mobile job, literally just leaving for work and Taylor to watch Eli.  There was no option for him.  He was the caregiver, the one who made sure he received daily what usually comes natural for a mother, or how she brought him over to my house at 8:45 in the morning with long pants and boots on when it was already 95 degrees and was expected to rise over 100 degrees that day.  I did not get to say how she wakes Taylor up umpteen times a night to get her a drink, to get Eli, to give her covers, whatever the need may be as she is oblivious and a foreigner to “Sshhhh, tiptoe, don’t wake everyone up”.  In fact, the totally opposite – she has no empathy or awareness during these hours that he has to get up at 6:30 AM for work!

I wanted so badly to tell him of how she had sent for her mother in Arizona so she could come back here to Illinois and live with her so she could help her with Eli after her and Taylor moved into a very nice house.  But, after a week, another fight was manifested and Taylor’s removal from that house secured by another arrest.  This pattern was “the pattern” and as I thought back, it was ALWAYS THE PATTERN!  Her mother arrived here, coming from a sober living environment as she has been a life-long alcoholic, recovering or recovery always trying to be maintained.  Within the first week of her arrival, Erin was drinking in front of her every single night.  Who does that?  When I questioned Erin about this, her response was “Well, it’s okay; she doesn’t drink beer, only hard liqueur.   It was at that moment, I knew she was setting her mother up to fall just in case she decided she no longer needed her to live there.  It was about the 3rd day in that I found her mother had started drinking again but it wasn’t until the following week I witnessed her stone-cold drunk, passed out in the chair on the porch.  I remember this night so well as it was the night 4 Swat Team Police cars pulled up to my house, full tactical gear wearing police officers coming to “speak” to Taylor as she reported that Taylor had walked into her house and “kidnapped” the baby.  Yes, KIDNAPPED!

My mouth dropped.  You see, Taylor had Eli all day, even the night before as he stayed the night as he always did.  Thank God for text messages between Taylor and me that day, showing his day with Eli.  The police were ready for a possible “shoot-out” scenario as they didn’t know what they were walking into.  Eli had been very sick and she forgot to bring his meds, which was typical, and Taylor earlier in the evening finally went to the house to pick it up.  What Taylor did not know however, was that another man moved into his house the day after he had left – THE DAY AFTER!  He has been made to believe that Taylor is a lunatic EX boyfriend who refuses to leave her alone; that they have been broken up for months and he just won’t accept it.  This poor guy has no idea what he has walked into.  He thinks he is protecting her, so he runs outside with a golf club and smashes Taylor car window while Eli was in his car seat in the back.  Poor Eli.

I wanted so badly to tell the judge, “THIS IS WHAT WE DEAL WITH EVERY SINGLE DAY!  EVERY WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH IS A LIE!”  Nothing, nothing would come out.  What 25 year old man or woman for that matter, would not be stunned, shocked, devastated to learn that you had been replaced within a 24 hour period and that a perfect stranger was now living with your child?  So, I follow the police to her house that night to take Eli back and the picture I’m going to try to paint was really priceless at that moment.  Her mom (who I dearly love) was passed out in a chair on the front porch, wrapped in a quilt; Erin drunk, slurring her words, forgetting that she had texted me earlier that day telling me she was at her grandmother’s house over an hour away and wouldn’t be home until late that evening (she had never left, was home during that entire time); and some guy, I had never seen EVER, was standing there acting like he was Eli’s father and protecting HIS FAMILY!  I had to shake my head – I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

I did not get to tell that courtroom how many hours I have spent with Erin teaching her how to be a mother, the “do’s and don’ts” of single motherhood as we were all ready for them to be apart.  How I watched her wake up and speak the most evil things a person could speak just because she woke up in a manic mood and had to push that feeling off but needed a reason to do so.  How everyone knows men and women are just different and it’s why mothers/wives spend their life saying, “Don’t tell you dad!”  We do this because men have a huge RED BUTTON that when pushed, you never know what you’re going to get!  She didn’t understand that as she was raised by her father whose red button was stuck in the PUSH position.  This is what she knew as normal so each morning, BAM!  I myself was at my breaking point.

