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5 New Videos~God’s 3’s…3 Days/3 Months/3 Years/3 Doors/3 Gates/3 Calendars & 3 Timelines

Hello friends…I uploaded a video a few days ago and 4 more today (I put the latest from today in a playlist).  The first 3 videos in the playlist are short as I kept getting interrupted by family but the last video, Part 4, brings in all in, I think.

Remember, this is NOT ABOUT DATE SETTING – it’s about knowing God’s Word and how it’s His Love, Mercy and Forgiveness for His Children that should be seen during this time…not fear and destruction.  We are not children of the dark therefore we stand in joy, the Light.  I do not know the exact of things – none do but I do know what we have been taught these almost 3 1/2 years and the “Markers” we were given.

Today, April 29th is the 25th Day of the Omer count and April 15th on the Enoch Calendar (give or take 1 to 2 days) so we need to be so watchful now as May 3rd is the 2nd Passover – a VERY IMPORTANT DATE for the Jews this year.  The Nepal earthquake on April 25th was also a warning for us – the Season has now started.  Since none know His Original Dates/Times, we just need to be aware and ready to “BEHOLD” these days ahead.

I’m typing a post now to bring all these last 5 videos together – thank you all for your patience.

See you soon!

Mary Beth

3 Calendars/3 Months/3 Years/3 Timelines/3 Gates All For Now 2015

Remember When I Said…?;Wed April 29 Starts God’s Wrath/Judgments;WATCH THIS VIDEO!

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GOD’S CLOCK/WHEEL~It’s Time for the Exodus; 1945 Jews Liberated & Now Again in 2015; Pentecost For All

I am adding a quick post to some of the last videos I uploaded…please make sure you check my You Tube Channel at and see a few videos recorded last week but not uploaded or posted here.

I wanted to get this out as soon as I possibly could.  I have been working on a post explaining in detail what  I have been shown…it’s the layers and true Heart of God, His DIVINE MERCY ON HIS CHILDREN…not His Wrath but His true love for us.  This time has been cut and until these days occur, disbelief will override many hearts as they dare not to hope for His Great Favor upon all His Children.  Just in case, just in case I have now painted all 3 rooms in their proper “shade of white”, I wanted all of us to understand these days we are in and the shortness of time to 53 days…April 23, 24, 25, Lyar 3, 4 & 5, I believe, is the beginning at 6:00 AM Saturday (sunrise), the 25th and it sets at 6:15 PM on June 10, Sivan 23.  April 29th is the day 70 years ago the Jews were liberated from the first, main concentration camp thereby starting their Exodus to the Holy Land and again on this date, the Jews will begin their 3rd trip to God’s Promised Land.

More on this later tonight!  Please do not judge/make decision until you read all I post and the videos.

Mary Beth


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3 Shades of White

People, a funny bunch, aren’t we? I have found this statement to be so much truer in these past 2 months than ever before. It’s funny what they do when “Mr. Understanding” has left the building. How quickly the door is opened for “Mr. Judgment” to enter. It’s as if they all missed the other “Mr.’s” who came between Mr. Understanding and Mr. Judgment…was it because they did not want to hear the others speak? It’s like many in the crowd, really, weren’t attending for the middle speakers…they were mainly there for who they thought would be the most popular guest of all, the one who in their eyes who held the largest standing or stature in the conference hall, “Mr. Right”. From my seats, when Mr. Right did not show up, the crowd directed all their attention on their second favorite speaker, Mr. Judgment as listening to the words of this speaker seemed to help hide their disappointment in Mr. Right’s unavailability to attend as many thought for sure he would speak, at least saying a few words.. Personally, I have always followed Mr. Forgiveness as he is my favorite public speaker and I get more from hearing his soothing words of kindness…call me crazy, but that’s just me!




