Important Tribulation Dates, Teachings For The Bride of Christ & Israel

08 Mar

First, let me give a BIG LOVE-FILLED “THANK YOU” to all my friends, my sisters and brothers in Christ who have sat through my grumbling, mumbling, half-sentences, rants, CRYING, and major major BAD BLOGGING! Please know this – it all came from a place of love. Mistakes – I’VE MADE MANY; Regrets – I HAVE NONE! I have asked the Lord many times-over, “Why me Lord? What do I have to say? Who is ever going to listen to me?” Remember, I am just like you…maybe a little bit more scatterbrain lately, more so than at the start of our journey last year, but please remember what I said over and over, I’m learning too!

I now realize that the lessons, the Mysteries and the Sealed Words He was so graciously “giving” us, was at first for us to learn from. He wanted us to know what was important to Him and the most important change His Children needed to make in order to receive ALL of His Promises. We had to learn in one dimension, see only the narrow path, one layer at a time. Then as all was shared to anyone who had hears to hear and eyes to see, He allowed us to see the importance and placement of each. He was giving us all the clues each time He spoke; He was giving us the answers in each question asked, who knew! I have always said straight out that my videos and blog IS NOT for everyone but for specific people who the Lord has called, is calling and that they themselves would know who they were by something I would talk about or say as I’m always led by the Holy Spirit and never really know what I’m going to say – it just comes! This was a call to those that needed that extra “UMPH” to get them over that mountain top they were striving so hard to conquer – in order for them to get to the place they knew they needed to be. For those that did not “get me”, I’m sorry, but you were never suppose to or never suppose to at that time – maybe at a later time He spoke to you but for those that had blind eyes to all I shared, well, I say with compassion and pity in my heart, “SORRY ABOUT-CHA!” and I would RUN RUN RUN to the Lord as fast as I could to find out why you were blind to it all.

It’s not about “knowing-the-date” – it’s about being obedient in being prepared for the time that is now upon us. It is about being the generation that not only “heard” the call but the generation that “is” the call. How can we share the “Good News” with our “Beautiful Feet” if we don’t, or won’t or refuse to walk out in faith – using those same feet to alert or to wake those that are asleep in the Lord? Listen to your heart! This is the one constant plea from my lips in most all my videos – be Pure of Heart – stand in Blind Faith and the Lord will do the rest. Now my friends, it is time for Him to do the rest…

These last few weeks have been a time of unraveling or really, unveiling; then in other ways, it’s been a joyous time of rebuilding, a time of heavy firing of my vessel and the securing of Heavenly Armor. At times I truly thought, “Lord, am I crazy? Is this how the crazy become crazy and just don’t know it?” But as soon as those words or thoughts would come forth, they were discarded even faster because I know, without a shadow-of-a-doubt, I AM NOT CRAZY! I AM BLESSED!

As He was giving me all the final pieces to His Great Puzzle, each day I worked in what pieces He gave me and in my excitement, I would share the news and the new patterns only to have to rework it the next day as more and more of the pieces where exposed to me there on the table. This would change the shape or picture a bit, not a lot but would give it a slightly different view. Sometimes I put a piece that was a loose fit and kept it there until the “perfect/tight” fit piece was uncovered in the rubble. This was my daily practice from the time I woke up till the time I closed my eyes. The more I worked it, the more “perfect fits” I found or was “allowed” to find. I never gave up and I learned the hard way, not to put pieces into this Masterpiece Puzzle, or in place, until the Lord Himself pulled them out and placed them right in front of me. What I thought was a match or good fit, well, it wasn’t quite the “perfect” fit. So, you can imagine when a few weeks ago, maybe even a few weeks before that, how over-the-moon I was at the Lord laying all the “perfect fit” pieces right on top, right there in front of my eyes, each morning when I awoke until I laid down at night and closed my eyes. What?? Can this be possible?? Can my eyes actually see through all the edges, corners, curves, colors, partial illustrations which in turn enabled me to pick them up and set them in their exact original spot or placement without struggle or deep thought? Piece after piece, perfect…then this allowed the Artist’s Original Canvas that was shown on the front of the box, to come to life and finally my eyes could see the that Final Photo as I was completely following my gut, my common sense and pattern of the Artist’s Grand Design and Landscape without ever cheating and only by remembrance of His Past Brush Strokes of His already finished Work’s of Art. I knew His Hand…it’s motion of flow and His Signature Style. I knew this puzzle was just days prior to completing. Can you imagine what sense of peace came over me? Can you also feel the energy and joy I was trying so hard to contain just in-case there was a chance I found one-slightly ill-fitting piece that needed to be swapped with it’s neighbor? Well, I did find a few of them but because the Artist had shown me His previous Great Works, I kept my eye on those particular pattern pieces, even going back to the history and deeper knowledge of His pattern of work in previous Puzzles. Some look very similar, almost impossible to tell it is even out-of-place, but there is always something I found that just gives it away. This is the time my eyes became able to pull-out those misplaced parts as sure and easy as if there was a huge flash-light beaming down upon them saying “I DON’T BELONG HERE – MOVE ME!”

