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2 Videos~Evil Behind the Veil~Faces of People and Demons Together; Gary, Indiana House of Evil/Demonic Entities

Well, here are 2 that I finished today.  The first video is of a picture of a skyline/rooftop shot of a picture taken of a fleet of helicopters heading to New Jersey for what I’m assuming to be, more security for the Superbowl.  This has nothing to do with the Superbowl or any false flag predictions…I just saw things immediately in this picture, plus 2 others that accompanied this one and new I had to point them out.

The second one (video), I really did not want to do at all as it was a picture of the Gary, Indiana house where that family was possessed and when the mother took her young 9 year old son to the hospital, staff working and caring for him witnessed him walking backwards –  then walking (still backwards) up the wall.  Police, investigators, Children and Family Services plus the hospital staff, all have given sworn statements of this being the truth and just what evil this family experienced.  Now, having said that, I saw where it was stated all across the interest that there was a picture of “the house” and in the front window, you could clearly see a “demon” standing front and center.  I too went to look but immediately, I knew “it”, or “that” was not a demon, it was clearly a woman with the demonic entity(s) standing directly behind and around her.  She was inside the home, trapped – I have no idea but I believe that if your a Child of God, a True Believer is Jesus Christ, you would not be “trapped” in such a place as God states that His Children who pass/die, that His Angels are sent down IMMEDIATELY to take our spirit directly to Him…so, anyone who is left here, in my opinion, is not a Believer and therefore is left with all the evil entities/spirits and they too belong where they do for their disbelief.

Both of these pictures are FULL!  Feel free to pause the video if you need to see more clearly what I’m speaking about and if there is music in one or both videos, I’m so sorry but the program I downloaded would not let me record without some sort of musical background from their selection…but hey, it was free!


Oh, I forgot, there are actually 3 posted here but the first video is a brief explanation of what I am posting – no pictures, but a preview of understanding, my personal belief and what I have seen and why I believe what I am saying.



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“Again, here My Words well – I speak to My Children who love Me. Now daughter, I know I have heard your cries, your prayers – walk in My Light and My Glory.

Seek My Face throughout your day – search for all that is of Me and not what the enemy wants the world to see as Me and Mine for My True Children, My True Flock, My True Church and My Beautiful Pure Bride, see what is of Me for they see Truth. They see me as I AM. They know the Voice of their True Shepherd, their True God, their True Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua who gave up His Life and shed His Pure Sinless Blood for them and for their sins so they could be remembered no more and never reach the Almighty Ears of the Father of Heaven, Our Father who is the Creator of All and who waits for Me to bring His Children back from the wilderness in which they walk.

I Yeshua, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, have been given glory to rule and reign with My Father and shall sit on the right hand of My Father in Heaven. I shall bring to Him My Spotless Bride who was plucked from a decaying earth but chosen by the Father Himself before the start of time. It is My Bride I will raise to My Home in Heaven to give Praise and Glory to My Father and it is My Bride that will show the sleeping children of the earth ME and what My Will and My Father’s Will for WE ARE ONE, will do for them and how these who are not Mine will not see any of God’s Glory…only His Wrath for His Will must be done and will be done!

Be not afraid My Children, war and evil have been delivered onto the earth and it searches to destroy all that The Father and I love for it wages war against My Spirit of Goodness and Love and has darts pointed to destroy the Pure of Heart and the Pure Love they hold. Pray Children for I AM here and I hear your prayers. I protect My Sheep so lose not hope in Me…lose all you attach yourself to in this world – leave this place of evil now. Keep your eyes and spirit – the Spirit I laid inside you at birth, to Me and to all of Heaven for now is the time of Great Glory from the Throne of My Father as now is the time of release of all He Promised to come upon this earth. Walk in My Spirit solely with each step taken. Keep counterfeits away and do not listen to words not of Me for you My Sheep, know My Voice and you know when I speak and when the god of this earth speaks for this Gift of Discernment is now upon all who belong to Me. I gave you this Gift now – use it and ask for what you need for all will be given. The Key to Heaven is also now upon you – listen to your heart for you surely hear Me there and you will have too, authority to walk in My Open Heavenly Doors that stand wide and clear, ready for the feet of My Flock to enter. You must enter through ME – you must walk the way of the narrow path and you too will see The Open Door. Walk through it Children and do not doubt this Good Gift I now give you.

