Cain & Abel~Cain Killed Able And His Way Home…His Internal Spiritual Self

15 Mar

God was kept in the Darkness, hence “God’s Not Dead”.  He has been there waiting in that Darkness to be touched, heard, seen and known so He could take the hand of all on The Path to His Light – HOME.  He is there so you will not use the sense of fear as He is there and this is why God uses His we do not.  What happens when God blows through His Nostrils?

CAIN AND ABEL…Thy brother’s keeper

Below is Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”…when you finish reading Part One of this post, you will understand why this artist and his canvas is you, me, each of us.

Image result for michelangelo

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”–Genesis 4:9

 Cain displayed a shameful tone of presumptuous impudence in his insulting reply to the Lord God. If it had not been on record in the page of inspiration, we might almost have doubted whether a man could speak so impudently when actually conscious that God himself was addressing him. Men blaspheme often in a most terrible fashion, but it is usually because they forget God, and ignore his presence; but Cain was conscious that God was speaking to him. He heard him say, “Where is your brother Abel?” and yet he dared, with the coldest impertinence, to reply to God, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” As much as to say— “Do you think that I have to keep watch over him as he watches over his sheep? Am I also a shepherd as he was, and am I to take as much care of him as he did of a crippled lamb?”

 The unfriendly impudence of Cain is an indication of the state of his heart which led up to his murdering his brother; and it was also partly a result of his having committed that terrible crime. He would not have accomplished the brutal deed of bloodshed if he had not first cast off the fear of God and been ready to defy his Creator. Having committed murder, the hardening influence of sin upon Cain’s mind must have been intense, and thus he was able to speak to God’s face what he felt within his heart, and to say, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This goes a long way to explain what has puzzled some persons, namely, the amazing calmness with which great criminals will appear in court.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?


**The above quoted paragraphs are being used for educational purposes only for the Spiritual Body of Christ.**
© Copyright 2003 by Tony Capoccia.  This updated file may be freely copied, printed out, and distributed as
long as copyright and source statements remain intact, and that it is not sold.  All rights reserved.
Verses quoted, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION
©1978 by the New York Bible Society, used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. 
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This is probably the most important, to-date, post and video uploads I’ve ever shared.  As I was just finishing my editing and making public the current videos, there were comments left on the first one regarding the Fallen Angels, the As Above So Below reference, along with other descriptions I used.  It’s okay, they don’t have to believe one single word I say, I share, but what I ask is that you file it.  Remember, I’m just like you…started the same way, same teaching, same everything!  To fully understand the words I speak today, you have to go back to where I started, where we started this journey together.  I call that Layer 1. *When I referred to the ‘As above, so below’…I was directing it as Ignorance Begets Ignorance, Wisdom Begets Wisdom, etc.*

I had no idea, none, how the veil would be melted away as we went along.  It’s a hard pill to swallow and I had many sleepless nights, wrestling with God.  It’s such a shock to the system when the paint starts to chip off and all the old paint is exposed.  Remember I did that one blog post on the “off-white paint”?  Who knew then, I mean WHO KNEW?

He made me experience everything I spoke about, everything!  Many times I didn’t want to let the words come from my mouth because even though I did nothing to induce the lesson, I had to walk the walk so to show what He gave me was real.  Also, to understand those experiences which I needed to feel in order to support those who needed a compassionate heart of kinship…I would truly feel the pain they felt as I knew how that direct hit felt.  As I was taught the “Tools of Navigation” on how the enemy goes in and out doors we open, giving him a rightful passage in or a foothold to continue until we learn to close what we’ve opened, I was sharing all with you.

People need to have the Heart of God; to immediately ask for forgiveness the moment we do it.  Know he only has what was given to him in the Beginning – the same weapons used throughout time just coming at us in other forms.  Pattern recognition is one of the most favorite Gifts I could have ever received.  It changed everything.  Once you see the trodden down path he travels over and over throughout the years, centuries, millennia, overall time, you then see how he causes such chaos – but always in the same patterned formations.  Then, another change, Layer 2.