Here is a little story I would like to share:
Sometimes in our lives, we wake up and our life is no longer our own and regardless of how much we try to paint the walls in our house a different color, we end up going back to the original…white. To me, it’s the “beginning” color which all other palettes are compared to or started from. What is always the “base”, the one we know will work in any room and on any wall, it’s always our starting point or our ending point. This is what I have come to know during these last 3 years, it’s all in the Beginning and if I would have not tried to paint all the walls at the same time, I would have been able to see which ones needed painting first, the exact color/shade, how much paint each wall called for and which rooms needed painting first. I would have been able to stand back and see the order very clearly but I was so worried I would not have enough time to get them all finished and dried, I couldn’t see the subtle color differences. I used 3 very similar paints, all shades of white, but each color had a little more depth than the next. I ended up, painting the 3 rooms the wrong color and now, I have to go back to each one, starting from the “beginning” room, and paint over my mistakes.


I listened to the Paint Store Expert and studied His Direction every moment I had in order to get it right, but my eyes could not read His Writing as clear as I would have liked – but I followed the directions to the best of my ability. I even called Him at the Store a few times seeking clearer instructions so I could follow them to the tee. Wow…really? I am not a Paint Expert nor an Expert Painter, only a normal person and like other regular “Joe” painters I knew, used the same taught painting technique. But then, I had taken some unbelievable “Learning to Paint” courses and just wanted to share with others this Perfect Technique. Every single day I practiced, made sure I had all the Tools that the Expert Painter told me to get to use each and every time, on every wall and in every room. I thought I did that but my walls were turning out slightly different than many of my friends walls…they didn’t understand the instructions I was given and following regardless the fact that these were given by the same “store” Paint Expert; they just wanted to continue to use the “standard” guide to painting, the same one they followed most their life. Boy of boy, these friends were the first to condemn my “amateur” painting skills and seemed happy to find all my blotched areas.

But again, this did not stop me from wanting to learn to paint the right way, using all the New Tools the Paint Store gave me. The Paint Expert’s Instructions made so much sense, common sense actually and He showed how people had been doing it somewhat wrong for a very long time. This was not their fault really, it was more due to the fact that the Original “How to Paint” Book had been republished with errors. This meant that almost all of us were taught to paint from a Manual or Book that had some of it’s Chapters out-of-order and some paragraphs, even teaching sections, missing and/or left out. I found it wasn’t hard to paint using these very Old, yet New Instructions the Expert Painter had given me, but what I did notice was the resistance of so many of my friends when I told them. They were right there with me until I rearranged the Steps, putting them in the order I was told per the Instructions. See, in my excitement and eagerness, my eyes struggled to see at times, the exact order these Steps were shown and I placed a few Steps ahead of where they should have been used which in-turn, irritated my friends because they wanted the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS, ones without any mistakes or errors. Well, these Instructions gave exciting tips, if done correctly, of a reduced Drying Time and assurance of One Coat Coverage which everyone liked, but unfortunately, most would not let themselves believe it as it was just too good to be true. It was impossible for walls to dry in the time given by the Store Paint Expert and His Instructions! Still, I was knew these were the Original Instructions or Manual that we should have all learned to paint by in the Beginning.

I am finishing my rooms as finally my eyes came into complete focus, magnifying even the smallest print, allowing me to read each line in the Paint Expert’s Instructions which clarity. His Handwriting wasn’t as hard to read as I original thought. After I studied His Instructions over and over, it seemed as if His Written “How-To-Guideline” had His beautifully printed letters just “jumping off the page”.

Now today, I can sit and read His Handwriting, no more “guessing’ – the letters and numbers are crisp, clear, precise and in Perfect, I mean PERFECT ORDER! It wasn’t until I went back to “Basic Painting 101”, that I became totally aware of just why my vision was slightly blurred and my words shared with friends contained ignorance at times…leaving them confused on the Paint Expert’s Detailed Instructions. I had forgot to put both Manuals and Steps together as one cannot be used without the other…a Good Painter must use both in their originally written order. After completing this and following the Instructions, as I tried so hard to do in the beginning when the Expert Painter gave them, I can see the simplicity of it all; it now looks like a “Paint-By-Numbers How-To” for all to follow and read.

