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All NEW posts here…these are the “Upper Room” so-to-speak levels of “What the Spirit is Saying” as illuminated to me over these last 2 years, but refined during past year (2016 to Dec 2017). These explain the parables, stories, people spoken of in the Bible…it’s so much better than what we’ve been told!

It’s Hammer Time…I’m putting my Clock & Calendar back in the Game!

This past year, for me, has been the cherry on top of my favorite chocolate-marshmallow ice-cream shake…and it’s been a time I’ve felt the most isolated.  With isolation comes silence and in that silence, Truth is found and in that great find, among the treasures of all TREASURES – is Freedom.  The Truth really does set you free but we also must be willing to stay on the Path which guides our feet throughout their steps along this journey.

Where are they headed?  To what direction do they set course?  Well – it’s whatever direction needed in order to find the Key that unlocks the chains that have kept us in the dark and a prisoner to things of this Earth.  The Key unlocks the Truth of Heaven – not of earth, as it is because of this deafness to what is truly Heavenly – that we find ourselves unable to hear our Heavenly Father’s Voice.  But note…the earthly lies will be exposed here first in order for people’s ears to be directed to search for the real truth.  Once this happens, you’ll be ready to find all things truly Heavenly, or Divine.

This is what the disciples wanted to hear when they asked the Lord Jesus, “Lord, teach us how to pray.”

This is the Silent God of the Bible…but HE is the Creator of ALL the Universe, of matter, light, etc.  There is our Father, our Creator who sits on the Throne and is the God of Heaven.  He is the One that we pray out loud to, plead to and give thanks and praise in our songs, tears and love.  But, He too has a FATHER above who is THE ALL or THE ALMIGHTY.  HE is the ONE with NO NAME because HE is unnameable, unknowable, and it is HE in whom we will dwell or rest in eternally.  HE IS SPIRIT.  HE IS THE VOICE within that leads us out of the Wilderness and into the Promised Land.  But, it is God on the Throne whose commandments we must follow, whose laws govern our feet to His Throne where He sits – holding the Key(s) to HIM and into HIS PRESENCE.  It is through His Door that we walk into HIS REST…that is when we are finally HOME!


He has told us His entire story via the Scriptures or “Scripted Events” HE inspired.  HE is telling us the True Beginning to the True End…it’s up to us to “wake-up” or be shaken awake (hence earthquakes which shake the dust of the earth – us) so that we can finally understand the “characters” in His Story or HISTORY!  Who is WHO?  Where is Earth? Where is Heaven?  What is the Firmament? What and where is the Sea or Waters?  In order for these to be answered in the Heavenly understanding one needs, we have to first define the true definitions of the words written within His Word.  If we don’t even know the true meaning of “Man” then how do we know just who man is?  Human Being?  Creatures?

When we rely on earthly interpretation of such things, we remain clueless and have again, left our salvation to the understanding of others – who too are of flesh.  Yes, this teaching is HARD just as the man stated to Jesus in the NT!

Next, if we just read the Words/Books given to us by Man, not those that the WORLD has stamped “BAD”, well, we’re obeying the ruler or King of this WORLD…only listening to the voices in his chaotic realm and not, I repeat NOT of THE FATHER who resides upon us in SPIRIT.  It’s what HE places upon us that we need to listen to on the Path.  Do not be afraid to learn.  Trust that HE will place Truth when and where HE wants it placed.  You cannot truly understand the “Secret Writings/Teachings” if you cannot hear and understand what “The Spirit is saying” in the Bible first.

The Bible says that there is a veil that covers the “things of Heaven” from those that are removed from the Garden – His Garden or HIS GARDEN?  The Heart is the Olive that must be squeezed in the olive press in order to remove all the bitter juices from it – before it can be used as pure Olive Oil.  What does that mean?

All impurities – darkness such as jealousy, greed, resentment, hatred, selfishness and vanity must be removed as they are the walls that surround the Garden in which He walks, dwells.  When those walls have deep roots, or a thick concrete supporting their stance, the harder it is to hear Him when HE is speaking or guiding us.  All of these bricks must fall, roots and all.

What are the roots?  Their beginning, their foundation of truth in which they were born in…earthly teachers and/or teachings are their roots.  Just as trees and their branches grow up out of the soil into the sunlight that calls them, the roots grow downward, deeper spreading their foundation into the dark “watered” soil. One side of the “seed” climbs up while the other part of it sinks down.  But, without those roots grounding themselves deep within the “dirt” below, the trees blooming “branches” above, do not have a chance at becoming what they were planted to become…a rich fruit-bearing, leaf filled tree with strong branches to hold them.  This cannot be refuted…

North/South, East/West, all Heavenly siblings, all working to do “the Father’s Will” as these are the Roots and the Branches.  Regardless of how we’ve been taught to think, good and evil go hand-in-hand, like peas and carrots, Jenny and Forrest, as it is above as it is below – hold on, not in the dark ritualistic as above-so below concept, keep reading.  This is the first lines in Genesis “and the Darkness never put it out.”  It’s so important to think about which was created first…evening and then dawn.  You should too, know that everything spoken into being such as these two, are Angelic, Heavenly and not just a void word we take for granted.

The Angelic Being, Host, Angel, etc., that was first-born here under the firmament, looks to us to be “almost night” or the one preceding “the darkness”.   You must see without the “rose-colored glasses” and start looking at the entire Word in this way.  The Jews start their day at evening time; the rest of the world starts theirs 6 hours later at 12:00 AM but both consider the “New Day” to begin when the sun is not shining high into the sky.  At 6:00 AM, when the world wakes up to what we consider the start of day or really “the break of day or light”, many see it as “the beginning of a new day”, the Jewish day is already half over.  Actually, this shows that our days are really 6 hours long…as one (1) day is cut up into four 6 hour increments and each “part” of each “day” is ruled by each of the Four Corners of the world.  These are Seasons, these are Times, these are Months and these are Years. These however, are not Weeks.  Weeks and days are what fills these 4 Faces on the clock.  These are your 4 Faces that sit and guard the Throne of God.

This is the Duality; the Double-Minded Man in James.  These are the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the fish of the sea and the flesh (man) of the earth.  The word ‘Duality’ has been given a bad wrap, I believe, as I’m not speaking in a New Age manner of speech…I’m speaking Heavenly and Earthly.  We are both.  We are all these things within one.  Our internal/eternal is covered externally by the World – The Flesh. At the same time, this is our Enemy, the one we battle day in and day out!



Really, we are dealing with Priestly Thrones and Kingly Thrones but here on Earth, both hold a ‘god-like’ position whether to themselves “Self” or over the people they govern or spiritually lead.

Remember what happened after God gave ‘his people’ what they wanted, a King…as in King Saul?  Then He says that the Kings quickly got into bed with the Priests?  They are both fighting – to this day – for both Thrones…hence “The Game of Thrones”.  Look around, how was it not a given that today, so much confusion, continually stifles the minds of the people, His People?

Each of these Thrones have even divided the Face of the Clock.  One starts when the flowers bloom while the other begins with the leaves fall.  Spring up?  Fall back?  Creation, the thought of Man was birthed in Spring, Nissan so that means it was in the Mind of the Creator, right?  In Elul, the Fall, that is when it’s recorded that Adam & Eve were given life, born from the dust of the earth.  This must be the Heart (Soul) if the other is the Mind, right?  This is the calendar ‘Beginning’ the Jews today begin their New Year on.

Here, 12 to 6, 6 to 12, 12 to 6 and 6 to 12 is how I see the clock. Six hours from Nissan to Tishri, 6 months, 6 years, what?  It’s all the same.  It’s like too, The Sixth Day of Man.  We then, make that turn, that ‘turn-around’ and head back (down or up) to the other Kingdom or Throne.  Which is which?  This is the continual race car going around the track over and over. It’s the flow of the Nile.

Where does the 3 to 9 fit in?  The 9 to 3?  Wouldn’t that be January to July or July to January?  See how this goes?  This would be the Crossing of the Jordan, or the flow of the Jordan River.  You see, the Nile goes North/South, while the Jordan would be East/West which ironically, makes a ‘cross’ sign, doesn’t it?

Weeks to me, are the Angelic Times, the 24-hour stop clock/watch that is used by the Special Ops, the Warrior Angels so-to-speak.  Why?  Because God says weeks do not change, they are always the same!  Is that why we use a 24-hour Military Time for our Warriors?  :00 to 24:00?  These must be comparable to the seconds on the clock or that’s how I see it to be.  I could be wrong, but I could be right!  Stop  watches record by seconds, do they not?  The Watches of the Day…all consistently steady throughout the whole clock, the 2 parts and the 4 parts or Seasons.  Times must be in the 2-parts, the Left side and the Right side, but both watch and carry/rest-over the 4 Faces of Evening, Dawn, Day and Night.

