I believe we are there…are you ready?

12 Dec

Well friends – I believe we have come to the end of one very long journey and about to start the “Ultimate Journey” that we have long awaited for.  I wish I could express to you all that the Father has taught me, His Holy Spirit truly has been my Teacher.   Soon, all will be revealed and the words expressed by so many will come to light, or darkness.  Not a permanent darkness but a bit of a time-out in a very dim-lit place.

Below I have linked 3 new videos I uploaded on December 5 but only today released them so please scroll down if you would like to see the video messages first.



The events foretold by those who taught us, via man’s interpretation have brought much fear to the hearts of the people but these are not what the Father in Heaven is showing His Children…quite the opposite actually. His Message is of Love, Promise, Rescue and to finally be ONE with Him.  He will bring us beaten up and abused by the enemy because the enemy’s time is done.  Yes, there is one judgment owed to those that have not repented, but that is all, no more.  The Father, our Creator Himself will shake the Heavens and Earth but it’s all for His Glorious End Plan and He WILL NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO MANIFEST UNLESS IT GLORIFIES HIM, PERIOD!

See, we hear 2 voices – one from the ears and one from the heart.  Those that are hearing of the wars and rumors of wars, they are listening through the Advil and Hammer of their fleshly ear; while those who are speaking words of comfort, they are hearing from their Heart where the Holy Comforter resides and speaks from.  This is the difference.  One is from the Son of Man and the other from the Son of God.



Everything we have been taught is not for us…it is flipped.  The people of the Bible we thought were “us”, are not, they are “them”.  Everything that was hidden from us was to keep us a prisoner, a slave to the god of this world.  We are the ones under the Sea of Glass…Noah’s Mountain where the Ark landed was not here, it was up there.  It is that “resting place” of the boat that saved those God gave His Mercy to.  It is the one who is sitting up there that is the god of this world…Noah or the form in which this Heavenly Spirit or Angel came in.  That is Babylon that sets on the 7 Hills – God’s 7 Mountains.  It’s a story of a “man” who had 3 sons…cursing the 2nd son for seeing “his nakedness” while the 1st son lost his inheritance to his younger brother who then became the holder of the most blessed land, the Promise Land as that is what is was called when it was originally given to Shem.  So it’s the 3rd son, the 3rd brother that became the inheritor of the “good land” and the land promised by their father.  Who were these brothers?  This pattern is repeated throughout the Bible and in each story, the brothers are continuing the saga.

Ham was cursed and left the “Mountain” after he saw his father’s nakedness – Ham saw who Noah truly was without his garments.  We are told it was through Ham that the “evil” or “bad” or opposite side of the family/lineage was started and it was through that line we can blame where humanity went wrong after the Flood.  Ham I guess you could say, was in a way, a Scapegoat – one who carried the blame, the “sins” of the family like a yoke around his neck.

This is just one piece of doctrine we were misled on and it was in the beginning so can you guess how much more follows?

Below is 3 links to the latest videos uploaded to my You Tube channel – please click on them to watch.

Tools From Heaven Given For Now; We Are In God’s 3rd LAYER! Shaking Just Weeks Away!

Old Testament Was Our Story; Bondage to Promise; New Testament is Heavenly ACTS!

Our Water is Wormword; Water to Wine CLEANSING; 6 Jugs (Angels) Redeemed FORGIVEN!


The waters of the earth is what made Adam thirst – that is why it was a very long time before he finally took his first sip.  The water is Wormword.  The waters need to be cleansed, turned into wine and Jesus told us how many vessels were changed and made into the Grappa, the best wine from the grapes that were kept on the vine the longest; 6 large clay pots.  Also, the Grappa is the remnant of all the grapes, their juices, their skins, their seeds, even those that have been trodden over and upon.  This is why at the Wedding in Cana, the best wine was served last as they are the last to arrive.

The Old Testament is the story – their story, our story – the WHOLE story!  The time between the OT and the NT is the waters and us crossing those waters similar to Paul’s story of his shipwreck and the 276 crew aboard on their course set for Rome.  It was during that time that half of the crew thought they were going to a place filled with treasures, riches, beauty and wonder…the other half believed they were headed straight for misery, punishment and death.  This is INTERMISSION as every good long movie/story has one.  This is the time that 2 groups of men who are sailing on the same ship, same boat are obviously seeing 2 very different destinations.  This is us, this is “them” all riding upon the same vessel, ship or boat toward our new home in Heaven.  But wait, how can half see or expect one thing and the other half another while riding together…shouldn’t they be expecting the same thing?

