Death By Lethal Injection Replaced With Death By Guillotine Coming Soon

As I was watching Fox News this morning, I happened to see the story of the Arizona Death Row inmate who was put to death via lethal injection…or should I say who they tried to put to death only he lingered for a few hours before the poison took affect, thereby leaving the whole country in a irate irritated state, upset with the way the United States is putting their condemned prisoners to death.  All are now saying, “There must be a more human procedure, simpler way to do this!” and alas, the door will now be opened – death by guillotine will soon be introduced.

I remember, I think, the last prisoner they tried to execute did not die immediately either; he too lingered for a longer period of time thereby again, causing outrage.  See, see the pattern?  They are making their case for a less painful, quicker yet effective way to execute people in this country and now, they have their excuse to move forward and bring all options up front and center.  Oh, didn’t know that this country has approximately 30,000 guillotines just waiting to be seen by the unknowing, yet still trusting public?  Yes, sorry to be the one to tell you this but they have been unpacked, polished and set-up, not-yet collecting dust at many of the military bases around this great country of ours.  I can just hear the argument now about how this is the “best” way to do things now because we cannot allow another to die in such a horrific way as these last 2 prisoners have.  Oh, they are good but you know, we are better because we are aware, standing firm with our eyes wide open and can recognize a pre-planned set-up when it’s plastered in front of us each and every day.  Thank you Lord Jesus for your Spirit of Discernment upon your children!

In the first few seconds of that news clip I watched, I knew this was the time they were to make their move and would start rolling out this death device that is prophesied in the Bible and used to full-fill God’s Word.  Can you say “beheading” with an allegorical view or doubt in your voice now?  Nope, didn’t think so.  Again, Jesus has already showed us how these will part of the Tribulation  and used, literally and this was total confirmation for me today that it is coming quicker than the people of this good country can imagine…pray for them for it will be their heads that will pay the price.

HB 1274 – Death penalty; guillotine provisions


1- 8  The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to
1- 9  death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for
1-10  transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that
1-11  electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for
1-12  transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting
1-13  this legislation is to provide for a method of execution
1-14  which is compatible with the donation of organs by a
1-15  condemned prisoner.


1-16  Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official Code of
1-17  Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty generally,
1-18  is amended by striking in its entirety Code Section
1-19  17-10-38, relating to death sentences generally, and
1-20  inserting in lieu thereof the following:

1-21    “17-10-38. (Index)

1-22    (a) All persons who have been convicted of a capital
1-23    offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death
1-24    shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such
1-25    punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine.  If
1-26    the condemned fails to make an election by the thirtieth
1-27    day preceding the date scheduled for execution, punishment
1-28    shall be by electrocution.

1-29    (b) In all cases in which the defendant is sentenced to be
1-30    electrocuted executed, it shall be the duty of the trial
1-31    judge in passing sentence to direct that the defendant be
-1- (Index)

LC 21 3643

2- 1    delivered to the Department of Corrections for
2- 2    electrocution execution at a state correctional
2- 3    institution designated by the department.”


2- 4  Said article is further amended by striking in its entirety
2- 5  Code Section 17-10-44, relating to death chamber apparatus
2- 6  and related matters, and inserting in lieu thereof the
2- 7  following:

2- 8    “17-10-44. (Index)

2- 9    The Department of Corrections shall provide a death
2-10    chamber and all necessary apparatus, machinery, and
2-11    appliances for inflicting the penalty of death by
2-12    electrocution or by guillotine.”

Where would the proposed Georgia Legislature guillotines have come from unless the United States government was in fact holding these some 30,000 machines and were going to replace them to be used as the best possible “death penalty” option?

Organ Harvesting – Yes, not only can death by guillotine allow them to kill 100 per hour, it is a nice clean way to harvest organs inside those bodies.  This will become a very important need to the robotic inventions we have heard so much about and will no doubt be used in the most evil, demonic way possible.  Organs are in very high demand all around the world – the Black Market is thriving with this organ trade business and it is not going to go away…

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NEWS FROM THE ISRAEL FRONT ~ “Why We Fight…” By Dan Gordon Captain IDF (RES)

I just finished reading this amazing story regarding Israel’s battle to stay alive or at least the Jewish people’s plight to stay alive.  I just cannot imagine going through what these people, God’s People, go through each and every day and for some, it’s been their entire life experience.  It’s funny and sad at the same time, what the world chooses to see, believe and deny. Most have become immune to the truth and enamored with the lie while the ones in between, well, they just don’t care as long as their life and the lives of their family members stay at a constant “status-quo”.