This was big, huge to be exact!  When I began to read the Word just as I had always done, same teaching as all “church” members, it literally became illuminated.  Movies I had seen 100 times, now, every word meant something different, something new, a Light was shining exposing that which was covered, the underlined parables that made direct connections with picture perfect exposure of the “Why’s” that were previously asked.  I no longer asked Why, I no longer asked When.  All I did, was asked for more.  I prayed for Divine Heavenly Sight/Hearing, Knowledge/Wisdom, Understanding and Discernment and, to have the patience to not walk ahead of Him.  I had to learn to wait until HE taught me the true Heavenly versions and not the version of Man, given by Man, written by Man and accepted by Man.  I had to wait for Him to blow Life onto the words, His Words so they could speak to me from the pages they were written.  That is what I did.  We all know not perfectly at first as I ran fast ahead many times in my immature excitement…I just wanted to share what was given and a few times, I ran way too fast!  But you know, He always made it right.  He is my only true Witness to all of this and I know that.  I cry so many days as I know it will so hard for the world to understand and accept the real Truth but I quickly smile and say, “Well, it’s right there in front of us…you’ve stated it right here very clearly!”  And it is.  This is the “but Lord, didn’t I do things in Your Name?” They can’t hear what the Spirit is saying, they can only see the writing on the parchment.

Man writes on paper and as they pen, these men are anointed with a spirit/Spirit that is either speaking into their ears, coming from the external outside or they hear that voice/Voice that is moving within them, internally.  Which is which?  That’s the difference.  Two views, two conclusions as to how the story ends and that would be correct as one will be Earthly/Worldly and one would be Heavenly/Spiritually.  It’s being able to tell the difference.

Always think of Heaven and Earth as opposite Bodies. Heaven all things are in Spirit while Earth, all things have a material matter-filled form/body.  If the Scriptures say that Earth is God’s Footstool, then understand that is what is here, or what is giving His Feet a place to rest.  What rests at the feet?  What do feet do?  They tread, walk, stop, kick, run, jump, etc.  Give this deep thought.  Now, search the Earthly teaching, understanding and description of what “feet” are?  What moves them?  What hurts them?  What binds them?  The Head is above the clouds, it’s in the Heavenly Kingdom so that is where the “Marching Orders” come from.

Then, we must look at the upper torso of the “Body” and where it lays – the middle or what I call “The Kingdoms” or “The Kings Domes” and lastly “The King’s Dome”.  This is The Heavenly Body, a sum of all parts.

We rise up from the lowly serpent ground or from the “Snake’s Nest” so-to-speak where all food is swallowed whole; no tasting, no chewing, just a big ‘ole GULP!  Some vipers have very sharp flanged teeth that they will use to “sedate” their prey, numbing them, enabling them to free themselves because of the poison running through their veins, their blood or their body parts.  Think about this for a bit.  Take it up the food chain a notch, then another until you’ve raised yourself up to Man as he is today and how he feeds himself with his own hands.  Don’t skip the “Evolution of Man” in this sense…because this IS the Story of Evolution; God elevating Man to where His Head rests so it will be once again as it was when we were born a Human Being and fed directly by the Voice, The Spirit, The Mouth of God Himself.

This is the True Manna from Heaven.  This is the True meaning of “…just be and let Me do.”  You rest from your labors and His Breath is what blows into your nostrils just as it was In The Beginning.  This is when you are truly Born Again.

We are already “born again” in the world at birth so as we are going backward or counterclockwise, all things must be seen as “Spiritual/Spirit Fed” and not a manifested matter-filled formation of this Earthly Body of Man.  Stop dressing your garment with “Words” as they are the filthy rags only beggars wear as they only eat the food of Man, which comes in many forms, such as metals (gold/silver coins), moldy bread, broth, mush and so on…When do beggars get to sit at a table, set with every “good food” that they can choose on-their-own, to put into their own hands or plate?  They choose which utensil to put to their mouths; the fork to spear, the spoon to scoop or the knife to cut.  Oh they can feed themselves whether on their knees or sitting on a chair, but the food offered at those two levels is really life-altering, isn’t it?  At least the four-legged beasts/creatures follow breadcrumbs left in their path but yet again, to most who are on a constant starvation “I need food” hunt, they will eat anything to survive…till the next day when their hunger roars again.

This is what Jesus was overcoming in the desert – Earthly food.  He made that tummy growl, hurt, whine and roar – yet He did not eat to survive…He SURVIVED TOO EAT!  The stones were just as bread, the bread was hard as stones.

Jesus did not drink from the “Jacob’s Well” either, did he?  No.  He did not drink from the “waters of His Forefathers” as the Samaritan women, why?  He asked for a drink – but He had no cup…or did He?

