Behind and Beyond The Now Thin Veils of Heaven and Earth

22 Feb

I am vexed, very very vexed today.  Well, not just today, but for the past 365 days before today too, give or take a 100 or so on either side.  Why?  I cannot express verbally what needs to be spread far and wide.

First, my eyes are so blurry from non-stop reading these past 7 years (and longer), I have to now, true story, hold my lids up with my fingers to give my vision a little extra “umph” it needs – especially now.  What these eyes have seen can never be erased without the help of THE FATHER above.  I cannot wait until the day when HE wipes the entire “file cabinet” clean of what this world has imprinted.

This journey…wow, this journey has been filled with so much more than I could have ever imagined when I started it – when we all started it.  A few years ago when I wrote and said that we have to go back to the origins of all things, HIS ORIGINS, I can honestly say I had no idea of the extent of treasures I would find.  Many had to be dusted off, some needed a light cleaning while others had to be dipped deep into the water, followed by extensive buffing and polishing before it’s true hidden beauty was revealed.

Nothing was for not.  All that I have shared is truthful but in earlier days because I could only see/understand in Earthly terms, teachings, etc., I could only explain and express these truths in this manner.  I know now it was meant to be given as it was, each form of expression and interpretation as these were the first layers that had to be shared as so.  To know the heart of God, which is what I had set out to do, I had to know from where/how it came to be and where it went to rest, ultimately allowing me entrance onto the Path we all need to walk as it’s  filled with Heavenly Breadcrumbs purposely and divinely laid out so carefully between these two places; The Beginning and The End.

First I must apologize for, at times, jumping ahead of the Lord, translating Heavenly events into Earthly conceived events, times.  My mind knew what was being taught but it could only be interpreted and vocalized in a Earthly fleshly state or acceptable state of knowledge from the wisdom given by Man’s understanding of what was, is and will always be, spiritually Heavenly!  Meaning our senses can only access truth on the plain which they are given it.  So, in order to gain momentum and speed climbing that Mountain we all must climb, we need to also extend or expand our hearts and minds with each step we take.  As we ascend up, so too must our limited, confined lessons of who we think God is and what His Heavenly Kingdom consists of.  As we grow, all this must grow with us yet the love must stay the same.  If our steps are taken in unconditional love, our faith will increase which expunge the doubts manifested at each new level attained.

Why does this happen?  Well, it’s definitely why people never seem to get over that Mountain top, always sliding down right when they reach the peak.  We start to doubt as we compare or better yet, we go into battle with each true answer given as we pass-thru that Heavenly teaching because at first, it is in conflict with what we’ve been taught our entire life here.  Remember, all the Heavenly TRUTHS will be seen with the same old Earthly senses which will immediately make your head turn, they will be bitter, look different, sound different, smell different – they will.  So, it’s important to have faith that your Father in Heaven will bless you with the Heavenly Gifts you need in order to receive what He knows you need.  Keep walking, keep chewing, keep smelling, keep looking, keep hearing and keep shaking your head trying to give light to what Earth has given you and what Heaven has awaiting you.

It was during these times that I became overly excited and wanted to share with everyone – but my senses had not yet been SUPERSIZED so I again saw an upcoming battle, disaster and things of that sort as actual materialized worldly fleshly man-made events instead of what they truly are…things of the Spirit which are opposite.  The realms above us hold the keys of understanding.  They hold the knowledge we need to be set free of our worldly ignorance – in order for all of us to live the promised life God gave at the Beginning, and be as HE created us to be.  I once heard that more people drown not only themselves, but the lifeguard too because they won’t quit fighting when help finally arrives.  Stop fighting and allow the Rescuer to take you calmly and peacefully to the waiting shore!

Everything you think you know you must shed as garments being removed from your body.  You must allow HIM to bring you near so HE can dress you in HIS Heavenly garment of Light.  That is the wedding dress we all want to wear.  That is the perfect white robe but it’s your gifts along the way, that HE gives you, as “rewards” on your quest up the Mountain and is what decorates that gown or robe.  These are the jewels the Bride is arrayed in or wearing upon arrival to the altar upon her marriage to the Groom.

You must look up to the Spirit Realm, praying for Divine Heavenly PURE Truth and Light from the PERFECT ONE WHO IS LOVE, understanding what each word you pray means, its origins, to finally be given the miracle answers all seek to know and find.  There’s where you must set your sights to – as Man is made of flesh and flesh is fed what is given by Earthly hands, not Heavenly.  You can never be filled completely or sufficiently with the food here.  It only deters you away from having to search for your own real food!