I challenge any man to live this 24/7, plus be the main caretaker of the child.  Facebook drama is more important than positive one-on-one time with your small child.  Wake up, get ready for work, then say, “Babe, can I have the keys I’ve got to leave for work now.”  But be told, out-of-the-blue, “Ah, no, you cannot take my car today.  I decided I need it today.”  Taylor would almost be in tears, not again.  So, he asked, “Ok, then can you hurry up and get dressed to take me?”  No. No.  No always followed.  His anxiety was off the charts and now I truly understand why.


But what I desperately wanted the court to see was the triggered reactions from her daily threat of taking Eli away, telling Taylor he would never see his son again.  This was the trigger to his full blown anxiety, blackout attacks at the pain of never seeing his son again.  This immediately took him to the pain of losing his brother which he had no control over.  You never knew her moods 15 minutes to the next 15 minutes.  I sat and watched drama, trauma and contrived situations and events purposely manifested into play so the same outcome was achieved each time:  Erin being the Victim, Taylor arrested and all playing out the way her mind had prepared/expected, only to then change it when Taylor would be released. Taylor in his fear of losing Eli, will get right back on the roller-coaster for another horrifying ride to Crazy Town.

NOT A WHISPER OF ANY OF THIS FROM MY MOUTH!  This is only a little, I just can’t type all of it, way too much – but hopefully, I’ve painted a picture and you can see what I’m trying to articulate here.  Articulate – funny word to me now as I normally am very articulate but that day, NOTHING!

So, the days and events blend together and add in the mix a total stranger (to us) that knows nothing and we knew it was only time, before he too would walk the same path as Taylor.

Well, I had told Taylor that she would be pregnant within 3 months, same pattern as with him, and yes, she is pregnant.  I told Taylor this guy is going to through the same treatment as nothing has changed, and yes, he too now has been kicked out, begging to come back and like Taylor, his days/nights all depend on Erin’s moods which remember, is pregnant so now, add in the hormones.  This poor guy did say, “If I would have known it was you that was the crazy one, and not Taylor, I would have never gotten involved with all this and done the things I did against him!”  He then stated he had to leave before he hurt her.  (Of course this lasted only days and he returned back to the land of 50 Shades of Crazy.)

Now, back in the courtroom, we are all sitting there crying, including Erin’s mother next to me, and I have my face covered with my hands because I can’t bear what is about to be spoken.  After a long speech of Taylor’s actions (remember he has heard nothing about Erin’s role here), the charges, etc., the judge then starts to give his final sentencing decision.  The lawyer asked for minimal time on the first charge, and probation for the other 3.  The judge asked if she advised her client to take the time or would she advise him to seek strict probation on the first as well.  She of course said yes, but they didn’t want to disrespect the court by seeking probation on all 4.  (This is how severe this was.)

The judge gave Taylor probation on all 4 counts!!!!!  Unheard of!  GOD WAS IN CONTROL OF THAT ROOM!  IT WAS HIS WILL THAT WAS DONE!


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How did this happen?

Well, what do I say?  Pray for Divine Heavenly, to the FATHER that HIS WILL, HIS SPIRIT FILL/REST/RESIDE and that you PRAY AHEAD!!  I gave this all to HIM a long time ago but I continued to renew my FAITH IN HIM each day.  I asked that it not be man’s earthly will that was done, but HIS.  That HE takes HIS MIGHTY HAND and places all the pieces in order, HIS DIVINE ORDER.  I asked that HE soften the hearts of all involved, may they have compassion and that Taylor be judged on what he has done, not what he might do.

This also included days (Mother’s Day to August 9th) of talking to Taylor 4 or 5 times a day reminding him to do the same and to KNOW HE HAS THIS and whatever the outcome, IT IS HIS FINAL DECISION!  This was the mind set going in.  My heart was at peace with that but it was still hard for me walking my path to this day as it was a high trigger event for me.