Myself, well, I can now look at each of the 3 rooms I started to paint and I can see the 3 different shades of White I became confused about when I started sharing these Instructions with my friends. I see how each room has the Perfect Color for it’s size and dimension, giving an End result that one could only Hope and Pray for! I could not have seen the True Beauty had it not been for the mistakes I had to learn from, as with each error I made, I marched back to the Paint Store and with each trip, I received deeper detailed Instructions, wisdom and teaching only THAT Expert Painter could have given. He made me read each and every Word, Line and Chapter, even sending me to research patterns of painters long ago, now retired but prior to doing so, all left the most detailed journals of their own Paint Stories. When I followed those brush patterns, along with using the Original, New and Forgotten Instructions the Expert Painter had given, I had understanding, knowledge and wisdom and found that I could have never finished this job without them all. All 3 rooms are completed and when their Doors are open, letting the Natural Light into each, I can see how unique, yet exquisitely beautiful, different yet the same, each shade of White really is. It was so easy to see now and I know, I would have never finished with these results without the Guidance, Help, Support, Patience and Detailed Instruction given by The Expert Painter and His Store…never. Thank you to The Store Owner for allowing His Painter, His “Master” Painter the ability to travel to all His Stores – allowing all “Regular Joe-Painters” like me, opportunity for “One-On-One” Time and Training from Him. Wow! Can you just imagine the love of a Gift like that? He is allowing all of us to know His Secrets of painting a priceless Masterpiece!



Now, back to the “Mr.’s” above…

I won’t lie, it’s been a lot of tears lately because if people truly knew me, they would know me and know that I truly live my life for the Lord. I knew what the Lord was teaching, showing and it is there, right in front of me and as soon as I put one layer together, I would be back at the starting gate with a entirely different layer – same information now just more detail added. What? Really? How did I not see this the last time? Each time, this is how it played out.

I knew the numbers were correct – 1, 2, 3, and 21, 22, 23, 24, and the Spring months April, May, June or Nissan, Lyar and Sivan. I knew there was a 6-7 month timeline He was showing, using both Jewish New Year Calendars of the Spring and Fall together, along with our Gregorian Calendar, yet I did not know where to place Enoch’s Calendar. I knew He was showing us a 120-day patterned journey too – 4 months but cut down to 3, this is what He was showing no matter how many times I reviewed all that was given these past 3 years.
Enoch is the Father of Time, the Keeper of True Time, God’s True Calendar, this I know but just WHERE this merged it in at, I did not know. Well, at least I did not know until last week. For the past couple of weeks, I have been researching each Day – God’s Original Time Calendar or Wheel of Genesis, and the First Creation Days (7) – but everyone of these calendars I found on the internet, well, most of them were configured differently. I just wanted help! I know this time of the end we are now entering is about Creation and the First 7 Days; about Moses and the Exodus and the 3 trips to the Mountain Moses made, along with the 40 days in the Wilderness that God will again bring His Children in from or led out of. I know this is about God allowing His Children the opportunity to “get-it-right” when given the chance. This time, they can have FAITH that Moses is coming back down from The Mountain, continuing to look UP, knowing his return is in fact IN God’s Perfect Time, instead of giving up and plunging into deception. This is what led to the worship of the Golden Calf at the base of the Mountain…they lost hope and did not stand in faith and in what they knew God had already done for them and what He had promised them. They began to panic and in their desperation and fear, they turned to a false idol instead of God. This was originally to be the Consummation of the Marriage Contract between God and His People, a celebration was to occur on 17 Tammuz but instead of waiting just one more day for Moses to return, they listened to the enemies within the camp, rebelled and gave praise and worship to a statue made of melted gold. This time, I believe, the Festival that never was will be as this time, they will not turn their faces from The One True God and His Miracles, Love and Forgiveness. I know too that this time period is in the 7 weeks after Passover, the Counting of the Omer which will lead them out of the Valley or Wilderness and to once again, the Mountain of God.

All the dates and numbers He gave fit so why isn’t it starting? Why did Passover come and go without events manifesting as we were taught? Enoch…blame Enoch and his exact way of keeping God’s Perfect Time!

