3 – 7.9 EARTHQUAKES IN CHILE – Remember…I said this is week is Feb 22/23 (Adar)…

17 Sep

This is being edited at 9:22 pm…Please see bottom for additional, corrected and/or more detailed descriptions of what I have just posted today here…thanks!


This is the start that I was diligently watching for earlier in the year…February 22 (the Oscars) to be exact…remember?  In my last few videos I said the time has merged and that this week, this time is ADAR AND ELUL mirroring each other.

Remember I said I was looking, if I remember correctly from that post then, it was approximately a 7.9 or so?  I will have to double check. The Lord gave us this MARKER!  These earthquakes are going to mark His Death…God just announced the start.  Starting Israel time, this evening and into tomorrow, marks the time of Moses’ death and the leadership changed to Joshua.  I believe the 9th marks Friday/Saturday and the start of the big shaking to come.  This represents 7th month, 9th day (this is Enoch date which means Elul 25/Sept 9).

Guys…watch tonight, throughout the night and into tomorrow.  The Lord is not going to allow anything that does not glorify Him and part of me believes He very well might find something the enemy has done, deceivingly and may remove His allowance for his judgment against us.  I don’t know, but very well could – I believe I mentioned this before being an option.

Watch – this will not last long…He is bringing us in – then when the BIG earthquake occurs, it will remove the VEIL over all who have forgotten and they will remember from whence the came.  They will confess with their mouths that He is Lord.  The BATTLE or GREAT WRATH will start Saturday night and into Sunday morning…it’s an Angelic Battle as the enemy wants the angels who he has kept in bondage since the Beginning.  It’s not us – Jesus already saved us but we had to wait tIll all the words of the Prophets were fulfilled.  The angels could not return to their original domain, Heaven as their garments were dirty rags, corrupted by the sin of the earth, even the ones who did not defile themselves with women – they were to deceived and forgotten their laws and their love for God but many who did turn, well, they have had to wait until His Appointed Time, just the the rest of us.  They too had to wait-  until the Lord Jesus came to REDEEM them as HE IS THEIR KINSMAN REDEEMER!  These are those He is going to redeem from the earth and from upon the earth.  He is not worried about us any longer – it’s about them.

For us, it’s already done, it has been.  God does not need to carry out a time period taught by man – wrongly interpreted by man and kept so many in fear because of man.  This is over within 33 days, start to finish…but really, next week Tuesday/Wed it is finished as for as the battle.  Then the Lord will complete the rest of His Word.  September 21/22 He will bring the last of the last Home…whoever that may be,

Chile just had THREE 7.9 earthquakes – one was 15.00, the other was 10.00 and the other 33.00 depth…all God’s numbers.  They just had another one of 8.3…that is date as this evening, well now, is the 3rd of Tishri – representing 8/3.  This also represents March 3 when Bibi came to ask or plea for help against Iran.  Now comes Purim.  All this ends right on Tishri 1 on Enoch’s calendar – God’s true 6th day.  That is September 24/25…

Hey Rolltide….why was adding the 30th of Elul to the calendar important?  Because, it moved the 15th of Tishri to Wednesday, the Sabbath on which Jesus died and on the same day, 1/15 as Nissan is also 1/15.  This makes it all start and begin on His day of birth and His day of death.  By moving/adding that date, it moved God’s perfect order back into place…It’s okay Rolltide – you can come sit by me soon and I’ll explain it all to you personally!

Be ready for the West Coast to evacuate possibly…can’t remember what I said.  Here we go!

I told you to have faith – please have faith and not fear…it was finished for us when He died…just as He said on the cross.  We just had to wait.  When that veil is removed, all that are His, will have no choice but to see Him and confess…it’s IN THEM!!  All is good, HE HAS GOT THIS!!!


Mary Beth



I was in a bit of rush when I posted the above and was baking banana bread, along with feeding the baby…I left a few things out.


I cannot see this time Wednesday to Wednesday…7 days BUT, I always have to remind myself that God rests on the 7th day.  Now, depending whether or not He will consider that 2nd Wednesday “a” 7th day or not as there is a whole lot of work going to be accomplished on the previous 6.  In order for us mere Gentile Christians to understand all of this, which is extremely important so we are NOT fearful during such, we must understand Jewish Tradition – PATTERNS.  We need to know the “Why” to the day; why is it important to God and biblical history (ie. the days ahead).  An example of this is Rolltide, one of the readers of the blog…who I cannot tell if he is a believer, non-believer, heckler, friend, foe, etc. but it doesn’t matter – I am his friend, but he was all smarty-pants (sorry, but you were) on why Christians were all wound-up with a gleam of excitement due to the witnesses in Israel not being able to detect the New Moon; thereby causing an extra day to be placed on their calendar, Elul 30.  I would not have known why this was important if not for “God School” and my having to go back over and over the calendars.