The puzzle, the Canvas, is now finished, at least my part of it’s completion is. Now, I will be there for the Final Review when the Artist Himself takes a peek but the framing of it, He must do Himself. I am beyond words that I was given such a huge portion to complete and even more joyous to be able to share this “work” with all of you my dear friends and fellow-followers of this Heavenly Artist and His Divine Brush Strokes which sets Him above all others who try so hard to paint as He does. When you study the Best, you know, you know His True Artwork and are able to spot any and all counterfeits trying to mimic and copy each Canvas He completes. I hope all who have been with me is now too able to know all about The Greatest Artist whose Priceless Art can never be reproduced, mimicked or destroyed as it will stand in the Greatest Museum for all time. Thank you for appreciating what so few can see.



This has been my “God School” teaching. I wish I could show the trail of learning and research I’m sure is logged for life on my Search Bar…I’m not sure anyone would believe it let alone make heads or tails of the 100’s of places He Divinely directed me to visit. Each stop and biblical history lesson I was given, lined up perfectly to the days I was being given, pattern upon pattern, one fit after another. It’s been truly an incredible life-changing journey.

The videos are just what you see – me. Every video I shared is what I had been taught, what I had knowledge of and how I received it. I am you…you are me and we are all called for a time such as this. In these next days and weeks, I beg, pray and petition the Lord that He pours out His Divine Wisdom and Sight upon all of you and everyone who is marked as God’s, will too overcome the world just as the Lord did and realize that to do this, we all must “crush-the-head-of-the-serpent” with our heel. This is when you walk purely in faith and are not ruled any longer by your head; it’s allowing the Lord and His Holy Spirit to speak directly to each which comes from the heart, not the head. The head is for knowledge, laws and lies or half-truths we are taught when living in the land of the enemy, Satan. It is “reason” or the “reasoning” we do in our mind that allows us to override our “gut” or “heart” when making decisions as we cower to the Giant, the World! We go with the percentages, the “facts” that are taught to us from the time we are small until we are grown until they are so embedded into our mind, we simply ignore everything inside of us that is telling us different. This is what causes blindness to the signs, the times, the dangers, THE CALL, the blessings and most importantly, the End. See, the head has eyes and you would think those eyes would see true “Truth” as it’s right there, we can stare at it, right? You think our head, where our eyes are located, would be “right-on-top-of-that”, meaning Truth, what is real and what is not, but, it is not as that is where the blindness comes from. It’s down further in and imbedded in the interior of our body that has the actual “Sight” of the Truth and it is the part of the body that is “hidden” as it has no windows, no opening to see outside – how about that? See, this is why the Heart cannot lie – it has no windows to the lies and it is well-hidden so when the time comes, it is the only place that holds, sees and produces “TRUTH”, uncorrupted truth as the heart cannot lie. It knows one way and one way only – it believes by faith and goodness which is already it’s foundation at the start. At times, the heart is fooled or tricked into thinking that it must rely or trust the eyes and this occurs when the heart unknowingly lets the noise of the world in, becoming an opportune time when the enemy jumps at the chance to turn the volume of loudness up so he can block and/or drown out The Voice our heart’s depend on and holds to for Truth, making it impossible or should I say making it very very difficult to discern the truth from the lies. If this issue is not confronted immediately, or the eyes removed from the matrix of the enemy and his world, the heart therefore starts to operate in the dark, losing it’s natural and God-giving ability to function in the Light it walked in for so long. This is why Our Father in Heaven allows trials, tests, heartbreak and “all matters of the heart” really, to occur and be allowed – as that is where everything is felt, broken, spoken from and it is where all must be changed from…He needs the darkness removed and in order for His Light to once again lead and reign but how does He get His Children to focus on that exact spot if not for Him pointing it out through pain and suffering? Would they start there if no pain was felt straight through one’s heart? It’s the Arrows through the Heart all done in love so none of His will be lost.