This is the reason the Lord had us go back and study Genesis and the Origins last year as we could not understand nor see the time of today without knowledge of how it was kept in the past. No calendar is correct, I do not believe, as no one has kept it as Enoch, totally relying on the stars, moon and sun, or the signs in Heaven. This is the problem. When God The Father made His Plan of Salvation for the sinners of the world, it was done so prior to the Flood, correct? He spoke this into being on His Original Calendar, His Original Time did He not? The time we look for is a day and hour truly NO ONE KNOWS because it’s impossible to know as the True Original Record has not been kept. God has kept it of course but I do not believe man has. Knowing this Passover holds so many Mysteries of the End, sort of a “kick off” to the Tribulation and Judgment, He knew no one would be correct as no calendar is correct – but please, do not doubt for one second which calendar He is using to start off the “Big Game” as it is Enoch’s. Why? It holds His Appointed Times He spoke in the Beginning before the Flood.

Enoch’s Calendar is in 1, 2, 3 quadrants or sections set on the face or wheel of a clock. There are 4 sections, each section is 91 days and the Seasons on this clock start in Spring, Nissan or April. Spring consists of time between 12 and 3; Summer between 3 and 6; Fall between 6 and 9; and Winter is between 9 and 12. Each month is month 1, month 2 or month 3. For instance:



April 1                 May 2                       June 3

July 1                 August 2                  September 3

October 1          November 2             December 3

January 1          February 2               March 3



I can tell all of you – I JUST ABOUT FAINTED! There is the sequence! I knew He was showing the events in that counting system and when I saw this, then I knew why I was off in the months. See, I was counting March as 1, the start off or kick off month – allowing me to see now why I kept seeing March 1, 2, 3 but also knowing February 23 was HUGE! I knew the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of these months were “something” and all that the Lord showed for these times. Oh my gosh…February 23 was and is a second month, it’s “the” second month but it is the second month of the first Season or Spring – it is May! March 23, well, that is June, the 3rd month but we must remember too, the Hebrew months start somewhere in the Gregorian month, making it that month as well. This is why events did not come as everyone was told. This also explains if someone was given Spring or Summer for His Coming as Summer starts June 21 and that would represent His Coming for His Remnant Saints, not His Coming for His Bride prior to the Judgments starting. There are 3 different or more times, maybe 4, that Jesus is referring to so yes, He is coming in the Spring and in the Summer. Now, He could too refer to “winter time” as a time of His Coming – that could mean anywhere “time-wise” from 9 pm to 12 am midnight…that is located on the wheel or Enoch’s Calendar during the Winter quadrant time-cycle so Jesus saying winter, very well means a time-of-day located in that season.

Now, the pattern of events that will occur, the repeated cycle of the Old Testament and New Testament…these originally manifested or came into play on the Hebrew Calendar so these will continue to cycle on those dates and calendar but what God Our Father spoke prior to the Flood, those events will occur on the calendar time-piece used then. Events have not started perhaps, because the True Passover has not occurred as of yet. I know that the Lord had shown the 23rd as the BEGINNING of a New Time so that tells you when the Tribulation will start – I just thought it was a month before it actually is. I was ignorant in what I was seeing and did not understand the 1, 2, 3 months as He uses them. I believe that Enoch’s Calendar is anywhere from 12 to 16 days later than ours but as we all know, I am in no way an expert here but I made or attempted to make my own Enoch Calendar from God’s 7 Days of Creation and in my (I’m sure non-accurate) calendar, I show that Nissan 15 (April 4) would land on this coming Thursday, while Nissan 14 (April 3) would be Wednesday. Also remember, the first day of the first month (Nissan 14) is Paul’s Shipwreck which is also a marker for this time.

