What Does The Lord Mean “You Must Overcome The World”? What We All Need To Know…

05 Mar

CORRECTION FROM YESTERDAY – I posted a few videos yesterday and I do want to CORRECT an error I made when speaking about the WARNING TIMES.  I had it backwards, of course I did!  If you live in the PST – the times are 3-6 pm; MT – 4-7 pm; CST – 5-8 pm and EST – 6-9 pm.  I did not realize this until today.

Before I start my post – remember there is a reason Daniel 3:1-30 is this exact verse as this is the time period (March 1-31) that all will need to take and stand in Faith in order to overcome and reach the requirements of the Church in Revelations prior to Revelation 3:20-22. (March 20-22).

How many years has it been for many of us who heard the Call of the Lord Jesus in our life?  Since that day, what is it exactly that we have searched diligently for?  Most of us have followed the same pattern, most learning, reading, studying the same pattern of teaching but I know myself, I could not be filled fully to the point of contentment, never was my tummy completely full.  My days became like “Groundhog Day” where no matter how differently I played out the day (ie. finding new video, website, church, message from the Lord someone posted), the next morning I would still awake to an emptiness in my heart, a longing in my Spirit for more, and a “hunger growl” in my stomach.  I was always hungry and thirsty, thereby my days, my every waking moments, began to be filled with everything “God”.


When we wake in this state, the Lord and all that is Heavenly and of Him, is first and foremost on our “morning” thoughts – ultimately becoming a life searching for the Heart of God.  We want to learn more and more, be filled with that same wonderful filling that filled our vessel the day before and so hence, the courting begins.  This is how the Groom courts His future Bride.  As the days, years begin to pass, the love we had for Him grew so strong and we didn’t even realize what He was doing…He was preparing our hearts so that we may one day truly “reside in the Garden of God’s Heart”.  He makes us stronger…He makes us “defender’s of faith” and “hater’s of evil” without us even trying because our hearts can no longer abide by this world and all it’s pleasures – nor it’s people who only have passion and love for what we no longer are a part of.  Now, this is where the Lord gives us the chance to crush the head of the serpent and the chance or opening to fill our vessel forever, allowing us to never hunger or thirst again. This is when we “GO ALL-IN”!  We go all-in with our faith and we stand against the “giant” of this world…man and man’s words as that is the “head of the serpent”.  Jesus lives in our hearts…He rules our hearts from that very spot and it’s truly “matters of the heart”.  When we have faith in Him, His Teaching, His Love and His Divine Gifts/Blessings in our life, this is when we have our sure-footing, we stand strong in each spot He places us.  What happens though, we allow the chaos and noise to step in as soon as we read a book, see a movie, listen to a study, give ear to opinions and beliefs of others, we start to allow brain, our mind, or our “head” to overrule our concrete footing, our true foundation because we now start to second guess the leadership of our heart…we no longer trust  our “gut” reaction, our compass.  We now rely on what we are being taught by man, the world and the ruler of those two, Satan, the Serpent.


The day will come when each of us must face “the world” and not in the way many of us think.  This may be or include your immediate family, your spouse, your children, your best friend and even your “church” and it will come when you stand strong in what you know your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has taught you…it’s when you believe your heart over “facts” of the world.  It’s when you finally stand up and fight, full armor on, against what is visual in this world compared to God’s “Hidden”, that which is not visual to us – but without seeing, you believe it.  You believe with your whole heart that what the Lord promised to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  It’s allowing your eyes to see things as He does but is hidden from the “world”.  Easy terms:  When you listen to your heart FULLY and override whatever your head is trying to show you or make you believe because it has been made fact…made tangible by the teaching of man throughout generations.  It is when regardless of what is written on paper, in books, and has been accepted into “law”, man’s law as truth.  It’s when regardless to what your eyes see, you are led solely on what your heart hears and feels.  This is when we overcome the world and step on and smash the “head” of the serpent.  This is when the Lord calls you “Overcomer” and this my dear friends, is when the Lord gives you the Key to His Heart and allows you to dwell in the Garden, His Garden which is truly in His Heart.


Are you all-in or are is your heel still trying to stomp the serpent’s head?


Please keep watch.  Please stand in the Faith of the Lord and what He has taught you.  Please when your hour has come – drink from His Cup and do not pass it.  He will not let you fall.

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