The following story showed me the kindness and the compassion God Himself placed in His People, even though their eyes are not open to Jesus, the True Messiah and Son of God, they love their enemies and their neighbors.  It showed me they forgive over and over even when their surroundings tell them not to.  They have not let their hearts become hard and tainted as I’m sure Satan tries so hard to do…instead, they strive for peace…a peace that will never come.  I think now, at this time in history, the Jewish people are beginning to realize that like never before.  Please pray for our Sister Israel for God says “Those that bless Israel, I will bless and those that curse Israel, I will curse!”  Pray not only for peace and safety of these wonderful Jewish neighbors, but also that their hearts remain soft, loving and warm and that the devil’s plan of hardening them is foiled for good…just like the plots of the Muslim-led attacks against ALL God’s People.  Thank Him for the faithfulness in the Israeli Army for their continuing effort and determination to save their small, yet powerful and blessed country, God’s special gift to the Jews for years of wait and promise, Israel.

News from the Front!  by Dan Gordon Captain IDF (RES)

Why We Fight….

Years ago in my misspent youth, as a film student at UCLA ,I saw a World War II documentary called “ Why We Fight’” So this is my go at it. But I’m not a good enough writer to do this one the way it ought to be done.I apologize for that up front. You won’t be able to feel what I felt yesterday in the the warm embrace of a an amazing family who live in one of the small agricultural communities on the border they share the Hamas’s Terrorist enclave in Gaza, and who have been under almost constant fire for thirteen years. I won’t be able to convey the emotion, the frustration, the courage, the grace, the anger at a world that refuses to see what’s right in front of them, the love, even for their so called enemies, their unbelievable determination not to give in to the terror their terrorist enemies try day and night to instill in them, their determination to live their lives in peace in their own country, a right every American, Canadian, Frenchman Brit, you name it, takes for granted. And why not? Even if those countries go to war, no one is sworn to kill every last one of them. No one denies them their right simply to breathe. Besides, America’s and Nato’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in Bosnia and Kosovo are a world away.

This family’s war is literally a few hundred meters away.

Read that one again.

I didn’t say it was a few hundred miles away. Like ,say you lived in LA ,and the war was in Las Vegas.

I didn’t say it was a few hundred kilometers away. Like, say you lived in New York, and it was at the other end of New Jersey.

I didn’t even say it was a mile away.

The war they face and have faced almost constantly for thirteen years is about two thousand meters, as the rocket flies, from their front door. At least that’s the distance away from their front door that it was up until a few days ago when the first thirteen terrorists popped up like zombies from graves opening up on their FRONT LAWN! Except these weren’t Zombies on a cable TV series. There’s no way to switch channels on this one. These were terrorists, armed to the teeth with anti tank missiles, machine guns , grenades, handcuffs, tranquilizers, all bent on murdering, maiming,kidnapping and taking hostage as many of them and their children as possible.

Imagine if Afghanistan wasn’t in Afghanistan. Imagine if it was on your front porch.

That’s their reality.

That’s where the war is.

Quite literally in their front yard.

You have gophers who come up out of holes and eat your petunias, let’s say?

They have Hamas terrorists who come up out of sophisticated tunes, some of them built, by the way with YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

A dear friend of mine, Vicki, is married to my high school classmate who has been one of my best friends since I was a kid in Israel fifty years ago. She knows I’m “ down South” in the war zone. So is her son Benji who serves as a medic in the Homefront command. She said, ” lLsten, if you want a shower or a chance to rest or a hot meal or even someone to wash your uniform,I have a dear friend in one of the border communities. She and her family have opened up their home to any soldiers in the area. And check with Benji and give him a ride down there too if he wants a break. So I check with Benji, but he’s not getting any breaks today, not with the amount of rockets Hamas is launching against our civilians. He’s on constant alert. But I’m not that important. If I want a break I can take it. I’d kill to stretch out on a mattress right now and take a nap. I smell a bit ripe because one tends to sweat a tad in a flack jacket. I’d love a shower and a change of uniform. So absolutely, I’m headed down to see her friend. Let’s call her Rachel. Not her real name because she asked me not to use it. So I plug the name of the community into the GPS and I’m off .