What I have found that during the 1, 2, 3 month cycle timeline, the Lord is using the actual Gregorian days as well. Maybe these days, our calendar days, is those set for Judgment on the United and the rest of the world while the Hebrew dates of the Hebrew Jewish King Calendar, the Spring Calendar is used to dates or specified events directed to Israel only…I don’t know. I do know that He it is after the 7 Weeks of Passover, the latter half as I call it, will be directed to the enemies of Israel trying to trample and destroy the Jews and God’s Land. I believe it’s during the 7 Weeks after Passover – during the Omer Count, that the 7 Seals of Judgment are released and occur or at least the first 6 Seals.


May 14, 2015 is Israel’s 70th Anniversary of the Nation of Israel, which fulfills a major prophetic timeline. May 23 is the 49th day of the Omer count (also end of 7 weeks but without knowing the True Passover date which is the start date of the count, God’s Time could be later so it may be impossible to timeline these on our calendars if this is indeed correct), and the 24th is Pentecost with May 25th being our Memorial Day. If this week is the start of Passover on God’s Calendar, which I believe is highly possible, that would put the True Omer Count end day 49 on June 4, 17 Sivan – the day the Ark landed on Mt. Arafat or a few days within that date.

If this count is correct – then Pentecost (May 24 or there about) would be the end of the 40 days in the wilderness…the time when the Lord removes His Children who have repented, seen the truth and have confessed that Jesus is Lord and Savior. This would be on 6 Sivan which is Shavout for the Jews.

These past few weeks after reading Revelations and the events that the Apostle John spoke about, well, they match what the Lord has shown us would happen. I cannot lose from thought, the 62 weeks from 7 weeks…we all have believed this would be years here in the end but now more than ever, I 1000% believe this is just that, weeks; 7 weeks of wrath, truth and restoration.

Now, I will for the sake of argument, state too, this could be 7 months, actually 6 as it will start April 23 (official start date on our calendar or God’s True Enoch Calendar which is in 15 days or there about), and it ends on September 23, 2015 or after God’s True Feast Day Sukkot whatever that may be or date that day will fall on. This of course, is IF He closes out His Fall Feast Days. Personally, I believe this Passover and this Pentecost will have a huge impact on Jews – I just believe it will.
It starts in a First Month and it ends in a First Month…how perfect is God!

I never wanted to confuse anyone. Just like you, I had to learn what the Holy Spirit was showing me and in my excitement in what the Lord was teaching us and knowing His time was so near due to the dates that were given (which I knew were correct or in the correct Season timeframe), I shared with everyone what I was given. It was not until He showed me the Enoch Calendar and how it was for His Appointed Times. Then, it all fell into place. I am so sorry my ignorance and inability to merge calendar systems correctly caused anyone anguish or harm, anxiety or doubt of the time we are in. It would break my heart to think that would happen or has happened.

Every day for the 7 years and what seems like almost every hour of my day since 2012, has been spent running for the Heart of God, truly it has been. Again I will say as I have a million times this past year and a half, the Lord blessed me by allowing me to be a part of an extraordinary teaching that started in the Fall of 2012. I knew immediately WHO it was – we just didn’t know in the beginning what it was and what it was for but that quickly changed. He was telling us all what was going to happen before it happens – just like He has always done in the past. It just took awhile to for Him to allow us to see the layers and placement of what was to come. I found what He wanted was for all His Children to know what was important to Him – their Heart and it’s love for Him and others. Now, knowing what I do, I know that faith in Him is a must and to stand in that faith regardless of the day or hour we are in. I know He is merciful, kind and is Love Coming Down…He will Divinely Rescue His Children prior to destruction or danger, not allowing harm to one hair on their head. I know it’s any day, any time and we are now coming into the time of Paul’s storm on the seas where not one of the 276 men on board were harmed, just as Jesus promised and it will be the same in this storm, He has promised this to us.



All that I have shared with you is true – but the heavy and earth destructing wrath will come at the end of May and into the first or middle of June. That is the month Satan rides on the clouds and the BIG BATTLE ensures, I believe as that was in the 2nd/3rd month timeline and if it continues on the 6-7 month time cycle, it or the Great Wrath or Days of Great Tribulation, will be at the end of Summer, closer to August/September but we will be long gone prior to both of these dates.