Prepare your house – clean all the cobwebs, remove all from your eyes that will surely try to deceive you, making you deaf and blind, thereby causing you to miss what is right in front of you – the Coming of our Lord Jesus and His timing of such, now! He comes at first to Divinely Rescue His Children who are ready, who have prepared their homes and are packed ready-to-go. He will come again shortly after that as another Rescue will be needed and those that have prepared/packed and have become ready, they too will be carried to safety on the Wings of Angels. Many will have fallen short prior to the First Call but that heartbreak will be what gets them to the bus stop early the next time…they are not about to miss the bus again. The 3rd time, well, that will not be such an easy wait as this group must show their bus pass in advance prior to boarding – the pass being their hearts. If they have truly repented of the offenses that kept them off the first 2 times, and they realize all that kept them from purchasing their pass in advance, then the Lord will allow them to go and meet the others from the first 2 calls, those who are already in His Safe Place, God’s Quiver. It will be during the 3 days of pure darkness that this group will drink the “Cup” offered, or pass as we all have our “hour”. Just as Jesus’ Hour came upon Him in the Garden prior to His Death on the Cross, we too will have our time, our hour so when it comes, all will be given a choice of drinking it or passing it. My hour came a week or so ago when I had to stand in what I know and WHO it was who taught me, or, I could cower to the “Christians” lined up against me telling me how I was wrong and that there was “no way” the Lord could have allowed me this Gift. I stood in what I know to be TRUTH – and I stood in my faith, followed my heart and overrode my head.. I drank it and I chose Jesus.

I know that the Lord has cut the time from March 2015 to September 2015 and each group, Gentile and Jew, must have a time of 120 days each which are spaced in 40 days increments. The total amount of days is 240 days and it is possible, our Loving God, our Father in Heaven will too cut that short for a total of 120 days in it’s entirety. I don’t know if He will, but He might as it is possible as this decrease is also designed in days…no matter what way you work it, it always comes out perfectly – shortened or not, it’s the same just as He is always the SAME! This is where we all need to be led by our hearts – not our head and when you walk with your head in the clouds and your heart on the path, that is when your foot, your heel will crush the head of the serpent as it is no longer ruler of you. You stood as David against the Giant with Faith as your Armor and amongst the laughter coming from all who stood around you, you too choose Jesus and stood by Faith alone…you were led by your heart and not your head or your eyes. This is when we defeat the Giants of the world and overcome the world just as our Lord Jesus tells us to.

Attacks are going to come through the day and night – so be watchful in the AM and PM and when they start, stand firm, lean on Jesus and become Inspired, do not start to Perspire.

Many will not make it through but they were never suppose to as there are Jews born of Jewish women who are not true Jews. They are from the seed of the the enemy, Satan and never from the start were God’s blood creation – this was the same as when the Flood was released over the earth, same reason then as today. There were 13 offspring of the Fallen that survived the Great Flood and have been mentored by Satan from that time till now. These are those that deceive the world…they are the 13 Bloodlines, the descendants of the Fallen who will too be exposed during the time ahead.