And the closer I get the louder the sounds of war and the more I have to pull off to the side of the road and take cover from the rocket attacks.The rockets don’t bother me as much as the mortars because there’s no warning with a mortar round. No siren, no Code Red alert on the radio , no phone app that says watch out you might just get killed if you don’t take cover in the next fifteen seconds. Besides the closer I get the less time there is to take cover. Fifteen seconds is going to seem like a life time in a few more kilometers.

Now understand, I’m a former kibbutznik. I know what a little agricultural village looks like. But reality begins to change the closer I get.

The MPs have closed the road leading to this little community and the dozens of others down here. Only residents and military personal can get through. But I’m in Uniform and flak jacket and show my officer’s I.D. and they wave me through, assuming obviously, I must be a fighter, a warrior on his way to take up his position on the front. In reality I’m a lazy so and so who wants a shower, a free meal and a cot..

But when I get to this little community the thing that assaults your senses first are the sounds of battle. Its deafening and constant. Because this is where the war is. It’s not in Afghanistan or Bosnia or anywhere else far away. It’s not even like the wars of my youth in Sinai or the Golan Heights.

It’s right here! It’s in their front yard. I don’t mean their metaphorical front years. I mean the front yard they water. Soldiers, and not any soldiers, not sad sack, rear echelon guys someone gave a weapon to, and said go stand guard at that latrine, type soldiers. I mean elite combat soldiers in full battle gear. I mean as good as it gets soldiers, weapons at the ready, helmets, flack jackets, locked and loaded soldiers. Except this isn’t an army base or some battlefield “somewhere” else, anywhere else but here, in these peoples’ front yard.

I ask directions to Rachel’s house and get there and it’s locked. She’s not there. I go next door. Maybe I have the wrong house. This looks like the right one because someone has set up cots on the front porch. They’ve even put a tv outside . I’m already eyeing the cot I mean to sleep on. I knock on the door and a big hearted woman with a smile that could light up the world comes to the door. “ I’m making the pizzas “ she says, “ But they’re not ready yet.”

“ I’m Vicki’s friend” I say. “ She said if I was in the area..”

“ What Vicki?” she says.

OK I must have the wrong house . “ I’m looking for Rachel” I say

“ I’m Rachel “ she says.

“ But you don’t know Vicki?”

“ You must want the other Rachel.She lives next door.”

“ Oh “ I say, “ She’s not home”

“Okay, “ She says, “ So come on in. Sit down , rest. The pizzas will be ready soon. You want something to eat?”

This woman doesn’t know me from Adam, but I’m a soldier, so now I’m quite simply family, even though I have the wrong house, I have the right one.

The house smells of all good things . Onions and mushrooms being sautéed for the pizza, the aroma of coffee, dough beginning to bake like fresh bread in the oven.

It smells like home.

But it sounds like war.

Artillery , tank fire, small arms fire, rockets and mortars . ‘How can it sound like war?” I think,” She’s making pizza. She has kids and two dogs, and vegemite, if somebody ever wanted anything like that. But it’s a home, a normal home. Except there’s a war going on not miles away but a few thousand yards away..”

She introduces me to her daughter and son, two of four or five kids she has. The daughter is 30 and a beauty, in that feisty, friendly, farm girl way. The son is a teenager, tall, handsome kid, very much being the man of the house while the father is away. In addition to the pizza and the onions and mushrooms being sautéed, I smell something else. I smell a story. I explain who I am, what I’m doing, and ask if I can interview her and her son and daughter about what it’s like to live literally in a war zone, under constant fire and threat of being killed.

“ I don’t want to be interviewed” she says.

The daughter says, “ Come on Imma ( Mom), it’s a chance to unload, to say what’s in your heart”

“ I’m not unloading anything. I’m making pizza”

Just then on the t.v. there is a some kind of an app. It shows that rockets have just hit a few miles down the road.