Broken Heart Syndrome is what I call it and the pain, the pain I cannot explain.  I felt like I was losing another son but this time, I knew the exact day and time the accident would occur.  I woke up with the feeling of losing my breath, tears, my trigger was full-throttle and I had to give it to HIM, all of it each time it came up.  It’s a process that we all must learn when that type of pain is relived or triggered; it’s a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) AND Extended/Complicated Grief Disorder.

All this time, I thought Taylor was Bipolar but he was and is not; he suffers from the above.  Actually, his actions are text book.  I never knew, and it wasn’t until this kicked in with me during this process here, that I realized what Taylor actually was feeling – I knew what it was like for him when he said he couldn’t breathe, the pain was suffocating him, as I too felt the same.

Everyone in that room that day was left literally speechless.  It was quite a moment and you had no doubt what was just witnessed – A MIRACLE!

I know now the reason I was not able to speak any ill about Erin was because that is NOT HOW HE WORKS!  HE is love and HE was going to show what HE could do without throwing anyone under the bus.  HE was showing that regardless of what the odds were stacked up against you, HIS IS THE DECISION AND IT’S HE WHO IS THE DIVINE JUDGE!  I wish I could explain the feeling in that room, it was electric.  It took me 2 days to recover from the “AWE” of what was witnessed but HE did exactly what I knew HE would do because HE tells us when we have that PURE FAITH and do not jump ahead of HIM in our flesh, HE WILL RESCUE!

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What was it that the disciples asked Jesus?  It is the Key to all things Heavenly – Prayer.  This is hidden – hidden in the mysteries and if you do not learn how to pray, how can you truly know “The Remarkable”?

Why did Michael the Arch Angel say to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you?”  Because if he, or even we, say “I rebuke you” even in the name of the Lord, we are rebuking ourselves.  This is why people cannot understand the “Why” of “Why did that happen?”  We are all part Heavenly and part Earthly, and it’s our Flesh that is the enemy.  So when we bind him, we bind ourselves.  This is why Michael said, “The LORD rebuke you!”  That is what we need to remember, to learn and to understand when you pray without asking for the Divine Heavenly, then you are praying to the principalities of the world.  You have to get above that “line” that was drawn in the sand.  That CENTER LINE I spoke of earlier where the FATHER, The HOLY SPIRIT resides.



The next few days look for major events to occur.  It’s been 99 years since WWI, June 8, 1918 was the last full eclipse across the US exactly as the one coming and 40 days later, WWI was sealed and war soon followed.  These 99 years are likened to the 99 lost sheep and the 40 days will end on the Jewish New Year on Tishri 14.

This eclipse, well, it has every marker I’ve spoken about for the past 3 years.  It is also the Path that led to the Gateway to the West, which ironically St. Louis and the Arch is in the center of the totality zone, which will now be the Gateway to the East.  Salem, Oregon where it starts on land should be seen as a major biblical sign as Melchizedek was known as the Priest of Salem.  I do not know a “start date” because the calendar we, the world uses, is so far off the mark…I have 4 calendars that are in play but there is no use trying to explain them at this stage in the game.  Just know, our time is NOT HIS TIME! But, we know we are “in the Season” and a Season is 91 days, but again, those 91 days can be 91 hours too.  We are in “the Time” of His Coming.

It’s the Moon’s start that I look at – its start over the waters of the Pacific oceans and it’s ending over its “face” over the Atlantic oceans.  You see, it’s like the Beginning all in Genesis Chapter 1:

Genesis 1Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB)

¶ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

And the earth was without order, and empty; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.



What is the Face of the Waters?

This is a biggie, I know.  So let’s start with the 7 towns or cities named Salem that is right in line of the 70 mile totality zone from Oregon to South Carolina.  Oh yes, let’s also add in the fact that God, or Jehovah God is known to have 70 names.  It is also said that God forgives “70 x 7”, so let’s throw that in the mix as well, and the fact that Jacob had a total of 70 people or family/tribesman that followed him into Egypt during the famine.  Really, what are the odds, you can’t make this stuff up!