Enoch Calendar Creator Wheel

*When I first drew this clock, I had no idea, none, what I was drawing.  I did not know how to date it, I just let my hand go and let the Lord led me.  What I could not have known at that time, was His Time!  I believe 3/11/11 was ‘a start date’ with the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.  When the 2012 ‘marker date’ was hit, now looking back, it seemed to change times in the Spiritual Realm.  It’s like we changed to Weeks, or the 2 sides or parts of Man (Northern Hemisphere/Southern Hemisphere).  Or, this began the Time Jesus was put on the Cross wherein 3 hours later, being 3:15, He would die.  If you look at the right side, at the 3:00 mark, you’ll see that should be on the outer wheel, 2019
August 21, 2017, The Great American Eclipse, I believe, was the cleansing of the land, accepting the Atonement, possibly opening up what had once been sealed, or God just being God and forgiving the 70 x 7, the end of Cain’s wondering, which was 490 days, or 70 weeks.  What if we add the 75 weeks, as in the 75 days “till the cleansing of the Temple, Hanukkah”? This cuts the time of Lamech’s curse, [that extra 7 added to the 70], down 2 weeks, or 14 days.  August 21, 2017 plus 75 weeks is January 27/28, 2019.  January 20/21, there is a Super Moon Eclipse:
“The January 20-21 total eclipse of the moon lasts for somewhat more than one hour, and is preceded and followed by a partial umbral eclipse, each time persisting for over an hour. The whole umbral eclipse from start to finish has a duration of a little more than 3 1/3 hours, and can be viewed from North and South America, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northern and western Africa plus the Arctic region of the globe. 
Additionally, a penumbral lunar eclipse takes place before and after the umbral lunar eclipse. However, a penumbral lunar eclipse is so faint that many people won’t even notice it while it is happening. In our post, we only give the times of the moon passing through the Earth’s umbra – dark, cone-shaped shadow.” (From Earthsky.Com)

Added note from me:

[The 1/3rd above – can be 15 minutes when using the 6 hr. pattern.  It can be 20 minutes if using the 3 quarters of 4 months yearly counting pattern.]

[Remember, Lamech cursed himself, God did not.  He was blind and couldn’t see where he was targeting his arrow…he thought he was killing an animal when he killed Cain.]

If you can understand the Face of the Clock (NOT MINE ABOVE), just a normal glance at a big round clock on the wall, you can see how 12:30 is 2018, (December 30th plus 6 years or a 12th month, 30th day). Numbers and dates must always be at least recognized and noted in this way.  This is also a Season or a Time, or Half-Time to God.  So events or years between then and now, are ALL still in play.  This again, is how no one can know the day or hour…no one understands Time itself. Having said that, all messages, signs, patterns, etc., are still very much relevant.  The Time of Man is 120, so you can cut that, slice it, peel it back as much as you want as all the times above, will fit within this space of time allowed to us by God.  It is also 40 plus 40 plus 40.

If you go through Scripture, note the amount of time spoken about during the various Books…these are markers for us today as beginning, middle and end times.  Notice how we look at 75 days from Day of Atonement – to the time the Temple was cleansed in Maccabees?  So, there is 15 minutes or A Season or A Time, which is a block of 3 months, 3 hours, etc., that is still out there, unused.  Or is it?  Were those 15 minutes, 3 years, 3 months, 3 days, 3 hours etc. used prior, marking the OT cleansing, ending the rotation around the Face of the Clock?  Could be.

Enoch is the Father of Time…who is Enoch?  Really, who is Enoch? 

How many days difference between his calendar days and others?  Julian? Gregorian?  All this is very telling and once we understand WHAT the Clock is, how Time that sets upon it is counted and allowing all to be told by it, maybe then, we could also put all these events we are now in – in place.  If 12/12/12 or 12/21/12 was the end of something, and going by that time-keeping method, what time would it be?  Do we have 10-18 minutes (days) till we get to that 75 mark?  The 45 or 15 minute mark?

Isn’t it funny, my birthday is 10/18…boy it’s been a while since I’ve seen that calendar!  My original version, well, it’s resting someone in a box, I’ve just not found it yet.

5779 Years from Creation to Today

Notice, the two ending numbers of the 5779; I see that like 1979, making a 40 year separation or difference between the Hebrew timeline and the Gregorian, or the United States.  It’s 40 years behind us…so in 2012, up to September 15th, it was 1972, September 16/17 it became 1973.  What events occurred during that time?  When you research, use this system and you’ll be amazed at what you will find.  It all connects...EXPOSING OF ‘THE NEGATIVES’. What we can expect and what we see today, is the exposure of the film, the tapestry being laid out for all to see.  This is done here on earth first, then Heaven will follow.  It’s called Truth on Earth as it is in Heaven and vice-versa.  This is why film developing went from dark closets to digital, boom, in a blink of an eye – the pixels all come together and wah-lah – you can see what’s been captured immediately!


👉6 years, 4 months, 15 days excluding the end date.  This is a Time; Times; and Half-A-Time…when did it start and when will it end?  One full rotation, the 4 seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and One-Quarter, which is also half of 30, has been completed here calculating from August 30, 2012, ELUL 12 (or 12/12 & 6/12 on Hebrew Calendar) to January 14, 2019.  Don’t really know why I chose that date, except for the first months, the fourteenth days, are always the eve of A Birth, or THE BIRTH!

👉76 months, 15 days excluding the end date.  Here it is another way.  Can you figure this one out?

👉332 weeks and 4 days – Here, only 3 days to the 7th day, or 333 weeks!

Remember this which is very important!  January 20th of 2017 started a set of Presidential Years or cycle of 4 years each…this might impact your find!

To get a clean, clear view of Enoch’s Calendar, you can go back to March 20, 2015, the day of the Eclipse and Spring Equinox.  The next day after Spring, is always the first day of the New month, so the 20th-21st of March would automatically start Nissan 1, or for Gregorian Calendar, add a side note of April 1st.  But wait, the real April 1st, which was on a Wednesday, has Nissan 12 on it?  Yes, there is a 11/12 day difference between Enoch’s Ancient Calendar and ours.  As of today, the Julian Calendar is approx. 11-13 days behind us.  Nissan landed on the correct day of March 20-21st that year, so again, a good time to start a fresh easy-to-assemble (lol) Enoch Calendar! So, one’s ahead and one’s behind?  See what I mean?

*Edit – this additional information I’m adding today July 19, 2019, Tammuz 17, 5779.

The Mayan Calendar had an original start date of August 11, 3114 B.C. I find that so interesting as August, like March, can be seen as a 11th & 12th month. When I originally posted this – above, you can see I spoke about 3/11/11 being a “beginning marker date”. Many people speak of 11/11/11 – 11.11.11 of being a significant number sequence…well, it’s the same as March 11. What are the odds of that?

Mayans use a 355 day year count. They use a 3-Wheel time measure. One of those wheels looks to be “time based on events” not days or dates.

Then, there is this…

355×8=2840…2840-2019=821 or 8/21. What is August 21 or 8/21? If you use 11/11/11 as a start date – add 2840 days, you will land on August 21, 2019. What are the odds of that?


This is the day in 1558 the ZOHAR was published – AV 20. This is the day that the Rebbe Levi Schneerson of Lubavitch died in 1944. If you did your homework or have truly paid attention to my remarks regarding the Jewish Rebbes – SCHNEERSON (1st thru 7th) you’d understand the importance of this date.



Bottom line here…it doesn’t matter.  It’s not about ‘When’, it’s about ‘Why’?  We cannot transform, have ‘transformation’ if we do not cleanse our bodies of the earthly teachings and lies.  This is about the Truth as in “so help me God” HEAVENLY TRUTH being blown out, delivered, understood, “GOT IT✅” with a check mark by your name! Enoch wasn’t “taken” until he had been shown/taught the Truth.

All of this has to do with the Heavenly Realms above us and who they are putting in the game!

The Heavens are here now, doing their part.  People just can’t see them nor God’s Hand on the field, playing Quarterback, throwing His passes, even acting as the Running Back to catch His own throws!  Please watch the Game!

History is not as we’ve been taught – I’ve said this a million times, and now everyone will understand what I have meant by that (the Good Lord willing).  Nothing is as we know it to be.  I hope you believe me, but it’s okay if you don’t…file it.  You’ll need it soon enough. 

The “Event” all have been waiting for, it’s God giving a miracle in allowing all to know the Real Truth as only He can deliver it.  The flash of light💥, it will be Him.  When, I don’t know, but you can look at the skies and see something is heading this way.  Listen for His Voice and you’ll know which way to walk, which Path to place your feet on because hopefully, you will have a few candles lit to light your way.  At least, have that spark ready to go!

This is about knowing who God really is!

“Who do they say I am?”

I love you, I’ll see you soon!

Mary Beth, Friend of Heaven









4 Videos~God’s Not Dead~He’s THE Sleeping Giant

Below are four (4) videos I posted today but uploaded them last week or so on my YouTube Channel.  Please watch as they are so important to what is going on in the Spiritual Battle right now.

My constant voice throughout this time-sharing with you what I have been given – “DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK” has been my call-theme so-to-speak, has it  not?  We were all learning together but many refuse to trust GOD WITHIN THEM and listen to where HE leads you…Knowledge.  What did He say about that?

Job 36:12 English Standard Version (ESV)12 But if they do not listen, they perish by the sword and die without knowledge.

I firmly believe this quote:

 “A lack of knowledge creates fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage.” “The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

That is what the people of the Earth have is the illusion of Heavenly Knowledge as they’ve only received it in fleshly from, by Man.  Oh they had it in The Beginning, but it was defiled, became unclean – meaning all the Heavenly Manna that was given to feed His Children had become Earthly food and as we all know, food here must be cleaned prior to eating it.

This is why religions have taught “praying before meals” not understanding what that really meant.  That means “Pray to your Father in Heaven to make clean that which you put into your body as manna.  Let it be blessed (God’s Breath blown upon it) so the Word/Teaching you are about to take-in, is Pure, Clean and Holy.  Make the Spirit that fills you on Earth as it is in Heaven (DIVINE TRUTH AND WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE, SIGHT AND HEARING) so that you may never thirst or hunger for what is right in His Sight.”  This is NOT FOR FOOD OF THE FLESH WHICH WE EAT – CHOMP CHOMP!

Do you see how it all started because of ignorance?  This is why Cain’s offering was not accepted possibly since he was the tiller of the grown, the crop grower?