“ Imma, “ the son says, again, being the man looking after his mother and older sister, “ They’re coming our way.”

The mother glances at the t.v.. Then she looks at her stove as if to see if there’s anything that needs attending to before the rockets begin to fall. I turn to the daughter. “ What’s it like living like this?”

And the flood gates open up. I’m just someone to talk to right now. Someone whom she can tell that it’s like. The words come out staccato , pouring out of her, as if she can’t speak quickly enough to keep up with the emotion driving each word.” What’s it like? It’s constant.”

“ We haven’t slept in two weeks” the mother says, and I know i won’t have to ask another question of anyone. All I’ll have to do is listen, “ I don’t know how we function . I don’t know what day it is. “

“ It hurts your ears.” The daughter says, “ when we’re in the reinforced room and the rocket hits, it changes the pressure or something, the shock waves, it hurts your ear drums.”

“ I’ve already lost some of my hearing “ The mother says, “ In this ear. I can’t hear well any more.”

Just then the code red alert sounds. We don’t have fifteen seconds here. We have five seconds. That’s it. There isn’t a bomb shelter outside because you’d never get to it in time. There’s a reinforced concrete room with an iron door.

The mother moves quickly to the front door and shouts to the soldiers who are outside like a mother hen “ Boys! “ She shouts, “ Get in the shelter. Now!”

Nobody messes with Mama Rachel and no one has to be asked twice. This isn’t like it is even ten kilometers away where people walk a little slower. Here it’s five seconds. Suddenly the tiny reinforced room is packed with soldiers, each with his weapon, combat slung across his shoulder. People are laughing that it interrupted a good joke someone was telling. It’s the bravado of the bomb shelter and then the building shakes and the sound is deafening and the shock wave or change in air pressure or whatever it is whacks your ear drums. One rocket, two and then another one, all of them close. Then there’s the all clear.

“ The pizzas will be ready in a few minutes “ Mama Rachel says, patting some of her olive drab, machine gun wearing baby chicks as they go back to their posts..

“ That’s what it’s like . “ says the daughter “ and it never ends.

The son, a teenager, says, “ It’s all I’ve known my whole life. Rockets falling. Mortars.”

“ Thirteen years! “ says the daughter, “ What country in the world would put up with that? Thirteen years of rocket attacks? Would the Americans let that happen to I don’t know, San Diego, New York?…Texas? For thirteen years? Would France put up with that? Would England? What do you think Putin would do? And we’re supposed to “ show restraint” Show restraint?! How much more restrained can we be?! For thirteen years we’ve been under attack ! Even after the last two operations in 2009 and 20012, when there was supposedly a ceasefire.”

“What ceasefire?! “ the mother says,”Every month Hamas would fire a rocket here, a rocket there, ten rockets , twenty in a month….”

“ And Israel said, well it’s only a few rockets a week, so we can’t react to that!”says the son.’

“ A few rockets a week?! Is the whole world insane?!” The daughter says, not to me, not to anyone. To God maybe.” Are they all crazy?! Listen to that, only a few rockets a week and for them that’s normal! That’s how we’re supposed to live! Only a few rockets a week! Only what they call a drizzle of rockets! And we were restrained. We didn’t do anything because after all it’s only a few rockets! And I don’t even care about the rockets! But the tunnels , now! The terrorist tunnels. Right out there!”

She points to her front door, “ Right out there!

“ You know what happened here today?” the son says.

“ They tried to attack again. The terrorists .” The daughter says,” They came up out of a tunnel that just opened up in the ground. The army got some of them but then said that two were still on the loose so they tell you to go into the fortified room and lock the door.”

“ Do you have any weapons in the house?” I ask

“ “ What weapon?! “ she says, “ They have anti tank missiles with them! Anti tank missiles that can rip a tank apart and kill everyone inside, except this isn’t a tank. It’s my home!”

“So why do you stay here?” I ask.

“ It’s our home! “ the son says.

“ I work in the dairy” the daughter says, “ Someone has to take care of the cows. Someone has to milk them , feed them. What did the cows do to anyone? We’re farmers. We have to take care of the farm”

The Mother says, “ I work in the day care center. There are still children here. I can’t abandon them. Someone has to take care of them . They’re children. So when the army said the terrorists were out there… I don’t mean a thousand meters away, they were somewhere within a few hundred meters from here. How fast can you run two hundred meters? That’s how fast they could get to us.”

