4 New Video Messages – Last Christmas? Satan’s Main Tool – The Internet; 3 Day of Darkness Explained

16 Dec

Hello dear friends!  I’m posting 4 video posts from December 11, 2014 and I have 2 more I’m trying to download as I type (good luck to me on that huh)!  So much is coming to life right before my eyes and the Holy Spirit has truly, I mean truly given me Divine Sight this past week in He has allowed me to see how He has been teaching us, the structure, order and the layers He has given and placed them in.  It is a long-prayed-for gift and I have not gone to bed until 3:30-4:00 am each night but let me say 1000 times, it was so worth it!

The videos I am currently trying to download, I give an overview of the last 2 1/2 years coming to a head and how finally (after He said over and over and over how all was in plain sight), he illuminated the teachings, placing them in their proper place, space in time and what group He is giving reference to and/or about.  Tomorrow I will prepare the study and post for all to see as we are all Sparrows, are we not, and it’s our responsibility as Watchmen to share all we have learned and continue to learn.  I am going to record another video so I can explain this a tad better than what you will see below…I was running 100 mph on nothing but fumes, but could not slow down until exhaustion finally started to settle in, like right now.  I know your heart will leap too once your given the full version.

I still say this time is a very busy and high watch time.  I’m looking/watching for earthquakes hitting the West Coast and have been for the last 5 days.  When I looked today at the Live Earthquake Chart, boy, how ironic they have had almost 10 or so just today.  I’m watching for a 7 or higher and if that happens, I believe, it’s God’s Warning of the darkness that is scheduled to follow.

Any of the videos that stopped or cut-off at the end, I will continue on another video whatever it was I shared…I will continue talking about “Not Feeling You Have Jesus Like Others Do?” so those who missed the video I did on this subject earlier in the year, can understand how they are not alone…they are not the exception in this – they are the rule  as many feel alone and unsure if their “Baptism” took since they don’t yet feel what they think the other sisters and brothers in Christ have.

My eyes are closing, finally I’ll get to bed at a decent hour – it’s only yet 1:30 am, I’m doing good!  I’m still wearing my “Bad Blogger” Award, sadly but please know I am not slacking…I am finishing my race strong.

Love to all until tomorrow!  Oh, thank you Lord Jesus for all Your Blessing upon my life!  My God, well, He is an AWESOME GOD!

Mary Beth

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2 responses to “4 New Video Messages – Last Christmas? Satan’s Main Tool – The Internet; 3 Day of Darkness Explained

  1. Irene

    December 16, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    Mary Beth, is it ok to tell my friends & family & Face book friends that this is the last Christmas? Love you Sister.


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