New Videos – Exodus, Waters and Heaven? I’m Ready, Are You?

21 Dec


Friends, I hope all of you are well.  I’m still battling this cold that has been here since Thanksgiving and I’m so ready to be free of it!

The days ahead are what we have been waiting for…it is September 2012, September 2015 and December 2012/2015.  It’s Christmas time again but this one is the very special Christmas we never thought we be here!  Along with it is a very rare full moon that lands on Christmas but once every 19 years and guess what?  This is the 19th year!  lol

I have uploaded 3 new videos that I feel are so very important.  It’s about this time…the Exodus and all the Mysteries the Lord has shared, revealed and is now about to occur.

I have 6 videos prior to this that I did not finish making public but I will.  It will just show all the new revelation the Lord has allowed and how each time He added or “unveiled” more and more.  So much so, I just stopped recording in order that I can put all in it’s proper place and pattern.  I will post the 6 prior to these 3 so you can see all that He gave me to see and hear…it changed or was changing every day.  Still the truth, but He just added more and more, allowing us such a Great Gift!  I finally waited until today and recorded 3 more with what I could fit in.  I will say, the 6 I did not address, they have all the good stuff in them that I couldn’t add here so please feel free to use these as a type of “learning with Mary Beth” type of video!  You can see how He just kept teaching more and more!

Remember, I’m bad a titles…this is all the stuff I believe will happen; where it will occur and WHO is in charge!  I know it’s time – are you ready????

Pt 1 – Exodus Time? You Ready? Straight to Gate or Detour? Truth Here Determines Stay There!

Pt 2 – To The Mountain We Go; OT to NT Exiting Threw The Waters; Exodus & Moses

Pt 3 – Exodus Time? Judah/Tamar & Barren Wombs vs. Fertile Wombs Tells The Players

I will try to finish this in the morning but it’s been a hectic time.  I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving and babysitting every single day…so yes, I’m going to say it again – I’M TIRED!!!

See you soon friends!

Mary Beth








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One response to “New Videos – Exodus, Waters and Heaven? I’m Ready, Are You?

  1. Irene

    December 21, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Bless you Mary Beth, is it possible to put subtitles on the videos, I’m really sorry to ask. I hope & pray you are on the road to recovery. I’m tired to Sis, and not well today. God bless & much love


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