Scriptures were given by The Breath of God THE FATHER/THE SPIRIT as a “How To Survive The Desert Handbook” but in order to understand what steps to take that HE has placed within the Word, you must first HEAR HIM AND WHAT HIS SPIRIT IS SAYING TO YOU and it is NOT what is written on the pages of the Bible that was written by Man.  Man has told the story his way, the Earthly non-Heavenly deaf, dumb and blind way because he used his own vain ego to assume he had Divine Godly knowledge, but he did not!  Pride kept him from looking up to “ask for directions” you could say (typical man).  They offered up “things” to God such as newborn babies, animals, gold/silver, but until you offer up your Heart, you cannot “Hear God in desert places”; you cannot “Hear what The Spirit is saying” as that is the Vessel that is filled.

Man taught what he thought was Truth, but it was only Earthly truth…not Heavenly.  To make “it right in the sight of God”, all things of this Earth must be offered up to receive the “soft breeze” I always talk about…God’s Breath of Life to make “all things Good” as He declared it in The Beginning.  Remember the God of the Old Testament thought He was the “only One” and what was spoken by Him then, had to be made “Good” as He was not the only One, as there was a LIGHT much higher than He…

This is how prayers are spoken in vain via lack of knowledge.  The “Pride before the Fall” has never been more true because how many people who have dedicated their entire life to reading the Bible, the Word of God, do you think will cast their pride away to become once again as a small child?  That’s what I thought, not many.  This is why it’s written:

King James 2000 Bible
Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get you out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father’s house, unto a land that I will show you:

New International Version
The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

New Living Translation
The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.

English Standard Version
Now the LORD said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.

New American Standard Bible 
Now the LORD said to Abram, “Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father’s house, To the land which I will show you;

King James Bible
Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:

The LORD GOD was telling Abram to leave the house of one Father (Earthly) as he needed to depend on “Hearing what THE SPIRIT OF GOD was saying”!  To enter into THE FATHER’S MANSION or HIS REST above, you must leave this Earthly Father’s House…this is why Joseph the Earthly father of Jesus had to die prior to Jesus leaving to out to begin His ministry.  His Earthly Father had to die to Jesus in order for Him to truly be baptized and hear His HEAVENLY FATHER who led His steps thereafter and WHOSE WILL was done via “The Son”.

This is why people sat on the ground when they ate.  The were eating from the ground, the dirt, the Earth.  Remember Jesus making the chairs for a customer so he could “sit” while eating?  Also, Jesus made a table for the food to be “lifted up and placed upon” to teach people they could dine above that place now?  Mary His Mother said “It will never take-hold”.  Was that dining set ever completed?  Someone finished it because that is how we eat our food today!  But, still, no one can truly TASTE the Heavenly MANNA because they’ve sat at too many tables, having too many meals which leaves one sleepy and lazy.  Food is not to make people FAT!  It’s was made to make them have Heavenly Nutrients for a strong Body of Christ, which is HEAVENLY PURE LIGHT LOVE AND TRUTH!  It’s Spiritual Food that feeds the Soul that is in the Dark, that which lies in the Flesh of Man.  A Soul only knows what is fed to it in that dark place, no light shines upon what is stored and eaten there.

Buddha is a Fat god because he sits, eats and stores all the FOOD in his belly and has no HAIRS on his head to be counted.  Krishna is thin because he takes NO FOOD into his body yet wraps his hair high upon his head undercover.  The Jews cannot see The Messiah because they only eat Kosher food that is made so here on Earth so when they pray, it’s with a box to their forehead, leather strap around the wrist and face towards the wall.  CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!  Christians are all sizes because they DO ALL THE ABOVE!  And, culture that still eats their meals sitting on the floor, where the food is placed on the ground, EATS WHAT THE SNAKE EATS, THE DUST!   **I will explain the meanings of the different religious cultures above and exactly what I mean by those comments in my next post.**

Image result for madea gifs

I had to throw that one in there!!!  You know God has a great sense of humor because we do!

Love, just love and do not judge.  Do not rely on Earthly Manna for Heavenly Understanding.  You cannot carry that luggage up that Mountain, remember that.


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Cain & Abel~Cain Killed Able And His Way Home…His Internal Spiritual Self

God was kept in the Darkness, hence “God’s Not Dead”.  He has been there waiting in that Darkness to be touched, heard, seen and known so He could take the hand of all on The Path to His Light – HOME.  He is there so you will not use the sense of fear as He is there and this is why God uses His we do not.  What happens when God blows through His Nostrils?

CAIN AND ABEL…Thy brother’s keeper

Below is Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”…when you finish reading Part One of this post, you will understand why this artist and his canvas is you, me, each of us.

Image result for michelangelo

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”–Genesis 4:9

 Cain displayed a shameful tone of presumptuous impudence in his insulting reply to the Lord God. If it had not been on record in the page of inspiration, we might almost have doubted whether a man could speak so impudently when actually conscious that God himself was addressing him. Men blaspheme often in a most terrible fashion, but it is usually because they forget God, and ignore his presence; but Cain was conscious that God was speaking to him. He heard him say, “Where is your brother Abel?” and yet he dared, with the coldest impertinence, to reply to God, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” As much as to say— “Do you think that I have to keep watch over him as he watches over his sheep? Am I also a shepherd as he was, and am I to take as much care of him as he did of a crippled lamb?”

 The unfriendly impudence of Cain is an indication of the state of his heart which led up to his murdering his brother; and it was also partly a result of his having committed that terrible crime. He would not have accomplished the brutal deed of bloodshed if he had not first cast off the fear of God and been ready to defy his Creator. Having committed murder, the hardening influence of sin upon Cain’s mind must have been intense, and thus he was able to speak to God’s face what he felt within his heart, and to say, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This goes a long way to explain what has puzzled some persons, namely, the amazing calmness with which great criminals will appear in court.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


**The above quoted paragraphs are being used for educational purposes only for the Spiritual Body of Christ.**
© Copyright 2003 by Tony Capoccia.  This updated file may be freely copied, printed out, and distributed as
long as copyright and source statements remain intact, and that it is not sold.  All rights reserved.
Verses quoted, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION
©1978 by the New York Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. 
This sermon, preached by Tony Capoccia, is now available on Audio Cassette or CD:


This is probably the most important, to-date, post and video uploads I’ve ever shared.  As I was just finishing my editing and making public the current videos, there were comments left on the first one regarding the Fallen Angels, the As Above So Below reference, along with other descriptions I used.  It’s okay, they don’t have to believe one single word I say, I share, but what I ask is that you file it.  Remember, I’m just like you…started the same way, same teaching, same everything!  To fully understand the words I speak today, you have to go back to where I started, where we started this journey together.  I call that Layer 1. *When I referred to the ‘As above, so below’…I was directing it as Ignorance Begets Ignorance, Wisdom Begets Wisdom, etc.*

I had no idea, none, how the veil would be melted away as we went along.  It’s a hard pill to swallow and I had many sleepless nights, wrestling with God.  It’s such a shock to the system when the paint starts to chip off and all the old paint is exposed.  Remember I did that one blog post on the “off-white paint”?  Who knew then, I mean WHO KNEW?

He made me experience everything I spoke about, everything!  Many times I didn’t want to let the words come from my mouth because even though I did nothing to induce the lesson, I had to walk the walk so to show what He gave me was real.  Also, to understand those experiences which I needed to feel in order to support those who needed a compassionate heart of kinship…I would truly feel the pain they felt as I knew how that direct hit felt.  As I was taught the “Tools of Navigation” on how the enemy goes in and out doors we open, giving him a rightful passage in or a foothold to continue until we learn to close what we’ve opened, I was sharing all with you.

People need to have the Heart of God; to immediately ask for forgiveness the moment we do it.  Know he only has what was given to him in the Beginning – the same weapons used throughout time just coming at us in other forms.  Pattern recognition is one of the most favorite Gifts I could have ever received.  It changed everything.  Once you see the trodden down path he travels over and over throughout the years, centuries, millennia, overall time, you then see how he causes such chaos – but always in the same patterned formations.  Then, another change, Layer 2.

This was big, huge to be exact!  When I began to read the Word just as I had always done, same teaching as all “church” members, it literally became illuminated.  Movies I had seen 100 times, now, every word meant something different, something new, a Light was shining exposing that which was covered, the underlined parables that made direct connections with picture perfect exposure of the “Why’s” that were previously asked.  I no longer asked Why, I no longer asked When.  All I did, was asked for more.  I prayed for Divine Heavenly Sight/Hearing, Knowledge/Wisdom, Understanding and Discernment and, to have the patience to not walk ahead of Him.  I had to learn to wait until HE taught me the true Heavenly versions and not the version of Man, given by Man, written by Man and accepted by Man.  I had to wait for Him to blow Life onto the words, His Words so they could speak to me from the pages they were written.  That is what I did.  We all know not perfectly at first as I ran fast ahead many times in my immature excitement…I just wanted to share what was given and a few times, I ran way too fast!  But you know, He always made it right.  He is my only true Witness to all of this and I know that.  I cry so many days as I know it will so hard for the world to understand and accept the real Truth but I quickly smile and say, “Well, it’s right there in front of us…you’ve stated it right here very clearly!”  And it is.  This is the “but Lord, didn’t I do things in Your Name?” They can’t hear what the Spirit is saying, they can only see the writing on the parchment.

Man writes on paper and as they pen, these men are anointed with a spirit/Spirit that is either speaking into their ears, coming from the external outside or they hear that voice/Voice that is moving within them, internally.  Which is which?  That’s the difference.  Two views, two conclusions as to how the story ends and that would be correct as one will be Earthly/Worldly and one would be Heavenly/Spiritually.  It’s being able to tell the difference.