Now you see why I no longer post as I once did.  How can I adequately explain all of this?  Lost in translation is an understatement!

People want to stone you if you tell them to leave everything they know in order to find everything they want.  Or, to leave all the things they’ve ever wanted in search of only the things they need.  Or, leaving all they’ve ever known to find what they never knew.  Or, to go get back all that awaits you because, really, it’s all what you have forgotten you left, you already owned.  See how HE did this?  You’ll never be without one or the other – you just have to decide if you’re remembering or you’re forgetting, or you’ve forgotten but now will again remember?  Are you coming or are you going?  Duality…up/down, right/left, Heaven/Earth, life/death, God or Man?

Just walk.  Have faith the Lord God is ahead of you, beside you and behind you; take in the breadcrumbs on your Path knowing some will be bitter and others will be sweet as honey but both are needed. So stop, let God be God and let HIM do while you just be!  Be anxious of nothing because HE has all sides covered.  It’s how pliable your heart is that determines how long HE must allow tribulation on your Path Home.  Have you, can you roll away the stone that covers the cave from which one arises from?  You mind must be open to receive, just as your heart must be soft and pure.  Stop wrestling with God, Jacob has already done so.  If you do not change your senses to reflect what is Heavenly, you will then be left to experience the change these senses must go through IN their earthly form of understanding, which is opposite of Heaven.  This is why the Earth, or things of the flesh that hold Earthly knowledge and teaching from Man, must experience Tribulation – so what is behind the veil can know be unveiled showing the things/ways of Heaven, all allowed so one/you/me/we can then see the Glory of God.  No other way around it!  Allow Him to be your Teacher.  Get up from your church pew and stop being led to that steep slope you cannot climb or stuck at that base of the Mountain people seem to forever camp at waiting, always waiting for someone else to yell down to them what God wants them to do, when He wants them to do it.  No!  Start climbing!  The whole point to this is so we can climb the Mountain and hear God speak to us personally – no longer getting second-hand news but hearing it straight from the Lord Himself!  This is when you can start to sing “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”

The Bible or the Scriptures were given as a “How To Survive the Desert” guide – but there is a real enemy out there that doesn’t want you to survive because as long as one cannot read the “Guide Book” or it’s directions/map, well, you do the math, you’ll never leave the desert!  Everyone is still on Layer 1, the ground floor which is still at the base of the Mountain.  Move it already!  You know the saying “It’s all Greek to me!”?  Well, it’s time to learn a little Greek!  (Not really but yes really as it’s time to learn what was it that the Greek’s contributed to life, to the world?)  It’s a higher learning metaphor that is given and your mind needs to be opened to receive all that will be given but unless the Gift given can be understood and taught how to use, what good is THE GIFT?

What makes things good?  Bad?  God called all His Creation good in the Beginning, did He not?  Who made it bad?  Man. Why?  He didn’t know the difference.

Heavenly creations or things as I call them, were a higher form of language, senses, life or wisdom.  Therefore, men of flesh, or man, could not discern their true meaning but went on his own understanding/wisdom.  He spoke into this material world of matter that which was never to be born here – he held a very special Heavenly Gift but had not the Divine instruction of how to use them so as again, Earth is opposite Heavenly things, hence was born not the Spiritual, but the Natural Fleshly World which is truly lifeless and ignorant of God’s Truth.  Sorry, but that’s the way it is.  Out of ignorance, evil was born which then manifested all we see today.

See, unless you have THE Divine Holy Spirit of THE FATHER, you cannot be born again in Heaven as the Christ-Child which is LOVE.  All must be born-again but not here, there!  If you are not filled with LOVE (CHRIST JESUS), your vessel is not filled.  Love is what you need as that is the key and covers a variety of sins so the Scriptures say.  Here, what makes an act evil, is when it’s done in opposition to the Heavenly “twin” or “mate” which in this case is “good”.  If someone or some group of people or tribes have ritual foundations which actions are opposite those of The Spirit, or Spiritual (Heaven), then they are not of Heavenly teaching and understanding, only Earthly.