“ You know they want to murder us.” says the daughter , as if revealing a truly dirty secret,” You know we’re the targets, don’t you? Not the army. They want us. We’re the Divine Victory they could have. To murder us, to take us hostage and drag us back through the tunnels into Gaza. We’re the targets.”

“ So, “ says the mother” I’m in the day care center. I take the children into the fortified room and lock the door and say this is just an exercise. It’s just pretending. So we know what to do . Like a fire drill. I do puzzles with them, and color and promise them ice cream and all the while I know there are terrorists out there and the only thing between them and those little children ,are our soldiers, the ones you saw on the porch, the ones you see patrolling our village, and the ones who are in Gaza fighting. What do you think they’re fighting for?

“ You think this is politics” the daughter asks, “ We’re what they’re fighting for! This is our home. This is their home! Hamas wants to kill us. And they say they want to kill us! They go on television and say we want to kill the Jews! They don’t lie about it. They announce it to the whole world and, what? They don’t see ? They don’t hear”

This beautiful girl suddenly grabs both sides of her head as if her head is about to explode with the insanity of the life she lives, “ You know the story about the Palestinian boy who got the transplant here? There was a boy..from Gaza and he needed an organ transplant and the mother brings him over here to Israel so we can save her little boy’s life. And that’s fine. I say it’s fine if we can help them, if we can save a life, a child’s life? Yes of course! Bring him. So whose organ gets transplanted? There is a Jewish boy, an Israeli boy who is killed in a terrorist attack and his father gives the ok to transplant his dead son, his murdered son’s kidney or whatever they transplanted, into the Palestinian boy from Gaza, to save his life. And they say you know who will get your boy’s kidney ? It will be a boy from Gaza, from the place that dispatched the terrorist that killed your son. And he says, yes I know and I want to do it. I want to do it, so they’ll see who we are and we’ll have peace. We’ll start with this boy and his mother. That’s how we’ll build the peace. So they do the transplant and the boy lives.And you know what the woman says? She says it on television so the whole world can see it and hear it. She’s not ashamed. She says, you saved my son’s life and you Jews have a right to be angry about what I’m going to say. That’s your right and I don’t care. Because now that you’ve saved him, when my son grows up, I want him to become a “ Martyr “ and kill Jews, as many as he can! That’s who we’re dealing with and the whole world hears her and says well you know, you’re stronger than they are so , you know that’s okay that’s the only way they can fight you. But we don’t want to fight them. We want them to live in peace and let us live in peace! And they shout it from the roof tops that they want to kill us and when one of them blows himself up, whether he kills Jews or not, their parents hand out candy and celebrate. If they kill a few Jews, they hand out more candy. But as long as he tried to kill Jews that’s the main thing. Then you can hand out the candy. Then they’re happy. So when I see a woman on the television and she’s crying because her child has been killed in this war, I’m a woman, my heart aches for any child who is killed, it’s awful but I think to myself, if this is the woman who wants her child to grow up so he can blow himself up while killing Jews, while trying to kill me or my mother or my brother or my neighbor, what’s the tragedy? Is it that the child didn’t live long enough to kill me? Is that the tragedy for her?! Or is it that she’s afraid that if she doesn’t raise him to kill Jews the Hamas will kill her, or kill him. It’s insane!! Do you hear that? It’s insane” Again she holds the sides of her head as if her skull is about to explode; as if it can’t possibly contain the insanity of it all.