I hope this gives some understanding to what I was trying to share these past few months…the dates were correct but I had no idea they were to be placed on the Enoch Calendar Wheel of Time. There is no way I could know nor did I have knowledge of how his calendar worked and once the Lord showed me or led me to the picture of it, I knew it truly is about 1, 2, 3…I wasn’t crazy after all. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you.

It’s just a waiting game now so may the Lord bless us all with Peace so each day we can rest easy in Him.



Thank you Erin for your faithfulness, courage and love for the Lord. May the Lord truly bless your heart and give you rest in His Quiver. I could not have shared all I have without your Heart of Gold…I am just a witness to what the Lord has done through you.



Psalm 91
1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
3 Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.
9 If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.
14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”



I apologize for not writing sooner but my time with the Lord has to come first and I needed to be in Him in as many hours as my day would allow.  I have been heavily burdened with the enemy attacking me in all areas.  I have refused to give footing to the enemy in these battles though; I’ve refused to open doors for entrance as I truly stand strong in my Concrete Footing of the Lord, thereby angering the enemy more.  When he has no legal right to enter through us and ones that stand in the Word of God and all in all His Promises and Goodness, the enemy will send his armies out in droves to knock down each and every open door of our children and loved ones, trying to gain entrance somewhere.  This is what Satan is trying to do now and has been attempting for the last 2 months.  It is quite exhausting…and right when I think I cannot cry another tear, here they come like a waterfall.


I do not speak ill of people, I do not judge.  I ask nothing but blessings to be poured upon all of His Children regardless if they themselves look upon me as friend or foe.  I am not a double-minded person…I may have become zealous in my awe of the Lord and spoke in ignorance at times, but never would set out to cause deceit or harm.  My heart has been in so much pain these past few weeks as I’ve seen Christians speak repulsive things while standing in righteousness that I do not recognize or know.  All I asked of the Lord over and over was to allow me to make right any wrong I spoke.  I asked that He please allow me to finish my race strong and to be given the “umph” I needed to finalize all He had shown…to show me 1, 2, 3.  He did and He allowed my eyes to see and my ears to hear so I could make right my wrong.


I refuse to fight as the enemy does.  I have had my face spat in to, my face shoved into the ground and my body thrown across the room, yet I spoke words of blessing.  I have found my son hanging from his closet yet I thanked the Lord for His Mercy and Love.  I have been charged as a witch, a lover of evil and a Jezebel, yet I tearfully pray and ask the Lord to forgive them and fill their lives with His Love and Blessings.  Even now, my heart holds no heaviness, no darkness, no pain, no resentment…it feels only light and airy, kindness, mercy, compassion, good and is filled with love and forgiveness, calling out to my mouth and releasing all praise and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ.  I do not feel even the lightest cobweb hanging there.


I do not know what the evil I mentioned above holds in their hearts but I pray sorrowfully to the Lord if they are filled with the same as mine, then to take me now as I am unable to see the evil as I feel nothing but Him resting in me.  I ask if I am evil, why does evil try to stop what I do for the Lord, setting up road blocks and minefield each day in my life?  Why does evil continue to attack and want to kill evil?   I know I have given up everything in this world, in this life for the Lord and I talk to Him continually as He is my Best Friend. I am yet just an infant, toddler and a small child in the Lord as our birth starts the day the Lord Jesus begins His Teaching in us and my quest for God’s Heart began in 2007, and as children do, they speak innocently when they learn something new as they are excited to share it with others.  In time as they grow older, they begin to understand the layers of their learning, they obtain knowledge and understanding with each layer which eventually leads to wisdom, but throughout this, they speak in ignorance at times until that next layer of learning is exposed and understood, clarifying their lack of understanding.  I have always noticed the end result to be the child coming back for more and more each day to fulfill the areas of knowledge they had lack in….hopefully, this too is the end result here as only the Lord Himself knows how many times I came back daily to be filled.


Blessings and love to all my sister’s and brother’s in Christ…see you soon!

Mary Beth


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