Evil marks it threshold too. Keep away from those that dwell in him and his places for they may look beautiful but he is the great deceiver and will try to capture the souls of the innocent that cannot see it is false paint, false colors and it is truly black at heart. Keep to Me now; do not fall-in-line as others you see as the Abyss craves the souls of the good. Stay in My Truth – know now I mount and lead My Army to rescue My Bride for the fog that thickens the air and shields the eyes from the road ahead. It hides what walks the sides of their paths – what calls to them in silent-want and suffering and it seeks to destroy from within it’s chaotic darkness. Stay Children away from what seeks to do this. Have Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of what I speak and what covers and lays on and above the earth – what creeps about in it’s place I have set for them for their time in the forest of true darkness has too an open spot and they will be cast into the light-of-day for all to see and where they can do their devilish-deeds in front of all the earth to see. They hide no more for their battle comes forth as does their end. They fight now in open spaces because they know well where they shall be cast by Me and the time for such is surely upon them. My Blood covers, protects and gives authority over these so use My Sacrifice I freely gave so you may not be part of the chaos that comes and that you too are divinely protected by Me and My Blood Shield of Heavenly Protection. Seek what I give you; Hear what I say to you; and call upon the Open Doors of Heaven for it waits for all My Children. Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and I shall answer. Know now where you stand for My Door is widely open for the feet of My Children.

The descending fog carries the Fallen who come and seek new homes. They are searching for not who they already know, but the souls and bodies they are yet to know. Have no doubt for who they have their ungodly eyes set upon – for it is the eyes of those who think they know Me but do not. Those that walk with shut lids and are warm in their minds of Me. They shall set footing to those that too love Me – those that have fears set before them of the world, a world that the enemy shows them like the Matrix it is. When these that have fallen from My Glory and My Sight, they which seek to destroy and corrupt those I love and their steps see nothing else but what the evil that lives in them gives mind to do, you must not be fooled by them that seek full possession as nothing else matters but the will of their hate they carry for all I love and hold way above the ground upon which they crawl. I shall never allow them ME! This is the fuel that fills them for know this is Truth.

Use your Armor of My Words…use all I have allowed known to you this time as I give you Good Gifts and Wisdom in how to defeat what seeks always to destroy all that have what they secretly wish for – ME, and to be like ME for they too now demand false glory and worship. Keep from the creatures cast away from Me – lock them out of your home and where I dwell for they cannot tread on Holy Ground and where I stand is Holy. If I stand in you and you stand in Me – is this not too Holy Ground?

Fight not in the flesh for they have no flesh – but have victory in the Spirit for that is where the power of your Armor is worn and where it is victorious in battle. Your flesh cannot battle what it cannot see so look to the Spirit for Divine Sight and it is there you will know how to stand with Heavenly Stance and can call upon My Heavenly Angels into battle for this is where they have fought all the wars and have won each battle over the enemy’s forces. You too must fight the Good Fight in this Spirit of Warfare and use your Shield of Armor in full force and power. Do not fight in the decaying, dying flesh as it will not hold up to the darkness it is attached to…it will not fight it’s birther – it will only be weaken and awaken by it.
Use all I have given and you will stand. Use your Power of Prayer and this will be your mightiest weapon as it calls the Mighty of All to defend and you shall never be defeated.

When you drink from My Cup as I ask all now to do, you too shall carry what I do; you too shall carry a cross that’s size is greater in weight than you stand but My Blood that was swallowed when drank from My Cup, shall also flow in you and the weight will be light. If you accept Me, you too shall have all that I have and all My Father gives – use the Open Heaven I call upon for it waits to give to all who ask in My Name. As My Father gives to Me, He shall also give to you. Use Wisdom here and place upon your Spirit all that is released, for you too will have Divine Understanding and Guidance in all things and places you walk. Now what is asked shall be given and call now upon My Open Heaven and all that is at your disposal given by My Father on His Throne. Bless and you too shall be blessed.”

