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Can you? Can you hear me now – through the thorns and thistles?



When I first started this blog and the videos, I had no idea how long I would be doing them.  I never thought I would be here now, still explaining and sharing what the Lord has taught.  Never did I realize then, how hard and all-consuming this journey would actually be – concluding with the Greatest Gift I could ever have possibly hoped for…I still cannot truly digest the gravity of the situation and it’s rarity.

I have always said this:

  1.  My videos are NOT for everyone; they are for SPECIFIC people but who you are, only God knows.  If you don’t “get me”, well, you’re not suppose to so please move on to find your “breadcrumbs” elsewhere.
  2. Something I would say or share would be what was needed to get you over that mountain top – giving that “UMPH” to finally give your feet that bounce to finally get you over-the-top.  I never knew what I was going to talk about it until the Holy Spirit led me to it.
  3. I’m just like you!  If I can find it, you can find it.  I’m the least crazy person I know and if the Lord is allowing sight, well, He, His Holy Spirit is allowing it.  These perfect “Mysteries” are way way way above my pay-grade!
  4. Go to the Origin – The Beginning.  Do not rely on earthly teaching but give it all to Him, raw, child-like and He would surely do the rest.  What we know is NOT what was originally given – it has been squandered down to a bare minimum through the years and many verses/books or words have been tainted so-to-speak.
  5. SEE YOU SOON!  Now, I say these words as more of a “cheerful hope-so salutation” than a warning and/or good-bye.


You have watched me learn through this time and passing on what was given me to you, my friends.  I cannot help or change what He teaches…HE IS THE TEACHER!  I can still recall (like it was just yesterday) when my eyes started to focus differently, my thoughts being directed “everything God” and how He was answering my prayers I had sent up, asking “TO KNOW HIM – TO KNOW THE HEART OF GOD!”  Wow!  How does one explain all that was given?  I’ve tried to do so the best way I could but I still have fallen short in my ability to communicate all that I have been shown and I apologize for that.  It’s not as easy as some would think.  In fact, it’s just down-right hard to do!  I get so overwhelmed but awe and excitement overcome the anxiety this “new sight” leaves behind – you cannot have normal days, nights, or even hours as all I think about it HOW UNBELIEVABLE THIS IS!!  I cry in pure joy yet at the same time, I smile in pure fear as it’s said that when “much is given, much is expected”…I pray that in my own struggles, my own humanness, my own error, that I do not mislead anyone thereby making them confused or turn cold or lukewarm from something (anything) I have said or done.

Understanding Heavenly or Divine Breadcrumbs is NOT AN EASY TASK!  And, I don’t even pretend what I know is of my own or from my own understanding because its not! What the Holy Spirit lays upon my heart, my spirit is Divine Wisdom and can only come or originate from Heavenly places.  I know what I’ve been given is True…I know that I know that I know.  It’s been a process – a long road with stumbles and falls but after getting back up, the Lord would allow something better to be seen and heard each and every time!  He knew I was going to error, make mistakes and He allowed it because He knew it would send me to dig deeper and that’s exactly what I did.  I thought when the scales were removed and I shared with all who would listen, that all would have the same discernment, sight and hearing, that every Christian or Believer would “get it” but, that is not what occurred.  I know now that no matter what I say or share here, it’s up to The Messenger to deliver it to others.  That unless “The Spirit” gives life to them, gives them breath, they are just words from someone claiming to know something they don’t.  The HEART is what gives them life and that HEART must be pliable, open to receive and full of faith to believe.