“ And we don’t hate them! “ She says, “ Do you understand? We don’t hate them. We had good friends in Gaza. We know there are good people there and what kind of chance does a child have there to grow up NOT to want to kill me? That’s all he’s raised with, rocket and guns and hand grenades. They dress their toddlers up in suicide vests and take pictures of them. That’s like their Purim costume , their halloween. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t that sweet ? He’s a little suicide bomber. Here we’ll take his picture and send it to grandma so she’ll be proud. We know they have a gun to their heads. But what should we do when they come to kill us? When they pop up out of the ground on our front lawn and want to kill us? What should we do? And the world blames us because not enough of us are dead? That’s the crime? We built too many shelters for our people while instead of building shelters for their people they build terrorist tunnels to come and kill us? That’s our crime? That we spent money we don’t have , that we should have spent on education, to build the iron dome which saves us from their rocket attacks?! And still we warn them first . We drop leaflets and send text messages and call them on the phone and say listen, we’re very sorry but we have to bomb you in a few hours so in order that you shouldn’t be hurt could you please leave? That’s what we do. And Hamas puts a gun to their head and says no, go up on your roofs and they celebrate their murders and they lie!! My God how they lie! Here did you see this picture?”

She opens the internet and shows me a picture of a Palestinian family; father mother and child, all killed by an Israeli bomb strike. Except she shows me that this is really a picture of a SYRIAN family killed by Assad’s forces, in their civil war. “ That’s really bad luck, huh? “ she says, “ To be killed twice? Once in Syria and again in Gaza!? And the world sees it and they don’t care. They open up their wallets and say here we have to give them money so they can rebuild. Like they did after 2009. You Jews destroyed their homes. They need concrete and steel to rebuild. They’re not going to make bombs out of concrete and steel. So the world pays for it and we let it in and no, they didn’t build bombs out of it. They built the tunnels that they dug to come and murder me and my family and my neighbors and their families. That’s what it went for! Did they build shelters for their children? Did they build schools for them? They hid their rockets in The UN schools! The UN just said it. That’s who we’re dealing with! And they fire them from mosques and crowded neighborhoods and WE’RE the aggressors? We’re the evil ones and they’re the poor victims?! Egypt offered a cease fire and we said YES. What’s that expression? Learn to take yes for an answer? We said yes! But they didn’t have enough dead babies yet. Not enough dead Palestinian babies , not enough dead Jewish babies. And the world looks and it doesn’t see. That’s what makes me ill. Not the rockets. Not even the tunnels and the terrorists. The world looks and it doesn’t see or it doesn’t care.And we tell them and it doesn’t matter.It’s like trying to empty the ocean with a tea spoon. It’s insane.”

After a few moments she calms down.” I’m glad you’re here, “ she says, “ I just had to get that all out. Just had to say it to somebody. Somebody who would listen. With all the Tsuris( troubles) , you know what? We’re not going anywhere. This is our home. Not just our country. Our home. And everyone in it is our family. I go to bed at night and I can’t sleep because I hear the gunfire and I think of those boys out there and I now they’re fighting for me! And here I am in a nice bed. Thanks to them.”

“ The Pizzas are ready” Mama Rachel says and gives me a slice and then calls to the “boys”.

“ Boys” she says, “ Here , eat while it’s still hot”.

I was with a Golani officer. Some of “ The boys” had come out for a few hours rest. How were they doing?

“ We’re strong. The guys are excellent. We’re going to complete the mission. We’re going to destroy the tunnels, and we’re going to put a serious dent in Hamas’s day ( loose translation) and we’ll be victorious. Because we know what we’re fighting for. We’re not Nato.We’re fighting for our homes.”

Golanchick is an endearing term for a member of the Golani Brigade. “ Golanchick, “ I say, “ If you want to get a shower and some rest and maybe some pizza, I have some dear friends. The woman’s name is Rachel.”

Dan Gordon Capt. IDF (Res)  LINK


Also, this was posted the other day and many of you may have already seen/read it but for those who have not, enjoy!

Headlines in Israel claim miracles are protecting the Jews during the Gaza Strip ground war, with one headline proclaiming that Hamas terrorists are complaining about God changing the direction of rockets in mid-air.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Hamas leader are worth millions of dollars and critics claim they have been skimming money from donations. The issue of donations also came up in regards to the support provided to the Gaza Strip by Israel since the Hamas tunnels were built with cement provided by the government.

