New Video Blog Message ~ Private Personal Video For Can You Hear Me Now Friends Only

First, let me apologize for the delay in posting but I just have had no free time – to put it bluntly…I’M POOPED!  The other day, I sat down and did a quick video message but did not post it until today so excuse me for being a few days off when you see it.  It’s been an exhausting week, not only physically, but mentally.  Now, having said this, it’s no different than any of your days/adventures/attacks, etc.  We all go through major ordeals and in no way am I saying that this is “so much worse” than anyone else”s!  I’m not going to be a “Scarlet O’Hara” and think everything that happens is “all-about-me” either as I know I am not the “exception”, but the rule!  These trials, these tests may be worse for me this week, while many of you have had lesser trials, but next week, or the week after that, maybe even next month, many of you could or will experience worse – I’m just sharing mine.

I know that I speak so much about my daughter and my new granddaughter she is carrying, with her birth date quickly approaching on June 1st, but I am all she has.  You all have been so wonderful as I give you no choice but to endure my many stories, tears, triumphs and concerns regarding both children, my son Taylor and Tara.  I’m aware too that I do not mention the father of the baby and why he is not in the picture.  Well, in the video below that I am posting only here on the Blog, I tell you just why that is and the situation surrounding the important role I assumed and am happy to take on for her during this time.  This was personal and hard to share, but, I went there and after watching the video and hearing what I have said, you will then understand the “shower” ordeal much, much better, hopefully!

Now, my son Taylor, well, that’s another matter all-to-together and he is sitting in a St. Louis County Jail as of today, April 20, 2014.  I need your prayers – I need all of you to pray ahead and ask the Lord to send His Holy Spirit out and pour over, covering those hearts that will be the decision makers regarding Taylor’s future life and punishment.  Pray that mercy is granted upon Taylor and that his punishment fits the crime and not an “example” made as so many judges love to do. Problem is, he has told so many fibs, tales and stories in the past, no one wants to believe him now…too many times did he cry wolf.  Yet, I’m still his mother and I do not want him sentenced for being immature, hurt or due to the enemies constant darts he and his demonic forces throw Taylor’s way.  We could have bailed him out, but we decided to make him face the court as now he has them going in 2 states – yet the confused child in him thinks it’a all one big misunderstanding. What do you do with a person like that?  Well, I decided a long time ago to give him to the Lord Jesus Christ because there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I can do for him but Jesus can.  Now, I must do just what I ask all of you to do – walk in the Complete Divine Faith and Belief in the Lord without fear and without falter.  I must (and I am) “whistling while I work” even when I want to bring out “Warrior Mommy” to pull every single string, favor and promise from all the people I know who can and may possibly step in to secure my request.

What I cannot do is walk ahead of the Lord and take things into my own hands.  Really…what kind of power and strength can these old hands hold, not an once I will tell you!  I cannot step out of my “Concrete Footing” of the Lord – the one that I stand in each day…that same one that keeps me from falling flat on my face each day because of it’s sure footing, it’s sure grip upon my feet that holds me steady, straight and standing.  When I stay/stand in this firm, unbreakable foundation, I am aware of my “Good Gifts” from the Lord, a “done deal” so-to-speak for my love and faithfulness and also  the promises of His Word to me.  When I walk with that pure peace upon my heart and spirit, how pleasing is that to the Lord that I praise and worship His Majesty and stand in “AWE” of his Great Glory, Mercy and Unconditional Kindness and Love during the lowest of times?  I know that this is a time in my son’s life where he must do this by the book, on his own and face the music he thought he would never have to hear, again!  I can hear the fear in his voice, the tears choking off his words and I know that he is scared beyond belief because it was just last week and last weekend that he was truly realizing just what it was in this life he had to do in order to be what he has been called to be and to do. The light bulb finally went on and stayed on but was it too late?  Was this the time that the change was going to “take”, was it really here for good?  He was studying his Hebrew books, DVD’s and CD’s trying to speak and read God’s Word in the Jewish form and was attending bible studies with his new boss who is too a believer, a devote Christian but believes in all the things we speak about here, and then Taylor was so excited about speaking at City Hall on Monday, April 21, 2014 regarding Obama Care and the RFID Chip that will soon be placed in all those who have signed up to receive this country’s new heath care.   He was celebrating a “true Passover” as he described it and was eating only Kosher food items.  When I talked to him on Thursday morning, he said, “Mom, I’m so hungry, I’m starving!”  I asked him why he was hungry – asked if they were not feeding him, etc. and what came out of his mouth was so unexpected, I thought I was going to fall right off the chair, again!  He said, “Yes Mom, they gave me food but I’m in Passover and I’m eating clean.  I asked the guard if they had a “Kosher” meal that I could eat because it was Passover and I did not want to eat anything that wasn’t!”  Really guys…what do you do with that?  How does that NOT bring a smile to your face?  I just cracked up and I have no doubt in my mind that Taylor was DEAD SERIOUS in his request because he truly wanted to please the Lord.  It was his “cleansing” time as he had met some wonderful Christians (his new boss being one) and was studying each day the true Hebrew Passover and Feasts.   Was this time truly the “game changer” or was it, just another failed attempt?  Why is it that only when we are truly scared and “in-the-wilderness” do we see how great the Promise is?  Why does it take famine over feast to make us see the error of our ways?  To add salt further to the wound…he has not one person that believes a word he says now, even when he is telling the absolute truth.  There is not one person, family or friend, who will stop on a dime and run to his rescue because of Taylor’s past “wolf cries” that all of us have believed in full-force right up until last fall/early winter.  He is desperately looking for any ear that will hear and any heart that will open because he, in his “Taylor” mind, was/still is, changing his life and all this that was done in the past, when he just “lost” his way, should be forgotten and not counted against him because he is a different person.  Again, what do you do with that?  It’s more like a child looking for anyone to come into their nursery, arms up and reaching out over or through the crib bars, ready to secure themselves against anyone who offers to pick them up or pick up their fallen pacifier or bottle!

