Promises of Love or Promises of Destruction? Tribulation or Joy? New Video Upload

30 Sep

I have malware that has been downloaded onto my computer – having a hard time getting it off!  Why do they do that?  Every single time I change tabs, I can see all those sites popping up…getting me very close to losing my patience.  Bad, people who do this are just bad. Upload of new video below…thank you and love to you all!  May God Bless each of your days!

I did post the other day but I withdrew it if your wondering what happened to it.  I really wasn’t finished.  Also, in the beginning of the video, I had just came off a “Facebook Smackdown” with family members who are still blind and deaf, although they truly believe they are not.  It was the final battle I had to face but the Lord did not let me down, He was right there with me!  I love my siblings, my family, my very very large family but when they write in ignorance continually over and over, well, sometimes you just got to go “all-in”, and I did.  It’s out of my hands, always was but I had hope that they would progress even just a little.  They did not.  I will continue to pray for their blinders to be removed.

Now, I did upload a replacement video regarding Joseph and Moses…these stories that have been there, right there – front and center throughout our lives, an amazing teaching from the Lord – but never did we see the direct pattern and truth, which I believe, each are there to tell.  I’m so in-love with every story I read as I can see it with such different eyes as God has played a divine version of “Connect The Dots” all throughout each book written.  It was us and our teaching by man that we were not able to see those connections.  Now, it’s a true treasure hunt read!

I’ve been all about Matthew these last 2 days because this book tells us exactly what is going to happen – especially when Jesus is telling of the owner of the house leaving his servants in charge – but how they were beaten and killed for seeking many for the banquet. These were His Servants that were sent in the Beginning.  The end of that parable, He speaks of the man standing in the Banquet Hall who was not dressed in proper “wedding attire” and when asked why, he said nothing, he was speechless.  Then, he was bound “hand and foot” and tossed out into the darkness where there was gnashing and wailing.  This represents the enemy who also arrives in Heaven, the “Temple” – the “abomination that causes the desolation” as he comes in via a back door.  I believe this man also represents the “disguised decoy”.  The Temple that he is standing in is God’s Holy Temple – not the “not-yet-built” temple men of the earth are waiting for.  The enemy is standing in the Banquet Hall…in Heaven.  This is the City with the unwalled villages – no sin, and where His Children are securely residing. This is Judah’s trap and when the enemy thinks he was won, BAM!  God is going to do something unbelievable…I believe this is when God starts it all anew.  I believe this is the Heaven’s shaking and the Stars falling.  It is on this earth that the gnashing and darkness are and this is where they will be thrown.  After all the fireworks of Heaven are completed, then we come with the Lord to finish destroying the evil, the darkness and the enemy that is still upon the earth.  We know Heaven is made new prior to the earth as He always states Heaven first.  See, the enemy thinks he finally has reached the point of taking God’s Throne – he thinks he has outwitted the Father but he hasn’t.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  God is going to create a New Heaven anyway, just as it is written so why not destroy the old one with the enemy aboard.  The earth is cleansed with fire – the fire is used to burn the sinful flesh and all that remains in it but once He does this, the earth with be NEW.  He cleansed it once with water, now He will cleanse it with fire – He tried washing it away the first time, but now, He knows only fire can permanently remove dross, the defiled ground, sea, air and all who have been afflicted.  Matthew 22:1-14 – Parable of the Wedding Banquet.