Always think of Heaven and Earth as opposite Bodies. Heaven all things are in Spirit while Earth, all things have a material matter-filled form/body.  If the Scriptures say that Earth is God’s Footstool, then understand that is what is here, or what is giving His Feet a place to rest.  What rests at the feet?  What do feet do?  They tread, walk, stop, kick, run, jump, etc.  Give this deep thought.  Now, search the Earthly teaching, understanding and description of what “feet” are?  What moves them?  What hurts them?  What binds them?  The Head is above the clouds, it’s in the Heavenly Kingdom so that is where the “Marching Orders” come from.

Then, we must look at the upper torso of the “Body” and where it lays – the middle or what I call “The Kingdoms” or “The Kings Domes” and lastly “The King’s Dome”.  This is The Heavenly Body, a sum of all parts.

We rise up from the lowly serpent ground or from the “Snake’s Nest” so-to-speak where all food is swallowed whole; no tasting, no chewing, just a big ‘ole GULP!  Some vipers have very sharp flanged teeth that they will use to “sedate” their prey, numbing them, enabling them to free themselves because of the poison running through their veins, their blood or their body parts.  Think about this for a bit.  Take it up the food chain a notch, then another until you’ve raised yourself up to Man as he is today and how he feeds himself with his own hands.  Don’t skip the “Evolution of Man” in this sense…because this IS the Story of Evolution; God elevating Man to where His Head rests so it will be once again as it was when we were born a Human Being and fed directly by the Voice, The Spirit, The Mouth of God Himself.

This is the True Manna from Heaven.  This is the True meaning of “…just be and let Me do.”  You rest from your labors and His Breath is what blows into your nostrils just as it was In The Beginning.  This is when you are truly Born Again.

We are already “born again” in the world at birth so as we are going backward or counterclockwise, all things must be seen as “Spiritual/Spirit Fed” and not a manifested matter-filled formation of this Earthly Body of Man.  Stop dressing your garment with “Words” as they are the filthy rags only beggars wear as they only eat the food of Man, which comes in many forms, such as metals (gold/silver coins), moldy bread, broth, mush and so on…When do beggars get to sit at a table, set with every “good food” that they can choose on-their-own, to put into their own hands or plate?  They choose which utensil to put to their mouths; the fork to spear, the spoon to scoop or the knife to cut.  Oh they can feed themselves whether on their knees or sitting on a chair, but the food offered at those two levels is really life-altering, isn’t it?  At least the four-legged beasts/creatures follow breadcrumbs left in their path but yet again, to most who are on a constant starvation “I need food” hunt, they will eat anything to survive…till the next day when their hunger roars again.

This is what Jesus was overcoming in the desert – Earthly food.  He made that tummy growl, hurt, whine and roar – yet He did not eat to survive…He SURVIVED TOO EAT!  The stones were just as bread, the bread was hard as stones.

Jesus did not drink from the “Jacob’s Well” either, did he?  No.  He did not drink from the “waters of His Forefathers” as the Samaritan women, why?  He asked for a drink – but He had no cup…or did He?

The Crown of Thorns that covered He head, it would have placed thorns around the top front or “Forehead”.  This is also called by the World as “The Third Eye”, the Eye of the Illuminati or Illuminated Ones. Before moving forward, please allow me to explain who and what this is:

Illuminati has no “ion” on the end…it’s not complete, full Illumination or fully lit.  The Illuminati of the World are originated from the original 13 off-spring of the 7 Earthly Fallen Angels, but what are really the 7 Mountains, the 7 Churches, and the Seven-Fold Spirits they produced.  These have been “sealed-off”.  These off-spring survived the Flood (I will explain that in the completed post I will finished tonight).  These “children” did have Heavenly Knowledge, a Heavenly “Word” but they had no access to God’s Face, He turned it from them.  He could not breathe “life” into that Scroll/Word thereby it became an Earthly word of the Flesh, not the Divine Heavenly Word of God.  These children do not realize that their “god” IS GOD!  They have manifested or birthed into this World a “false idol” and in their lofty position from which they believe they “will reside and do now reside”, every “secret thing” they keep hidden is not “THE MYSTERIES” they believe they hide.  However, the teachings taught by Earthly teachers, men, churches, etc., is just that, of Man and not God.  So all have been deceived (remember Cain/Abel) but God will “flip-the-tables” and a “pole-shift” of Light and Darkness will occur.

Take all that you’ve learned from His Story in Scripture; ask HIM for Divine Gifts of the Spirit, His PERFECT GOODNESS AND LOVE, and blow life into HISTORY so you can “hear what The Spirit is saying”…this is giving Light to that which has been hidden.  This is why the Seals must  be broken – so the Truth of Heaven that was given in the Beginning can be unsealed from the Chambers of Darkness or “Tombs of the Forefathers” they have been placed in.  In order to enter into the Cave of Treasures, you must throw your Rock to smash the “Fear” which sets in the center of the forehead…as that Door/Stone must be rolled away.  The Giants are our Earthly Teaching of Fears.  How they saw things; how the “forefathers” taught things…hit it head on and conquer the Giants which tickles the ears of men about the fears ahead prior to entering the Holy Land.  Fear is a spirit and not of God so it may not enter into His Resting place which is where one is allowed to walk-thru to rest from their journey; they there receive their rewards, HIS TRUTH – HIM.

Now, continuing from above…

Well, a thorn resting in front of the centered area, to me, is the “Berm” that must be removed from “one’s eye”.  This will cause a head wound most assuredly.  That Earthly term and understanding is again a Divine Heavenly Teaching/Gift that was taught with Earthly Discernment/Teaching or lets just say “Earthly Holy Spirit” as those teachings did originate from a Holy place, a “Holy Land” but received (heard) with only the ears of the deaf.  All were deaf, all were blind, all were dumb because “The Spirit” had not yet given life/Life to it as all waited for the Four Winds to blow.  They wait today in the land of God’s Promise…The Promise Land.

Now, think about this for awhile…what is Holy to one may not necessarily be Holy to another.  What one considers God’s Promise’s to be, may not be seen the same as his neighbor.  This is how our hearts and heads battle with each other too.  Our heart hears the pain, the joy, the sound of another’s silent plea or the singing of one who is happy.  Our head – it sees what the heart cannot.  It walks away from what the heart cannot.  The mind controls what the heart will not.  The mind seeks to find what will give the heart release of its tears –  while the heart gives the mind the love it needs to release its fears.  Each are “thy Brother’s Keeper”; each are “thy Sister’s Keeper”; each need the other to have Life.  One is deaf, one is blind but together. they can get up and walk to the River of Life and to the Tree of Life, but separately, they are lost…they rely on only what they themselves know, partial knowledge, truth and understanding yet they’ve become their own “gods”.

This is the story of Cain and Abel.  Cain was the Left Side while Abel the Right.  Our brain controls our thinking, what we “create”, what we “author”, how we “imagine”, how we “interpret”, how we “feel” and how we “move into action” or give birth/life of manifested things in our life/lives.  You are either controlled by the Cain-Left Brain or the Abel-Right Brain.  Cain controls our Right Arms/Legs (Armies) or our “Righteous Side” while Abel, he guides the Left Arms/Legs (Armies) or what we consider the “Hidden Knowledge/Wisdom” or better yet, the “Oh don’t go there” side.  It’s hidden by the Veil of War between the Head above and the Feet below…the Heavenly Kingdoms.  Cain controls what side again?  Without the wisdom gained from the knowledge that has been seen as “Forbidden” because the Earthly Teachers (Righteous) have declared it so, you will therefore perish without him as your Brother is your Keeper.  One clothes while the other feeds but both defend The Body.

The Left Brain or Cain, well, it’s his gifts that allow one to write, to compute or calculate numbers, time, etc.  (See chart below).  Cain gives all the external, Earthly manifested creations/worlds while Abel was internal…he held the Gifts of the Eternal. (See chart below).  When Cain hit his brother Abel on the head with a “rock”or “stone”, he killed his brother who was really, his Heavenly way home…Abel held the things of the Heart, which is where God walks with us, guides us, feeds us, and leads us HOME.  Cain no longer had that – he only had the Earthly external realms to guide him Home…that’s called The World.

Cain had to wonder because he had nothing Holy guiding him any longer as he destroyed his tower, his radar, his heart.  Cain solely became dependent on himself, thereby becoming godly (ignorantly) as he really knew no better.  This is why God had to send Jesus – to lead Cain (all fleshly knowing material world) to his brother Abel (all Heavenly Spirit-filled) be his brothers ears, hearing the Voice of the ONE that would carry his brother HOME.

Earthly senses verses Heavenly senses.  What exploded in the Beginning to become the World, not must implode to become Heavenly, to die to Self and become One with The Father.  External/internal…Big Wave/Small Wave, this is the Mountain falling into the River of Life.  It’s a good thing when you don’t make a big splash as it was not a hard fall. The bigger the splash, the harder the fall.


ABEL – RIGHT                                                                                                                 CAIN – LEFT

If you would split the brain right down the middle into two symmetrical, or equal parts, you would have a right and left hemisphere. Although equal in size, these two sides are not the same, and do not carry out the same functions. 

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts. Both hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum and serve the body in different ways .

What bodily “Senses” can we live without – that does not directly affect our “Life”?  Smell.  Why?  Fear is not real. You don’t need to smell it.

Hearing.  Yes, so you can hear the Heavenly Voice within you that guides you to The Path HOME.

Touch.  Yes, you need to feel your way in the darkness while on The Path for your Brother/Sister’s Hand to lead you out into the awaiting Light.