Perfect example of his thinking:  He drove to California and while there, didn’t veer over to the toll booth line and just stayed his speed on the highway where the “Speed Pass” cars drive –  thinking, I guess, he could just drive through all of them without paying or thinking he didn’t have to pay if he did not have the money. Only for me, 2 months later, I receive tickets from that state for the “drive-through” violations.  He still doesn’t understand what he did wrong there!  How can this boy, or young man, be so genius-type smart, yet have not one ounce of “street-smart” common sense?  How does someone get 27 tickets since January 2014 for the same thing (expired plate sticker and no current insurance card on hand) and continue without the knowledge of the “what and why” of what he did and continued to do to achieve this unbelievable number of violations?  This is what I battle each day or at least 5 out of 7 days a week.  There is something, a switch of sorts, that just does not click or spark in his brain, I know this because it’s been since he was 2 years old, but now, we have all decided if he is ever going to have a life, a good, productive adult life, then this is what we must do – but it still doesn’t mean my heart is not broken.  Taylor can go to prison for 1 to 8 years or he could get less but as a mother, it’s a knife in the heart as far as the pain level, is it not?  So, who is the one that has such power to make all the “right” things happen and all the “wrong” things go away, well, surely not me that is for sure because if I had that power, wouldn’t all this already been gone, never happening in the first place and never allowed to come back again?  Yep, but since I don’t and it still continues to boil, I know only ONE who has True Power and that is the Lord Himself so that is whose Almighty Hands I put my son’s life in, His!  My role as Taylor’s mother is to stay strong in my faith and leave it all and I do mean all, in the Lord’s Hands and allow His Mercy and Will to reign upon my son and all who pray for him.  I must pray ahead that the Lord soften the hearts of man so that the enemy is not credited with a victory but cut down in motion and all the Glory, Praise and Love given to Jesus and our Father on the Throne.  Turning around what was meant for harm to be in the end, a major moment of GLORY AND VICTORY for God, is what our Lord is an expert at so why would I not sit back in His firm footing and let Him work?  Well?  Exactly – so that my friends, is what I am doing and will continue to do and I intend to not only whistle, but I will sing all-the-while until this entire ordeal is over and the Lord’s Will is done!  He knows who Taylor battles and Jesus also knows why so He will place him just where he is needed, where He needs him to be and or where he needs to be in order to learn so Taylor can fulfill his own role in these end times, for he has a special calling from God and Taylor too knows what is coming, how the events will unfold and has seen in detail the destruction, wrath and evil that walks this way and is soon to start.

All I know, Jesus has him but prayers are always the bright white lights that beam up to the Throne Room of Heaven giving power to the  words in those prayers being received at the Foot of God’s Throne and I ask for mercy upon his soul and heart when placed in front of the decision maker’s in this world but ultimately, it’s The Father’s Decision and Will that will be placed as nothing can happen unless God Himself allows it so give Him Praise, Worship, Thanks and Love!

Just a note too – the baby shower was adorable and we were a hit!  I will post about it tomorrow!  Thank you friends and again, I’m sorry if I have not replied back to prayer requests/questions/emails – it’s been a “my plate is not only full, it’s spilling over onto the floor” kind of week!  Tomorrow I will try to respond and reply.

Happy Resurrection Day to all my dear brothers and sisters and may today and every day this week or the next, be the one day He is called to retrieve His Bride Home and may that day be upon us now.  I truly cannot wait to meet you all as I know we are and will be the very best of friends!



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My Watchman On The Wall ~ Ring The Bell

Daughter listen to My Voice for it is Me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua that speaks to you today. What you feel is Me, My Holy Spirit for it cries for those that do not know Me. Your heart breaks for the lost as that is the home in which I dwell.

Warnings are coming now to all My Children as they can feel the destruction descend upon the earth. I am warning all that they seek Me and only Me like never before. Time is not the friend of the blind and deaf, those who refuse Me for their lives in this world are more than their life in Heaven which is now upon all who belong to Me. Cry no more for I have given them chance after chance to hear the voice crying in the wilderness. They refuse the God of Heaven and they obey the god of this world attached to their flesh. They have not eyes in the Spirit and scales are not falling so they must continue the course they walk blindly.