The Crown of Thorns that covered He head, it would have placed thorns around the top front or “Forehead”.  This is also called by the World as “The Third Eye”, the Eye of the Illuminati or Illuminated Ones. Before moving forward, please allow me to explain who and what this is:

Illuminati has no “ion” on the end…it’s not complete, full Illumination or fully lit.  The Illuminati of the World are originated from the original 13 off-spring of the 7 Earthly Fallen Angels, but what are really the 7 Mountains, the 7 Churches, and the Seven-Fold Spirits they produced.  These have been “sealed-off”.  These off-spring survived the Flood (I will explain that in the completed post I will finished tonight).  These “children” did have Heavenly Knowledge, a Heavenly “Word” but they had no access to God’s Face, He turned it from them.  He could not breathe “life” into that Scroll/Word thereby it became an Earthly word of the Flesh, not the Divine Heavenly Word of God.  These children do not realize that their “god” IS GOD!  They have manifested or birthed into this World a “false idol” and in their lofty position from which they believe they “will reside and do now reside”, every “secret thing” they keep hidden is not “THE MYSTERIES” they believe they hide.  However, the teachings taught by Earthly teachers, men, churches, etc., is just that, of Man and not God.  So all have been deceived (remember Cain/Abel) but God will “flip-the-tables” and a “pole-shift” of Light and Darkness will occur.

Take all that you’ve learned from His Story in Scripture; ask HIM for Divine Gifts of the Spirit, His PERFECT GOODNESS AND LOVE, and blow life into HISTORY so you can “hear what The Spirit is saying”…this is giving Light to that which has been hidden.  This is why the Seals must  be broken – so the Truth of Heaven that was given in the Beginning can be unsealed from the Chambers of Darkness or “Tombs of the Forefathers” they have been placed in.  In order to enter into the Cave of Treasures, you must throw your Rock to smash the “Fear” which sets in the center of the forehead…as that Door/Stone must be rolled away.  The Giants are our Earthly Teaching of Fears.  How they saw things; how the “forefathers” taught things…hit it head on and conquer the Giants which tickles the ears of men about the fears ahead prior to entering the Holy Land.  Fear is a spirit and not of God so it may not enter into His Resting place which is where one is allowed to walk-thru to rest from their journey; they there receive their rewards, HIS TRUTH – HIM.

Now, continuing from above…

Well, a thorn resting in front of the centered area, to me, is the “Berm” that must be removed from “one’s eye”.  This will cause a head wound most assuredly.  That Earthly term and understanding is again a Divine Heavenly Teaching/Gift that was taught with Earthly Discernment/Teaching or lets just say “Earthly Holy Spirit” as those teachings did originate from a Holy place, a “Holy Land” but received (heard) with only the ears of the deaf.  All were deaf, all were blind, all were dumb because “The Spirit” had not yet given life/Life to it as all waited for the Four Winds to blow.  They wait today in the land of God’s Promise…The Promise Land.

Now, think about this for awhile…what is Holy to one may not necessarily be Holy to another.  What one considers God’s Promise’s to be, may not be seen the same as his neighbor.  This is how our hearts and heads battle with each other too.  Our heart hears the pain, the joy, the sound of another’s silent plea or the singing of one who is happy.  Our head – it sees what the heart cannot.  It walks away from what the heart cannot.  The mind controls what the heart will not.  The mind seeks to find what will give the heart release of its tears –  while the heart gives the mind the love it needs to release its fears.  Each are “thy Brother’s Keeper”; each are “thy Sister’s Keeper”; each need the other to have Life.  One is deaf, one is blind but together. they can get up and walk to the River of Life and to the Tree of Life, but separately, they are lost…they rely on only what they themselves know, partial knowledge, truth and understanding yet they’ve become their own “gods”.

This is the story of Cain and Abel.  Cain was the Left Side while Abel the Right.  Our brain controls our thinking, what we “create”, what we “author”, how we “imagine”, how we “interpret”, how we “feel” and how we “move into action” or give birth/life of manifested things in our life/lives.  You are either controlled by the Cain-Left Brain or the Abel-Right Brain.  Cain controls our Right Arms/Legs (Armies) or our “Righteous Side” while Abel, he guides the Left Arms/Legs (Armies) or what we consider the “Hidden Knowledge/Wisdom” or better yet, the “Oh don’t go there” side.  It’s hidden by the Veil of War between the Head above and the Feet below…the Heavenly Kingdoms.  Cain controls what side again?  Without the wisdom gained from the knowledge that has been seen as “Forbidden” because the Earthly Teachers (Righteous) have declared it so, you will therefore perish without him as your Brother is your Keeper.  One clothes while the other feeds but both defend The Body.

The Left Brain or Cain, well, it’s his gifts that allow one to write, to compute or calculate numbers, time, etc.  (See chart below).  Cain gives all the external, Earthly manifested creations/worlds while Abel was internal…he held the Gifts of the Eternal. (See chart below).  When Cain hit his brother Abel on the head with a “rock”or “stone”, he killed his brother who was really, his Heavenly way home…Abel held the things of the Heart, which is where God walks with us, guides us, feeds us, and leads us HOME.  Cain no longer had that – he only had the Earthly external realms to guide him Home…that’s called The World.