Again, Jesus really already finished this on the Cross – He said “IT IS DONE!”  So, He atoned for our sins and does not have to do it again so how does the Day of Atonement on the Jewish Calendar come into play for us?  Well, it’s the Patterns – God’s consistent cycle of events that are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  They are similar events playing out each year or each momentous year – this is why we need to know this dates so we can be true Watchmen and know when we see specific yet very important days (either to Him or the Jews) coming up during a prophetic space of time, we know what He is putting into place.  It is a Marker to His Season of coming.


Elul 30 is a reference to March 30th which is Nissan 10.  Below I have copied the text showing a small description of events for that day and as you can see with Miriam’s passing, it affected the “Great Shabbat” before Passover and so on…You must then look at Nissan 10 and what occurred on that date in history PLUS or FIRST – go to April 10th on our calendar (our date is needs to be noted as this is how God merges all the calendars together and you cannot use one without the other).  You will find this:

Friday, April 10, 2015

Passover – Seventh Day
Omer: Day Six – Yesod sheb’Chessed

Tonight Count 7
Jewish History

After seven days of contention with G-d at the burning bush (see entry for “Nissan 15”), Moses assumed the mission of taking the Children of Israel out of Egypt. Taking leave of his father-in-law, Jethro, he placed his wife and children on a donkey and set out for Egypt to demand of Pharaoh, “Let My people go!”

On the eve of the seventh day after the Exodus, the Children of Israel found themselves trapped between the Egyptian army and cavalry pursuing them from behind and the waters of the Red Sea before them. G-d commanded Moses: “Speak to the Children of Israel, that they should move forward!”

Nachshon ben Aminadav of the tribe of Judah was the first to jump into the sea; the water split, and “the children of Israel walked across on the dry land in the midst of the sea.” All that night, a pillar of fire intervened between the Egyptians and the Israelites. When the Egyptians followed, the waters returned to their natural stateand place and drowned them. The Children of Israel sang the “Song at the Sea” in praise and gratitude to G-d.

It just so happened that on September 14, Tishri 1 – it was also that evening that is the start of Elul 21 on Enoch (mirroring Nissan 21 above)…so then, we must look to see what important patterns these days together held.  Oh look, Moses departing Midian AND he splits the RED SEA!  Wow, what perfect timing!  Okay, but we still have to look at September 21st also a day this pattern may or will occur regarding a different group or layer.  Nissan 21 as I’ve stated regarding Miriam above – it also is the day Joshua led the Israelites over the Jordan River; this has a Nissan 7 reference also which I have also posted below and it patterns/references “The Jews Begin To Enter Canaan”.  Doesn’t get much better than this…except, then that has a Nissan 5 date which shows that is when the “Spies” were sent in 3-day prior and that is what is important there.  The 2 Spies are represent the 2 Witnesses so you need to mirror that with Tishri 5 which is now Saturday evening into Sunday and the start of Enoch’s 10th – mirroring all the references below.  This goes on and on and on – and it fits perfectly.



Monday, March 30, 2015

Jewish History

Miriam, the sister of Moses, passed away at the age of 126 on the 10th of Nissan of the year 2487 from creation (1274 BCE) — 39 years after the Exodus and exactly one year before the Children of Israel entered the Holy Land. It is in deference to her passing that the “Great Shabbat” is commemorated on the Shabbat before Passover rather than the calendar date of the miracle’s occurence, Nissan 10.

Link:About Miriam.

Three days after the two spies dispatched by Joshua scouted the city of Jericho (see entry for “Nissan 7” above), the children of Israel were ready to enter the land promised by G-d to their ancestors as their eternal heritage. As they approached the Jordan with the Holy Ark carried by the Kohanim (priests) in their lead, the river parted for them, as the waters of the Red Sea had split when their fathers and mothers marched out of Egypt 40 years earlier. (Joshua 4)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Jewish History

The Jewish nation mourned for thirty days following the passing of Moses. (During this time, Joshua, the new leader of the Jewish nation, sent scouts to spy on the land of Canaan, see Jewish History for the 5th of Nissan).