As the Gaza ground war has heated up, there has also been a surge of anti-Israel demonstrations which have turned into chaos where looting and car burning has taken place. The war in Gaza has caused some to question whether Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens, with Hamas clearly answering “no” to that question.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry publicly supported “Israel’s right to defend itself against rockets that are continuing to come in” but when Kerry was caught talking on an open mic he was heard complaining, “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation — hell of a pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there. We ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

If you go by the headlines of local newspapers in Israel, the Jews under attack by Hamas rockets have another hidden defense: God himself. The Jewish Telegraph opens with a quote from David Ben Gurion, who once said, “In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” The article claims that even the Hamas have become frustrated with Israel’s miracles:

“[T]he Talmud Yerushalmi tells us that in no way are we to depend on miracles. It argues that we must not desist from our obligations and must not wait for miraculous intervention from the Supernatural. How perfectly relevant are both of these views today. We witness hourly miracles. As one of the terrorists from Gaza was reported to say when asked why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively: ‘We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.’ Amen! And when our God is not busy doing that, He is ensuring that the high-tech brain power of our ‘start-up nation’ is working overtime to produce yet another Iron Dome battery to help protect our cities and us.”

The theme of miracles protecting Israel during the Gaza war is not limited to this newspaper. Another news source called Arutz Sheva reported earlier in the month the importance of miracles to the Jewish people:

“The Jewish nation’s existence for six millennia is a miracle. There is no single Jewish life without a miracle. Miracle is an essential part of our belief; it is a gem of Jewish folklore. It is a source of our hope in the dark, and it is a gift of our dreams. And we know why – because these miracles are true.”

As evidence for these miracles, the writers related the story of how a Jewish woman gave birth to triplet boys in the time frame when the three Israeli boys were killed near the beginning of this Gaza conflict.

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Jesus Not Delayed, Just Extending His Mercy (SEE DESCRIP Video 2)

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Confirmation Of Things; 1 of 3 Americans Have RFID Chip Implanted~Oh No!


This message is from 278pikelk You Tube user and when I listened to this today, well, I almost fell off the couch, again!  It matches what I just spoke about in the last video posts about how those that are left will be led to the Lord via us and what we leave for them (our joy, love, faith, etc).  She shares and speaks a message so similar that you know it can only come truly from the Lord.

Study Finds 1 in 3 Americans Have Been Implanted With RFID Chips: Most Unaware – See more by clicking on the link above.

<National Report> Scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) have determined that a shocking 1 in 3 Americans has been implanted with an RFID microchip.  In an article published this week, they detail a study of nearly 3000 individuals, in which they identified nearly 1000 individuals that had been implanted with an RFID chip.  Most were unaware that they had been implanted with such a chip.  This finding comes amongst increasing predictions that RFID chip implantation will become common place in the next decade.

Lead scientist on the study, John Brugle, Ph.D. offered the following:


We were motivated to perform this study by all of the public interest in RFID implantation and fears that it would be common place.  It turns out, in fact, that it is already common place.  We found that a shockingly high number of Americans are carrying RFID implants in their body.  The overwhelming majority of these individuals were completely unaware that they had been implanted.  I hope that this study causes us to take pause as a society and truly consider the ramifications and implications of human RFID implantation.

The study looked both at the prevalence of RFID implantation, as well as the common implantation locations.  In addition to commonly known implantation sites, such as the back of the hand, they also identified many RFID chips that had been implanted in dental fillings.  The function of the chips varied, but the authors of the study indicated that many revealed personal identities, including social security numbers, as well as medical records.  The best way to determine if you have been implanted with an RFID chip is to consult a qualified medical professional to administer a full body scan with an RFID reader.  Concerned citizens can also attempt a self scan, but civilian grade scanners are not always sensitive enough to detect implanted RFID chips.

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JUNE 6th Videos~Our Earthly Lives Are Closing; Disguised Blessings As All Goes Back To The Beginning

I’m so sorry – here are 2 videos that I recorded on June 6, 2014.  I posted them on You Tube but forgot to post them here – forgive me, I was tired!

This video was actually recorded after the video below but you can view it before or after the other and it’s titled “SOMBER TIME SAVED OR NOT; GOD IS TALKING TO US ALL NOW, PLEASE LISTEN!”


It’s time to let the ones who refuse to believe, the spiritually blind and deaf to walk to their places on their platform/podium as they will experience what is to come from their own steps.  Let them walk…

The below video is called “Our Earthly Lives Are Closing; Disguised Blessings As All Goes Back To The Beginning”.