See, both groups go up together at the same time.  One group will see the treasures and the Promised Land while the others will only stand in fear of what awaits them.  For one thing, the “Heaven” or “waiting area” they are taken to is just a replica or “shadow” of our real Home, our real Heaven and since so many will not be able to discern the difference as they are blind and unable to see the mold on the walls, they will think the food is good, Heavenly and for this reason, they will be thrown into the fire to remove the dross, the scales and the dirt on their garments that keep them crippled.  This is the group who is delayed as they must be shown the Truth.  They take a detour while those of us who have awaken from our sleep, have removed the dirty garments, have clear vision to see the counterfeit as our scales were removed prior to us boarding the ship! Our path, our route is straight, no detours, no delays.  We can also see the mold infested walls and the ability to see that the food being served there is NOT for us – it’s not OUR BANQUET nor is it our BANQUET HALL!

See, we have been sitting under the Ark…I guess you could say we live under the valley and the mountain we see from our view is not really the mountain we want to climb.  Or, let me put it this way – the top of this mountain is NOT the top of OUR MOUNTAIN!  We are in the waters of the seas as the flood waters were from springs and shot up from the earth, not the other way around.  We can never get our heads above the water and this is why.  It is the Sea of Glass that is the Wall.  When this wall or glass is shattered, the rains will come and it is then those that are under the “chandelier” will be crushed by the weight of it.  What does this mean?  The glass above us, the Sea of Glass that is the floor of the Ark will break into, just as God parted the Red Seas so the Israelites could flee to safety from Pharaoh, this Sea will also part but this time, all those standing there will fall into the waters.  Can we say “swimming with the sharks”?  This is the group above that feared a tragic voyage spoken by Paul, but – remember how that story ended?  Yes, they were thrown from the battered ship, tossed into the raging sea but not one hair on their heads was harmed – they all LIVED!

What does this really mean?  It was Paul’s boat/ship right?  God chose him because he was a rebellious one.  Those that follow and are aboard this ship are in store for some rough sailing but in the end, they will not die nor be harmed.  These are those that will be lifted out of the water and thrown into the fire by the angels.  This is the fiery water of the abyss.  This is too the sky rolling back like a scroll…

Both those that are “good” and those that are “bad” are going to be aboard the same ship but it’s the discernment they arrive with that will allow them to see the Original from the Replica – the Counterfeit – there are those that are asleep and then there are those that are “dead in Christ”; dead meaning dead to the world for they are in Christ their Lord and no longer alive in the world.  Those that asleep, they are spiritually dead – they sleep in the dust which is their flesh.  They have believed with their flesh (their earthly eyes and ears) over their spiritual teaching or Word that dwells in their hearts which can only be seen and heard when the Father, our Creator removes the veil and that is done when we die to the flesh and are born again in Him, the Spirit.  Meaning, you must be deaf, blind and crippled to this world, to Man and in the eyes of man.

Both of these groups go together prior to the Remnant – the late Grappa grape which is those that have been here from the Beginning, the original first 10 fathers in Genesis 5.  These are all components of the Lord – these father the Scribes, the Prophets, the Kings, the Priests as they all represent roles of the Lord, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in some form or another.  Each are on the Right or the Left side representing the Armies of the North or the Armies of the South but there is a 3rd Army, the one that we are told to look to the Mountains for, and it is the Army that will unite bringing all 3 of Noah’s son’s back together and a great reconciliation will occur.  One Army represents the brass nail that confined both feet of Jesus on the Cross with another Army holding down the left hand and another Army holding down the right…3, with the Cross itself acting as the 4th.  It’s 4 Angels – Jesus being the 4th.