As I have been researching my family’s ancestry on and off for the past 15 years or so, I just happened to be in my “research” mode of this once again these past few months.  I noticed that the eclipse was also following the Indians/Native American’s Trail of Tears, the PATH taken also by the first settlers of the Americas who were fleeing wars, rumors of wars, cold, sickness and/or persecution of marrying outside of their own clans/tribes or blood.  Some just wanted a New Life, a life of freedom from who they were or life they were born into and moving West seemed to be the answer to these various wants/dreams or needs.  It was a hard life for so many, danger loomed at every turn, every crossing of the river was a new area of land they had to walk through, having no clue of what was really waiting for them on the other side.

What I found exceptional was the area or the X spot in Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri.  This Quad-state tip which was the center dot on the map for the longest totality “time” of the eclipse, was also the “crossroads” that determined which Path, or River, these specific groups of people or multitudes traveled as each went one way or another at this exact marker.  Water is the source of life, especially at that time so some followed the Mississippi River or the Ohio River, one flowing East to West and the other North to South but both came together and separated in this 4-state connected land territory.  This is why the counties within these areas hold so many of the records needed to accurately trace our ancestry or lineage in order to find out who it is we really are as this too is a huge factor in the upcoming days of “where we are going”.

Many decided to stay right there in those exact areas as my ancestors did and had I not been searching these specific records, having such difficulty when I first started compared to now, I would have never realized what I was shown here.  I had to dig, then I had to DIG DEEPER!  The deeper I dug, the bigger the well, the bigger the well, the more water I found!

Everything is a game of connect the dots or Life.  Whether or not you’re a DIRECT descendant in a particular lineage or not is much more important than one realizes and it explains who you really are and why many things in this life, your life, my life, took the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the forward/backward movements/motions they have and why many doors were opened and allowed whatever that followed to occur.

So having said this, you may understand a bit more as to why the 7 Salem’s and the 70 miles stated above were so remarkable to note.  As you all know by now, I believe the times we live in and are about to experience is really Angelic and about the Angelic Heavenly and Angelic Earthly Realms and clans, tribes, nations, etc., are all a form of LEGIONS (Angelic families, off-spring, children, marriages, sons/daughters, etc.) and just as there are 7 Continents, there are 7 Churches, 7 Brothers, 7 Sisters, 7 Seas, 7 Seals, and so on, and it is within this number that 10 Nations (Names of God) arise or arrive.  Each of a group of 7 hold 10 names, or 10 “sons” (Haman or Jacob example) and 10 of these nations/names/sons, are forgiven 7 times. Or…or, 7 of the 10 (70 out of 100) are forgiven as they are “under” or below the First Three (3).  It is something of that nature to be sure.

The Priest of Salem, this being the Heavenly Divine PRIEST of The Spirit or ‘Holder of Truth/Scepter – Melchizedek’, forgave these 10 sons of nations/men OR under the name of Jehovah God, 7 times as the eclipse crossed the land of these United States within that 70 miles totality zone, thereby making the first Salem and the last Salem (Jeru-Salem or Jer-USA-lem) equally yoked in their forgiveness making the first the last and the last the first.

There were 12 STATES INCLUDED IN THIS CROSSING!  To me, the cleansing of these “12” or the center line, also gave the rest of the land forgiveness…hence the 12 Disciples which are known as The Feet.  Let me just put it this way, “THE 12 DISCIPLES JUST HAD THEIR FEET WASHED BY JESUS, WHO WAS IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN”!

I am so far behind in uploading my videos to this site, I know, but I did a video stating that “The Shadow” was the “thing” to watch…it held a Key.  I didn’t understand it all till just now when I wrote the above all out.

Wasn’t it God’s “Light” that went over the “Face of the Waters”?  The Sun or the Moon is the light source from where we stand – both going over the waters/seas/land.  I know that Waters is different than Seas; and Land is different than Earth.