Cain had to wonder because he had nothing Holy guiding him any longer as he destroyed his tower, his radar, his heart.  Cain solely became dependent on himself, thereby becoming godly (ignorantly) as he really knew no better.  This is why God had to send Jesus – to lead Cain (all fleshly knowing material world) to his brother Abel (all Heavenly Spirit-filled) be his brothers ears, hearing the Voice of the ONE that would carry his brother HOME.

Earthly senses verses Heavenly senses.  What exploded in the Beginning to become the World, not must implode to become Heavenly, to die to Self and become One with The Father.  External/internal…Big Wave/Small Wave, this is the Mountain falling into the River of Life.  It’s a good thing when you don’t make a big splash as it was not a hard fall. The bigger the splash, the harder the fall.


ABEL – RIGHT                                                                                                                 CAIN – LEFT

If you would split the brain right down the middle into two symmetrical, or equal parts, you would have a right and left hemisphere. Although equal in size, these two sides are not the same, and do not carry out the same functions. 

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts. Both hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum and serve the body in different ways .

What bodily “Senses” can we live without – that does not directly affect our “Life”?  Smell.  Why?  Fear is not real. You don’t need to smell it.

Hearing.  Yes, so you can hear the Heavenly Voice within you that guides you to The Path HOME.

Touch.  Yes, you need to feel your way in the darkness while on The Path for your Brother/Sister’s Hand to lead you out into the awaiting Light.

Sight.  Yes, to see the Light that is awaiting you in all ITS GLORY!  The LIGHT is the GLORIFIED LIGHT OF GOD, THE TRUTH, and the place where you find ETERNAL REST IN THE FATHER.  The Holy of Holies, The Promises of The PROMISED.  This is what you will see when the Berm is finally removed, the Giant slayed and the New Heaven (Mind) and New Earth (Heart) are as ONE…they are whole as they were in the Womb.

This is Cain and Abel…Seth was the Man-Child God sent to the Land to replace what was dead, the Gifts that Abel carried but was buried in the Land of the Dead because of ignorance.  All that birthed through Cain was done so in this way and why the Darkness never put out the Light.  The Light had to be taught what that Darkness held as it was It’s Worldly Teacher.  The Student surpassed His Teacher.

God was kept in the Darkness, hence “God’s Not Dead”.  He has been there waiting in that Darkness to be touched, heard, seen and known so He could take the hand of all on The Path to His Light – HOME.  He is there so you will not use the sense of fear as He is there and this is why God uses His we do not.  What happens when God blows through His Nostrils?

I will finish this post after I quit bawling my eyes out.  I’m over-whelmed by all God’s Goodness He has just given us.  I hope you see what has been given here.  Short intermission…I will finish this tonight.

One last thing to think about.  Tribulation is what the word “troubadour” roots or comes from.  What is a troubadour?

tribulation (n.) (tribute, elation)

c. 1200, from Old French tribulacion (12c.), from Church Latin tribulationem (nominative tribulatio) “distress, trouble, affliction,” noun of action from past participle stem of tribulare “to oppress, afflict,” a figurative use by Christian writers of Latin tribulare “to press,” also possibly “to thresh out grain,” from tribulum “threshing sledge,” from stem of terere “to rub” (from PIE root *tere- (1) “to rub, turn”) + -bulum, suffix forming names of tools.

Definition of troubadour  (trouble, adorn, a door)

727, from French troubadour (16c.) “one of a class of lyric poets in southern France, eastern Spain, and northern Italy 11c.-13c.,” from Old Provençal trobador, from trobar “to find,” earlier “invent a song, compose in verse,” perhaps from Vulgar Latin *tropare “compose, sing,” especially in the form of tropes, from Latin tropus “a song” (from PIE root *trep- “to turn”). The alternative theory among French etymologists derives the Old Provençal word from a metathesis of Latin turbare “to disturb,” via a sense of “to turn up.” Meanwhile, Arabists posit an origin in Arabic taraba “to sing.” General sense of “one who composes or sings verses or ballads” first recorded 1826.


Again, please think about words that have been translated into this World and what they really mean.  If they are made or birthed from Man’s World, they are for THOSE MEN, the Angels who left their stations and never opened the “doors” to allow what was SEALED UP to be broken and spread out for all to know, to share and to hold.  We should look to the Heavenly SPIRITUAL or non-formed events, not of the flesh or manmade events which are birthed by those that created them…

Part 2 coming at a later date …

Your Friend of Heaven,

Mary Beth




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