Jesus plays both roles my friends.  There was a switch somewhere and most likely, it was at the time He was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan and it’s why He had to be tested in the wilderness.  It’s Brothers, one taking the cup from the other just as Judah did in Egypt for his brother Benjamin when he was accused of stealing the silver cup from Joseph’s table.  But as we all know, it was Joseph who planted it there because he wanted his brother, his full brother who he allowed to eat from his own plate.  He was never going to hurt Benjamin – he loved him and all he wanted was to be with him, even if he had to use a bit of trickery to keep him there.  Since Judah had already betrayed one brother, he was not about to lose another and to make amends for what he did (selling Joseph into slavery), he held the cup taken from the seed bag, willing to take whatever punishment would come his way.  This story again played out somewhere during this time with Jesus and his brother, the prodigal son.

Who is the enemy really?  It’s the one whose face shown upon the waters as the Lion when the Light from Heaven went to and fro over it.  It’s was God’s own Light that birthed the enemy who was settled and born upon the dark waters.  This Mystery will soon be shown to all and like the Bible has shown us over and over, in the end, the Brothers will “hug it out” and they will be reconciled back to the Father.

It will be just as Jesus stated by His actions in the Garden the night he was arrested.  When Peter, who is the head of the Church on earth, “the rock”, took the sword in his right hand and sliced the RIGHT ear off of the Roman guard (who later became a follower of Jesus or the Word), it was telling us that Believers would become deaf/crippled due to the teachings of the earthly Church but it would be healed by the left (apostate) as this is the hand Jesus healed the guard’s ear with.   The Church of Christ is deaf, blind and asleep due to the righteous side and it’s their earthly teaching of the Word of God that will literally lead their sheep to slaughter because they slumber, blind leading the blind cannot even recognize who this applies to and regretfully, they stand in pride at what they have been taught, never questioning it’s Author of Truth.  They refuse to stand and see the Author of Lies and Confusion’s footprints in the sand.  They will not lower or humble themselves by kneeling before the Lord as a small child with no knowledge.  They will not go back to drinking milk as they’ve had too much meat, even if it was bad meat, and now, a glass of milk in their eyes, could never satisfy their hunger…they see it is for infants only, never seeing themselves in that toddler stage, thereby refusing to drink which would in turn, fill their bellies with the Truth.  They will not see that the food they eat is bad, already rotten when purchased at the store, making them very ill once it is digested.

This time now is the end of the Church Age and if you have studied all the patterns of the past, you would see the perfection in just how He is doing it.  Every timeline, date, month and year from 2012 to 2015 is now upon us. Please know that things will come fast, unexpected to the unprepared world.  We now are entering the last days of December 2012 which held many events that were spoken of but had not as of yet, manifested into play…this is that time so please be ready and on your toes each day, all day.  Please don’t worry as the Lord totally has this – He has us too!  All the events happening around the world are copies of what is transpiring in the Heavenly realm right now as that is where the true battle is being carried out.  We are about to leave the waters situated between the Old Testament and the New Testament and once we are received in Heaven, we will then step into the patterns regarding the Acts of the Apostles as that will be what we shall do up there, and once we are in the house of the god of this world, we will heal all the those who came crippled, blind and deaf just like all those Jesus healed sitting around the Temple under Solomon’s canopy or the “Outer Court”.  This is the 40 days of harvest and those who are healed, made well again, will then be placed into the Bridal Chambers awaiting the arrival of Her Groom.

Please don’t be one who refuses to wake up…now is not the time to oversleep!  Please have eyes to see and ears to hear…seek the Lord and He will give you this wonderful Gift but you must have a pliable heart.


To be continued; I reserve the right to edit this page at a future date in order to expand anything I may have forgotten or see that I need to add.

Below are the newest pictures of Trey-Olivia…Her mommy had these taken a few weeks ago for her “Matilda Jane” photo shoot.  The first one is my favorite – so angelic.  The others are just a few the photographer sent to us as a preview so I thought I would share this beauty with all my friends…


Thank you for hanging with me on this journey friends.  Who knew.  Who really knew what He was teaching and showing us, I certainly did not.  I had no idea that at the end of this incredible Path, I would be sharing with you all what I have been sharing but I know it’s the Truth…Well, not much longer now and we will all know now won’t we?  Don’t be afraid when things seem unexpected and out-of-order – just listen for His Voice and His Open DOOR!

See you soon!

Love your sister and friend of Heaven,

Mary Beth





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  1. Irene

    December 20, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    So so beautiful, bless you little Trey Olivia. Thanks Mary Beth xoxox


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