(January 26, 2014 mid-morning – Please use and pray for discernment)


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Lost Gospel Which Ones Are For NOW! (Video Link)


ANSWERS TO EASE YOUR HEART OF 3 Days of Darkness (Video Link)


This is a very difficult subject because it crosses the line for some.  I do know this for I felt the same way years ago, but now, I know better.  You need to know these things.  Remember this – God Himself told Daniel to “seal up the Words to the end”, and to John in Rev., spoke of the Mysteries what are “sealed to the end” for they were not for THAT time…they are for THIS TIME NOW!


The Lord is releasing all this End-Time Knowledge, Words and Mysteries to His Children RIGHT NOW!  Do not have a closed heart, deaf ears and blind eyes to this teaching by me or anyone else because this is not from me…it is led by the Holy Spirit who wants this Divine Understanding of these secrets known now, at this time because this is the time it was for!  Remember this!  He is doing EXACTLY what He said He would do and as hard as it is to bring something new into your belief system, do it because this is needed for all the Bride of Christ in order to help others see what the Lord is allowing us to know.  How amazing is He?


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Seek Me Today For Tomorrow Will Be Gone

  (Video link)

Grasp all you can of what you now see today for tomorrow will be gone. All of it for never again will the earth be whole – not without Me and not until I bring My New Jerusalem down from the Heavens. Fire is going to burn this earth and all who do not chose Me. Time has come that I promised. Repent and ask Me for forgiveness for now is the time and tomorrow will be no more. Do you hear Me? Can you hear what My Words are saying?

This is My Last Message to this child as I told regarding My Coming. Remember what she wrote at My Request about when I would give My Last Words regarding My Timing and Arrival? Now it has come and lays heavy on the earth as the darkness hovers above the air you now breath. Time is Mine – no one else can provide you with warnings of the coming destruction and the timing of My Arrival.

All will change now; all has been released and the cycle has started. Gather who you must just as I have instructed. Look up to Me – lift your full face up to your Lord and Savior who watches all His Children, His Bride as He now calls for events of the end to commence. His Father in Heaven and He, The Son are One and does not My Father give My Sheep to Me? As their Shepard of Love, do I not reign in what is Mine just minutes before the storm is to drench and destroy the ground they walk and the feed houses from which they eat? Yes He would and this I do now! Within the next day or two, all My Children who hear My Voice and Write My Words, will hear from Me and all will script what is coming from Me, Jesus of Nazareth. I have let out the Call – My Voice is full now and it reaches out to all ends of the world. Can you hear the noise that erupts in tantrums and fear over what vibrates through them? They hear Me and they are shaking the ground they are under and over from their movement when they run and hide. They cannot find a hiding place; they are trampling the dirt farther and farther down with the heaviness the weight of their evil and sins has caused. Pounding the pavement will soon make it crack! The enemy and his army has a weight upon this earth that could sink the dry land into the seas forever if it could be allowed by Me and My Father in Heaven. But, it is His Plan that will be brought to light and Satan has no power or authority that I have not or do not allow. Do I not rule all? Was not Satan, who was known to Me as in the beginning as an angel I created and made by Me in a servitude form and was his making by Me not for anything else but to serve Me? I am still his Master and his God and the God over all his armies of darkness and they shall be under My Rule and Authority until I cast them out of existence.

My Desires and My Words will not be put to the test for the sake of those who do know Me or believe My Word and Existence. I am not subject to man nor anyone for I am in My Father and The Father and I are One!

Hear the heavy sounds made upon this earth from the running feet of the fallen and who worship them? They know what is coming! They feel My nearness! They feel My Spirit now covering the earth and over My Chosen. They prepare themselves in their places stationed by those awaiting orders from their master…their counterfeit and false liar master of death and decay for that is what the body and soul of all does when they do not Hear My Voice and have turned a deaf ear to My Call.