My Messengers I seek now for it is their voices that are heard by those I wish to have hearing for they are faithful and true – they hear My Words and seek My Voice through whom I speak through. Child you must not let the enemy rest in you for he desires nothing more than destruction of My Chosen Children and will try to keep all he can from fulfilling their final race across the Finish Line as he will trip their feet as they near the Banner of Love that awaits them. Cross this for that is the FINALE which leads to Me and all My Promises. Do not listen to the whispers and do not turn your head to any direction other than forward for your Heavenly Home awaits beyond the Banner.

I have given My Messengers My Voice for time is upon the earth – the time I have warned about and this generation will see the True Living Word…ME, just as written by the Prophets of Old. Listen to them, heed My Warning and settle your Spirit into the peaceful rest I have poured out. Call to Me, your Lord and Savior, for I hear you always. My Blessings are upon My Waiting Flock, My Waiting Bride for they are the True Watchers of this time. Set your face upon Heaven now as My Words become alive in the hearts of those who wait for My Spirit that is upon them; that lead them in Truth and those My Grace rests humbly upon.

Watch the signs on land and in the sky. Is it too not the writing on the wall? All that has lain in plain sight can be seen in the open so it is not long hidden and this is how all who are Mine know the time I spoke of has come. Release your cries of hunger and thirst and I will satisfy each. Now is the Time of Glory and Destruction; the Time of Rescue and Judgment as division of the people has occurred and lines drawn. I know who call on My Name and I do not know those who do not. One more time do I give them a chance of introduction – one more time will I offer forgiveness for their ignorance and disobedience and that time is here. Pray they hear My Voice and pray in Petition to My Father in Heaven that they accept what only I can give; that they allow My Spirit that awaits placement a home in them that know me not.

Child write these Words and know them, soon all of you will be with Me in Paradise as I will ready Myself to fulfill what has been promised and spoken.

I know your sadness but you must continue to do as I ask. Walk through the stale air the enemy contaminates around you. Walk in The Spirit, My Holy Spirit and let Me carry you to your firm footing so you can steady your feet and finish the RACE as I have asked. Do not quit now for if you do, you give into the enemy and he will celebrate your tears as his victory. Do not let this happen for I have you and I will supply your needs and I, Jesus Christ, will cover your house with blessings – surrounding all with My Heavenly Angels for protection against the enemy’s army he sends out through the revolving door which releases false and evil with each turn. I have you! All I promised is now here – all will be as I stated. Cry to those who have not come from her, the evil Babylon as she has many names and associates. Come out of her Children, she is not your Shepherd, she is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that mimics all good things from My Father in Heaven and she misleads the feet of My Lost Sheep. Come out of her Children as it is time she falls. Cross the Finish Line and I await you there. I have you and I will not lose any who belong to Me. Stay strong in Me – cling to Me and love all as I do because now will be what My Watchers of the Day have been ordained to do. Now they will “ring the bell” to all lands and all peoples. I tell them now Watchers, RING THE BELL of My Arrival for the time of watching is over as I now come, now I’m here. Shout My Name and tell all I have come for the day has come. RING THE BELL that the Deliver has come now to bring His Promise!

Peace be upon you Children – Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Received March 8, 2014





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Why We Must Walk Away From The Blind & Deaf Or The Unyielding Fruit Trees In Our Fields

 Well, again, I woke up this morning, popped open my groggy eyes but yet the first words out of my mouth was “Oh thank you Lord!”  I am still aware when I sleep that I am learning something…again what exactly that is, I have no idea, but He is definitely downloading still.  Last night, I had another dream of an Alien attack on the United States and/or World.  Now, this is approximately my 5th or 6th dream regarding these demonic entities coming out of the sky since last September, 2013.  I am not a prophetic dreamer in nature so at first, I just thought they were just dreams and mean nothing but after about the 4th dream, I realized they must mean SOMETHING!  The dream I had last night, I did not even have time to run…once they were seen in the air, they were down, out of the crafts and killing everything that walked, including me.  I just laid down, put my hands over the back of the head and closed my eyes because I knew there was no where to run, they had me but I knew as soon as it was over, I would be with the Lord.  I truly had no fear. Now, I know when my friend Cherie who I was so blessed to stay with for 4 extras days after the Orlando Conference, reads this post, well, her ears are sure to spike because as we were driving to the beach one day, I saw something very familiar yet I had never been to that particular city/beach in Florida yet it all looked so familiar.  I told her that in a few of the dreams I had, I was on a highway that was in between two-type bodies of water which I knew was on the Atlantic side of the country or state and I remember there was a slight up-hill overpass on this highway in the center of these waters.  Well, here is where it gets good!  As we’re leaving, she received a phone call by her best friend, another beautiful friend I made, Dr. Pat, and she was calling to say that the Causeway route they normally take (which takes you right there in no time flat) was closed and that we had to go around and take the long way to the beach.  This meant nothing to me, but apparently, it was because Cherie was like, “Really?  Are you kidding me?”  So, off we were and once we started driving, I started remembering and then, there it was…that slight up-hill overpass I clearly saw in my dreams was right smack in front of us!  That is when I said, “Um, oh Cherie, this is almost exactly what I saw and it was over to the right, over that body of water, that the “aliens” and their 100′s or 1,000′s of ships came from.”  I told her how fast they came and how everyone started running – I even saw the little patch of trees where the people were running into trying to hide (me being one of them).  I told her that I must have been an exceptionally fast runner because I didn’t stop until I was in California (ha ha) and was telling anyone who would listen about the attack on the East Coast but no sooner did I get the words out of my mouth, there they were coming in from over the waters of the Pacific Ocean and into California.




