15 Sep


I must take a break from finishing my previous post as today, well, today (as well as yesterday) – I’m just HAPPY!  Why do I feel so happy?  How can I feel so happy when I’m literally getting nailed to the cross (no pun intended) by my recent videos and posts?  I’ll tell you friends…here it goes!

I know God.  I know Jesus is allowing His Spirit to show me this – that was never opened to our sight before…well, I won’t say NEVER opened, just that we, in part, were blinded to it.  Unfortunately, many still are and will be until He Himself removes the veil.  You see, I stand in that concrete footing of the Lord today – just as firmly as I did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.  I have not run away or shut up my mouth because other(s) say, “It must be wrong!”  Who says?  I am still the exact same person I was in the beginning of all this.  The only difference is what the Lord has allowed me to see, learn, understand and share.  He opened His Layers of Understanding to us – I see the Gift for what it is…A GIFT!

Unfortunately, there are some brothers and sisters in Christ, who I still dearly love and respect, that cannot see the path the Lord has led us on.  Isn’t that the point of learning?  Isn’t the point of learning to be able to be taught?

From the start of this – I have shared all the good that the Lord had taught and was expected, because it really wasn’t “new”, it was just clear details and deeper understanding of “how to work with what He has already taught” and, was what most of us thought we already knew.  He gave the “inside scoop” of His parables so-to-speak.  All was for that, right?  But, when it was time to journey to the next “watering hole” or “tree” to pick a new fruit, well, that was just a bit too much walking…a bit too much exercise or stretching of the legs and definitely WAY TOO MUCH TO CHEW!  Well, that fruit was so large, we just could not get our mouth around it, let alone sink our teeth in for the first juicy bite!!  Well, I stretched my legs, I opened wide and took that big ‘ole bit and yes, I let that juice run down the sides of my mouth and then, I sat by the watering hole until I had quenched my thirst.

I giggle and I laugh out loud to the Lord all day long, smiling, holding my hands up in praise and thanks, not believing what He has allowed us to know…I am full of joy, peace and I do not sit nor stand in fear of this world or what is now to come.  How many can truly say that?  I don’t have to search on the internet any longer to “find Jesus” or to see if anyone else out there has any word of His whereabouts today because I know Him!  I know His Spirit rests upon me and brings me warmth and security.  I have not one ounce of doubt, not one.  I had no idea the Lord would show all He has – I am just a surprised as all of you but for some, it has not been received as a “happy” surprise – it’s been more of a “surprise party gone bad”…am I right?  Well, no one but the Lord Himself can open your eyes to the layers that are laid out before us in His Word…and there are some layers there, are there not!  To be privy to this is so overwhelming at times, well actually, all the time but I would not go back to one yesterday to make sense of today!  Not one!  He is in control of everything – EVERYTHING!


This time has been spoken about since the Beginning, even by Adam and Eve.  How did we ever think that our Lord Jesus would not be in control of it all?  How?  How did we never see the truth right in front of us, RIGHT THERE on the pages of His Word, the Bible?  Well, first of all, much has been removed and much has been “tweaked” keeping us from seeing the “backroom” comings and goings, the basic day-to-day operations.  Oh yes, there is a Warehouse with very important Workers, they have very important God-Appointed roles and at some point-in-time, their names and badge ID’s were removed, taken right from the “Front Office” bulletin board.  Unfortunately, they then became, what we describe now as just a hard-to-remember but vaguely recalled  “Most Wanted” photos or basic profiled flyers hanging in our local post office or Justice Department.  They’re there for all to see and gather little tid-bits about but “Oh, who cares – that doesn’t affect me and why do I really need to know that?”  Makes you think doesn’t it – who have we missed hanging on those walls of the Justice Department?  Who are those Workers in that Warehouse and what is it that they do or should I say, did?

We seem to thwart what we don’t understand or what we passed by.  Why – because we had no idea the importance of it in our life. How did we know that “That” would be something we should have remembered, taken notice of or at least, did a little homework on?  We begin to shame ourselves in our ignorance and laziness when we realize through others who did do their homework, the importance of such things and when it gets too much for us, we remove it and convince ourselves it had nothing to do with us at all – so why let it linger.  We are just wasting precious time that could be used on something truly real and important!  This my friends, is our mistake. It’s the little things in life we pass by that are the deal breakers, the game changers and it’s those little incidentals that are sent from the Lord – so we better start learning the names and badge numbers of all those Most Wanted faces because they are about to change the world.  You can either fear what you don’t understand, or you can remove yourself out from under the big red flashing arrow-sign that reads: “LACK OF KNOWLEDGE  LINE – HERE” and hope there will be enough time left for the Lord to show you before He starts the Big Show!  What are you going to do when you don’t know the Cowboys from the Indians?  Left from Right?  North from South – East from West?  Bad from Good?  Talk about confusion?  These are the Mysteries He is sharing with us because there will be a TEST on this before, during and after the movie!