Please remember what WALLS constitute – SIN, so the above statement of secure living with no walls around the village, that means “no sin surrounds them”…they are away from the enemy.  That cannot be here on earth.  In Joel, he states that the people or the army will “come into the Beast” (paraphrasing here) for the time allotted and they are used by the Beast to complete His Plan…This is the “enemy” or “one particular group of Angels” who work together with the “good group” for the PURPOSE OF FULFILLING GOD’S PLAN AND WORD, and He will put it upon them to do such.  THAT IS WHAT THIS MEANS!  This is how they get the enemy in the middle of the village with NO WALLS/NO SIN and once they are there, the ARMIES OF GOD – BOTH SIDES, will destroy them (the HANDS AND THE FEET).  When Jesus comes to the earth to gather “His Special Remnant” (those that come out of the caves, crevices and hiding places), those are from His Special Army, those are His Angels – those that had been “hidden by God” or “kept for a Time such as this” and these are those that DID NOT defile themselves with the world…with the Harlot or women.  They are those who were disguised just as Joseph and Moses were but had done so for the Will of God, not on their own.  They were sold back and forth into slavery whether in human form or in the Spirit Realm as one leads the other’s actions.  This Special Remnant will be called to remove what covers them and will be made known to all as the Lord comes to remove them from the earth prior to it’s destruction.  Joseph will finally remove the pagan, Egyptian clothing, wig and name from whom he was known to the world as, thereby showing his brothers, Israel and Egypt, and the world, just who he really is.  At the same time, Moses will renounce his pagan, Kingly position, removing also his “garments” of the world so they are replaced with his original Priestly “garments” which too, shows all the people of the world his true birthright and heritage.  Both of these men who were “Saviors” to their people, will now be seen in the TRUE LIGHT that was hidden through the disguise God placed upon and/or over them, their “veil”.  When these Mighty Warriors of God walk out of the darkness they were placed in, Jesus will come down on His White Horse and He will be THEIR SAVIOR and their Kinsmen Redeemer as these are His Brothers and Sisters which in turn, are all from the same Seven-Fold Spirits of Heaven that reside within Jesus Himself.  They are His Appendages and it is they who will be RESTORED to their rightful place in God’s Kingdom.

Whether these Angels are in Angelic form or in their Human Form, meaning people just like us who too are Warriors of God, I do not know.  Each Spirit placed in us at birth is specific and only God given as each have been placed where they are for God’s Glory, His Story and for the Victory of His Words…He uses who He ordained at birth, sparing not the Rod or the Staff throughout their years as it was all done out of divine love and promise.  He had to place the Shepherds and the Ground Tillers where He knew they would be needed the most – around His Children so they could pass through the cleansing waters, into their Wilderness Training in order for them to be able to stand in the exact spot He ordained at birth, near Him.  Also, in their own testimony of who God is and what He has done, they could be fruitful trees which in turn, sprout healthy seed onto the tilled ground for production of Heaven’s record-breaking Harvest! He keeps all on the Path that leads to Home and when we even think to step off or do step off, He records our footprints and our steps, watches to see if we will be led by our Spirit or our Flesh and based upon that decision to turn left or right off His Path, His calls to His Servants are made.  They in turn, must do what God has spoken, what He will allow to be done to us but all in the name of Love, His Love.  One turn causes us to forget, and one turn allows us to remember but in all cases, both Paths led to the same place only one is gently guided by the Shepherd holding the Staff, while the other is chased in rebuke by the Tiller carrying the Rod.  So I guess you can call these 2 different groups of Servants, 1) Team Shepherds and 2) Team Threshers…and remember that sometimes, just sometimes, God calls into motion the “swapping” of players from one team to another because each team belongs to Him…He is their Town Sponsor.

You can see this one of these switches in the story of King David.  He went from Team Shepherd to Team Thresher, from using the Staff to using the Rod as now he sat on the Throne, an earthly Kingdom throne and it was through this line of David, the Jews looked for the coming of their Messiah, their Savior.  Note too that in David, he only used the Rod when danger of the enemy was sent his way and unlike so many Kings, he spoke with love, care and kindness to his Kingdom which he lead with his peaceful Staff.  He was like Moses in this way and God did not change David’s name…it stayed the same except now it did carry a title of King or Lord before it (from earthly eyes and mouths).  It was an earthly King and not a Heavenly King that was sent to them for just this reason.

This is why Jesus came into the world as a baby for He too was the son of men but carried through a virgin vessel.  He gave them what they wanted but it was not in the form of the Son of God as this can come from no man, no woman and no earthly womb and this is what came upon Him at the time of baptism by John, the true Spirit of God.  He (Jesus) was just like Joseph and Moses, in disguise.  He put on flesh which covered the bones, the pillars, the protective dome, all layered and done to protect His Heavenly Vessel.  See, He had to pass through the “water” of the womb and be born of flesh, a human – as a Son of Man; then when God was taking Him or let’s say “merging” Him with the “other team” in order to bring all in under the Son of God, Jesus became baptized prior to entering into the Wilderness as that is where we are truly blessed and reconciled back to God the Father which Jesus too had to complete in His fleshly covering.  Jesus was both – He was a Shepherd and a Tiller – a Tiller by birth via the Flesh and a Shepherd via baptism by John in the River Jordan.  This is why He could not drink any water prior to His death as water represents change and at this point in time, it, being water, clearly represented something higher in meaning, purpose, obedience.  This is why He was placed between the “repenting thief” and the “rebellious thief” as He was representing both groups.  Each event, each little cause directly affected the outcome, not only for then, but for now and for all.  Layers upon layers of truth we have never even touched the surface on.