What does this mean – I HAVE NO IDEA!  Are these just dreams with no rhyme or reason as most dreams are, especially mine?  They could be and I am in no way, shape or form, telling anyone who reads this to believe this will happen or is going to happen just as I’ve seen and told.  Do I think there is a deeper meaning behind them…yes, yes I do because of the specifics in each dream but will this happen the way I dreamed, most probably not but it was, I believe, the Lord showing me what, along with everything else, is coming upon the earth.   Now, having said all this, I received an email this morning from one of my dear sister’s in Christ who is a true Daughter of the Lord and receives (and has posted) many messages from the Lord telling me to watch this video.  This was in response to another very heavy message I received on April 4th, 2014 in which the Lord was giving huge warnings, not only to me to write, but also through my other 3 friends who He calls “Daughters”.   I cannot release it yet, but I am just waiting as I feel permission will be granted anytime, I truly do.  In this message though, I was given a specific day-of-the-week, not a DATE, but a day (ie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) but it meant nothing what-so-ever to me.  Well, sure enough in the video I was asked to watch, the day matched and this is why my friend thought I might need to see it as I truly had no understanding of this day and why He would mention it to me or have me forward to another because they would have understanding of what He was saying regarding this same day.  Did I lose you there?  I hope your still with me in this because this is exactly how Jesus confirms each message He gives…confirmation always comes via these 3 friends or another message from someone I have never seen or heard.  I wish I could post the transcript of what I read today but as of yet, I cannot but it has to do with those demonic aliens and their soon arrival on this earth.  They will come, introduced to the world as peaceful entities caring for the people of earth but in reality, they are demons in disguise and have come to kill.  This time is similar to the date we are looking to this month, the day of Passover and “tax-day” as this day is HUGE on God’s Calendar, His Gold Ring in Heaven which does not measure time/dates/hours/minutes as we do, but by EVENTS and the passing of those said EVENTS! Although I have never seen God’s Gold Wheel Clock in person, below is one of the oldest clocks in existence.  This is just me thinking out loud and visualizing His Clock of Events/Times.  I see as much smaller that sectioned out below, but the mechanics, the cogs is what I think is important.  I see it as just one large piece with multiple wheels within the one large wheel.

Comayagua: one of the oldest clocks in the world

Why doesn’t anyone know the day or hour that God the Father will send His Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, in the clouds, saying, “Now, go get your Bride!”?  Jesus says that not even the “Son” knows this time and now we all have been given to reason why this is – there is no day or hour to know.  Since God has already spoken His Word into existence, it must happen at the appointed time, a time however we do not know.  He spoke these EVENTS into play at the beginning so each must exist and come-to-pass as spoken but we have no idea what they are or the exact timing of these to which they will occur as there is no set day or time, only the Word of God who gave them life and now, are just waiting for the cogs on His Ring of Events, His True Measure of Time, to turn.  As I have said before, there are many events that are yet to be seen, yet to happen, but we, the Bride of Christ, are only awaiting ONE.  One EVENT that needs to occur before all that I have shared with you, from what I have been taught, along with a few hundred more, over  the past 18 months.  The Lord keeps repeating to us over and over that the earthquakes are a sure sign and that the alignment in the sky is surely there for us to watch and see…that the timing of His Coming is right there in front of us, all is in PLAIN SIGHT!  He has told us that we are in the Season of His Return and now He has clearly told us to “READY YOUR FIELDS AND READY YOUR HOUSES”; He wants us to make sure we have planted our seeds, watered our seeds and have tended to our fields as all good workers of the field do.  We are the Vineyard Owner ‘s (God) farmers, field workers and we must continue to produce a good harvest but at the same time, we need to know when one or more of the Vines or Trees that we watch over and tend, is not growing nor receiving “good nutrients” needed for their growth, survival and are in danger of damaging or destroying the “Good Fruit” they were planted and designed to produce.  We must realize where our limited ability is, just what we can do and not do, knowing how and when we must give these who are in danger of decay and rot, over to the Vineyard Owner as it is for He Himself, to oversee their healing, growth and life as only the Owner knows His Field and the soil He plants on.  We do not have the tools certain Trees in the Vineyard need to survive in order to be a good producer of the fruit it was designed to produce and harvest – only the Owner Himself carries that knowledge and wisdom and it is only He, The Owner,  that has the ULTIMATE POWER to decide which must be cut down, which He will allow another chance and which ones He is ready to reap, ready to Harvest because He has tasted their fruit and it is GOOD!  He has the overall say in all these things – not the worker, and we are to do just as we are told but to, learn all He has shown and taught us so we can plant in the good soil that pleases Him.