The Jews and others are waiting for a Messiah, their Messiah – a King.  This is not OUR Savior, not OUR Jesus.  They missed Him so unless God removes the veil from their scaled eyes beforehand, they will see the Messiah they called out for, but, not in the same way He shown Himself to us.  See, the Old Testament, He came as God – The Father.  He used HIS MIGHT – HIS strong Arms and Hands for shaking and moving His People while His Feet, did the stomping, right?  He even used the Water and the Ground to destroy what He wanted removed as His Wrath led the way early on.  Remember the Jews stomping the straw with their Legs and Feet to make the bricks for the Builders so they could be laid as the “cornerstones” to Pharaoh’s Temples/Buildings?  How many stress fractures do you think the Arms of God’s Armies had to endure from all the sword battling and shield holding?  And, how many miles do you think were put on each pair of Feet through all that time of walking? Can’t even imagine the weight those Bones must have carried! Walking and walking to and fro just to find food to eat and water to drink; being chased from one land to another only to get trampled there too!  This was the First Time the Lord came.

But now, in the New Testament, He did use wrath or destruction, did He? No, because He came as The Son, hence New Testament. The feet were no longer used to stomp the straw to make the building blocks and cornerstones of the enemy, nor were many living in the “Wilderness” but unfortunately, most couldn’t tell the difference because they still told the tales, the stories of their fathers hardships every day.  The never-ending reminder, remembrance of their bondage, their testing…they couldn’t remove the “YOKE” of their fathers off their own necks, nor could they, remove their past sins.  Every single day…they just stood in all that YUK! Jesus came to open the prison doors – to remove their yoke, to give them a much needed hand so they could be pulled from the YUK of the past but through love, hope and promise, not wrath.  This was the Second Time He came.

This brings us to now – this time, our time, the Third Time.  This is the Time of the Holy Spirit…this is His true third time of coming to His Children.  He spanked them (hard)…He loved them (unconditionally)…neither time was really a winner; nothing changed during His Appearing twice before, when all He wanted to do was to truly save His Children from the world, Sin.  You see God, was always around His Children, but because of sin that “surrounded” them – they were unable to discern one from the other – deceiving them to see what was up was really down, good was really bad, etc.  Who was cursed by this even more than them?  The ones who studied God’s Word most above all and God’s Laws, knowing them inside and out – the Priests, the Sadducees, the Pharisees…the “Lover’s of the Law and the Lover’s of God”. Yet, we know these were the groups that completely missed the MARK!  Why?  They stood in their own pride of what they knew of God and who they knew Him to be.  They refused to listen to the New Testament being told from the Original Author Himself – Jesus! If it wasn’t in the Books of Moses, in the Torah Scrolls and laid out right in front of them, well then, IT COULD NOT BE TRUE!  Right?  Because of their own FLESHLY discernment (not Godly), they too were blinded to the love around them, and, the sin that surrounded them.


How did Jesus tell us to be?  Like a child.  Why?  Their minds have not been tainted, not yet corrupted by the world, by their own flesh and the earthly knowledge of the mind taught to them by men.  They were pure, innocent and pliable clay.  They are still pliable clay and that is why we must STILL go to Him as a small child when we want Him to truly teach us, to use and mold us – to be our Teacher in all things seen and unseen as both can cause harm or joy.  Did you know that when we arrive in Heaven, that we will be as a small child?  Well actually, you arrive at the age you are in Him and in His Truth, His Teaching of you.  This is why we are called Children of the Lord.  We are no longer His Child or Children when we remove ourselves from what He is teaching us – what His Holy Spirit (“The Teacher”) is guiding us or leading us to unveil as we then become Children of the World.  Because of our inability or refusal to see what was previously unknown, we now just stand, continuing to be taught the world’s knowledge of Him, not listening to God who is revealing His Full Truth to whomever has ears to hear and a pure heart to hold that Truth.  This is when they no longer stand in Him, but in Man and they are no longer pliable clay to be molded for His use.

This is what we like to call the “Theologians” or “Experts” of today as many, not all but there are more than not, that no longer go back to Him in a child-like fashion because they believe they have graduated and know all there is to know through their extensive studies, schooling in the past.  Most, never want to go back and start from that pliable-mold, because their pride is telling them they are too much of an expert of “all-that-is-God” for them to start from scratch as they did in the Beginning.  When the Holy Spirit is like “Baby” (movie reference) and put in the corner for no one to see (as Baby was), He becomes quiet and doesn’t speak as much as He once did.  The Sound of Silence now begins to play instead of “These Boots Are Made For Walking” (a personal favorite of mine) as those feet are going NOWHERE except around and around and around that same Mountain it took the Jews 40 years to cross.  Why?  Because silence does not speak and since they began to listen to their own Flesh’s voice and not that of the Holy Spirit, they look only behind them for Jesus, as that is where their teachers now are.  They are not looking ahead, therefore not seeing what is right in front of them which is Him, causing them to miss all the Truth He is “gifting” us …they have become the reason for their own deafness and because of this, they cannot hear the words of a child speaking truth.  They no longer have the ability to discern when God is surrounding them, due to what they alone have placed around themselves.  He loves them, absolutely, but He knew they would chew “all the New” He was giving, to death!  It would come out of their mouths in a thousand torn-up pieces due to their unbelief in what was given.  This is why He chose to give it to His Little Children all over the world whose hearts were refined through the Olive Press, all the bitterness removed leaving only a wide open space of light that was ready, able and willing to receive…it was pliable, easily molded with His Hands and not that hard stuff He would have to continually go back to try to work because it just wouldn’t move from it’s hard shell that formed around it. The shell is what makes the New Armor hard to fit, making it almost impossible to attach itself so believers have ALL THE ARMOR OF GOD around them for protection.  Some will be prey if the enemy sees those areas are not well covered and protected.  The Armor will fit much easier around a pliable, adaptable vessel who is does not fight it’s Dresser.


