Be Ready – The First Call Is Now…911 Is Here Again

28 Mar

 I was typing this post the other night and I felt it just wasn’t quite finished, so I pulled it or I withdrew it from public viewing.  Not because I don’t believe 1000% it’s true, but because I felt the Lord needed or wanted me to add just a little bit more…and now, I know exactly what that was.


All the dates that I have posted about were all correct – they were just on the wrong calendar or I had not had the “divine sight” to merge them together in their proper Season but they were the correct months.  December, 2014 I recorded a video and a blog post regarding December 23rd or so to January 6, 2015, the twelfth month and the first month.  March too is looked at as a 12th month, followed by April which too is a reference to the 1st month and beginning of the year.  The same dates of warning have come out over and over including the Purim pattern at during the first week of March which I have found, in Hebrew/Jewish time, is playing out now and again in September.  He, Jesus our Lord and Savior, was showing me the correct times and warning times…I just had not been given the divine understanding to see their “true” biblical dates until now.  The Lord also showed me how to explain the repetitive cycle of months that I tried so hard to verbalize here and in my videos but every time, I fell short.  He gave me confirmation of the 7 month timeline, including 1/2 the month of March and 1/2 the month of October making it a complete 7 month cycle instead of the 7 year Tribulation timeline man has been expecting.  Also, I was made to remember the permission that was granted to the enemy, Satan, and the time he was allowed to fulfill this grant – also knowing there was an end date to this permissible time period.  The first date was February 3/4, the second was February 23 and the third time is the time-frame we are currently in.  See, Satan did not use the first two date patterns but the clues/markers God had shown were correct in pointing to that time.  Those days came and went because the enemy did not carry out his judgment then but now, he has no more available dates or times to complete this in as it’s now or never.  I’m guessing, he will not throw away his last and final date.



NISSAN      1st Month & 7th Month              (March – April)

LYAR           2nd Month & 8th Month            (April – May)

SIVAN          3rd Month & 9th Month             (May – June)

TAMMUZ      4th Month & 10th Month           (June – July)

AV                 5th Month & 11th Month           (July – August)

ELUL             6th Month & 12th Month           (August – September)

TISHRI          7th Month & 1st Month             (September – October)


CHESHVAN   8th Month & 2nd Month           (October – November)

KISLEV          9th Month & 3rd Month            (November – December)

TEVET          10th Month & 4th Month           (December – January)

SHEVAT        11th Month & 5th Month           (January – February)

ADAR             12th Month & 6th Month          (February – March)


The dates in March or Adar & Nissan, mirror September or Elul & Tishri, the end of the year and the beginning.  I am still reeling really of just how perfect all this coordinates in what could have only been ornately arranged by God, The Great I AM in the beginning.  It doesn’t matter what date, month, Spring or Fall, it fits EXACT!

I am not going to do a play-by-play here wanting to leave this short and sweet, but I will say for anyone who finds this blog page in the days or weeks to come, hopefully, it will give you hope and an idea of what to look for next.

I believe that we are at the First Call “Door-of-Entry” now, anywhere from March 29th to March 31st.  I think just maybe the Lord will use these next 3 days in this way:

Sunday night, the 29th of March or early morning will be a First Call or Divine Rescue as this day is also Nissan 9, God’s number for judgment which is owed to the US and other nations that have not repented.  Next, Monday, March 30, I believe this is the day, the 2nd day that will be filled with chaos, destruction, disaster – something and will cause those that did not leave in the First Call to truly search their hearts so they are ready the next time, which very well could be March 31st…Nissan 11.  Nissan 11 is also a day (the number 11) that God has used when allowing natural disasters upon the earth as He did on March 11, 2011 and April 11, 2012 as both of these were over 8.0.  If you look closely here, you have 911 on March 29th and March 31st, both days a definite “Divine Rescue” would be needed if God stays with pattern.  Hopefully and prayerfully, the day in between, the 30th, will be used as a day of reconciling back to God for many who thought they had been living the life God was pleased with only to find out, He was not!  It’s the heart, matters of the heart He wants dealt with and no doubt, this would be the day where many are on bent knee and confessing what they tried to forget or hide.

Then, get ready for the upcoming days of Passover as that is when the darkness will descend upon the earth either the 3rd or 4th I’m guessing.  This will start off all the events I have spoken about for the past year following His Death and Resurrection, followed by 40 days in the wilderness.  What this is representing is God’s Children being led out of bondage, Egypt all over again.  They are slaves to sin and He is again going to remove them from their chains…an Exodus or The Exodus of 2015.  They will then follow the pattern of crossing the Red Sea where they will be witness to the miracles and love of their Father – God, and while they reside in the wilderness (but this time it will only be 40 days, not 40 years), they, like the children before them, they will come to repent through truth which then will allow forgiveness through Jesus.  These are the 3 Doors in which all will come through when they enter into God’s Promise Land.

Time of the Gentile Bride/Church will be between now and May 27th; midpoint of the 7 month timeline will be June; Time of Jacob’s Trouble or the Time of the Jews, will be from then (mid-June) to September 22. I always allow a 3 day window or up to 3 days before/after any given dates as a guideline and as they may not be exact, they are close and in the ballpark.


Be ready my friends as the time is now upon us.  We could wake up tomorrow in the Presence of the Lord!  Keep your oil full from now on – March 29-31st and upward…


May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.  May our hearts be pure and I pray friends that He starts to remove His Waiting Bride at anytime.  Thank you for your friendship, love, support and I’ll see you all soon!  Remember, pray for your Sister Israel, may God bless her and the United States and may their sins be forgiven.


Love you sister and friend in Christ,

Mary Beth…Friend of Heaven


(Please go to my YouTube page FriendofHeaven to see 3 videos I posted last week or so as I did not put them on the blog.  I am sorry that I did not realize they were missing and not posted.)





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3 responses to “Be Ready – The First Call Is Now…911 Is Here Again

  1. Irene

    March 29, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Amen! Let it be so!

  2. wwjdjs73 .

    March 30, 2015 at 3:14 am

    the Lord continue to bless you Mary Beth! What a beautiful picture and can’t wait for Jesus to come!

  3. kathy

    March 30, 2015 at 5:39 am

    Can’t wait!!


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