Days Away From Heaven Now & Losing Our Prayer Warrior Sandy Champion

25 Jun

I am writing this post tonight with a heavy heart…yet sadness is being overrode, shadowed by unspeakable joy.

My dear friend, my Ultimate Prayer Warrior and yours too my Friends-of-Heaven passed away and was taken home to Heaven on Monday night, June 22. He had a massive heart-attack while watching television with his wife, just prior to going to bed. He was pronounced dead at 11:30 PM but his wife said that his bags were packed and he was ready. I know this well as Sandy would call me often to hear what I had to say or if I had anything to say. He was my Heavenly Cheerleader and I called him “Champion Sandy”. I had a message some time ago, over a year or longer and the Lord had called Sandy just that, Champion Sandy so the name stuck. All I can think of now is how happy he is – he is Home!

I cried, of course I did, but then I smiled up at the Lord in joy knowing He now had Sandy and asked Him to tell Sandy how sorry I was that I did not get back to him on Monday as he had called twice. He lives in Canada and I cannot call another country on my phone. I missed his calls. I felt so guilty as he always called me late at night, or the morning, well, or mid-afternoon really, but mainly around 10:00 PM at night. You see, He knew I had finally finished my Race, or at least I was truly crossing my last “T’s” and dotting the last “I’s”. The Lord has allowed my prayer to be answered and the last 7 years has finally come to a close. He removed the last layer for me – just in the nick-of-time! God’s Timing is always perfect, is it not? Sandy, my Champion Sandy was taken just prior to us so God could use him in these next coming days as I know, God truly hears Sandy’s words, prayers and sees his pure heart and pure words of praise, worship and prayer. He is our starting line Flag Waver and he will be standing there waiting to greet us when we arrive there in these next coming days. Yes, I said coming days!

Many of you might not agree with me and that’s okay but I myself know what He has shown me, allowing me to follow His Holy Spirit with each step I took, is the absolute truth. I may be off a day, maybe 2, but no more than that and all I have shared with you is correct even if they did not occur on the days posted. The dates were right, the months were right but the timing was not right for release or for me to see it all with Divine Sight. Now, it is…thank you my Lord Jesus for letting me finish my Race strong and I’m ready now to cross the Banner of Love!

The Tribulation period is ONE WEEK and ONE WEEK ONLY! It is literally the “Last Week” of 7 days, not seven years. Our last 7 years has been the last 70 years and now we have only 7 to go. Actually, it is one day; one 24 hour day from Heaven’s view or time clock. All the months are played out in a 24 day period, all 12 but for us here on Earth, it’s 22-24 days. Here is how, I believe, it will go:
June 24 – June 27: 2 groups will leave this week…one will be taken as “a thief in the night” and the other will be 2 days or 2 hours after the first. Also, the second call will be rescued from the attack which is just days upon us or on July 26/27 (Friday into Saturday). Friday/Saturday is Tammuz 1 on Enoch’s calendar and is the start of the Book of Revelation and if we read the days, starting this day as Chapter 1, you can then read up to the 18th of July or on Enoch’s Tammuz 22 and Enoch Gentile calendar July 8…it’s the 8th day and the end. Now remember to add in July 19/20 as dates as all dates may be off 1 or 2 days. No calendar has God’s TRUE day on it as all of them are off, except Enoch…his has been the true Time of Heaven and Earth, unlike any earthly calendars.
Friday – June 26/Enoch Sivan 20 to June 27/Saturday/Enoch – Tammuz 1: The enemy attacks on the US, around the perimeter cities, large buildings, etc will occur either after 6:00 PM in the evening or in the night-time hours between 1-3 AM. The Bride will go out on June 28 to Harvest, which is now only 20 days, but since time has been accelerated, this “20” will be cut down to 20 minutes or 20 hours.
June 20-30 (Enoch Tammuz 3/4) is the End of the Spring Season on Enoch as it is June 21st on his Gentile calendar. This will be the Rapture of the Church as He will come on the clouds, meeting all in this group in the air. Immediately after this, they earthquake comes and knocks down the Wailing Wall – the Wall of Sin for the Jews. Once this is done, they will supernaturally be given sight to whom the Lord Jesus is and all will rejoice. The earthquakes saves the Jews. They are taken July 2-4…July 3/4 we are invaded and battle.

July 5 – The battles starts (great tribulation) and this group goes between July 6/7; On July 8th or 9th, Satan is put in chains for a short period; July 10, the Remnant Saint and Tribulation Saints are removed from the earth.

July 11th – Preparation Day as the 12/13th of July is the celebration of the New Wine; July 15/16th Satan is let out for a time, 1000 years is a day, ONE DAY – then the Lord will cast him into the Lake of Fire.

July 17/18 – This is Enoch’s Tammuz 6/7, the 6th & 7th Days with July 18th (Enoch Tammuz 8) starting the 8th day. This could go to July 18, Enoch Tammuz 23 as September 23 is placed in this time and our time period here is between the 23rd/24th or thereabouts.

Time Period: June 24th – Tammuz 7 to July 18 – Av 2 or July 20, Av 4.

Basically, this is 7 days…from June 28th to July 4th…with July 5/6th starting Revelation 9/10 and the Battle against the Fallen. This battle is not ours, it’s origins are Heavenly and Earthly. I’ll explain below:

The War Battle that has been taught by Church leaders all these generations back, is not Earthly, nor is it the Armies of Earth. The King of the North is Jesus or God, His Armies are our Heavenly Angels, and the King of the South is Satan and his armies. The Kings from either direction, except North, are under the rule of the enemy thereby he is controlling them, hence all are virtually Armies of the South. These are the armies of the Bible. God will not give Satan anymore time, period. He will only allow what will glorify him, not the enemy. JULY 4th is Passover for all those who have never passed over prior to this time – all other than the Bride/Church. The 3 most important Festivals to God is Passover, Pentecost and Sukkots but all in this timeframe. July 4th is Passover and everything we were expecting to happen in those last days in March up to Passover, will now play-out as I’ve previously shared (3 days of darkness, graves open, earthquake, etc.) and July 5th will pattern the Battle of Jericho, but shortened.

I don’t have time to write this all out as time is very very short. This is the basics for now. Just be ready and have peace knowing the God is going to bring ALL THE PEOPLE IN, including those children and family members we have worried so much about. He is bringing ALL in through His Mercy and Forgiveness as these are the son’s of Abraham…Ishmael and Issac and when the Lord allows them sight, this will be a GREAT MIRACLE.

This time period is the 22 days of Revelations being played out in days. Now, there are days in Heaven for us, I did not add them on or give detail due to time but it’s all there.

I wanted to make sure everyone had their “waiting for Jesus” clothes on as each night we lay our head down must be down so as if it was our last.

See you soon Friends!

Mary Beth


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4 responses to “Days Away From Heaven Now & Losing Our Prayer Warrior Sandy Champion

  1. Jayne

    June 25, 2015 at 11:40 am

    Read this

    Have a blessed day! Jesus is coming soon!


  2. Irene

    June 25, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Such sad news but at the same time what a blessing for Sandy. He is waiting for us. Sounds as if we’ll all be meeting very very soon now. Maranatha, Maranatha, Lord Jesus come!

  3. Bonnie

    June 25, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Sandy was a very dear friend to me and I’m missing him greatly. My joy is that Jesus told me Sandy is now interceding for us in heaven. He also told me that our transformation is very soon now … and I can’t wait! Blessings.

    • Irene

      June 25, 2015 at 9:18 pm

      Amen, I’m so looking forward to meeting all my Brothers & Sisters. Bless you Bonnie.


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