Last week, I talked about how Israel and the Jews were about to be deceived by the 10 Powers – 6 grounded in religion and 4 in oil, wealth and power. On March 3, 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi – Israel’s Prime Minister) went before the United States Congress and pleaded for the life of the Jewish Nation and the lives therein, God’s Nation and Firstborn. This was the Book of Esther now being played out in live format as Bibi was Mordeci coming to Esther asking her to go before the King to help save the Jewish people who were under a great threat and facing mass genocide. Read Esther, especially Chapters 8 & 9, you will see this being played out right before our eyes. It’s Haman and his 10 sons that have now been replaced with Satan and the 10 Horns, the 10 Powers – 10 Countries who hate the Jews, Israel, America and Jesus Christ. The deception starts in the Northern Israel area, counterclockwise down through Egypt then down to the city with the tallest tower, Dubai who is the financier, along with the others who are a little more obvious and written in Scripture. You do the math.

This alignment has been infiltrating various countries but has a special hatred for the US and Israel. They have hacked into Israel’s security system and will launch rockets, Israel’s rockets which will hit multiple countries. They will be blamed but they are not the guilty party but unfortunately, this will be the open-door to Jerusalem being attacked. We here in the United States, will be of no help as we are nothing but a wounded bird, a crippled-winged eagle who has rockets coming in, bombs going off with major coastal cities on fire (not all will be on the coasts). That is not even God’s Judgment as that will immediately follow or precede this! While our borders burn and all attention is on Israel for their so-called “planned and pre-empted” strikes/attacks (NOT), no attention will be given to any of our borders which will immediately be invaded by the armies of the North and East (3 armies with red berets). After much destruction, Israel will be redeemed and proven innocent in these attacks but not before God’s Divine Plan plays out. Remember, this is not one of God’s Judgments, this is a PERMISSION given to the enemy to “spank” the US. Satan was allowed to walk through the “open-door” granted in the Courts of Heaven because the United States lacked true repentance and when a country has committed great sins against the Father and Creator of All, Jehovah, He has no choice but to grant the Petition and Plea of the enemy and deliver this once-mighty Nation into the hands of the enemy for a time God has allowed. This occurs prior to the start of the Tribulation. Then, God will unleash His Divine Judgment upon her too and the release of the first 7 Seals in Revelations will come in rapid succession. Remember, Jesus will come and Divinely Rescue those that are ready on the “appointed” days of destruction so do not fear, He will be here. Also, God’s Day of Rest, His True Sabbath Day is SATURDAY and this day He will not lift a finger so no rescues/judgment on these days are from God in Heaven – but the enemy. This is important for those that are left behind so they see and understand the deception beforehand. This is why God wanted us to know His True Origins and Days.

Pray for Israel. Pray for the United States and all who are still deaf, dumb and blind. Pray that the Lord Jesus has mercy on all souls that are His and all will have a Divine Day of Rescue.

2 WITNESSES – 144,000

Remember when the Lord told the story of the Landowner who asked 72 of His workers to go out and find people to come back and attend the dinner? This is a parable of the 144,000 Witnesses spoken about in the Bible. Now, I will be honest here…I have always stood firm in the belief that the 144,000 Special Remnant that the Lord saved for Himself, His last true bloodline, where Jews and only Jews. Then throughout these past 3 years, He taught us that their are 2 groups of Witnesses, both Jew and Gentile. Now I know that there are 72,000 in each group and that one from each side will go out into the world one-by-one, together as this way, they will be able to spread the Word to both the Jews and the Sleeping Church, along with the non-believers roaming around still completely clueless as to what to do. It is His Wife and His Bride, the “Women” in His Life, going out to gather Her Husband’s Children in for Dinner.