Sight.  Yes, to see the Light that is awaiting you in all ITS GLORY!  The LIGHT is the GLORIFIED LIGHT OF GOD, THE TRUTH, and the place where you find ETERNAL REST IN THE FATHER.  The Holy of Holies, The Promises of The PROMISED.  This is what you will see when the Berm is finally removed, the Giant slayed and the New Heaven (Mind) and New Earth (Heart) are as ONE…they are whole as they were in the Womb.

This is Cain and Abel…Seth was the Man-Child God sent to the Land to replace what was dead, the Gifts that Abel carried but was buried in the Land of the Dead because of ignorance.  All that birthed through Cain was done so in this way and why the Darkness never put out the Light.  The Light had to be taught what that Darkness held as it was It’s Worldly Teacher.  The Student surpassed His Teacher.

God was kept in the Darkness, hence “God’s Not Dead”.  He has been there waiting in that Darkness to be touched, heard, seen and known so He could take the hand of all on The Path to His Light – HOME.  He is there so you will not use the sense of fear as He is there and this is why God uses His we do not.  What happens when God blows through His Nostrils?

I will finish this post after I quit bawling my eyes out.  I’m over-whelmed by all God’s Goodness He has just given us.  I hope you see what has been given here.  Short intermission…I will finish this tonight.

One last thing to think about.  Tribulation is what the word “troubadour” roots or comes from.  What is a troubadour?

tribulation (n.) (tribute, elation)

c. 1200, from Old French tribulacion (12c.), from Church Latin tribulationem (nominative tribulatio) “distress, trouble, affliction,” noun of action from past participle stem of tribulare “to oppress, afflict,” a figurative use by Christian writers of Latin tribulare “to press,” also possibly “to thresh out grain,” from tribulum “threshing sledge,” from stem of terere “to rub” (from PIE root *tere- (1) “to rub, turn”) + -bulum, suffix forming names of tools.

Definition of troubadour  (trouble, adorn, a door)

727, from French troubadour (16c.) “one of a class of lyric poets in southern France, eastern Spain, and northern Italy 11c.-13c.,” from Old Provençal trobador, from trobar “to find,” earlier “invent a song, compose in verse,” perhaps from Vulgar Latin *tropare “compose, sing,” especially in the form of tropes, from Latin tropus “a song” (from PIE root *trep- “to turn”). The alternative theory among French etymologists derives the Old Provençal word from a metathesis of Latin turbare “to disturb,” via a sense of “to turn up.” Meanwhile, Arabists posit an origin in Arabic taraba “to sing.” General sense of “one who composes or sings verses or ballads” first recorded 1826.


Again, please think about words that have been translated into this World and what they really mean.  If they are made or birthed from Man’s World, they are for THOSE MEN, the Angels who left their stations and never opened the “doors” to allow what was SEALED UP to be broken and spread out for all to know, to share and to hold.  We should look to the Heavenly SPIRITUAL or non-formed events, not of the flesh or manmade events which are birthed by those that created them…

Part 2 coming at a later date …

Your Friend of Heaven,

Mary Beth




Why is God Silent To The World? – Is Silence Really Golden? You Must Have Silence To See

Why is God Silent – Is Silence Really Golden?

Yes it is…

For the past few months, I’ve been unusually quiet, at least for me as I am a “people person”, have always been and cannot truly remember a time in my life that I’ve allowed my voice rest.  Oh, it’s not gone by a long-shot so don’t worry about that!

You see, I’ve always been led by my heart and that is where I speak from.  I believe too this is why God says to not worry what you will say before you say it, meaning He will lead the way.  When you don’t prepare your “words” beforehand, whatever comes (come-what-may) is the truth that dwells within us, within our hearts.  What is our heart?  It is God’s Garden.

Where do we walk with Him – In His (1)

This is where we all are taught by God Himself; this is where He dwells among us.  When we “prepare” via our brain using the earthly tools such as pen, paper and “scripted” dialog that has been carefully orchestrated prior to the time of “sharing”, then we, I have learned, are not allowing God or His Holy Spirit to speak as we are speaking for Him, in our “Self”.  You see, in the Garden, God feeds us from The Tree of Life, the Tree that grows or produces the True Fruits of Heaven.  As we are walking with Him, He is feeding us along the way, stopping too, to allow us to drink from the River of Life.   When we have that pure “sunlight” beaming and radiating through the walls of our heart so all that is from Heaven (not Earth) gives Divine Truth (Sun/Son/Light) to the Fruit being grown, produced, shared and eaten from The Garden, our Garden, where God Himself has anointed with His Feet as every step He takes within His Garden, is Holy – thereby the soil in your/my/our Garden is too, Holy Ground.  If God truly walks with a person here on Earth, it is in the Heart of each where He takes His Rest.

But before He can Rest from all His good work He is doing in us, He must first take ROOT!


I cannot stress the importance in removing the cobwebs from every corner you can reach which is removing ALL resentment, hatred, along with giving all your enemies forgiveness.  If you don’t, you cannot see just WHOM it really is you are walking with – as the Path in your garden has no light and you walk in total darkness.  The God that you want so badly to speak to you, hold you, guide and lead you – must be seen in light, His Light and it’s in that Light, that Heavenly Divine Teaching, is what gives your Tree of Life it’s Fruit of the Spirit, the Heavenly Spirit – as it’s grown in soil watered by the One who produced the Seed itself.

The Light must replace the darkness, not sometimes, but at all times!  It’s a process, it is work, and many times, just plain hard to remove all that you’ve hoarded over the years.  All that “junk” sitting there comes in handy when we need it – especially when we need to blame our actions, emotions or life on any of those priceless items!  Meaning, as long as we have an excuse for the bad things we say or do while stating “but I’m a good person”, we allow the darkness to rule or overthrow our walk with God as He always strolls in the Light as that is where all is seen.  He requires Truth from His Friends on their walks together because it’s during those little strolls, He reconciles those hurt hearts one-by-one, step-by-step to Himself so they can be removed forever.  He teaches, loves and gives us Divine Guidance and Truth when the Light shines brightly within, which then frees you from your confined quarters and ultimately, allows you to finally “clean house”, no longer hoarding the “stuff” that restricts your daily life and walk.

Oh, okay, back to the “silence is golden” part.

Once all that garbage is dumped – after we are done complaining, whining, crying, asking “why” – projecting out our “peace”…we can FINALLY close our mouths and open our ears in order to fully “hear what the Spirit is saying”!  In our silence, we hear HIM LOUD AND CLEAR!  If we could just stop our “self” in our tracks or take a moment to “flip over that 45 record” before all those repeated words become the only thing we hear and concentrate on, it would stop our following actions that seem to place our footing farther and farther away from the music He calls from.

I have learned the hard way too many times to count.

In 2012, that’s when it all started to change.  That’s when I spoke less and listened more – to HIM.  I began to shut out the words of the world, by choice, so I could “turn up the volume”.  The teaching the Earthly Church has spread throughout the “world” is what keeps us from finding comfort in His Silence.  They are the noise.  The music and “voice” most (I said most) hear from (meaning 8 out of 10) is the REPLICATED EARTHLY VOICE and not the TRUE DIVINE HEAVENLY VOICE OF THE FATHER.  Oh, His Voice is in all of us, HIS DIVINE SPARK OR DAUGHTER, but it’s the Earthly Churches themselves that have defiled her.  They took her “virginity” which is her Divine Truth and Light, and sold it for “profit”.  What has been passed down throughout the generation’s, is NOT what was given in the BEGINNING.   Now, all she can wear is filthy, torn, defiled garments that have too many seams!  See, Heavenly GARMENTS have no seams, they are seamless.  Whenever garments have seams, the material that covers the “body”, is not whole, it has a foreign object intertwined into the fabric.

Why do you think the Roman’s cast lots for Jesus’ robe?  Didn’t His mother Mary make that robe He wore herself?  Think about this.


The problem that is soon to “Arise” (couldn’t help myself there), is that while all the righteous “church-going” people are continuing to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR, making sure EVERYONE HEARS THEM, they themselves have gone deaf.  They all talk over themselves.  They all talk over HIM!

Here on “this” earth, well, it is what it is, but up there, they themselves will be their own “stumbling block”, the stone that bruises their feet.  As they all go forward, hand-in-hand, talking all the way, they have no clue what Door they are to walk through, especially when there will be 3 presented before them.  They think all the doors will be open and they have access to an “OPEN HEAVEN” –  but what happens when they have to chase that Heaven to find the Open Door?  Things are not going to be as they think (but again – so many ARE waking up in the silence most avoid) so it’s imperative to walk in that as it is there, one is handed the Keys which will allow ALL DOORS TO BE OPENED regardless.


Well, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus each have a “Door”…each being one for “a” Bride, “a” Groom, and “the” Guests.  Which one is which?

Enoch was taken to be God on the Throne’s “Witness” to events PRIOR to the Flood, while Elijah was taken up to be “Witness” to God’s Throne AFTER the Flood.

What does that mean?

Enoch is before the “separation” I believe, Elijah after it.  Enoch is the Scribe who used his mind and his hands while Elijah is the Prophet who used his mouth and feet.  Both are part Heavenly and part Earthly.  Or, are they?  You decide but remember, Heaven and Earth are opposites and as such, half will always be in conflict with the other half.  It is how we were/are born…it’s the Heart/Soul and the Mind/Spirit.  Elijah spoke via his Heart which directed the PATH of his Feet…at times it was Earthly, at times it was Heavenly.  What about Enoch?  He wrote with his Hands which were led by his Mind.  Was he at times led to write from his Earthly mind/spirit or his Heavenly Mind/Spirit which guided the Hands he wrote with and the words scribed?


