Highway to Heaven or Heavenly Traffic Jam – what lane will you take?

21 Dec



Image result for Highway to Heaven or Image result for Highway to Heaven


Here we go again but where exactly are we going?  Is there or will there be an actual “fork” in the road ahead?  What does that mean?  Why?


Time…time is not like we think, especially not God’s TIME!  He is about to adjust it yet once again – He is removing the waste, the dross and even though we see days, months, maybe even years ahead, God is counting only what counts to Him.  He is about to speed things up, literally.

You have to be able to understand the realms, the heavens from Heaven.  It is said that Jesus comes wearing a name “King of kings, Lord of lords”, correct?  Well, who are the “kings and lords”?  They are those of those realms, those nations, those kingdoms, those lands, those merchants, and those who live in those specified regions.  They are the “Governors” of the land.  The Lord Jesus Himself directs all these “lanes” of life in each land, arena, even that special “Highway to Heaven” that all want to ride on or take even if traffic will be unlike any other traffic jam in history!  When all these lanes of traffic start to merge, cars in the right lane who have just come down off that exit ramp are going to try to get to that far left “fast” lane while the cars in that left lane, will be trying desperately to toggle their car into the right lane.  Can you imagine how packed that middle lane will be?  Fast cars hate that right lane – but isn’t that what the lane is for?  To hold those that just drive at the slower speed or the actual Law of the Land speed limit?  We can’t forget those right-laners either who insist on driving in that speedy left lane, regardless the danger as those drivers who don’t slow down will have no problem honking, cussing, tailgating those cars, even go so far as to show extreme “Road Rage”!  So, are those drivers just clueless as to what lane they are in?  Are they oblivious to the “Rules of the Road”?  Are they just happy, lost in thought?  Or, do they just don’t care?


Image result for Road rage  OR  Image result for Road rage

You have the same problem when the fast drivers are in the slow lane – but here, it seems to be even worse.  Don’t mess with those slow cars!  Why?  Well, they have been creeping along, been in that line a long long time and the majority are NOT going to let those fast drivers merge into their lane at the last minute!  Isn’t that how it is?  They are going to show them how to have some patience, how to do it correctly – mainly by saying “You should have gotten in line way back there instead of trying to cut!”  Hmmmmmnnnn.  See, those in the middle lane, they never want to be in the “wrong” lane so they ride the center line.  They watch the signs, the upcoming exits and how many miles away it is – then they decide what lane they will merge into.  What exit will they take if the first one seems too long of a wait?  Well, sometimes they know the perfect shortcut that others don’t and sometimes, they end up going so far out-of-their way in their pursuit of finding a “better exit or better way”, they run out of exits to take or the one they choose itself has unseen detours and/or delays…it’s “Under Construction”!  So what is a driver to do?   We already know you can’t satisfy everyone and not everyone will be happy regardless what lane they chose to ride in as some are always going to regret it the minute they change lanes,  as they’ve already convinced themselves before they changed lanes that it was wrong, so now, they just drive panicked regardless.  These are those that constantly “ride-their-breaks” just in case…just in case of anything and everything.  It reminds of the song “To the left, to the left to the right, to the right!”  Many elderly people tend to drive with their left foot constantly hitting the breaks while ironically, the right one is steadily on the gas.


“Jesus, please take the wheel!  No really, I’m not singing to the Carrie Underwood song here, although it’s a wonderful song;  I’m really asking you to PLEASE TAKE THIS WHEEL!”


I don’t know what lane your car will be in, I don’t even know what lane I’ll be driving in but I have decided, this is one time in my life, I’m not going to worry about it and I am going to confidently let Jesus take the wheel, literally.  It’s His Highway and one He has traveled since the Beginning so why in the world would I try to drive it like the highways here on earth?  That would be the first mistake, don’t you think?  Since pretty much EVERYTHING IN HEAVEN or in the Heavenly Realm is opposite the earth, how do we know which lane is the fast lane and which is the slow one – we don’t, not until we see the signs along the way that will guide us to our proper exit and destination.  What we have to do is WATCH FOR THEM and to make sure that some joker along the way didn’t feel the need to spray paint his own arrows saying “TURN HERE OR TURN THERE” – no matter how professional it looks.  Who knows…the Center Lane could actually be for those that turned their blinkers to the left or to the right; could be the lane that just kept their eyes on the road ahead – having faith that they were driving their car in the correct Heavenly direction and when they arrived at their final destination, the center lane would be the one that would deliver them there.  They didn’t worry about what the other cars were doing or not doing because they knew all the proper signs and exits – no confusion or chaos in that lane!  That center lane – well they could truly enjoy the ride and the sights the others lanes are missing for the Sun itself is blinding their view and if it’s a night, well, how many have night blindness?  Oh, that’s just a whole other story now isn’t it!


“Jesus will be the Crossing Guard no matter what lane of traffic you arrive in!  He is the Director of ALL LANES into the City…even those going out!”



Image result for Jesus driving

I’ll be the little old lady in this car!!

What I have been sharing with you friends over these fast 6 months has been a mouth full to-say-the-least!  What events take place here on earth or above us – above the Sea of Glass?  I’ve stated what I think – could I be wrong?  Sure I could…it could all be metaphorical or it could all be literal.  It could be here and there both but I don’t believe it will be as “man” is stating.  That is what this world is seeing as they cannot see the events with Spiritual Heavenly eyes because if they were, they would see that God does not want us to be fearful, afraid of the things of this world which is hard to do if you are listening to those who say His Wrath upon the earth is happening; wars, death and killings are about to occur, along with the earth being destroyed while we are all still here.  That is what they are saying, aren’t they?  Well, I am sticking with the events occurring in the Heavenly Realm – the wars, the fire, etc., at least for now.  Common sense tells you – you would be more fearful UP THERE if these were happening because you would know just WHO it was allowing them as it is right there!  Here, God would not receive the glory, only the enemy and I do know that God will not allow that to happen.  The headlines would all read “SATAN CAUSES…” when that is not true – he cannot “cause” anything to happen UNLESS GOD ALLOWS AND GIVE PERMISSION FOR IT TO HAPPEN! But, who would know that here?  Who would know that in Heaven?  If those events happened in Heaven or the “Safe Place/Paradise” we first arrive at, how many would bend their knee and confess that He is the True God?  They would see and know all is from Him – so my guess is A LOT or most of them would quickly get the picture!!!  Here, not so much – they would just say it was because of this or that, this person or that person, this god or that god, never really giving all the glory and credit to the ONE who it belongs to.  But, if all this occurred up where the “temporary” Temple or Tabernacles is, well, then, God’s Words would ring more than true…”THEN THEY SHALL KNOW THAT I AM GOD!”  Common sense 101, right?  But better than that, where would we see or feel more peace and security than there?  I know, right!


So, during the coming “heavy traffic days” ahead, think about your driving lanes and your own driving skills.  How well do you drive in the day, the Sun reflecting it’s bright light into your eyes; or, driving at night by the Light of the Moon.  How good are you driving in the darkness of night?  I think, personally, it’s best we be ready to drive in both so that way, whichever one it may be, we are ready to see through both!





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