On the 7th of Nissan, the first day after the mourning period came to an end, Joshua instructed the Jews to stock up on provisions and prepare themselves to cross the Jordan river and begin the conquest of the Promised Land. This was the first time Joshua addressed the nation, and they unconditionally accepted him as their new leader.

The actual crossing occurred on the 10th of Nissan.

Joshua 1

Elul 30 can also be a mirror to August 30, which on Enoch is Sivan 6 – Pentecost for the Jews or the day Moses gave the Jews the Torah.  August 30 is also Elul 15 (The New Olive Harvest also) – this references 15 Adar (March 6) which was Shushan Purim.  Now, by adding another day and moving Tishri 2/September 15 to Wednesday – it is also brought Enoch Sivan 6 the giving of the Torah, Shushan Purim, and Passover together on the Wednesday – Christ’s original  Crucifixion and Birth (Nissan 15 and Tishri 15).

Friday, March 6, 2015

Jewish History

The battles fought between the Jews and their enemies, which took place on Adar 13 throughout the Persian empire (see “Today in Jewish History” for that date), continued for two days — Adar 13 and 14 — in the capital city of Shushan, where there were a greater number of Jew haters. Thus the victory celebrations in Shushan were held on the 15th of Adar, and the observance of the festival of Purim was instituted for that day in Shushan and all walled cities. (See Laws and Customsbelow).

Laws and Customs

In cities that are surrounded by a wall dating from the days of Joshua (13th century BCE) — a prominent example is the city of Jerusalem — the festival of Purim is observed on the 15th of Adar (instead of the 14th), in commemoration of the fact that in the ancient walled city of Shushan, the first Purim was celebrated on this day (see “Today in Jewish History“).

(For an overview of the Purim observances and links to more information, see “Laws and Customs” for Adar 14.)

The Lord may play this out for 3 months…He may allow it for 3 weeks, 3 days…I see it all merged within a 6-7 day period.  Now, for us, those ready and waiting, then those that are shaken awake, I see it as all before the end of 3 1/2 days…then the next 2 1/2 days the earth experiencing His Great Wrath.  Now, again, I could be seeing it from the “TIME” or “TIMELINE” we are in Heaven but I think He is going to surprise us and do something so incredibly AWESOME!  Also, it could be 21 days in which to finish it all out as this mimics Daniel’s 21 day delay for the Angel Michael to get to him because of the Angelic battle that is going on.  That could very well be as this would end on October 7th which is Tishri 24, the exact day which the Archangel Michael came to Daniel, the 24th day of the first month.  It is also the day Jacob died.  This is truly a mystery He is saving for the end…the BIG REVEAL and I don’t know.  I only know that all the dates/months are merged together within Enoch’s Jewish & Gregorian calendars, along with the current Jewish and current Gregorian we use today.  All of them are on their perfect appointed places at this time.

Remember, Tishri 10, evening of September 22 into September 23, has now been moved to Thursday instead of Wednesday, now aligning it with Enoch Tishri 1 (6th day of Creation) and Enoch 14/15 and Tishri 10 just happens to be the day that Moses came down from God’s Mountain the 3rd and final time announcing to the Jews that God has granted them forgiveness.

I’m tired so I am ending this today.  I wasn’t going to post again but after the earthquake tonight, I had to as my friends and I have been talking about these merging patterns all week.  What is so crazy is that I needed that extra day, the 30th to be exact, on the calendar this week in order to make all they days and patterns fit.  I was a day behind and thought maybe I was off a day.  Well then, BAM, He goes an does it again supernaturally…He gives me Elul 30 as the moon could not be found.  This my friends is when I knew that today was the official start of things, the earthquake was just a second confirmation.  I am human and He can do what He wants, whatever He wants but it’s all right in front of us and it’s not how we think or been taught.  I began to think maybe this week was next week, but it just could not be because of the Fall Equinox – but hey, I’ve been wrong before but at least I know the dates were right.  I just didn’t know it was the counting of the full-moons.


Good night, good luck, God Bless, stay joyful and if I have time tomorrow, I will right more about “if the time is longer” who it is for (3 months) and why.  Again, it’s right there in front of us.


Oh, I almost forgot – tomorrow the sun passes out of Leo into Virgo the Virgin…what about that picture?  It’s baby time!


Love and blessings I pray for all,

Mary Beth

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