Now how do they fit here, especially now with this very short time-frame? In the Old Testament, Elisha studied under Elijah for a total of 7 years and in the New Testament, the Disciples were under the Lord Jesus’ teaching for 3 years. In 2008, the Call went out to the Jewish Believers who were included in this very special grouping and they have since been sending out messages of Truth and Repentance throughout the world since then and still today. They have been crying out to the Jewish Community and this group should have upon them, a double portion of Gifts, just as Elisha had requested the double-portion blessing be placed upon him when the Mantle of Elijah was passed and placed around his shoulders. The other 72,000 is from the Gentile Believers or The Bride/Church side and their Call went out in 2012. This special group also has spread and witnessed the same warnings and message. Think about it…when did the Blogs, Messages and You Tube Videos start exploding across the Internet? The enemy knew this and he knew the timing of this and that is why 2012 was overshadowed by the “MAYAN END-OF-THE-WORLD” calendar hype. This is all everyone talked about or worried about. The “fear” was there but not the Fear of God. Even people who were non-Believers, believed “something” would happen in December 2012 but when this day came and went without the predicted doom and gloom event-happening, the world lost all interest in End-Of-The-World warning messages, past, present and future. Whenever the subject came into conversation, eyes would roll, mouths would smirk and tongues would dish any talk of the world ending anytime soon. Wow – see how this worked perfectly in the enemy’s plans? God was sending out to His Witnesses TRUTH with all the bells and whistles attached but these fell on deaf ears as people were just “done”, rejecting what these hand-picked Messengers were saying. In 2008, I remember very well Pastor Mark Biltz, a Jewish Christian Pastor who first found the pattern of the Tetrads, the 2014-2015 Blood Red Moons and that is when I first learned about this amazing event. He was not the only Messianic Jew to hear this Call, think about it…how many sites have been born and steadily growing in subscriptions and viewer membership since then?

Enoch and Elijah are the 2 Witnesses that God has preserved in Heaven just for this time as they are HIS Witnesses. Enoch is a Witness to God’s Mercy/Judgment pre-Flood era and Elijah is God’s Witness to the same post-Flood era and since the time each were removed from the earth ALIVE, God has kept them near His Throne in Heaven and they both have been God’s Holy Witnesses to His Love, Mercy, Compassion, Wrath and Judgment while in Heaven. They both will testify to His Glory they were witness to from then till now. Enoch represents a type of Jesus personality and Elijah more of a God type personality, one more comfortable around crowds and people while the other lived a more reserve, less “public” walk. When the Bible speaks of their death and how their bodies lay in the streets for 3 days for the world to see, it will not unfold as we have been taught but will completely be in-line with Scripture and God’s Word. The 144,000 will be taken for 3 days into Heaven and given “Gifts” so when they “arise” (returned) after those 3 days, they will literally have fire that can come from their mouths, etc…again, fulfilling Scripture. Again, you must stand in faith and let the Lord’s Will be done just as it was foretold but always remembering that it might play-out differently than what we have been taught for generations as it is not being expressed or interpreted as God original meant. Nothing is playing out as we thought, or as “man” has been made to believe through the teachings of other men before them and this too, works perfectly into the enemy’s grand scheme of things. Every since I saw this sentence, “Yes, but have you been looking for them?”, speaking of the 2 Witnesses preaching Truth and Repentance in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall, I have never been able to discard it from my memory. Again as a reminder to all, when the Bible and it’s “Books” were transcribed and translated, it was not in “word” form but in “picture” or hieroglyphics as most people could not read nor write but all understood language in this form. The key to a good transcriber was to scribe using the least amount of words yet held multiple common meanings as the scrolls and/or stones they wrote on had very limited space. When these were translated throughout the years, these words would many times, be translated with a slightly different or wider definition of meaning depending on the Scribes own use of the word. Again, a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. This was another opening the enemy took advantage of so he could confuse the Lord’s Children all the way up to the very end. Jesus had said once that “The enemy has removed just enough from My Word so many would NOT know Me; and he left just enough in there for others to HATE Me!” Remember God The Father had to allow this as nothing can be done without God’s permission, nothing so if He allowed things in His Word to be removed, tweaked, rearranged and/or altered in any way, it was for Faith reasons and our Treasures/Rewards in Heaven. God loves the “Over-Comer” and it pleases Him when His Children stand strong in the end, knowing only Truth regardless of what was removed, tweaked and/or misinterpreted, as this gives God Great Glory and Praise. See, they listened to their heart and continued strong in spite of the obstacles that wanted to and could have stopped them…they pushed through and overcame despite it. God will fulfill each prophecy and the scripted role of Enoch and Elijah will be completed.