Jesus’ teachings throughout the land were also words given to specific groups or groupings.  How many times did He cross the waters in the boat, going from one village/town to another?  Each time, the “crossing” was a direct line to which “Servants” or “Children” His messages, words and attention was for and to.  Each time they were spoken to was either by the Son of God or the Son of Man…which group had the teachings of the Son of God and which were being given words by the Son of Man?  He clearly spoken to the Priests and Kings as “The Son of Man” because neither group recognized Him nor accepted Him, while the “others” He spoke to, these words were being spoken as “The Son of God” because this group DID recognize Him as the True Messiah, the one who did come to save them and to them, He came as The Son of God so whoever believed and saw, they would be rewarded and saved for their true sight and belief He was such.  He showed them the truth and they believed.  The Son of Man threshed the hypocrites of the Law and earthly Kings while the Son of God shepherded the others with promises and truth of the Heavenly Priests and Kings they one day would be but only through Him and His Words.  Quite the opposite went out to the Law Keepers,Temple Priests and Kings of the Nations as they were told of great destruction, distress and a everlasting life of darkness.  What does this pattern of then tell us of the patterns of today?  The same message of destruction, disaster and never-ending punishment in darkness is being spoken out to the world from the Children of Man – coming from the words of the Son of Man and NOT the words of love, promise and everlasting bliss declared in mercy and compassion by the Son of God when addressing the “other” groups.  See what I am saying?  See the pattern?  Who spoke of constant judgment and wrath?  Who spoke words of forgiveness and never-ending joy, treasures and light?

Jesus represented and addressed BOTH groups because we are the mix of both.  When we are hearing from the “Man” or flesh side – they are spoken just as the Son of Man spoke in His flesh, of the destruction to come, the darkness.  When we are speaking and sharing the words of His forgiveness and love for all, we are sharing the life in the Light and these words are the Words spoken by the Son of God which come from His True Temple that is placed within us.  These words can be “double-minded” and “double-edge swords” as one speaks one thing and the other speaks of another.  Truth is spoken from the Son of God, so which words should we adhere to? Words filling us with fear, worry and no hope, severe continuing judgment?  No. Those were given by the Son of Man and as it is again today, these words are coming from the flesh side of men and are not necessarily the Will of the Father of Creation, of Heaven, but the ruler over flesh, god of this world and of it’s end (the world) as it is known to be to man on earth.  It’s not Heavenly, nor is it not Heavenly, it’s not Heaven’s Words of God’s final outcome for His Creation.  It is what the Children of Man are spreading out into the world for this is the outcome man is calling for, not God.   God will fulfill His Word, His Promises – He will speak tenderly to His Children of all that awaits them and Him.  He is the Father of all Fathers and will only allow events necessary to complete these, nothing more.  When we stand with or in man’s earthly interpretation of what the Son of God taught, spoke and promised, we are blinded to His Truth as we stand reading His Original Words that were understood and written from those who only were taught or spoken to by the Son of Man…they wrote what was being spoken t to them, the Children of Men, not to us, the Children of God.  The Bible was written by the same Law Keepers and Temple Priests that were only able to have hearing to the Words spoken by Jesus as the Son of Man – therefore they have taught this generation to generation.  Jesus spoke to His true Children, the ones He came to call, as the Son of God – so how can they today have true understanding and truth when they refuse to see what was not for them?  They stand in blindness and by this, they are deaf to the Son of God, the Holy Spirit who is trying to lead His Sheep to the River of Life but because they have only hearing for the words of the Son of Man, they cannot be led to the TRUTH THAT WILL SET THEM FREE!

Jesus was both – but He did not teach as both to all groups of people as all people were not of the same group.  What was given to the groups spoken to by the Son of Man, it was the promises that can only be achieved in the earthly realm, by men of the earth, on the earth as it is led by the flesh and the fleshly world.  What was given to the groups taught and spoken to by the Son of God, their true understanding cannot be obtained nor adhered to on the earth by the flesh. These Words can only be carried out, completed or achieved/understood from where the Words originate, Heaven as they are not from here, but from God Himself.  Therefore, what was written for man, let it be interpreted by man and in the thoughts and ways of man, but what was spoken and promised by the Son of God, let them be found by the Children of God by the voice of His Holy Spirit, as all good things are hidden from the enemy, but God allows His Children to find His Truth, all hidden in plain sight and there for them to see, when we let the ONE who hid them, led us to where they lay.  He trusts His Children with all that is His – all good treasures are worth hiding but bigger a reward is the finder of the good those treasures revile.

