‘Tis The Season of Joy, Merry and Hope…Then Why Is This The Time Satan Shines, Thinking Himself The Victor?

08 Dec




Bad Blogger…Bad Blogger…Bad Blogger!  Talk about trouble – I’m having a bit of “Jacob’s Trouble” myself right now (my last name is Jacob) – I have not been able to upload the last 5 or so videos and the ones I am awaiting now, well, I recorded them 2 nights ago and started immediately after I was finished.  After umpteen tries, I still found today that they made no movement, still in my video file on my phone and YouTube showing ERRORS, one after another so at this moment, I’m praying that the Lord walks them through without err.


This time of year so many people become hopeless, grieving for family members who are no longer here on this earth, allowing their spirits to spiral down that dark path where the enemy, Satan himself waits to greet them.  This is his season of joy as he is a counterfeiter and tries very hard to steal what is God’s no matter what season we are in but this season, well, that ole’ serpent seems to catch a lot of fish.  We do this, we allow him in because of all the “Merry” going around and the memories of the joy, happiness and perfection of our family life during this time in the past.  The more we go back, the less we can go forward and when we cannot move ahead in our life, we unknowingly, at first, become all to familiar with where are feet are adhered, thereby manifesting our own prison cell, a cage with the iron bars we placed about.  We have imprisoned ourselves through our own ignorance in our lack of knowledge in Satan and his soul-stealing quest against all of us who are the Lords…how can anyone overcome and defeat an enemy they never really thought was real in the first place?  How can they win the most important battle of their life if they carry no weapons or have neglected to learn and/or master ones they do have yet never used?  So, to avoid what is confusing and mysterious to them, they chose to stay behind the “false” safety of the iron bars they have become so familiar and comfy with or should I say secure within.   It is those emotional traumatic memories of all that has been lost, taken, stolen, and removed from their life that compounds every teeny tiny blurb and common daily commotions experienced by most here on earth.  It is what I have spoken about over and over in my videos and that is:  “Yesterday was so horrible, so bad and I know today will be the same. and well tomorrow , well tomorrow will be even worse!”  I will tell you, I was guilty of that when my world came crumbling down and I did not want to open my eyes each morning because I just knew that day would hold more of the same, probably worse.  By believing this, I could justify my cage, my prison cell that I grew very comfortable in, this way I could not get hurt or allow my heart to be broken by unknown tragedies I was sure would come my way.

Satan becomes the puppet master when this occurs and he pulls the strings he wants pulled…he walks in and out of the doors we open and (let remain open) because most are uneducated in the “RULES OF WARFARE”,  he becomes and remains the only constant voice and whispers we hear thereby, leaving us truly fueling the fire with fire!  When that fire begins to burn out of control, sadly, they/we decide to jump straight into it because there is nothing left to use, nothing to fight it with and in the blindness of that desperate moment, they raise the white flag of surrender and give the enemy the victory of that battle.  They had no knowledge, no true knowledge of our Lord Jesus and what He can and will do, which led to their lack of Armor which is needed .  This is a MUST and is to be used each day in battle to keep us safe and on-course for a secure victory but without it, it leads to open doors where the enemy walks freely and with permission into our life which then, gives him access to cause chaos, confusion, gaining closeness so he can whisper lies and falsehoods in our ears.  Again, this then leads to his counterfeit spirits, which are evil and opposite of God’s Seven-fold Spirits of Heaven, into every aspect of our life and unchallenged entry into our hearts, spirit, body and soul.  Once that has been accomplished, the fire and flames awaiting is seen as an escape route and not the inescapable route it really is.


The “Holidays” are over just as fast as they begin and it is 1 day but that 1 day of the year wrecks families lives for years to come or in some cases, forever.  We must see who truly celebrates this time; who is the one that pushes so many into the fire of despair over 1 day…Santa Clause is a powerful tool of the enemy and he made the world turn a day of true joy into a day of dread.  Even though Jesus was not actually born on December 25, it is 1 day that hearts are softened, love is abundant, praise to the Lord is echoed throughout the world and people truly pray for peace upon this earth; I don’t think God becomes angry at us because we celebrate this day as Jesus’ birthday or that the entire day is recalling God’s eternal love for us and  the “Gift of Salvation” He bestowed upon man and I think He knows it’s been celebrated on that day for way too many years for it to just stop.  He loves the little children and is joyful when they are happy…It’s a beautiful time of year for renewed hearts, rekindled relationships and another chance to bring family units together in a time when they are needed the most.  The trick is to walk those steps in total love and forgiveness, regardless what happened in the past – show others what the Heart of God looks like…let it light your path so all around you can see Him and His Love, Glory and may that moment be a game-changer for them.  May the Lord bless them in their sight, removing all that blocks the Divine Truth from their eyes.  Walk in love and peace this season, not remorse and hatred as that is not of God but of the enemy.  Let’s win back this Season of Love as Love Is Coming Down; pray for removal of the false victory the enemy thinks he gains this time each year…this is the Lord’s Time and may it be filled with all that is GOOD.  May all of the Spirit’s of the Fruit of the Tree of Life be spread throughout the earth overtaking all the false impersonating spirits sent out by Satan.  May the Lord bless you and keep you…may His eyes truly be upon us all this season as this is His Season of Joy.


(I am going to upload all the videos I have posted on YouTube the past week or so, or you can to to which is my link to my channel and see which ones you have missed or that I am late on posting here.)


 Help The Grieving, Show Them Your Faith & Hope

  Prayer & Faith #1 To Jesus, DON’T Doubt Yourself

  Update; Videos, Free Will Man Playing God; God Baby Proofs Our Lives

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One response to “‘Tis The Season of Joy, Merry and Hope…Then Why Is This The Time Satan Shines, Thinking Himself The Victor?

  1. Lorraine

    December 9, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Marybeth..To me you are the bestest blogger because you bring out God’s hope, truth and light. You help us walk with Jesus and that’s the most important thing in our life especially now at this time we’re living. Thanks for all the encouragement and hope that God brings through you! Love you and bless you and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Lorraine 🙂


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