Soil and water will move from place to place leaving no solid ground for My Children to carefully walk. But yet, you will walk and stand on My Solid Ground and your precious feet will stride over the cracks and holes without your eyes even looking down. Walk now in this faith of Ultimate Love and Confirmation from Me. The cracks are not for you My Children. Just as Peter walked to Me on the water – he did so looking straight at Me for I was standing across the waves. When he kept his gaze and heart in My direction, toward only Me and listening ONLY to the Voice of His Lord over the chaos of the thrashing sounds of the sea, he walked easily and safely. It was not until he looked down into the vacant foundation of his footing and when he looked away from My Face for this is when he fell and was fighting the waves of the storm. He let his face look to the left and to the right and that gave disbelief a splash of panic to enter his Spirit. See how he walked to Me with the faith of a Child who knew for certain His Parent had him and there was nothing to fear? This is how you My Bride, My Children must now be! Do not let the drowning motion of the enemy pull you down into the cracks of the earth – look straight to Me and allow Me to guide your feet freely over the trenches.

Tilting will be felt making stomachs rock back and forth causing many to faint. Keep your feet planted in My Footprints that remain molded on the floors of your homes; secure your footing within Mine as your feet are small and Mine are large. My feet are strong and My steps will not be too wide for you to walk in them towards Me. Look down now and see the My Mold will not be broken no matter how heavy the weight. Hold onto the rails above you during the swaying, grip them tight as these too are handrails from Heaven that I have placed in your homes so you can feel the foundation of the road and path I have set for you. These rails are what will lead you home; they are there for support of lost/weak arms who do not know what to hold when the shaking occurs. Hold that unbreakable strong Rod above you and keep a firm grip as it connects to Me and to your Ride to Heaven.

This is My Last Message to My Writer, to My Child who I know. I cannot share any thing more with her as I have given all I want written and shared. What more should one know or believe about the events to come? Catastrophic chaos that I have warned the world about for 2,000 years. Noah warned for only 120 years – you My Children, have had generations upon generations of warnings. I allowed this so the ones who were not Mine would be exposed in their evil ways and thoughts for they had to be brought out into the open as they now are. All counterfeits and fakes of what is Mine had to be flushed out onto this world and earth to call out their false gods with them. Have I not done this? Are not all the pagan end-time players known? Are they not widely spoken about and in their exact positions now at this time? Yes they are! You My People, have been given caution after caution and I have YELLED My Name out to how many throughout this time? It is sad to know how much of My Words of Warning and Prophecies have been destroyed, seized by the enemy in these last 2,000 years. Scrolls of My Words of what is to come and the timing of it’s arrival were scripted many times and much came forth to today but more were hidden or discarded/destroyed.

Well, heed this message now – do not bury or hide it. Adhere to these Words now, My Words. Do what I have said and look straight to Me and not into the vast sea of water as Peter did. Do not look down for nothing you need is there. Look only to Me as the soil, My Soil – that of which I spread along your path, will hold you. Keep your feet safe and firm and you will not be allowed to sink within like quicksand.

Call you children in from the cold. Believe that I have preordained all and I will make available My Great Way for all to be together. Tell your children you love them. Honor your mother and father with love and affection for caring for you here on earth and that life to be lead to Me. Look to your neighbors land and nod your head to show forgiveness and love. Hug each other and love all in My Name because the chaos of the end-times, it’s Tribulation, has now begun…the rumbles have started. Pray, pray and pray to My Father in Heaven in My Name, Jesus of Nazareth, asking for forgiveness to all who will stay and for those who have not heard and only through their seeing Me with open eyes, will turn and call on My Name .

This is surely the time I have prepared. This is forever been spoken of. I will now give each direction for all will hear My Words and need not to read what was previously given to others. Look and see My Bride that others will write common Words as these within 1 to 2 days. Then you will know they are surely from Me, Lord Jesus, Yeshua.

Look up! Look Straight! See My Time is NOW! (11-7-13 – 9:30 am)

JUST A NOTE TO THE ABOVE MESSAGE – THIS IS MY LAST MESSAGE REGARDING THE THE ARRIVAL AND TIME OF COMING OF THE LORD.  He will and still does allow me to speak with Him on things in my heart or messages He wants written to be posted for others.  All may have a prophetic nature and now is the time to listen with your own ears as Jesus is coming to each person on this earth to not only show Himself, but to give them a review of their heart and souls, then allowing that person another chance for forgiveness and to repent of their sins.  Unless Jesus speaks to me regarding this, I will continue to post the other messages of His Kingdom and what He expects from us.


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