This is the Season of the Holy Spirit and within that Flame, there are 7 other Flames.  These are what God has sent out, searching for Hearts to fill with all things Him.  This is the Good News.  This is how we learn, how we are taught and this too, is how Jesus will come again.  He will come in one of the forms of the Seven-Fold Spirits or ALL OF THEM as they all are of Him.  This too includes the Spirit of the Anti-Christ.  It is the opposite of Christ yes, but it is going to come upon the earth through One He sent and this is why the characteristics stated mimic Him – they are Him just not as He came to us but how He is coming to the world because this is how they will see Him…the one they have waited for, wrote about so this is the ONE He is going to give them.  There is no one else nor will there be anyone else that can fulfill prophecy except Him.  He is the Anti-Christ to Himself as it is everything “anti” from the way the True Christ comes for His True Children…in Love.  He is coming down in a time of polar opposite – therefore His Appearance must be so too but have no doubt, He is in charge and all this is to complete what was started in the Beginning.  What was will be and what will be, once was.  What did God start with?  Wrath and disobedience and all that was anti-Christ yet He was the Author, was He not?  It’s the Menorah… the Branches, the Vines, the Candles, the Flames…it’s all HIM and His Seven-Fold Spirits – these are His Helpers.

So my friends, it shall be this way in the end.  He will remove His Children from the earth prior to His Wrath as remember, we are just that, Children.  I now truly understand what He said over and over about Him being “Love Coming Down”…He is Love Coming Down – down to those who need it, the true orphans and widows who need Him and He will love them.  It’s not Love coming for us – He has us and we have His Love…it’s for those who are loved by and in love with the flesh and not the spirit, His Spirit.  This is who He is coming to save.  These are the Dry Bones He will breath new life into so they no longer remain crippled, blind, deaf and poor…no longer will they lie as the dead bones of their fathers for they will be made New in Him.

Could I be wrong, yes, yes I could and yes, there is the Spirit of the Anti-Christ running about…I’m speaking of when the Spirit of Satan is thrown down…it comes from The Rock.  A rock is a stone…a stone is an angel and what God has used in His Army since the Beginning.  He will throw the first stone and that will take out the enemy.  Remember like David, the Lord has 5 Stones (Angels) but only one will be needed…the First Stone will be throne and this Stone will be the Arrow in God’s Quiver that defeats the enemy.  The Spirit of Satan and all the other “spirits of evil” will be cast into the Lake of Fire…God is the Landlord; He is the maker of all things; He designed the Blacksmith who send us through the fire for refining throughout our life…He also hammers gold and shapes it into what is requested by the Lord and the times in the kiln.   Do you really think God does not have ALL OF THIS cover?  If He calls in the Blacksmith who is the enemy…he is also an Arrow in God’s Quiver…he is also a Stone.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord…Holy Holy Holy is our God Almighty.

This is why I am happy today.  Soon, any moment of any of the next coming days, we will know the truth so regardless if you understand what I have been trying to share here or not, file it – file it away so when the moment comes, it’s there if you need it.  I know who this is from and it’s okay that many of you don’t, won’t or can’t see that too.  All that means is that it’s not my job to show you, it’s His so I will leave you in the Best Hands possible, Gods and I pray, asking that He allows nothing but His Divine Holy Truth, Sight, Hearing, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom upon all who ask and petition His Throne in Heaven to receive.  I pray for forgiveness if I have ever led any that are His anywhere else but to His Arms, His Heart and His Heavenly Home.  If I have, may God have mercy upon my soul and if I have done true in His Truth to me, may all those who have spoken harsh or cruel words toward all I’ve tried to share, be completely forgiven, as I believe all was done from love and in and for their own love for God.  May all be blessed and rest in the joy of the Lord!

For the record my friends…I know without a doubt that the Lord knows my heart…He knows me.  I too know Him and I know He would NOT allow me to share to the world all His Goodness – only to then allow me blindness…He would not do that.  I will stand in this, all-in, 1000% knowing it is truly through the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit I am standing.  I am just like you, a regular person with an extraordinary teaching from an extraordinary God.  If you think I could have written this, well trust me, it’s way above my pay grade!

Mary Beth


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2 responses to “Today is MY DAY OF HAPPINESS

  1. Patricia Owens

    September 15, 2015 at 12:45 am


  2. Irene

    September 15, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Amen amen amen to this Mary Beth. I am with you all the way! Much love & God bless.


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