What is laid out in the interpretation of man, what he wrote and taught, was not hidden here because the men of the earth did not have to the Pen of God when writing them, they wrote with the hand of man, words given by the Son of Man – to man who could only understand the message in a earthly view and mind for that is who those were for.  These men did not even have the sight to see they were writing about themselves…they wrote and taught a message for man, to man, translated by man, about the judgment, punishment and eternal life of man…not from Heaven, but from the earth’s view because it came out of the mouth of the Son of Man as His Promise to those “men” He was addressing and speaking these messages to.  The Son of God gave another message but unless you can look at it as a “child”, His Child, you can only understand it as it’s been passed on, taught and told, and seen in by the flesh and it’s limited mind and knowledge, and not by the Spirit which holds the Heavenly Truth of His Words.  It is not until man can step away from man-teaching-man, can we receive the message that was given at the same time but directed to the warm hearts of the Children of God as they were known, and could be seen by, the true Heart of God that was carried and delivered to where they stand by the Son of God.

One was given the Word of the Rod and the other was given the Word of the Staff.  Having sight here, this shows us much of what was written in the Books of the Bible, must be reversed, switched to understand just who those words were meant for then and now.

We must stand in what the Son of God spoke, left and promised…love, love and more love!  Do not look and read the words of the Bible from dead eyes.  If someone today claims “Thus says the Lord” and proclaims the doom, gloom and destruction, well, he is speaking from the man, what the Son of Man was telling what would happen to men, not from the Son of God and what He spoke to the Children of God who looked to Heaven.  His message was of rescue, deliverance, Jesus the Savior comes to remove the Faithful before harm comes to them or the earth.   Remember, the messages will be reversed.  God has no prophets of today, only His Teacher, the Holy Spirit who is our Counselor, Teacher and He guides us to Truth.  Fear comes from listening to man and so do the words spreading it. Remove it and do not allow yourself hearing.  The enemy has stripped man’s faith in anything other than himself.  He really doesn’t even have that as man is too afraid to be wrong so he will never step out into that world of faith – his footing and foundation are laid by what he can see, touch, feel and hear, not on what he has been promised.  Unfortunately, he will always remain blind to what has been offered, given and awaits because inside he fears the “what if’s”.  Then, in this rising fear, he will not allow truth in anything else, again for fear of being wrong and missing the BOAT divinely sent by God.  This would make him feel too sad, stand in regret so if he pushes it out in the beginning, closing his eyes to what is right – in his fear of being wrong, he becomes quite too often a righteous blind naysayer who will soon speak so many words against his brothers in sisters in Christ, he will lose the ability to hear any Good News spoken his way. He becomes crippled from the righteous beliefs he has stood too long in – allowing his hands and feet to become so hard and stiff, they no longer can be the bearer of anything good.

Now, let’s talk about Matthew 22:23 – Marriage at the Resurrection.  I’m showing this because it proves that the first 10 Generations and their Heavenly Spirits – have not yet died; that they are the “generation that shall not pass” the Lord is speaking.  In Matthew 22:32 – it says “I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.  He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”  HE MEANS THIS LITERALLY!  Those spirits have continued on from the time of the Beginning and will pass at the End.  These are the 2 Angelic sides that directed those in the Bible and continue now to direct those of today.  Please read Matthew 23:1-12 – A Warning Against Hypocrisy; Matthew 23:13-39 – Seven Woes on the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees.  I used the NIV translation.  These verses could not be more clear on how the “teachers of man” or the “men who teach” are leading their people to death, not life.  Jesus is mad when He is speaking to the people – He is yelling at the top of His lungs here as to what we should be aware of and who our True Teacher is – the Son of God, the Holy Spirit within.

A small bit of FYI here…did you know that the Jewish teachers wore, then and now, small square boxes on their foreheads and on their arm that contain small Scripture scrolls?  Look them up.  Point to this – there are many things that are on the foreheads and hands of people or groups throughout the Bible…we need to pay attention to these so we can see just what they are.  Jesus always tells of things before the manifest, before doing it and each subject has a confirmation verse somewhere in the other books…many times more than one, quite a few actually.  Look for the marks talked about in both the Old and New Testaments.

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