That we, all who are “of God’s Creation” are both, we are the good and the bad, we are Heaven and we are Earth.  We are the Good Guy and we are the Bad Guy and when we bind “the enemy back to the pits of Hell”, we are binding part of ourselves – yes, we are cursing OURSELF!  Again, we can go back to the Bible to when the Arch Angel Michael told Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!”  He did not say “I”!  This shows he gave it to the Lord to do so.  This is an entirely different direction that I would love to discuss but I’m trying so hard to stay on point here so I will leave it at that and hopefully soon, I can finish my page on that specific subject alone.

The Spirit and the Soul must start walking on the same Path; it’s these two “Sisters” that must cross the Great Divide, conquer the elements that have kept them apart or at odds with each other.  These are the twin granddaughters of Noah, or, are they the twin sons of Tamar and Judah?  Here on earth we call Israel and USA sisters, we use “she” instead of “he”.  Will that be different in Heaven?  Is Heaven the two brothers?  Whichever, they are still siblings…they’re family.

Is this the “brother against brother” God spoke of?  I believe it is.  Unfortunately, we can only see earthly manifestations due to our limitations of our Heavenly sight.  We are blind to see the Heavenly or the Divine, therefore we bring to life what was not meant for us – as we are ignorant to most of the written Word given in Scripture.  We are not “all that” and in our arrogance we have brought to life that of which should have been never born in our world.

I believe wholeheartedly, that The Father of ALL Creation, all the Heavens and Earth, the ONE that is nameless for there was nothing or no one before HIM to name HIM, that it is THIS FATHER who is THE GREAT SPIRIT!  It is HE that is the GREAT LIGHT, the PURE LIGHT and it is HE that is addressed in the Lord’s Prayer below:

 Matthew 6:9-13 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

In this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

10 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory forever. Amen. 

I’ve taken Luke from the Amplified Bible which speaks also of the same prayer the Lord taught them to pray when His disciples asked Him “how to” pray: 

Luke 11:2-4 Amplified Bible (AMP)

He said to them, when you pray, [a]say:
[b]Father, [c]hallowed be Your name.
[d]Your kingdom come.

‘Give us each day our [e]daily bread.

‘And forgive us our sins,
For we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended or wronged us].
And [f]lead us not into temptation [[g]but rescue us from evil].’”


  1. Luke 11:2 I.e. as a model or pattern.
  2. Luke 11:2 Later mss add phrases from Matt 6:9-13 to make the two passages closely similar.
  3. Luke 11:2 I.e. set apart, keep and treat as holy, revere.
  4. Luke 11:2 A plea for God’s kingdom to be inaugurated on earth.
  5. Luke 11:3 I.e. life’s essentials.
  6. Luke 11:4 I.e. lead us away from situations where we are vulnerable and have the opportunity to sin. God does not tempt man (see James 1:13) but does allow man to be tested.
  7. Luke 11:4 NU omits.


It is HIS Spirit that is UPON the Throne of Heaven…the One who sits upon THE Throne does so with the full SPIRIT OF THE FATHER and therefore it is in the One who rules over all UNDER that Throne and are bound to Him who governs those Heavenly realms from that Heavenly place.

Didn’t Jesus say “I am IN the Father and THE FATHER is in Me?”  Here, it shows that Christ was the SPIRIT that resided in the Father who sat on the Throne – and that He (Christ) was THE FATHER (THE TRUTH/GREAT SPIRIT OF ALL CREATION).

Just as there are realms – there is a “tier” system, sort of.  It’s how I understand or see it.  You can look at it from one angle as we look at our physical body parts; the head, the torso and the lower leg/feet area.  This can be a 3 Tier (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) separation system.  We can then divide into more tiers after that but the main “body” is firstly in these 3 portions.  In each section, there are valuable divisions and each play a part, or have a Divine job assignment, which eventually, gets us back HOME!  Each of these 3 major parts are a door:  Enoch, Elijah and Jesus.  Since we are both sides as previously noted above, man as we know “Man” to be, has 2 sides, the left and the right – hence, the Double-Minded Man stated in James.  When you see that each half has 9 sections, we have 18 – your 666, the number of Man.  Each part of our 3-tiered layers has 3…when that body/tier is divided as told in the Scriptures, you have 6 per each layer/tier/realm.  In the end of it all, we have to get back to 3, then as it was in the Beginning, to the ONE.

There is a reason we have the number of bones in our extremities that we do, it’s not a fluke.  It’s okay if you are having trouble understanding, seeing or accepting what I am saying here, but do me a favor, file it.  File it away so when the time comes, you can pull it out of that long extended file cabinet; trust me, you’ll need it!  (Update:  I’ve been working on this post for the past few months – I type it little by little, it’s been a labor of love you could say.  But today, in the early AM hours, I clicked on a YouTube video about numbers.  These weren’t just any numbers, they were 3, 6, 9…and how these numbers are the base for all things.  I about fell off my couch!  I will add the link at the bottom when I am finished, if I can find it again as it just appeared or “popped up” in the “recommended” section of my channel.  Just saying…)


So many people around the world have become “loners” these past 7 years or so.  Where once they were surrounded by hundreds of friends, family, loved ones – well, maybe not hundreds, but way more than the number has dwindled down to in recent years, they have all but been abandoned now to walk The Path alone.  This should be seen as the blessing it is instead of the punishment it’s taken as.  This is God the Father calling you out – out of the world of chaos and noise.  He needs your full attention and that my friends, is only possible when He is the One and Only!

I think back now of how many tears I cried as I wondered what I had done that was so wrong to deserve the destruction of my life, ultimately leading me into complete isolation, where I would wake up realizing I was alone…utterly alone.

At first, my mind raced (conversations back and forth of what I should have done and was going to do) and this, I later realized, still kept my attention toward the world that had broken my heart.  If I could just “shut myself up” and be quiet for two seconds, I would see He was calling me to Him just as I prayed over and over for Him to do.  When I learned to stop “festering” and to finally throw-in the “white towel” into the boxing ring, ah, this is when He started to answer my questions and allowing me, no one special really, to know His Heart…to know the “why” I had mumbled out of my mouth too many times to count.  It was at that moment, I started to relish and adore the silence and isolation.  It was my time with My Father and He had finally turned His Face toward me because I turned my face toward Him.  I woke up in complete excitement to what the day of “God School” would hold and yes, I LOVED HOMEWORK!

As of today, this very moment in time, I still feel the exact same way and I have long given up the world that kept me captive for too long.  I’m a loner, a rebel, and I could not be more happy – nor have I been happier as what I have been taught is BETTER THAN THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!  I no longer ask why – well okay, sometimes it just slips out but within seconds, I shake my head and look up saying, “Oh why did I say that Lord?  I know why!  Thank you!”  I know that nothing is allowed unless He has a divine reason for it or if it’s to be used for His Divine Glory, period.  I’m not saying it’s easy, a smooth sail all the way across the waters but I know what it’s not…it’s not to punish or to spank, His reasons are always so so so much higher!  I have to put the cherry on top here and say that God has never blessed me more than He is now.  Not that He is giving me material items, or has become my own personal “Genie in a bottle”, but, He miraculously provides for my needs in ways no one would believe unless you could see them yourselves.  It’s been the most loving act of LOVE, GOODNESS, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and PEACE one could imagine…I linger it.  Thank you is such a simple everyday word but that is all I can seem to mutter these days.  I always ask that HE search my heart for all I have has filled every single place in those 2 words…it’s saturated with my entire being, my entire all and I know, HE knows this!

Thanksgiving Eve – this was a good night.  At the last-minute, plans changed for where I would go for dinner.  I had now decided that I would cook my own Thanksgiving meal but I had not saved enough money from my disability check to do so.  Wednesday, I prayed, laid it all out and gave it to the Father.  I said I needed a miracle and I knew HE had this…I knew HE had me!

I went to the Farmer’s Market to get some huge sweet potatoes they had a sale on and some fresh green beans.  I then drove to the grocery store hoping I could pull together enough money to buy a turkey, and maybe, just maybe, one or two sides.  As I was sitting in my car, I decided to check my account one more time to see my exact balance, not expecting it to be over 20.00.  To my utter amazement, I not only had 20.00, but now I had $200.00!  Yes, yes, and yes!  I cried.  HE did it again!  I jumped out of that car and had my 3-year-old granddaughter Trey-Olivia and my Bo with me, who is now 11.  I was so filled with joy – I was like a little child going into a toy store!  I texted my son Taylor and daughter Tara on my way home telling them, “WE ARE HAVING TURKEY TOMORROW!”

My kids always go to their dad’s side for Thanksgiving, splitting it with both my side and theirs.  Since the death of my son Trey, or until about 2012/2013, I didn’t care to attend any feasts or celebrations as they just reminded us of the empty plate, the vacant chair at the table and the person we missed so much.  I was fine eating cereal, but I always made them go to their dad’s and told them to have a wonderful time and to please not worry about me – I was right where I wanted to be.  See, prior to my son Trey’s death, I would start decorating my entire house for the holidays the first week in November…opening it up to anyone and everyone as this was my favorite time of year.  Now, it was the season I wanted to skip and avoid the most, until the arrival of my grandchildren.  I want them to have the same happiness my children had, the traditions, the love and the light we shine upon others and not the sadness.  From now on, I will always hold these days of togetherness in my home and not the home of those who still haven’t learned to walk the path of the talk they speak.  (PLEASE SEE MY NEXT BLOG POST/ARTICLE FOR THE FULL STORY ON THANKSGIVING 2017 AND HOW THE LORD BLESSED THIS DAY AND WHY.)   Update:  I never finished this Thanksgiving Day post, but trust me, it was a total “God-Thing”!  He’s so good!


It is!  All of HIM is right there for all to see and truth-be-told, it’s always been there from the very start, The Beginning surely told The End.