The Illuminati, along with all the Hollywood stars of today, they have rituals, beliefs, organizations that adhere to their rule of secrecy because they believe they have true secret knowledge of Heaven. Is it Heavenly Knowledge or is it a Secret Knowledge of Heaven?  I will tell you the best I am able with the help of THE FATHER OF ALL CREATION!  No SOURCE IS GREATER THAN HE!  So here we go…

The original thirteen (13) offspring of the original Seven (7) Fallen Arch Angels are now what the world calls the 13 Families of the Illuminati or The Rothschild Cabal.  They carry with them knowledge passed down since the beginning when these Angels fell, those Heavenly teachings of MAN-KIND were given, how they evolved the people, places, things of the world with “secret” knowledge and level of privilege.  They believe till this day and have for 1000’s of years, what they do IS as is done in Heaven and by mimicking Heavenly actions, they are literally ABOVE all other Man-Kind in the world.  They do not realize that as was in the Beginning, although what they had WAS indeed that of Heaven, they themselves did NOT have the Divine Heavenly Understanding, Knowledge OR TEACHER to give HEAVENLY instructions on what they knew or held, therefore making it all lifeless, evil and dead  Which, in turn, makes them lifeless, evil and dead.  They believe this knowledge places them in an “upper room” or higher life-form position, they know something we don’t and all but the “Original 13”, truly believe what they have been privy to is actually Heavenly!

When men, Earthly men of flesh, move ahead of God, or His Teacher/Comforter, the Holy Spirit and come to their own understanding of Heaven, Heavenly Knowledge that was not given WITH the Heavenly Wisdom to discern it with, then it becomes defiled, evil or wrong.  It’s how one is taught and by what teacher he/she is taught by.  It’s good to have knowledge, to learn and know about things, but it’s bad when you take-over and play God by making it a factual teaching when God Himself did not teach it to you.

This again is what made people say “Oh, don’t read those Lost Gospels, they’re all bad, evil and from the devil!”  Or, “Astrology and that New Age stuff, stay away from it because it’s not in the Scriptures!” See, yes it is.  Everything is in the Scriptures – but The Teacher has not yet taught it to you yet because you keep spitting out the bitter food as I’ve spoken about above.  You must learn as that is what sets you free – meaning giving you Truth which then gives one Rest in the Lord.  You rest in Him because HE is your TEACHER and you no longer have to search for anything as HE IS ALL THINGS!  The human body is a direct display of all Scripture, Angels and Heavenly things…we just don’t know how to read the hidden Heavenly “lingo” that can only be “illuminated” by those that “hear what the Spirit is saying”!  Hidden in plain sight, all of it. In Heaven, you/we receive full illumination – fully lit Menorah.

The Earthly Church has been given teaching of Heavenly events that flows from Earthly tongues, words and wisdom and received by Earthly ears, heart and mind.  Together, they make perfect sense, like peas and carrots, Forrest and Jenny!  That’s great here, but not for Heaven as the Earthly Church will not be able to see, hear or recognize the God of Heaven as they only know the God of a very Earthly World.  What are they going to do?  Are you getting me yet?

Take everything in your being and look up.  Fight off all the voices and noise of Earthly men and women.  Pray first, then listen.  Pull your window shades down, lock your front door and turn off your battery operated lights..(your eyes, mouth and sounds coming from anywhere other than within you).  If the things of Heaven which we do have (Soul and Spirit) do not receive Heavenly food/manna in their home (body) here, so that the spark and light is lit, they will have to be removed from the house as it’s about to be put through the fire.  This is your 3 days of darkness.  The Spirit and the Soul must find food and water, must find a home which gives them this and if no fire is keeping their own house warm, giving lamp so they can find their way, they will freeze to death, or, they will clumsily stump their foot against a table where they were unable to see the small ember glowing, thereby causing the table and flame to fall, catching the entire house on fire!  Let all three go together, work together, eat/pray/love together and this is done by getting them all on the same page, same playing field.  LOVE FIELD…

Love Field, the day the music died, didn’t expect to type that.

Please read my previous post on Is God Silent or Is Silence Golden that was posted prior to this, I think in December or so.  It gives why the heart, mind and soul must be uniform and in unison.

Love Field…John F. Kennedy was killed November 22, 1963 but moments prior to that fatal car ride, Love Field was a joyful place as he had just arrived via Air Force One.  Little did JFK know that the “powers-that-be” had already arranged for his death that very day.  Sad, so sad as people have no clue or had no clue I should say, why he was killed and who exactly did the killing.  Until now.  Now all has been released, or almost all of it anyway.  My point, it was our own guys. Why?  He was about to expose them.