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Refining and Shining in the Garden of God~Yes, Spiritual Attacks Still Occurring To The End

The second video I am posting below is to remind us too that the Spiritual Warfare attacks are still continuing in our lives and will do so until the day Jesus takes His Bride…get used to it!  This is why He blessed us with His Teaching of the Tools – so use them each and every day.  This is a major, very important piece to our Heavenly Armor we need while on this earth because remember, we do not fight flesh and blood but principalities, darkness and evil that never cease in their plots to steal or destroy the Children of the Lord.  But…remember that our Father in Heaven who sits on His Throne, has a very special place in His Garden for those that overcome what was allowed in their earthly lives and God places their highly polished bronze or gold etched stone brick in the center of His path  where He walks each day and He sees their name written every day during His walk through His Garden so He can watch and delight in their refining, their endurance and their faith.  Those names that are etched in the bricks of God’s Garden that have be polished and now shine so bright, are the Over-comers, they are our names that God keeps close to His Heart each day He walks in His Garden, His most favorite spot.

I will tell you this my friends…those that have had the most trials, testing, hammering, chiseling, refining in their earthly lives, well, those are them that have had their names etched not only on the stones in God’s Garden, but written and held tight in the Garden of God’s Heart.  Those names that have been polished over and over due to their walk on earth – just think how bright your names shine straight up to God’s Eyes…your name is brought up to Him front and center each morning where He then keeps His Sight upon you, how pleasing is that?  So what I am saying here, after each attack, our names get polished and shined…can you just imagine how bright most of ours are?  WOW!


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Important Time Now~We Leave The Left Behind Jesus’ Love & Joy They Will Remember

Feels like we are all standing in a bit of a “lull” right now, doesn’t it?  I’m very somber, yet peaceful and I know that regardless of what we can see, touch or feel in this dimension, it’s nothing compared to what God is doing in His, our Heavenly dimensional realm that we will dwell in very very soon.  Can you imagine what is taking place there right now?

I have to remind myself that just because I am not privy to the going-on’s in that realm, it doesn’t mean that all the pieces to the puzzle are not being put in place, their exact place.  All events and the people leading those festivities as spoken about in the Bible, must be in their exact positions before the “Event” that starts it off begins as once that Event comes to pass, all the others will follow and fall like a domino effect…it will be the first 6 Seals opening one-after-another so right now, those pieces must be set exactly where God has preordained them – ready to fall at the slightest blow of His Breath.

So, what about us?  What is our job right now, today?  Well, the following video is what I received yesterday…it was crazy!  He told me the importance of “NOW”; the instrumental role of ALL OF US and how without each of us, many would not find Him once the destruction comes,  It was so sweet, I wish I could show you, tell you just how loving those words were…WE ARE LEAVING HIS LOVE HERE ON THIS EARTH FOR THOSE WHO WILL HANG ON TO IT, FOLLOW IT WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE!  It is our kindness, joy, love, belief, compassion, mercy and faith in Jesus that our lost family members and friends, even strangers, will bring front and center in their mind when all the chaos starts and they have no where to turn…they turn to the “Love” we left them; they remember the “Mercy” we showed them; they remember the “Joy” we gleamed with; they remember the “Faith” we walked and lived in…wow, that is some pretty awesome words to take-in right now, isn’t it?  This my friends, is what you will do for the Kingdom of Heaven!  When fear wants to overtake them in the coming days, many will stand strong in their new-found footing in Christ because they saw you stand there many many times, never wavering and they will speak lovingly, leading others just as they saw you do to them and so on.  Our actions, our words and our faith that surround and fill us, will be the same “tools” those that are left behind will keep close to their hearts, using them in the future as they find their way home to the Lord and to us.  How wonderful is the Lord that He has allowed us to be apart of this time?  Never think you are not doing enough or ministering enough that it makes you feel sad, bad or less a Christian than your neighbor or friend, you are not….you are right where the Lord has placed you and right where He needs you to be!

Lastly, I remind myself each day that Jesus is truly “Love”; He is LOVE and if He is in us, we too are Love and when people see us, they should see Him which is what…LOVE!  We leave the lost of this world what is most important of all – love as Jesus is “Love Coming Down”!



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