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03 Dec

I’m sorry, I fixed the problem on the videos…I had not made them public, my bad!

Please go to our Father in Heaven, The Alpha & Omega, The Beginning and The End for He truly has the answers and His Truth.  He wants us to open our eyes and understand the Bible is a Divinely Inspired “Script” of events that He allowed to occur.  Why?  To open our eyes, to awaken us from our sleep.  We are the ones asleep!  We are the ones in slavery – a slave to the god of this world yet our eyes cannot discern the difference.

When Jesus said it was “done”, it was FINISHED!  We are just waiting for His Patterns to complete their trail, their wheel but that is all…everything else has occurred, watch and see.  Revelation is just that – a revelation given to John from start to finish but He had John eat the “little book” – the little book that gives to many a bitter taste and others a taste of honey.  John was given the Spirit of the Lord at the foot of the Cross, that is why Jesus spoke as He did to him.  It’s all part of the Seven Fold Spirits of Heaven and John even says that “The Spirit of the Lord was upon me!”  This is so much bigger than we have been taught…so much.

December, Kislev, Tevet, January – these are our big months.  Remember I spoke of July being our first and seventh month – I knew the Lord was showing on our 1st/7th month, it’s the current calendar so therefore what has never been done before, will fall on this calendar but the patterns of the past will continue to be finalized on the Hebrew timeline calendar.  Nissan 1 is when all “New” will be done as that is what He is doing…a Creation Redo.  This is in Heaven and on the Heavenly Clock, not earthly. The 40 days will also be in Heaven – this is the time of Acts – healing what the enemy crippled.  This too will be the time for His Angelic Armies to finalize His Word and they too will come Home.  The “fire” is healing, it burns the defilement, the sin and that is why He sends those to the fire but it’s the sin, the enemy itself that will stay there, not the Heavenly Host that it occupied.

The Bible tells us this – that is it…the Bible.  It’s all right there, please have eyes to see.  Do not stand in fear – fear only the Lord and wake up!   Do not listen to manly teachers or the church in this world…they are those that put us to sleep.  Peter was crucified upside down…remember that.  He is all earthly churches, not just the Catholic because it all started from the one.  This tells us the words in the Bible, the teachings are flipped, they are upside-down…it’s the opposite of what we think.

To be continued….




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