The “Mind” or the Spirit, is what was there in the Beginning – it was quiet, silence was common than the noisy voices talking over each other.  How do we know this?  Abraham tells us through his story.  It was in that stillness, he first heard “The Voice”.  Others did not hear what Abraham did – this is why his “people” grew as it did, they followed the one who had hearing, who was no longer deaf and followed him wherever The Voice in the Wilderness told him to go.


This is the good part…Abraham broke “his father’s idols” and then left the city of his father, family and his childhood.  He broke away from the pack.  He left the noisy voices of those who continually prayed to the “gods” and those that lived in wealth/security worrying about nothing as they could not see how anything or any place could be better than the city they lived.  It was their own special paradise you could say and hey, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”  Status Quo standing at status quo.

It was Abram’s (later changed to Abraham after leaving the land of his father Terah) heart that was called to, which in turn, turned his head onto the Path into the Wilderness of the Silent God, or Holy Spirit.  The heart must be the first to be broken, then healed, being renewed so that IT can lead the head to the Divine Truth, knowledge of the Hidden Mysteries so the “Head” of the body could be healed too, thereby allowing no one to perish due to their “lack of knowledge”.  This is Heavenly knowledge.

John the Baptist was loud, very vocal in his “call” or “calling”, while Jesus spoke in a much calmer, softer voice…so what is this parable saying?  Cut the head of John the Baptist off, so he can decrease (earthly teacher) and Jesus can increase (Heavenly Teacher).  This is why John sent his own disciples to Jesus – to be WITH Jesus to learn the next layer that was needed.  They crossed the River Jordan which is the crossing of the waters up, where we too have to cross, through the “sky” and above…the Heavenly waters of baptism.  Water baptism allows the cleansing of all earthly things to prepare the “body” for its FIRE baptism of the Heavenly Holy Spirit.


Leonardo da Vinci painting of John the Baptist “pointing up” to Heaven…I know!  I know!  How good is that?


So now, once again, we look at this time of Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights.  The lighting of the Menorah, cleansing of the Temple (us) and the removal of the idol placed there by the Babylonians.  What is this?  This is what I believe is going to happen, soon…very soon.  This is my belief of our approximate journey as we walk to and on the Path Home:


First, just as Moses parted the Red Sea, which is the division of our hearts, showing we are both Earthly and Heavenly, showing the 2 Laws, Law of God (Law of the Heart) and the Law of Man (Law of the Land), Jesus will now clearly divide the Waters as we follow His Path up.  The Waters are above us and all will be taken up together, the wheat and the tares, but one goes left and one goes right.  It is during this crossing that the darkness is upon all as we will be cleansed via these Waters.  The Earthly Spirit will be removed from these bodies while the “transforming body” prepares to receive the “Heavenly Holy Spirit” – hence, your 3 days of darkness.  This is the time all are being “healed” and the corruptible will become incorruptible.   This is when our Soul departs from our body, but our Spirits remain, or our Spirit departs and our Soul remains.  One is Heavenly and one is Earthly so if they are not in sync with each other, they cannot be either/or, so they remain in limbo or what the Catholics call “purgatory” where the world sees them as demons.  What is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven, remember?  This is why.  Oh wait…a Spirit without a body is a Ghost, correct?  So, yes, a Soul without a body would be called a Demon.  (The Lord just literally downloaded in me, as He is downloading all of this as I type.)

This is why God had to blow into Adams nostrils…to give him life!  The Soul, she is looking for her Heavenly Body of Christ and until she learns, or better yet, REMEMBERS the Truth from which she came, she must be “shaken” awake, hence earthquakes in diverse places.  The Soul will sojourn until she sees a spark, a flame, a light that guides her to the Path she takes Home.  This is why they lived in “tents” in the desert, a temporary dwelling.  A house, and the going in and coming out of, is a permanent residence, not as easy to pack up and move from due to the “payments” that must be made to live there.  That’s why they must be knocked down and the residents “removed”.

Let me back up here…prior to this, as we come out of the Waters, which is a baptism for some, cleansing for others, you must be able to recognize the Lord.  Remember, Peter and the others did not recognize Him on the water as He was walking to their boat, and it was not until He called out to them in the storm, allowing them to hear His voice, that Peter finally got out of the boat.  He was blind to the Man walking upon the water until He, Jesus, called out to them.  They heard His Voice and THEN their eyes were focused in on WHO it was that called!  Peter was willing and totally able, but the minute he looked down (back down to where he just came from, hence going back in the mind to the world he knew before), he no longer could stand in that pure faith which he needed to walk to the open arms of Jesus.  When he started to sink, Jesus pulled him up and out of the water and immediately took His place beside them in the boat.  You cannot receive the Divine Glory of God the Father if you continue to look back into your corrupt Earthly body (prison) as Peter did.  Peter’s transformation was only temporary and not full-on as he had not shaken all the dust from his feet, obviously!      So, now yet again, he had to be shaken awake a bit harder each time he did this showing really, his lack of faith.   The Door was open, he just couldn’t see it.

The earthly will recognize Earthly and the Earthly will recognize the Heavenly.  Heaven and Earth are opposite so what you receive here, is not what you will see there.  All of these errors must be made right…the Truth must be shown, taught and ACCEPTED (every knee will bow) before receiving the Glorified version, which is baptism via the Fire of Heaven.  The Fire Baptism is for those that are ready to receive – the flesh must be clean when coming to the Altar of God so the Invisible can be seen by the Visible Father and the Visible can return and be remembered by the Invisible Father in Whom Christ Jesus resides, in Spirit, as He IS THE SPIRIT!.  All go back from whence they came…but not until they are no longer ignorant of THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY OF HOLIES SPIRIT – THE MOTHER/DAUGHTER – TRUTH, FAITH AND WISDOM.  This is when the Earth is made New and New Jerusalem comes down…The healed “Body” is ready to receive.  This is the New Heaven and New Earth – the Spirit and the Soul.  They are paired as they were in the Beginning, married, making them ONE!

This is the final “Rapture” of the Bride of Christ – when She (the Soul) is brought back to Her original HOME!  Her Light has come back through Christ.  Just as the Wo-man brings life into being here on earth, it is the Man who delivers them to Everlasting Life in Heaven.

Just as the Waters were parted in the Beginning, then again parted by Moses, they now must come back together as the wall of waters must come down (Pharaoh’s Army on the dry sand chasing the Israelites as they walked across via the ocean floor) but not before He called His people out of the Waters.  He let the very last one come upon the dry shore before “closing the door” behind them.  Remember too, it wasn’t until ALL were “on the other side” that the dross that crossed with them (the tares) showed their true colors as to who they really were.  Same pattern as then will occur and they too will be “shaken” by the Earth and separated from the others via the “line in the sand” (earthquake separation line).


The 7 Mountains, 7 Hills or 7 Continents, hold up, set under Babylon, which is the City of the God who rules with Earthly Laws, Truth, they have raised this city up and until their Seals are broken, their “words/mysteries” released, these Mountains cannot rise or fall as they still hold something that is “hidden” and the Lord has told us that NOTHING will be hidden!  Behind or under each Seal (which is the tomb door/stone that needs rolled away) or Scroll which must be opened so it is known, visible.  When these 7 “Seals” or “7 Truths of the 7 Churches” a/k/a The 7 Fold Spirits of Heaven are opened, (given as Heavenly Gifts and NOT plagues or curses), the good fruit can be eaten from the Tree of Life.  Then her,  Path, (the Soul’s) becomes lit and becomes brighter as each is broke open – so it’s imperative those walking ahead of her, carry enough oil (Truth) to light their 7 candle Menorah so she and the others who are crippled, can be healed and find their way Home.  They need to be able to see those Lampstands shining in the dark, lighting the way, thereby restoring sight, no longer keeping them blind and behind the Walls of Jericho.  It was in her dark place, behind the walls that She the Soul, became a Harlot (Rahab who ended up marrying Joshua).

I believe that the 7 Mountains are the 7 Angels, which are kings/gods/rulers and each of these kings have 10 tribes under them (ie. Jacob and 10 sons by Leah and 2 maidservants/Haman had 10 sons) and these are the 10 Nations the church today speak of (yes, I see these as the same 10 Nations of the church prophecy/Revelations).  When you times these 10 Nations 7 times, you get 70, same number of “people/tribe” of Jacob that accompanied him to Egypt during the famine and Joseph’s time in Pharaoh’s house.

This is your “7 Heads and 10 Horns” of Revelations…the 2 Hands of God, each hand having 5 fingers for a total of 10 fingers that must break open the Heavenly Mysteries and Truth by unsealing each Scroll as they arise up through the 7 Heavens, or 7 Kingdoms or 7 Realms of the 7 Arch Angels, also called “The Seven-fold Spirits or Fruits”.

I see this near time as all here on this earth, passing through on the dry strip of land which is actually the bottom of the sea, with the 2 major walls of water holding back it’s waves until the last has passed over onto the waiting shores of what they thought would be “The Promised Land”.  It’s during this time, the heavier the load one tries to carry, the easier it is for them to get caught in the muddy sand, needing a major rescue, delaying their steps that carry them quickly to the other side.  Think of this for a minute.  Remember the movie The Ten Commandants?  It was those that loaded all they had onto their backs, wagons and servants that were at the end of the pack.  These are those that started to panic when they looked behind them to see Ramsey’s army, all on horses or chariots in fast pursuit of the Israelites! 

Another problem when bringing your items of wood, silver, gold, copper, etc. which puts you at the end of the line, is you cannot hear the “Voice” that is leading the exodus as he is at the front giving the orders – making and/or transforming, whatever he originally said, into “hear-say” by time it reaches the end.  Do you understand what I just said here?