So we can see that the 70 x 7 is 490 which is an off-shoot of 7 x 7 = 49, Jubilee.  This also has to do with our 49 States of America, THE UNITED STATES, showing that the 49th state is one to take note of, then the last, the 50th, being the “Year of Rest” – Hawaii or Alaska?  The Lord is so good, wow, here we have the “hot and cold”, one or the other, or one following the other!


In these long days full of hours and minutes of reading, researching and praying about all the food taken in, I absolutely know that numbers are a pattern, but more importantly, they are NOT ABSOLUTE!  Meaning – 400 can be years, days, hours also can be the number 40; 3 days can be 3 hours, 3 minutes, 3 seconds; 60 can be days, 2 hours, 2 years, 4 seasons or 4 years.  Here on earth, the first dimension as we see and live, we see these as absolute time, etc., but as the layers are seen or illuminated, you’ll see these layers as realms, kingdoms, lands, times, etc.  As we rise above this earthly plain of existence, time accelerates so the faster you rise, the quicker you pass through the Seals each of these hold.  When I say “Seals”, I am speaking of “Truths” that one must unlock prior to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  Now, remember, the Kingdom of God, the Heavenly Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven ARE NOT THE SAME!


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We arrive at one via our heart and the other, via our mind.  Both must be cleansed.  The heart must be encased in gold so it can travel untouched, unharmed, safe and secure through the fire one walks through before given the “Key” in which grants one entrance…the Pure Heart that is encased in gold, is then handed to the Lord as “payment” or “gift of love” as it holds the tapestry of our life within it.  It is our “love letter to God”.  Jesus carries our hearts as that is where the Garden of God is – where God walks with us here on earth…because our body is the earthly temple of God – where else could He live?  He resides with us.   This is how God “walks” with Enoch, then Enoch was not for God took him!

But, once through the cleansing fire which removes all the earthly dross from what is on the Path to Holiness, it then becomes our mind that will become payment or gift.  The FATHER is Spirit, His Holy Spirit – this is when He can read your mind – when speaking without words comes into play as this is when HE CAN TRULY KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS as this is HIS HEAVENLY HOME!  He has moved from the Heart to the Mind and this is how the “Body of Christ” ALL come together, become ONE and work as ONE BODY OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!


It’s okay if you don’t believe what I am saying, truly, HE HAS THIS AND HE WILL TEACH YOU! But, you’re going to have to light your Menorah and light the Path you are walking on in order for Him to see you in the darkness.

Things/events are not going to happen as everyone thinks – they are not.  I promise you this; they are going to be SO MUCH BETTER!  If all are waiting for the “Rapture” to occur as the earthly church taught and has been taught, well, sorry-about-cha, it might be a little worse or really, just longer!  LOL

One cannot be “raptured/caught up” into the Kingdom of God’s Glory until they are resurrected from death, our dead body that we are covered with here.  This is the type of “dead” the Bible is speaking of.  As long as all continue to misunderstand the origins of His Word(s), all are blind and deaf, starving and crippled.  Famine is not from “food we eat”, but from “Heavenly FOOD we don’t eat” – FOOD being the Word of God.

He is and has been CLEARLY telling us to fast in these last days again meaning, “Do not consume and devour yourself in an Earthly Word – BUT SUSTAIN FROM IT, but DO COME TO ME IN YOUR HUNGER FOR I WILL GIVE YOU HEAVENLY FOOD – THE DIVINE TRUTH!  We fast so we can be emptied completely of all things Earthly so we become eager to hear, learn, understand just as little babies, children would.  When are weak from our hunger, HE IS STRONG AND GIVING in His FOOD OR WORD/TRUTH He fills us with!

HE is common sense!  He has told HIS STORY in our History of the World.  Go, find and seek Him in each story told in the Bible, HE IS THERE!  Who are the players?  Who holds or carries “WHICH” Spirit?  When the characters /people/places are “likened” to another, which means it’s a “mirror image/image” of the former or forefather of the Original.