Bottom line to this – WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER NOR THE ABILITY TO SAVE ANYONE ELSE UPON THIS EARTH…WE ARE POWERLESS IN OTHER’S SALVATION AND ALL NEED TO RECOGNIZE THIS NOW!  But, we all need to know what we can do, what capabilities we do have and that is the POWER OF PRAYER!  We can pray in Jesus’ Name to our Father in Heaven, God Almighty who sits on the Throne of Heaven, that He, and He ALONE, removes the scales from their blind eyes and He, and He ALONE, opens up their ears so they are no longer deaf, unable to hear His Voice and Call.  They cannot SEE nor can they HEAR what we do as God Himself must grant this, must allow this GREAT BLESSING AND GIFT!  Remember, we, all of us,  are truly praying for the afflicted, the truly BLIND and the truly DEAF born into this world.  Who was the Great Healer of these curses in the Bible?  Jesus, right?  So why would we not go to Him now as done in the past?  You, we, all of us who so love the Lord, must again pray ahead and ask the Lord to allow this transformation, this healing in those we love and care about but you must do this NOW!  They cannot see that what we are trying to share with them is LOVE COMING DOWN as they cannot see at all – it is like a veil of darkness covering their spirit, thereby blocking the Divine Light we are so passionately trying to place around them or in them…we just want them to see “The Light” that fills us, guides us, teaches us but more importantly, loves us.  We cannot shake sense into them nor can we talk to them till we are “blue-in-the-face”.  Ask the Lord to do this work, to give this blessing and then, move on because while we are spending to much time in this one spot, we are neglecting our field, our other Vines/Trees that the Lord asked us to attend, to work and to water.  We are not the Savior, Jesus is but He, through His Holy Spirit, His Helper that He sent us, can do great things and through The Helpers’ Great Divine Power, we can ask Him for His Greatness through prayer and this my friends, is where our power lies…it lies in all things Him.  We must remember in these last days that we walk in this…”just BE and let Him DO!” Today I ask that all my “friends-of-heaven”, give them up, give all you have been trying to save, to the Lord Himself and let go as this is where your power lays, no where else.  Give them ALL to Him, release your prayers up to the Throne of God and walk away but walk away whistling, walk away smiling and in joy because you know your Father in Heaven holds the only True Power of Change these blind, deaf loved ones need and that He will do what He ordained to be done from the beginning.







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EDITED SOUND Apr 8, 2014 3 New Video Upload~READY YOUR HARVEST FIELD~Prophecy Conference Talk; Fight For Your God


Below I am posting 3 new video uploads that were downloaded last night and this morning.  I put them on a Playlist so they should play one right after the other.   I know the first video is 55 minutes, sorry but I just had a lot to talk about – all three of the videos have information I needed to share with everyone, I was on a roll!

God Bless you and I hope all of my friends have a beautiful wonderful day!

Mary Beth (friendofheaven)


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Oh That Arlo! What A Dog’s Fear Can Teach You About Human Fear & This Little Light of Mine

By now, many of my friends here at Can You Hear Me Now and those that watch my videos, have a pretty good idea by now, I think, how I battle each day with my little dog Arlo…or should I say my daughter’s dog by default.  You see, about 4 years ago, my daughter Tara who is now 31, drove 3 hours from our home to purchase me this little guy and surprised me at Christmas – and boy, was I surprised!  You see, about 5-6 months prior to that, my neighbors brought home a brand spanking new puppy and of course, I was all “ga-ga” over that adorable little dog and in my “puppy-bliss”, I nonchalantly said, “Oh Tara, you can get me one of these for Christmas!”  I WAS IN THE MOMENT – I DIDN’T REALLY MEAN IT!  I’ve already been through all the doggy stages I wanted to go through and I had a business to run (solo) so I knew I did not have the time nor the energy training and taking care of a high-maintenance “designer” dog as that is what they call this breed, the Shorkie which is a mix between a Yorkie and Shitzu.  At the same time I was contemplating the distress of what my coming days/weeks/months would be like bringing this little guy up-to-speed on the “do’s and don’t’s” that I do and do not allow, I realized Arlo was a Special Needs dog as he immediately showed signs of Separation Anxiety which then led to SEVERE Separation Anxiety.  Each day held something new and over-the-top that the previous day lacked and soon I had to just face the fact that he was more than I could handle so, downstairs to live with my daughter did he go.  We were still in the same house and I still was with him everyday but she had to take the bulk of responsibility in the “Doggy Daycare” scenario.

Arlo is also a runner and each time you let your guard down, get a little relaxed in your demeanor and open the front door without securely backing him away, he would see that small opening and DASH DOWN THE ROAD!  I cannot tell you how many times I had to chase Arlo down the street in my pajamas, barefoot or with dripping wet hair and trust me, these little jaunts normal lasted longer than just a few minutes – many times leading to posters on the poles with “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DOG” or “HAVE YOU SEEN ARLO – AGAIN” plastered throughout.  Each time we would eventually get a call and we would have to go to the Animal Control Center in town and pick the little runaway up.  Remember, he has SEVERE separation anxiety so can you imagine what he was like when we would finally get there?  It was all just too much for him and he would be almost catatonic until we would walk in the door  - then it seemed like in a flash the memory of what he just experienced just vanished from his little mind…until the next time he did the exact same thing!   This is why I may seem a little “over-it-all” at times but please know, I do love this little guy very much – he is just “special”!  The insane barking he does throughout the day, all day at times, just gets to my very last nerve because he runs from window to window like a maniac and acts like he wants to rip whoever he sees coming or going down the street into a thousand pieces.  If these people are walking slow and taking their sweet ‘ole time, well, let’s just say, it becomes very trying on me and I again, I have to use whatever “tools” I have at my disposal which lately has been my lamaze-like breathing technique.  Then to make matters worse, he has started biting me, breaking the skin biting which he seems to have no comprehensible thought or memory of which allows him to come up and cuddle right next to you just minutes after.  This is a problem with the baby coming as we are not the type of people to have a spastic dog around a baby or children, regardless the size or age as it’s just not acceptable – babies/children always must come first and their safety is just unquestionable in the matter.  So, as one last plea to help Arlo and his anxiety, Tara signed him up for Dog Obedience School (he is the only one in the class) where we both must attend as Arlo thinks we both are his mom.  (I’m getting to my point of the story soon, I promise.)