Please watch everyday from now on…I would not advise any St. Patrick’s Day activities. Love on your children, your family and friends. Be of good cheer and don’t waste any precious time on nonsense. Every second counts now.

I love you all – please leave all your information on these times out and where those that are left will find it. They will be searching for answers and prayers and it will be what we “leave-around-the-house” that they will run straight for after the removal of the First Call.

Thank you to those of you who blessed me with your love, support, understanding, forgiveness and gifts. You could not possibly know just how much they were truly appreciated and the timing of such was always Divinely orchestrated…You fed me when I was hungry; you allowed lights to stay on so I could read and continue to learn; you allowed me medicine when I was sick; you provided me heat when I was cold; you gave me friendship when I was lonely; you gave me words of encouragement and love which gave me strength to finish my race; and you allowed me a hot cup of coffee when I needed it the most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that the Lord will bless all of His Children who showed such kindness to other sheep in His fold.
I just found huge gift, thank you Lord!  I have noticed now that Scripture – Chapter/Verse – they all match up to the dates/events the Lord has allowed me to find and when these dates are matched with Scripture, the words I am reading is what I’ve learned is to happen on that day. Below, Psalm 23 – THIS MUST BE SAID ON EVERY 23rd DATE COMING UP – INCLUDING NISSAN 23, MARCH 23, APRIL 23 (PLUS THE JEWISH 23rd DAY OF THE MONTHS) AND MAY 23/24 WILL BE A BIG DAY FOR THE BRIDE AS THEY WILL ALREADY BE TUCKED AWAY IN THE BRIDAL CHAMBER WAITING ON HER GROOM TO COME…

The Lord Is My Shepherd
A Psalm of David.
23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
2     He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.[a]
3     He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness[b]
    for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[c]
    I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
6 Surely[d] goodness and mercy[e] shall follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell[f] in the house of the Lord


PLEASE, PLEASE MATCH US THE COMING DATES/DAYS WITH THE JEWISH KING (SPRING) CALENDAR – NISSAN IS FIRST MONTH; THE JEWISH GENTILE (FALL) CALENDAR – TISHRI IS FIRST MONTH ALONG WITH OUR CALENDAR – Scripture coincides with these days and the verse numbers are the dates those events should unfold/occur on.  Good luck on this amazing clue and gift from the Lord!




The 120-Day Version Of The Human Story

On 7 Sivan, Moses went up onto the mountain . . . On 17 Tammuz, the tablets were broken. On the 18th, he burned the [Golden] Calf and judged the transgressors. On the 19th, he went up for forty days and pleaded for mercy. On 1 Elul, he went up to receive the second tablets, and was there for forty days. On 10 Tishri, G‑d restored His goodwill with the Jewish people gladly and wholeheartedly, saying to Moses, “I have forgiven, as you ask,” and gave him the Second Tablets.
5 Sivan is the 23rd of May and that is the day I have written as a possible Wedding Date as the Bride will already be waiting in the Bridal Chambers – which shows that on 7 Sivan, God has no turned His attention to the Jews/Israel and is the first day of their 120 Days, the first of the three 40-day pattern of Moses going up and down the Mountain. They are finished on September 23, 2015.


Here is what I forgot to add – the final “T’s” to cross.

First, I forgot a very important rule-of-thumb given to us by the Lord…it takes 3 days for Heavenly things/events/times/dates to manifest in and upon the earth.  So excuse my oversight – I’m a little overwhelmed still but truly the Lord has placed His Spirit of Peace upon me.  Also, I’m going to list the countries per the color of their flags that the Lord also gave us – these are the those that are spoke of in these last days and the 10 powers that comes against the Kingdom of Heaven in this last days…these nations are controlled by Satan.