It’s also the “metals” or the riches/possessions they carried along this journey that was ultimately the materials used to make the Golden Calf, the false idol!

Take nothing with you on this time of exodus from this land.  No silver, no gold,  copper, no metals, nothing…you must be “as light as a feather” so nothing is holding you down, or back – the lighter you are, the faster you run, you fly, you cross the finish line and will hear “first-hand” from the Voice or the Head that is directing your feet, your Path.  I pray that the Spirit of the Divine Holy Creator, The Father of ALL, grants all of you the ears to hear what He is saying right here.

This post has taken months to finish.  Not due to the lack of words, but because I had to make sure they weren’t just “words”; that they were beyond what could be uttered from my mouth or earthly wisdom.  So many times I opened this document, ready to sit down and finish it but for whatever reason, it never happened, until now.  I feel I still have more to add, hopefully this will be sooner than later because I know in my heart, time is of the essence when understanding the Mysteries of Heaven…what was released out to all Peoples to uncover and hear. 

Is, understanding the true TRUTH of His Heavenly Mysteries the uncovering of “The Pearl”?  I believe it most definitely could be and if not “the” pearl, most assuredly it’s “a” pearl.

I will say nothing of dates but I will say that we are in every month, every week and every season right now.  The world does not know how to count the way God does, only a few can seem to understand “the Face” on the wheel of time!



BBC Travel – Festival of Lights  (The below images and descriptions have been copied from this link and website; shared here for fair and educational uses only.

Bright lights of Christmas (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bright lights of Christmas
Since Neolithic times, man has gravitated toward fire, especially during the dark days of winter when luminous celebrations set gloomy nights aglow. From Scotland’s Hogmanay to Nepal’s Balachaturdashi, light plays a starring role in holidays around the world, brightening skies, spirits – and travel itineraries – alike. 

This shimmering stunner of a Christmas tree in Tokyo’s Shiodome – where marine life combines with festive illuminations in this year’s theme of White Christmas in the Sea – illustrates a universal holiday truth: in the dark days of winter, nothing is more welcome than a luminescent celebration. (AFP/Getty Images)


A blazing Scottish new year (Credit: Getty Images)

A blazing Scottish new year
Scots ring in Hogmanay on 31 December with a blazing celebration inspired by Gaelic and Viking traditions, which held that fire burned off the bad spirits of the old year and invited fresh spirits for the new. Today, revellers dance in torchlight processions, swing burning fireballs and burn a replica Viking ship, pictured here in a celebration in Edinburgh. (Getty Images)


Bulgaria’s Christmas of caring (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Bulgaria’s Christmas of caring
Eggnog, gifts and stockings rarely come into play for Orthodox Christians, who view Christmas as a time to fast, pray and care for the poor. Many Orthodox Christians –found predominantly in Belarus, Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine – celebrate the holiday on Epiphany (7 January) when they light a small fire of frankincense and palms (a religiously significant plant) to commemorate the wise men’s gifts to baby Jesus, and light candles to represent the light of Christ, seen here in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria. (AFP/Getty Images)


A triumph of good over evil in India

A triumph of good over evil in India
On a new moon night in late autumn, Hindus around the world light diyas, or oil lamps, to signify the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. One of the most important Hindu festivities, Diwali (which falls between mid-October and mid-November), sees celebrants shop, feast, clean their homes, dress in their finest and light fireworks. Pictured here, widows celebrate the festival of lights in Mathura, India. (Hindustan Times via Getty Images)
_____________________________________________________________________________________ **Correction:** A previous version of this caption incorrectly stated the timing of Diwali. This has now been fixed.


A Jewish festival of lights (Credit: Getty Images)

A Jewish festival of lights
When a scarce supply of sacred oil miraculously burned for eight days in Jerusalem’s Holy Temple in the 2nd Century BC, the tradition of Hanukkah was born. Today, Jewish people observe the Festival of Lights – which may occur between late November to late December – by lighting one branch of a menorah, pictured here in Washington DC, each night for eight nights. (Getty Images)
A crown of candles in Scandinavia (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)
A crown of candles in Scandinavia
In this Scandinavian holiday commemorating Saint Lucia, a Christian martyr known for her service to the poor, the eldest daughter in a family dresses up as in a white robe and glowing candle-decked crown to serve her parents mulled wine and Lucia buns, a traditional sweet pastry. St Lucia Day is celebrated on 13 December, the winter solstice in the old Julian calendar and a pagan festival of lights. (AFP/Getty Images)


Fire fights ice in an old Gaelic holiday (Credit: Getty Images)

Fire fights ice in an old Gaelic holiday
Got a case of the mid-winter blues? Take a cue from the ancient Gaelics, who waged a war against winter with bonfires, candles and torches of fire. The pagan festival known as Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox – typically around 4 February – and encourages the rejuvenation of the land and the return of the sun. Fire festivals take place in locations throughout Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England, including the town of Huddersfield (pictured). (Getty Images)


Iraqi Kurds burn away winter (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Iraqi Kurds burn away winter
It’s the budding blooms of spring rather than the cold of winter that ring in the New Year for celebrants of Persian or Zoroastrian descent, including Iraqi Kurds, seen here celebrating with torches in Akri, Iraq. The ancient holiday of Nowruz falls on 21 March, the first day of spring, and is celebrated with feasts and bonfires, a tribute to the fire-worshipping origins of Zoroastrianism and a means to burn away sins in order to usher in a fresh start. Travellers can ring in Nowruz in countries such as Iran, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Georgia. (AFP/Getty Images)


A Nepalese night of worship (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A Nepalese night of worship
In Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath Temple (the most sacred temple of god Shiva), Hindu pilgrims celebrate the holy night of Balachaturdashi in late November or early December by holding an all-night oil lamp vigil to pray for deceased relatives. Night-long chants and dances pay homage to the god. (AFP/Getty Images)


Tamil India’s full moon festival (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Tamil India’s full moon festival
An ancient feud between Hindu gods Brahma and Vishnu form the foundation of Karthigai Deepam, one of the oldest and most important Tamil holidays, celebrated on the night of a full moon in late November or early December in South India. Hindu devotees light oil lamps, pictured here in Bangalore, as an auspicious symbol to ward off evil spirits and usher in prosperity. (AFP/Getty Images)


A uniquely African American holiday (Credit: Washington Post/Getty Images)
A uniquely African-American holiday
A pan-African heritage, a common history of slavery and a Swahili phrase (matunda ya kwanza, meaning “first fruits of the harvest”) gave rise to Kwanzaa, a weeklong celebration of African-American culture, first celebrated in the United States in 1966. The holiday focuses on seven principles including unity, creativity and faith, represented by a seven-pronged candelabra, or kinara, seen here in a Kwanzaa celebration in Washington DC. Travellers to DC can visit cultural exhibitions, such as Spirit of Kwanzaa, an annual celebration held at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that spotlights African dance, song and poetry. (Washington Post/Getty Images)



Due to the changing “time-periods/zones” of the Northern/Southern Hemispheres, and Seasons, Festival of Light celebrations are held throughout the world from August to March and although we, or maybe it was just me, assumed it was exclusive to THIS holiday season only (Hanukkah/Christmas).  I did not consider the Chinese New Year’s Floating Lantern Festival and a similar festival in Taiwan, in the same celebratory manner as the Jewish Festival of Chanukah.  Actually, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I studied the importance of these worldwide “lighting of lights” ceremonies, their cultural importance to their heritage and beliefs.

Why is the this important?  It’s the lighting of “candles/flames/wicks” which as I said above, is the lamps to our feet as we travel the Path to our Heavenly Home…This shows that we are not exclusive to this knowledge/understanding and to be honest, Christians really, or at least I think, are the least knowledgeable, educated and spiritually discerned regarding not only their importance, but also their festivals and how they are celebrated, including the established length of time for each.  Most, truly, are clueless!  They have no idea who is leading them through the darkness, whom those “lights” represent and how through them, as we continue to move forward, it’s these Lights that give us HIS LIGHT – THE LIGHT, the Divine Pure Heavenly Truth that engulfs and envelopes us, which then ultimately, Raptures us Home – to HIM!  This my dear friends, is the Heavenly Wedding March, the Processional Path that leads to being ONE in marriage where your white wedding gown is your Heavenly Garment of Radiant Light.

It is then and there that Self is no longer individual, one of the earth as it becomes part, once again, of the Original LIGHT OF THE CREATOR, who is Spirit.  It is then in the ONE, that we then become a true Brother, Sister and Bride of Christ; it is then and only then, can one be called a Born Again Christian and a member of THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD!

Other Festival of Light Celebrations Throughout the Year Around the World

You can do your own research, your own homework and I think we all should.  He has given us a gift, a true gift of the internet.  Never before have we had the ability to have all we need, right at our fingertips so we can truly know the Heart of God, the Mysteries, and the Divine Heavenly Truth as it was in the Beginning.

Thank you my dear friends, I hope this finds you all well.  I will try to continue these posts in a bit more timely manner in the future!

Remember, do not be anxious…do not worry, HE HAS YOU…HE HAS THIS!  Ask for Divine Heavenly Peace, Love and Wisdom…remove all the darkness from your heart, forgive, forget and rid yourself of this world and it’s garments that make you feel defiled, ugly, unworthly, unloved, unseen and abandoned.  You are none of those things!  He is LOVE and LOVE IS COMING DOWN!

See you soon!

Hugs, blessings and love to all – wishing all a very Merry Christmas and even a greater New Year!

Mary Beth (FriendofHeaven)

A big fat THANK YOU to all my loving friends who have been so kind to me throughout my “bad blogging” – from start to now, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Special hugs to Tatiana!


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