While I was away for 7 days, Arlo was NOT a good boy!  He would not go potty outside for my daughter and she said that she had to physically carry him and set him on the porch and tell him to go (yes it is fenced in).  He was having none of it – it was like he was just a wimpy, whiny little kid throwing tantrums and he was!  He was mad because I was gone so he continually went potty in my room and on my things (thank you goodness not many were left as I was moving all downstairs).  The minute I walked back in the door, he went into a back-hind two-legged dance and has not stopped following me since.  Now keep in mind, these last few months I thought he hated me because he has bitten me 4 or 5 times so this act of “Oh I missed you – Oh I missed you” slightly caught me off-guard and a tad confused.  He loves me, yet his doggy-way of thinking and actions caused by that,  to be honest, has left me feeling detached, not really wanting to be close to him because I can’t judge his responses nor his reaction to the normal things in life.  Now this is what the dog trainer has told us – he barks, bites and does everything he has done due to fear.   The reason he scratches the glass hundreds of times in a non-stop fast speed as he does when he sees the Mailman is because each day he sees him coming, barking non-stop, watching him walk to the mailbox then walks away and leaves.  Arlo thinks that he does this…that his barking and all his protective spasms/fits is what makes the Mailman eventually walk away!  In his mind, IT IS WORKING – HE IS PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!  How about that one!  He actually thinks that all his big bad barking and hysterics keeps people away from his home and his loved ones.

How many people, like me, have just assumed they knew what the problem was and became so regulated, repeating over and over the same disciplinary action day after day?  No wonder the poor little thing wasn’t getting any better because in truth, he thought he was doing something so good and was completely confused in his little mind each time he was scolded!  Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t get on my nerves 24/7, because it obviously does, but at least now, I have factual insight and knowledge of what the underlying problem really is.  Now, I can start the process of correction, change and hopefully, Arlo can learn to release at least some of the fear that overtakes the little guy each day or at times, every minute of every day.  If fear makes animals react this way – wow, makes you think and see just what it does to humans.  Is this why so many people act and say things they do in such ways it makes people want to avoid them as much as possible?  Is this their way of showing love to the ones they say they love yet leaving those loved ones again oblivious to just what kind of love they are showing them?  Do you get what I am trying to point out here?

People who live in fear BARK, SCRATCH AND BITE or they HIDE UNDER THE TABLE OR BED and when they think someone is trying to hurt not only them, but a family member or loved one, like Arlo, they show their teeth, howling a continual warning growl until the POSSIBLE intruder or danger has passed or has passed on.  Fear wrecks lives…Fear misleads ones true intentions…Fear causes division due to misunderstanding…Fear readjusts ones ability to show and receive love…Fear allows good to be perceived as bad/evil…Fear causes unfair judgment of persons, places and things…Fear can make a person feel less than what God made them to be…Fear allows one to rely on themselves, not God…Fear settles in a heart so one will live in the past of “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED”…Fear holds a person from the future and walking to the “OH ONLY IF THAT WOULD HAPPEN”…Fear keeps many from hearing the TRUTH…the truth that can truly set you free!  I was thinking about this as I was looking at poor little Arlo with all that “FEAR” inside of him – fear he cannot realize is keeping him from so many “treats” in life; fear that keeps him running in circles ALL – DAY – LONG!  How many humans do you think this happens to?

Fear is not from the Lord as anything that keeps a person in bondage is of the enemy and that is exactly what fear does, it binds a person and keeps them bound from walking free, without restraints.  The time we are coming into is a very frightful time be assured but not if you have no fear because you know and are confident where your feet will land.  When a person has no clue of the stability upon which they stand, well, one will always be afraid because the ground beneath them as not been secured – there is no Seal-Of-Approval given so with each step they take, they must take it as if they are walking through a mine field and yes, that is and will always be a very scary and fearful walk.  Could you imagine a path laid out with only quicksand…a path you no doubt would have to walk each day, all day?  Well, this is what people do when they do not have our Lord Jesus carrying them over those spots or the non-believers who stand on their own shaking, unstable ground not secured and “APPROVED AND AUTHORIZED” by Jesus Himself.  Wow, what a scary scary way to live – and even more chilling is what these people will have to cross in the very near future…can you imagine all the sinking bodies because they had no Guide to lead their steps?