Ironically, the very same group of people(s) or secret society is doing the same today.  The difference is, the one going in to take on the role of Leader of the Free World, knew exactly what he was walking into and exactly what he was going to do.  He was locked and loaded when he decided to run for that position.  He was running for one reason only, to save the people of the country he loved and the country itself.  It was not going to make it had it been chaired by anyone else.  He knew that.  He was going into a very large White House to release all the very dark secrets that had been held hidden there for many years.  He was going to expose what poor beloved JFK could not.  The people behind the people and the Original 13 that stood behind them.  Remember, it’s no accident that the US had 13 original colonies!  Think about that for a minute.

I will be honest here…I’ve been extremely distressed, “vexed” as I titled this article at what truth I’ve found, and yes, I mean TRUTH.  It’s been “hidden in plain sight” once again and shame on us for not paying attention.  But moreover, shame on THEM!  Shame on them for all the horrible, deceitful, oh, whatever words can follow that, keep adding as it’s just that unbearable.  Unspeakable actually, and that is why no one has spoken about it – until now.  I’m not talking about myself, others than have risked so much more than their viewer will ever know…they are whom I am referring to.

Everything we know is born, developed and manifested into an Earthly “Man’s World” so you have to always keep that foremost on your mind as you read and learn what has really been hidden from Americans, if not all the people of all the countries of the World.  Why did we think anything would be real Truth?  Always remember, this is not HOME; THIS IS NOT HEAVEN!

There is no side against another as for as government goes…no right, no left, they have joined together into one big State.  Isn’t that how we are to be in Heaven?  Yep, but it’s manifested here first only in the opposite of good, whatever way it decides to play-out on the Big Screen, it’s a literally HELL ON EARTH!  There is only the “good side” and the “bad side”, period.  Don’t say you’re a Republican, as there is no Republic.  Don’t say you’re a Democrat, as there is absolutely no Democracy.  Light vs. Dark that is all it is here right now.

We’ve been distracted by stuff, by shiny bubbly flashy things and by all the beautiful people, places and things.  We didn’t pay attention to all those “crazy” people talking all that nonsense about things we just couldn’t imagine, right?  Wrong.  The Heads of State never dismissed those crazies or spoke out words of denial because they knew eventually, we would pay no attention when we heard any such words about it. They were just too far-out there to believe! Those who did give thought to what was being said, quickly gave it a “blind eye” and a “never mind”  so they wouldn’t be called nutty too.  Anyone who thought differently, well, that would mean they would no longer “fit-in” and be “normal” which was just too much to ask.  Well, now we are paying for it, trust me when I say this, shame on us!  What lies behind those crazy minds and eyes, was what the leaders of the world feared the most; it being received by the general public as Truth.  They’ve kept it all just concocted “conspiracy theories” until now.  Now, they are no longer theories, but the real deal.

Did you know that our President has 40 to 60 people come and pray in the White House/Oval Office every single day?  Did you know his wife had the residence “cleansed”?  Believe it.  They knew what they were getting into and why, you have to respect that and truly pray each day along with those who stand next to him.

Most don’t realize that his tweets are not random “Tweets of the Day”.  No, they are much more.  All hide a truth or meaning.  They are messages to the “State” who are very deep in the history of our country and the countries they originated from.  He tells them or taunts them about their time being up.  The one where he stated about the “freezing cold” or frozen something, this was when he froze all their assets world wide.  This is why he spoke with such confidence, toying with all the other candidates on the election trail…they had nothing on him.  He knew it and they knew it. He had everything on them and wanted the people to know. This is why you all see what you see on the main stream media channels every single day since that election.  It wasn’t to be…she really was not supposed to lose.  All past elections have always been rigged to the one that is to win per the “State”.  All players know in advance if they are in the loop, which most all are, except this time, the “in” didn’t go as planned.  Someone stopped what was about to come upon not only the American people, but the entire PLANET!  It has nothing to do with Russia either.

He found all the slush funds, the billions of missing dollars and all in pockets they didn’t belong in.  He found the secret deals, secret companies, assets, no rock left un-turned.  Yet, the American people still are clueless to what this man is really doing for them.  I research everything, I find it, I read it and I learn something new each day.  I always search for the truth.

Let’s see how you do with this one:

Do you think in 1969 they landed and walked on the Moon as we were told?