I can tell you this friends that what the Lord has allowed me to see, hear, understand, know and stand in, is Good and it’s Truth.  I may not know all the details or facts, of course I don’t but it’s enough to see that the bridge crossing has a twist and a patterned cycle to make sure ALL arrive at their destination with the understanding of WHY they are there in the exact spot their feet landed upon at the crossing of the waters.  When that crossing is complete, very few will be standing where they thought or had been taught, very few.  Actually, it’s the “WIDE GATE” the Church/Christians thought the “worldly non-believers” would be entering through but that is not so…it’s the “teaching” from the earthly Shepherd’s of this world that is leading the sheep through this misinterpreted gate as they all believe the same teaching or “word”, not having a clue they have been wronged.  This is those spoken about in the Bible and it’s those that take the path less traveled that will enter through the “NARROW GATE” as they opened their ears (finally) enabling them to “hear what the Spirit is saying”.  This leads to the TRUE path, to the Heart of God and to His Heavenly Kingdom – not the truth and kingdom spoken about from each “church” podium and stage.  Earthly teaching can only offer earthly understanding – you must offer up this knowledge to our Father in Heaven in prayer – asking that He “blow-life” into it and allow His Messenger to deliver unto you with Divine Wisdom and Divine Understanding…it is He that must bring it to life!  Then and only then can it be seen and heard as it was originally written.

I no longer sit in a church pew to hear the Word of God because I cannot hear Him or It there.  It is covered by the noise and the voice of a man who has been taught by another man. They are drowning out the Voice of God!  I said this in many of the videos I have posted – that the Pharisees missed it, missed the One they had been waiting for because of the Written Word given to them prior to His arrival.  They had studied the Law of Moses day after day, heard the words of teachers generation after generation, having that teaching so embedded into their heads and hearts, they could not open their heads and hearts to see the Truth standing right in front of them.  The tongues of men, the hands of men and the feet of men crippled instead of healed.  They cursed instead of blessed.  Why?  Because people lacked faith, they had no confidence in themselves and their relationship with God, leaving them unsteady in their footing and dependent on man for their salvation and teaching.  This in turn gave man a higher place to stand, thereby allowing pride to take full reign in what was given to the people and what was withheld.  Control of the masses was an easy task once this spread and more stood in insecurity of God than the Security they were to be given.  

This is why the Heart is the vessel to God.  It is our compass, our telephone, our straight-line to “CHURCH” but because of the lack of confidence spreading like a famine, all calls made on what should be a secure line, have now turned into 3-way calling!  The earthly “middle-man” seems to be involved in every single conversation and call, why?  This is what turns people to ignorance thereby transitioning what should come natural, with ease into a nail-biting, sick-to-your-stomach anxiety fest of “Why don’t I hear God?  Why doesn’t He speak to me?  What am I doing wrong?  I’m not good enough to go where their going!”  It’s our own Shepherds driving the sheep over the edge of the cliff!

How do we know this is true?  Paul of Tarsus.

Paul came a little late to the game, don’t you think?  He came after the game was over really but before the Homecoming Dance, luckily!

What was the reason for Paul?  What are we as Believers to take from his stories, letters, writings and words?  By time Paul arrived on the scene, all that was left was a crowd waiting for the Fat Lady to sing, right?  Paul’s purpose was specific – he was an example of what we now, the Christians, the Church, the Believers, whatever you want to call us, Paul was our template.

Paul was us.  He was someone who knew the Law, he knew the words in the Book, he knew all there was to know about God, he was raised with that teaching from childhood on.  God used Paul as an example of what is going to happen to us and how what we’ve been taught by man is NOT what will “Teach” us – it will NOT be our TEACHER!  Paul was not taught by Jesus, nor His Disciples as he was too busy trying to kill what he didn’t know or understand.  Why?  Because of the Written Word and the Spoken Word.  Paul’s pride was not going to allow him to be like a child in what he knew – no way, he knew all the ways of God to thoroughly to even think about rethinking it all!  So, God did the only thing Paul would allow Him to do and that was to KNOCK HIM OFF THE HORSE!  He was blinded or scaled for 3 days in order to see the Truth.  He had 3 days of darkness and in those dark days as a blind man, he was shown, taught and supernaturally changed by the fear of God.  He experienced God’s power, His “shaking” and when someone is thrown from the horse like that, they have no other choice but to be still and allow the Lord to do as He sees fit!  First the Lord had to show Paul that it doesn’t matter what you want to do, you’ll do as I want you to do!  After Paul was made vulnerable, then Jesus could start a dialect with him, help him, teach him and reconcile back to him back to Himself.