I honestly feel that these are many of the same people who are the non-stop BARKERS AND BITERS, screaming uncontrollably at anyone who speaks to them regarding The Kingdom of Heaven as they must have a true deep-rooted fear that never leaves them.  They may talk a big game as we very well know they do, but realistically, down deep, they have no GAME to even speak of because you must be a PLAYER to be in the game and to be a player, you must have a COACH and we all know that people who live in fear, have no one to coach them, teaching them to play.  It’s so sad you know because if they would allow themselves the one-on-one training guarantied to them from the ULTIMATE HEAD COACH, they would  then be able to run full force into the game with their no-fear skills, allowing them to take home a sure VICTORY!  Fear is darkness, joy is light and as we very well know, the two cannot reside together, they cannot even play together let alone live together because fear will always be the deep well that never dries up – it has a never-ending source of renewal, feverishly filled each day by the joyful hands of the enemy because pouring fear into a person is his main source of joy – never mistake that fact.  When a Believer in the Lord is filled with the joys of the enemy, is douses and dims the Light that shines bright within them, dulling it with each trip to the well until finally, it is snuffed out like one does a candle flame and when that happens, the Light can no longer be seen by Jesus and Our Father on the Throne…all they see is darkness where there once was light.  So in sense, another one bites the dust.

Did you know that our Lights that shine bright within us, can get dimmer and brighter with each move we make?  Prayers strengthen the Light, while fear darkens it.  I keep saying we are in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES and as God’s Faithful, our Lights need to be shining like never before for we are the ones that show the others the way Home so how can we do that if we have no Light to shine or if it’s too dull for anyone to see or follow?  So like I have been saying, Whistle While You Work…now, I think we should be singing, “I’m going to let it shine, oh this little Light of Mine!”  Goodness and all that is Good is from God; all that is corrupt, hurtful, deceiving or mean, is NOT so now, especially now, we all need to walk in His Goodness so we can let our little Lights shine BIG and “let it shine…let it shine…oh let it shine!”

After I finished typing this post, I went to YouTube to try to find an upload of the song “This Little Light of Mine” – instead, I found a video song by Odetta and what really made this entire post about knock me off my chair, again, was what she says before she starts singing.  It was very similar, if not in fact the same thing, as I was trying to state above.  Isn’t God just so great!


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Look In The Mirror~That Is Who Jesus Is Coming To Get And Know, He Is Not On Demand, We Are!

MB Orlando airport


Friends, I will tell you that sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at our Lord’s sense-of-humor! It truly never ceases to amaze me…that, and “His All Perfect Timing” of just where He plants our feet so that the steps we take in the allotted hours He so graciously grants us are placed in the exact spots He wants and/or needs them to land. He always has a Grand Plan, does He not? He always knows what direction we will go even when we have not a clue!

If you have been with me since the beginning of this “never-in-a-million-years-did-I-think-I-would-do-this” journey, you knew early on, right-out-of-the-gate, I am completely led by the Holy Spirit and am completely at the mercy of the Lord in what I am to share with you my friends – some days I still try to grasp the gravity of the situation and the responsibility for the words/understanding I share. I am and always have been a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of girl, leaving worry to worry about itself and I always knew that somehow it would all work out, whether or not I was organized, well-planned or not. For the most part, I have walked my life in ignorant bliss of how the day will wrap up – knowing it’s conclusion was occurring with or without me and it would happen regardless of what was pre-scheduled in my Daily Planner or just thrown in-mind that very morning. What was going to happen was going to happen whether I was ready or not! If I have never believed those words as much as I do today – this is why I was in my own little “Peace-of-Mind” (yes, I know I misspelled “piece”) and I do not change my “drive-speed” just because of the people around me who live their days the opposite. I have finally learned to “Whistle while I work”!

Last Thursday my flight to Orlando was departing at 9:15 am and we all know they say to arrive to airport at least 2 hours in advance just to have enough time to pass through security and all that entails, right? Well, I had gotten to bed around 1:30 but both my daughter and myself had our alarms set for 5:00 am so I could get up, shower, PACK and leave in enough time as it is a 40 minute drive to the St. Louis Airport. Well, my daughter wakes me up WELL AFTER 6 am as neither of the sounds blasted loud enough to wake even the lightest of sleepers so needless to say, the clock was ticking but I was just as calm, cool and collected as if I had 4 hours to spare. I had been just too tired to pack my bag the night before so decided to complete that task in the morning (of course I did) but now, I had no time to decide which 4 pair of black leggings to take and which hoodies/cardigans/t-shirts needed to be worn with them. My daughter insisted that I take none of my usual wear that everyone here has seen at least a zillion times so she had placed all these out-fits on my bed along with scarves, accessories, etc. Now remember friends, I have gained at least 12 to 14 pounds just in the last 10 weeks which I can thank my daughter’s pregnancy for (sympathy baby weight) and since I wear “comfy” clothes around the house, I had not realized that ALMOST ALL MY CLOTHES WERE NOW WAAAYYYY TOO TIGHT! I can be a lot of things but I cannot be miserable in another state, away from home in clothes that do not fit, especially when they are fitting on the small side, way too small side! Anyway, my mind was on overload and making this decision become a bit too important, a tad to confusing and I just could not stand thinking about it for one more minute! I decided to lay out the suitcase just below my bed, take my arm/hand and scoop ALL of it into my luggage, tossing flip-flops, a pair of boots and who knows what else into opening compartment and zipped it up! I could not tell you at that point what was in there and what was not in there – but I knew I would definitely be surprised when I arrived in Florida!