No, we did not.  It was filmed, live yes, but not in space and not on the Moon.  What’s even better, is that NASA no longer has their “Moon Landing Tapes” or the science to be able to return.  Yes, they can’t do it again, they don’t know how!  Thank God above, I mean really, for allowing great researchers who for years have worked hard to find all the evidence needed to prove this and proof they have.  Again, we only saw what we wanted.  NASA themselves have a viral video where their guy actually says that “when they figure out how to get past the Van Allen Radiation Belt”, they’ll return to the Moon!  Really?  How did you get past it those other times?  The interviews of the Astronauts are even better!  “Did you see stars?  Was the sky pitch black?  How about the other planets?”  Oh, different answers from each of them…crazy talk I know!  It’s all set-ups, don’t think for one minute it’s not. They answers are out there, if you want to find them.  By now, I’m over my initial “shock” phase and out of my “what was the purpose of it all” phase.  I’m firmly rooted into the “Match Game” phase of what the events or lack of actual events is mimicking, reflecting or replacing (the Heaven/Earth comparison).

I could go on and on and on.  But the thing that put me over the top, was the children.  Research the tweets from our President about the children  That is the root of it all.  Our leaders are not helping find those children because they are the ones taking them.  Babies, toddlers sold like food you buy at a drive-thru.  Every unimaginable vial act you could ever picture in your mind is done to them.  These little 4, 5 and up same thing after caged like animals for weeks, months or even years.  Then the tweens to early 20’s, male or female, trafficked like dogs in the human slave and trafficking markets all around the world.  This is why those emails were so important and why it’s much more important that they are released for the world to see just what is behind this extreme veil of evil.

It’s exactly like in the time of Noah, or the Days of Noah.  God’s Children, HIS HEAVENLY CHILDREN who had TRUTH AND LIGHT were defiled but in Heaven, this means their Holy Light and Truth of the Divine Father was taken from them, abducted, stolen, snatched and since they no longer shine as they need (lit Menorah from within), they are in darkness and cannot return Home.  This is what the Scriptures are talking about when it says the daughter’s were sent into prostitution, slavery, as they were Heavenly TRUTH/LIGHT who were given and passed around by the Men of the Earth as an Earthly teaching and light…not Heavenly from which they came.  Understand where we are in time now?  They have no light left to shine in the darkness to be seen.

The Earthly leaders are following patterns of the past, back to the beginning of Genesis.  Remember, I said we were now going in reverse order?  Okay, keep that thought.  It’s the Spirit that is upon this Earth that is mimicking the Patterns of the Fathers as they were actually Heavenly Creatures, Beings, Angels.  You must understand what an “Image” is compared to a “Likeness”…think mirror/reflection.  Anyhoo, a child is the purest thing to God so their blood is special as is their life-source or life-force.  The Adrenal Gland holds a liquid that is removed and ingested into the body by mouth or with a needle via the’s become the “drug of choice” for the most wealthy of the world.  It makes you feel like God… People are disposable and the more that cross over into this country, no recorded records or names, easier it is for them to disappear without anyone ever knowing.  This is why again, the White House is fighting for strict borders.  He knows.  Save the children.

What I have found and seen has rocked me to my core, literally.  I’ve not been the same.  It’s truly the last leg on my race though, HE had to show me “what the Spirit was saying” as I was already in the layers of History or HIS STORY of our world, each piece matching so perfectly.  Then, I had been talking about the Children of God and how they couldn’t get back Home to Heaven as they had could not see past the Heavenly Veil any longer, they were stuck in the darkness, the area of famine where no food (Truth) could they reach, nor hear.  I cry writing this because it’s them we are to rescue and help.  Watch and please do not judge what you have been taught by Men…by Man, nothing is as we think.  The Angels were sent in the Beginning to give the Man of the dirt, the Earth life, and in doing so, lost their own.  They have been imprisoned in the darkness since and the only food/manna they receive is what we send up via our words and prayers.  They learn only what comes from us.  Please just love…unconditional love.  This is what HE meant when HE said “Love thy Brother and thy Neighbor”. I’m not saying there is not an evil darkness, there is, that is not what I’m referring to here.  I’m saying don’t group them all together until the Truth of Heaven is fed to you.  Son’s of God and Daughter’s of Men is not, once again, as we know them to be.