1.  Yellow and White Flag:

2.  Red and White Flag:

3.  Green Flag

4.  Black and Red

5.  Red

There are 5 more ..I’ll try to remember them.

Invaders are from the East and the North.


It is 4:27 AM and I still haven’t gone to bed yet as I am trying so hard to finish this all up.  Tonight, the Lord confirmed to me that we are in fact following the Scripture number and verses – these are dates.  YOU MUST USE THE JEWISH KING CALENDAR WHERE NISSAN IS THE FIRST MONTH – BUT ALSO, USE THE JEWISH GENTILE CALENDAR AND NISSAN IS THE 7TH MONTH.  Revelation 11 – this is the Witnesses coming onto the scene – look to Nissan 11 (March 31) and see how this matching with Acts 1:10-11 as both are Nissan (the First Month) and the date, 10th & 11th.



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  1. Irene

    March 8, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Wow Mary Beth you must be worn out, there is such a lot in this message. Thank you so much, I’m beginning to understand where it is all coming from! I do though feel a little confused because other messengers are now saying there is only one Rapture, well one said there are more, another agreed then announced there is only one? she said the Lord had told her this. Oh dear Sister, this is driving me a little crazy, but somehow I agree with you, I have given it much thought on your words, and it all seems to fit into place and makes sense. Love & God Bless. Not be too long now! PS If you get chance please email me regarding this. xxx

  2. carolyn L

    March 9, 2015 at 2:46 am

    Mary Beth, Bless You!

    I am so happy you came back to us! I prayed for you and your family everyday because I know you were having some struggles. Thank you for all the research and work you did, by the Lord’s guidance showing us how everything works together like a puzzle. I understand most of what you said, but still don’t understand everything with the patterns. I seem to be drawn to the New Testament and Psalms and don’t visit the Old Testament enough. That will be my goal to read more to see how everything fits together. Many Blessings to you and your family! Carolyn PS I was going to send you a small donation, but I think I have the old address before you moved.

  3. peajra

    March 10, 2015 at 10:05 am

    Hi Sis.Mary Beth, was so glad to recieve this. The Lord has had you quite busy and I thank God for how He has used you to show you things because He knew you would be faithful. And the Lord knew we needed to get that message. I know it’s been over a week since the Lord laid you on my heart, and I started praying for you. I maybe wrong but I really felt in my heart and spirit that you had been hurt. But knowing you MB you have already forgiven with the precious Lords help. For about 4 months the enemy has come against us and it was one thing after another. My husband was in the hospital in Pensacola during Christmas and a little over two weeks ago he was in the hospital here in Crestview, of which I don’t recomend to anyone. He was there a week and they said he could come home that Friday, twice they told him that. Then they tried to get him to stay longer, but he refused. It was almost like they were playing games with us and I don’t like when someone starts making you feel that way. But I want to praise God for how He has touched my husband and he’s eating good and getting more & more strength everyday. And I sure do praise His Holy name! My number is 1-850-682-9620 if you would like to call or you can give me your number again and I will call you. And I ask the Lord to please not let me try to keep you on the phone no two hours.LOL. We’re going to have an eternity to talk and share and enjoy being in the presence of the Lord Jesus and Abba! I know things are about to change here shortly, but God is with us and He has everything under His control! Praise the Lord! If you can call maybe we can pray for one another over the phone. I want you to know I love you Sister Mary Beth, and I pray that the precious Lord will continue to undergird you and give you His peace, and strength, and blessings over flowing. I know you have His peace, and as I sit here at 4:56 a.m. I feel the sweetness of His peace and such a calmness in my spirit,heart and soul. I have to get off now so I can get some sleep, so if you can call, and if you can’t well that’s okay too, because I know you love and care about me and my family as much as I do you and your family. Many blessings sweet SisterMB!

    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 11:58:04 +0000


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