What Paul was taught in those first 3 days was downloaded via the Holy Spirit and thereafter, this is where all his Divine Knowledge, Divine Understanding and Divine Wisdom came from as he was taught not by any man, but by God Himself via His Spirit, His Heart.  Paul spoke from the Heart – he was taught via the Heart where God’s Spirit rests in us all.  Paul shows us WHO OUR LIFE-GIVING WATER will be and that nothing we learn from the men of this world can give us Divine Heavenly understanding – we must receive what is Heavenly from that which comes from Heaven. All the peoples of the world or the “Believing masses” should have their vessels filled with Heavenly Manna right now and that is the Holy Spirit for He is our Messenger and Teacher and He is what teaches us the things of Heaven.  Let the Holy Spirit be your Teacher now, hear The Voice in the wind – don’t be the tumbleweed tossed around the wilderness because it keeps fighting against it, never settling next to a protective “rock” to block the brunt of that Mighty Wind!



Well, as it’s said, “It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of Kings to find it”, I doubt this is the conclusion most Believer’s come to when reading them.  But, this is what this means.

It all ties in – every number, every piece of nature – all of it a Divine Path that leads to HIS DIVINE KINGDOM.  Where is that Kingdom found?  Behind the thorns and thistles that protect it.  This is why those who crucified Him placed with crown of “broken branches” around His head.  Did you know there were 72 thorns in that crown?  What is 72 – half of 144,000, 72 ANGELIC WITNESSES!  It’s the Ram that was caught in the “thicket” God placed upon the mountain for Abraham to sacrifice INSTEAD of his son Isaac.  See the pattern there?  See the pattern here?  

Another example is David’s son Absalom – yes, he too has his “hair” caught in the thorny branches of the trees…see the patterns yet? Also, was it not Absalom that stood at the Gates of the City trying to “tickle” the ears of the people against his father King David?  Yes, why yes, I think it was!  Again, see the pattern of what is coming again before we walk into the Gates of the City?  Which way is it going to go this time as what is bound on earth is bound in Heaven and what is bad here, turns out to be good there.  So, if Absalom’s actions were disapproved of and look upon as “bad” while occurring here, will the “Words” of the One to speak in Heaven be the opposite?  Will they be heard, taken to heart?  These are the crossroads of higher-learning that will have to be met and at each of these crossroads, decisions will have to be made, just like this! Who do you say He is?  Do you know?  Will you know?  

He is not coming like He did before – no, He will look quite different and we know this how?  By the disciples “crying and wailing” in fear on the water during the storm.  They did not recognize The Lord at first – in fact, they thought He was a ghost!  It was only when they heard His VOICE, did they truly SEE HIM!  Hence, “My sheep will know my VOICE!”

I am posting a few videos I uploaded to YouTube last week and if time and God allows, I will write a second part to this post.  But, if time passes and this is not possible, please “file” what I have written above, please.  I still believe this is short and sweet!  Please do not be afraid – have a pliable open heart to truly hear His Voice and remove all judgment of what you think/thought you know that allowed you to verbally rebuke another or other Believers or person during your walk.  This story is truly the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD – but with a twist that very few could see coming…I’m on the edge of my seat!

Remember too – it’s the path “less followed” – the path where the Pearl is hidden under the brush and leaves.  You have to dig and DIG DEEPER to find it and it’s not in the open bright light.  The left turn lane is where you want to be on this trip – that is where your treasure is hidden, that is your detour.  It’s not a wrong turn – it leads you to the Exit you need that leads you Home, not home.

I’ll see you soon!

Friend of Heaven



3 Part Video – End Times in the Pit; Rising to Rooftop; Paul Double-Edged Sword (click on link to videos)



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