We left the house close to 7:30 am (remember plane departs at 9:15 plus I have a 40 minute drive), stopped by Starbucks for a to-go coffee and was on our way. I told my daughter to drive the speed limit, take her time as I was not going to “freak-out” or let anxiety of time or the lack of, fill me and I didn’t. I was calm, easy…I was Whistling While I Worked. We arrive at the check-in curb area of Southwest at 8:20 am, kissed my daughter good-bye then went on my way. Small line there but nothing too bad – continued onto the security line only to stand there for about 10-15 minutes then they told me I had already checked-in via on-line so I didn’t have to wait in that line at all, I was allowed to walk through the short line (no one was in that line), passing through a non-crowded handbag/carry-on/body scan area (hassle free) which then allowed me direct access to my awaiting departure gate. WITH 15 MINUTES TO SPARE BEFORE BOARDING!

See! I let the Lord keep and take all anxiety that could have festered there; I started with a faithful heart and a worry-free heart and truly expecting nothing less that what I knew He would do. Just let me say, this process was repeated in a very similar way today in regards to my return flight back home. I still have a giggle in my voice and a smile on my face sitting in my seat thinking about it – really I do! My steps today led me to exact, no precise spots He, our Precious Lord, wanted me to rest in because in each one, I spoke a word or two about this past weekend’s conference and what I do. I was able to open my mouth in a casual, yet “this is why I’m here” stance leaving all whom I spoke to with small seeds of information. Not too much, not too little (hopefully) but just enough to have them remember what God is doing when the events we know are coming, occur.

Now, back to my original thoughts on why I believe the Lord had me do all this, citing always that the Blog/Videos I share are not for everyone but for specific people that the Lord Himself is sending, directing via Heavenly Breadcrumbs to me so they can hear whatever it was the Lord needed/wanted them to hear. It was His Way of getting them to the spot He ordained and needed them to be but seemed to be having trouble walking there and this was His Way of confirming with those people (YOU) that 1) yes indeed it was His Holy Spirit you were feeling, knowing, hearing but because of the doubt and lack-of-faith in YOU, not HIM, you were not able to climb over that last hurdle or hump at the tip of that mountain He needed you to cross; 2) He brought you here so this doubt within could be recognized, removed and you could finally see all what He had planned for you – so you could see just how important you all are, we all are, in His Heavenly Kingdom’s End-Time Army and your place in the Bride of Christ; 3) that He uses everyone regardless what type of personality you have – showing especially how it is us that is called by Him, not the other way around…we are called “On-Demand”, not the other way around. What I mean by this is that God picks us, it’s totally His Decision and although we erroneously think God comes when we call and want Him, in truth, it is us that comes to Him when He calls and not the other-way-around! He is going to use all persons, and who He made them to be, whether others think they or you are God Material or not! It’s His Way, His Show and HE IS THE STAR!

I have said this many times that the Lord knows exactly who is He coming to get, no great surprise there so please do not listen to other “Christians” who think you need to look, walk, talk and morph suddenly into someone who mirrors them and someone you are not! If He wanted us/you to be someone else, He would not have made you who you are, right! Do not let anyone else Believer or Non-Believer, dictate who you are and where you stand in the Lord and His Kingdom just because it’s different by man’s standards and views. Listen to the Lord for He is the one that made each of His Children to be the original artwork He so designed and, with great thought and care might I add! No other human can define another’s stance in God’s Eyes…He sees something He needs in each He calls, something He can use, the way He can/will use them and His Design Work is precise, well-planned and is never by chance or mistake – it will never fail. His Grand Plan that includes you, will be victorious and perfect because His Creation was made in His Image and to His exact specifications so each “t” is crossed and each “i” is dotted. Don’t worry – that’s is His job and His burden to carry so keep always in your mind these things when you start to think that He could never or would never use you because you are not the “picture book” Christian other “Christians” impress on you to be. Be the Child of the Lord, the Christian that the Lord Himself designed you at the beginning to be and embrace all that goes with it, with you and your importance to God, especially now. Remember, all who were born of this generation, was done so according to God’s Ultimate Planning and He ordained is so, knowing this turnout from the beginning. We/you were made for just this time so do not look to the right, to the left – only forward to where He stands so you may be blessed and see the reason He made you, made all of us again to His exact specifications and patterns for this specific time in history and not a minute before. Grab this, hold it and walk in confidence He knows what He is doing and know that God does not make mistakes and hopefully, He will fill your heart and spirit with the confidence, love and strength supernaturally in order for your vessel to be completed – standing firm with understanding as you hear His final call to service.

Really, I truly hope that God blesses each and every one of you dear sisters and brothers in Christ and may He grant all of us Peace-of-Heart!


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Video~Quick Review of Prophecy Conference Orlando 2014~Major Confirmation!


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