Nothing was to manifest into this realm as it did, but it did.  This violence around the world is as it was in the Beginning before Noah stepped into the Ark but it wasn’t in this matter-filled material manifested formed way…it was Spiritual and in Spirit, not human form, but then it was.  The more you fear, the stronger their “God-Like” drug takes hold so please do not fear!  The fear literally grows the darkness of the evil which gives it power to spread more fear.  It cannot hurt you, only fear itself has fear and births more fear.  This is why they torture, scare and make all their victims fear them…it’s manifests into a euphoric state of bliss, a Heaven on Earth “I am God” feeling and the more you do it, the more you need to do it.  Look up all the missing people in the world?  Look around DC?  Look everywhere.  It’s all true, all of it. Whatever you hear from CNN and those news stations, don’t believe one word.  Not one.  I think Hannity is the only one who is truly in the fight…a good guy.

Put it this way, every “way-out” television series and/or movie that has been released is telling forms of truth.  You must see with Heavenly eyes now, as Paul was showing us.  Never see things the same as you did yesterday.

You can believe me, or not, but it doesn’t change the fact that every single “crazy” story you have heard, it’s not crazy, but just the opposite.

On closing, I will say that our New Leader is also bringing back consumer goods to be made once again here, in America.  Why?  So he can control all the poisons going into the foods, but also to deprogram all the backdoor wiring that has been hidden in our phones.  Why are all our children bi polar?  Why the rage?  Why the lack of empathy, emotion and drive?  He found that too within all the papers…the medicines are working with all the frequency signals and can easily at a moment off-set that person.  They are working hand-in-hand.  It’s all there and that is what he is trying to get out.  Let him get all this out.  The cures for both Cancer and Aids…got them too.

When did all this start?  Bush Sr. started the ball rolling with Hillary expected to finish it out, so roughly 1993 and 1997 major turning points.  Go back and research the laws and regulations put into place since then and again more drastically since 2009.  They were but 2 years from pulling it all off.  Two years from having a Tribulation ending the World interpreted and written by Man in those Heavenly Truths, but aha, SOMEONE stepped in before the deceivers had their own prophecy come into being.  Now, HE is going to show the REAL STORY OF HEAVEN and HIS HEAVENLY ENDING!  I told you, it’s better than “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and things are not going to play-out as expected.

God Bless all my Friends of Heaven and all who have eyes to see, ears to hear and Hearts to give.  Pray for that man sitting in that Oval Office as God truly took a “worldly man of gold” and made him a servant of the people, HIS Servant.  He could not be doing the things he is doing if he himself was not “hearing what the Spirit is saying” and I mean this with my entire being.  There is no way.  Pray for his appointed team that also has been placed in positions as Warriors, that is what they are and standing full-attention day and night to protect this country right now.  Remember, she was not supposed to lose.  Desperate time calls for desperate measures.  They are desperate.  Over 10,000 indictments are sealed and being delivered each and every day.  Four attempts on his life have already been made that I know about.  He still stands each day through the mud and muck to do what is right.

We all must stand in love…love of truth and what is good, what is of God the Father, what is Heavenly, not Earthly.  Look up and see what I can see.

I believe this is the final test of how much we can remove from the prideful flesh side of SELF, giving over what God has asked us to do many times before, all to HIM, which is SPIRIT.  Whatever we think we know, we don’t, but all is now bare-breasted for TRUTH to be revealed.  You can see it or not.  There is nothing you cannot find of what I have shared…it’s up to you all now.  One must decrease as John the Baptist gave example of, while HE increases…die to SELF and give life to SPIRIT, TO HIM!  Just be and let HIM do!  It’s the Season of Lights.  Tomorrow is Adar 7, Moses birthday and day of death.  The day Joshua officially takes over the leadership into what was promised.  It was a good day!

Between the tears and the wear/tear on my eyes from my hours of study plus more tears, I apologize for grammatical errors I missed.  I’m too tired right now to go back to correct them.  Good night to all my friends, new ones, faithful ones and old ones.  I pray with all my heart that HE who is GOOD, TRUTH AND LOVE blesses all who read what I’ve written and whatever seed you receive, may it take strong root, bloom and flourish being filled with only the sweetest, purest fruit of Heaven…may their branches hold all He supplies!

Mary Beth, your Friend of Heaven


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3 responses to “Behind and Beyond The Now Thin Veils of Heaven and Earth

  1. freshoilreleases

    February 22, 2018 at 9:13 am

    bless you for this amazing Word, manna from the golden jar, reserved for such a time as this!

  2. Irene

    February 23, 2018 at 9:32 am

    Dear Sister . So great to hear from you again with your wonderful wisdom !
    It’s time to go home Sis, surely!
    Much love & God bless

  3. A

    February 23, 2018 at 7:25 pm


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