It’s just too much to write at this time.  If you’ve been listening to my videos these past few years, truly hearing what I was sharing and myself learning, then you too should be able to see the “pairs” or “likenesses” and just whom they really are.  God is telling HIS STORY!  Think about this:  Michael-Angelo was commissioned by the Pope to paint the Story of Creation on the arched dome ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, correct?  Yet, he was originally really a “sculptor” (his statue of David cut from one piece of marble) yet now became an artist who was “painting Creation on the Dome of the Earthly Church”.  Who is Michael-Angelo in the His Story?

Remember he started his “masterpiece” over when he was not satisfied with his first drawings/paintings didn’t settle right with him.  He is stated to say “If the wine is sour, throw it out!”  So, he painted over his first brush strokes and started again from scratch.  Who else did that?  Watch the movie “Agony & Ecstasy” with Charlton Heston; it is well worth your time.  He was originally hired by the Papal to make/design the Pope’s “Burial Tomb” carved out of the most beautiful marble in Italy but was taken off that assignment when the Pope decided he wanted the “ceiling” painted with the original 12 disciples of Jesus or Christ.  He was from Florence and known as a “Florentine” but was acquired or hired for his services by Rome.  He was to be given a salary and a home to rent during his stay, his basic needs met by “the Church” or the Pope himself.  He practically starved as no payment was being given by the Pope on a regular basis and Michael-Angelo had to beg for funds throughout the entire 4 year commission time.

Now, take what I’ve written above to the next level – take it higher to The Dome which is under the Sea of Glass.  He was reluctantly taken to Rome  at a time that was not really convenient for him – called to make a burial tomb for the “Head of the Earthly Church”, yet instead, ended up painting the Creation Story on Rome’s or the Pope’s earthly “Heavenly Church”, each section telling the story in the written Scripture.

God has written it all out.  He has told us what happened and what is going to happen.  The Old Testament is Heavenly Events that transpired on Earth.  The New Testament is earthly events that have YET TO OCCUR IN HEAVEN!

Okay, that’s enough for now as it only took me how many months to finally upload a post!  Please go to my YouTube page and play any videos I did not post here in the past few months.  They say sooo much!  But remember, DO NOT GO BY THE TITLE NAMES – I AM A BAD TITLER!

Watch for what I will call a “Paradigm Shift” or “The Wave of God’s Hand” as I believe He is going to raise all mankind/humankind from the Land of the Dead, the Catacombs I now call it.  That is where we are I truly believe.  I now know what the verse “THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING” means – we do not know ANYTHING!  He has to transform us and heal us so we can be “whole” in order to be taught the Heavenly Truth and that cannot happen here on this ground.  It must be at a higher position of the 3D or 3 dimensional earthly layers/realms…the ROOF!  That is where we, like Bathsheba bathing/cleansing herself on the rooftop, catches the eye of King David.  But unfortunately, she married Uriah first (connected to wedding in Cana occurring first during Jesus’ early ministry or prior to it).  She and Uriah barely knew each other when wed, and had not even consummated their marriage prior to him leaving to fight in David’s army/war.  So, who is “The Bride” going to marry first?  Remember, Jacob married Leah first as he was too drunk with wine to notice throughout the darkness of night it was not Rachel, his intended and betrothed, or Promised One!  The father of the bride is who veil her identity from her groom so again, I believe this time it is again the same pattern.  Only this time, it’s the Bride who is once again veiled by her Father, but it’s her that will not see who stands there waiting…it will not be who she believes it is…just saying!

Stay ready, stay alert, stand NOT IN FEAR, and be all things LOVE!  Love is coming down to those of us who stand in that concrete footing of His Steps, the Good News, and the LOVE!  Don’t get caught up in all that fear, tribulation or else that is what will manifest down onto your Path.


See you all soon!

Mary Beth, Your Friend of Heaven

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