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Messages From Our Lord Causing Panic? Afraid Where You Stand? Please Don’t~Have Faith Now~

I have said this many times in the past month – it’s nothing but a waiting game now…all we can do is wait for the Coming of the Lord.  Don’t worry, He won’t be late – He will be right on time!

I have noticed this week that many have begun to panic a bit when reading or watching video messages posted by other Children of the Lord and seem to have a bit of the wind sucked right out of their sails – STOP!  Breathe, take a deep breath and breathe!  What everyone must remember is that many times the messages the Lord gives are largely in part for that particular Child and could be very well answering deep prayers and questions they have laid before Him.  Remember too that not everyone is at the level of another so while a message may be for the masses, it may have much manna and answers to just that – also giving instructions to others on what they must do or what He may require of them when they too are at a certain point in their walk.  Many have given up all they have, moved their families to another state in order to fulfill the Heart of God and what He has required and asked of them, while others are starting at the beginning of their race and may not be expected to give or walk in the way those are.  It’s okay if you are at different levels in your walks, in your search for the Lord and just what it is He is wanting you to offer or accept.

Our Lord Jesus knows just what He is getting in each of us…He knows our footing and understanding our learning ability and where we stand in Him…it is not great surprise to Him.  He is not expecting you to be something your not when He comes nor is He expecting you to understand all that is placed in front of you but be assured, He knows where you stand and He knows your heart!  It’s not like He has not watched you your entire life; like He is expecting all of us to be “all-knowing” or all-of-a-sudden “Super Christian” over night.  He gives love and support in where we stand now, what we have learned, the steps we have taken toward Him and trust me, He knows YOU!  He does not give His Messages so we will feel less – He gives them so we can have MORE – more of Him, more of His Glory, His Promise and His Heavenly Rewards that await those who love Him.

I hope in the video below, I can give you an understanding of just what Jesus is looking for, what He sees and I hope you truly know how much He loves all of us and how He so understands so much more than we think!



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The Heart is the Vessel to God

I received this unbelievable Word from the Lord today…true Divine Understanding and Knowledge given to us here. I was so excited today about the…I was off-kilter all day long! I baked my banana cream pie I made from scratch – who does that? Well, someone like me that had just received one pure message from the Heart of of God explaining His Holy Heart and ours! I hope you love this message as much as I did and still do…can’t get enough of it.

Thank you and remember, I am new at this and video posting is waayyy out of my comfort zone so have a bit of the “good-hearten cheer” the Lord is speaking to us about in this message! God bless all who have ears to hear!



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 (Video Message)


Caring for other Children who belong to the Kingdom of God is from My Holy Spirit that has been placed within each Child that belongs to Me. This compassion is of a deeper love, kindness and the dwelling of a pure-goodness that works in all Heavenly things. When you cross paths of others who walk the earth, you know in your Spirit WHO rules their heart. Not all are good – not all are bad. Now is a most important period in time in which all who are Mine, must tread the ground they walk with Divine Discernment…fully open eyes and ears, being aware of your surroundings and just who it is that surrounds those surroundings. This must be done at all times!

All flesh is sinful for it is it’s nature but not all must sin. Keep from those places one already knows is filled with fleshly desires and needs. Stop and look with your Spirit – My Holy Spirit at where the steps you may take will lead. If I send you out for My Will to be done, do this first also but do as I have asked…do as I have led your Spirit to do for I will always cover My Own.

What I say now is so you will be aware that which rests upon this earth, must be seen in advance, watched and recognized by a Child of the Lord – the very Child it sets out to fool. If you are fooled, you may then trip and when a person trips, a fall surely follows. I have given love to all who are mine and the filling of My Love resting now upon your hearts, is overflowing. I say these Words to you not to keep you from doing good or from doing My Will, but so you will do all these things with a full awareness of what awaits you for this Wisdom must be used as a Working Tool in your Armor!

I have kept you safe – almost to a point of seclusion have My Children been in for a time, as I had much to teach you but now, this Heavenly Training is nearing it’s end and many of you will be walking out to these open, flesh-filled areas where many await your presence. Go out and walk the Safe Path I have prepared beforehand but be not fooled or intimidated by those who cannot hear Me or those who know nothing of My Plans. Show compassion, love, kindness, empathy, meekness, patience and understanding for all you come in contact with. Use these Good Gifts on your Armor for you must leave the remembering of you to them as Holy, as all things Me, along with all I stood for. They must remember your stature and walk when they themselves begin their walk towards Me. Not all are filled as My Bride is…not all are good and not all have a soft caring soul which can allow them to easily watch the ills of another in complete calmness – a numbness. Take this not in a personal manner – this is not an attack on you but a vengeance on all that is of Me and My Father in Heaven. You will do good to remember these Words so as not to waste precious time pondering what you may have done wrong or what you could have done better. It is not personal toward you My Children…it is personal against the Kingdom of God, the Glorious Kingdom of Heaven!

(MBJ received this message on 11/10/2013 at 11:00 am)


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