Israel’s 70th Jubilee ; The Sign Of Jonah Is The 3-Days Of Darkness/Jesus In The Tomb Pattern

18 Sep

Pt 1 – Bride’s Harvest Time!! Israel’s 70th Jubilee; Sign of Jonah & Jesus in the Tomb

PRAYER REQUEST URGENT! Bride’s Harvest Time!! Israel’s Jubilee; Sign of Jonah & Jesus in the Tomb

(Please note that the Prayer Request above was for the young wife and mother I posted about in my last post/thread – who did sadly pass away last Sunday.  Thank you all for your prayers – The Lord is always faithful and for whatever reason He chose to take her to her new home in Heaven, we know it was out of His Great Love for her and not a punishment.)


In these 2 videos, I’m sharing with you how special this coming Jubilee time is or Israel and for The Bride.  God’s Jubilee cycles are 49 years, going into the 50th, which is actually called the first as it starts the cycle over again),  then He requires the land to rest, debts forgiven and land/holdings returned to the original owner…oh happy days right!!  Well it just so happens that this coming Jubilee is the final 70th Jubilee of the sabbatical cycles which concludes at this time and all part of God’s Perfect Timing where He has placed these “End Time Events” so they coincide and conclude with His Word spoken thousands of years ago.  How wonderful is that?

“Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed
For your people and your holy city
To finish transgression,
To put an end to sin,
To atone for wickedness,
To bring in everlasting righteousness,
To seal up vision and prophecy
And to anoint the most holy.” Daniel 9:23,24 (NIV).

The following information regarding the Jubilee cycles was copied from and is being used for learning/reference purposes only.

1. Seventy “sevens” – 70 sabbatical cycles – 70 x 7 = 490 years

Seventy “sevens” are decreed for your people to atone for wickedness. Jesus was the atonement and sacrifice for our wickedness. He lived a perfect life on earth and then died for our sins making it possible for us to be delivered from sin and to receive eternal life through faith in Him. The first fulfillment pointed to the coming of the Messiah. The 70 sabbaticals predicted Christ’s first coming.

The 70 sabbaticals began in 457 BC and ended 490 years later in 34 AD. Jesus died and was resurrected in 31 AD in the middle of the 70th sabbatical cycle. The first coming of Christ occurred at the exact time predicted in Daniel’s prophecy.

2. Seventy “sevens” – 70 Jubilee cycles – 70 x 7 x 7 +1 = 3,431 years

Seventy “sevens” are decreed for your people to put an end to sin and to bring in everlasting righteousness. The second fulfillment points to the time when God’s people will no longer transgress His law. They will have everlasting righteousness brought into their lives and they will never sin again. Then Jesus will come to take them to heaven. The 70 Jubilees predict Christ’s second coming.

The 70 Jubilees began in 1416 BC when God’s children entered Canaan. The 70 Jubilees will end 3,431 years later in 2016 AD when God’s children will enter heavenly Canaan. God’s people will be totally and permanently delivered from sin and Jesus will come again. The second coming of Christ will occur at the exact time predicted in Daniel’s prophecy.

In these two steps God eliminates the sin problem for His people. They will be forever freed from sin.

*Again, this I believe relates to Israel and the Second Coming of Christ, not the Rapture or taking of His Bride which is prior to that so even though logically, this Jubilee period starts in September 2015 and ends in 2016, we go prior to this as we know this event is not going to happen as everyone thinks or has been taught…it will play-out slightly different.  It could be 2015 when it occurs but I still believe 2014 is a big, huge year for the Bride, especially September to December and truly look for our departure during this time.



Jesus told His disciples that the last generation, this generation, would be given the sign of Jonah but what really, is the “sign of Jonah”?  It’s the 3 days of darkness – it’s the 3 days in the belly of the whale!  Jonah had to reconcile himself back to God for disobeying what God asked him to do and after he shunned God’s request, well, let’s just say that was one huge “GULP”!  Once in the dark belly, Jonah began to repent, ask for forgiveness which ultimately led him back on the path of change and God’s Promise…into the Light just as those that have not reconciled themselves today must do.

Now, remember when Jesus died on the cross, there was a great earthquake immediately following which also brought darkness to the skies for 3 hours.  This too will be a pattern in the days to come with the veil between dimensions tearing or being torn, revealing the supernatural happenings that the Lord has kept us blinded to up to that point.  Then, Jesus was prepared for His burial and placed in the tomb.  The Bible tells us that the first thing He did, was to descend into the bowls of the earth, Abraham’s Bosom to release all God’s faithful followers, His loving children, prophets, chosen kings, etc.  Jesus had the keys and now, He could supply to those who patiently waited an “Open Heaven” where Jesus Himself escorted them to.  He personally brought each one up to reside with The Father, then He returned to Sheol and ministered to the lost, It was there and then that He gave them a chance to say they were sorry, to repent, to RECONCILE THEMSELVES BACK TO THE FATHER THROUGH HIM…HE SHOWED HIMSELF to the unbelievers and the sinners and the lost and gave them a second-chance so-to-speak.  This is the pattern that again will be followed during the coming 3 days of darkness as He again will show himself to everyone on hoping that they too will be reconciled in the dark, harnessing change so they too can walk into God’s Light, His Promise and into The Promised Land. where they too may reside for eternity.  See the pattern again?  Then after He had risen, Jesus walked, ministering to the people of Israel for 40-days and 40-nights along with 12,000 or so saints that were risen from the dead.  Again, this is how you may begin to understand what is about to occur a little bit better, more clear and easier.  The 40-days is the Harvest which is now quickly upon us.

Remember too that Jesus personally delivered God’s faithful that were in the Bosom of Abraham to Paradise FIRST, before anything else, they were taken out and up – this is what He will do with His Bride, with us, before coming back down to earth, the “belly of the earth” where many of the lost/unbelievers accepted.


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One response to “Israel’s 70th Jubilee ; The Sign Of Jonah Is The 3-Days Of Darkness/Jesus In The Tomb Pattern

  1. Irene

    September 18, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Wow Mary Beth, I just listened to your videos, and wow I’m so excited! I heard you real clear. It really is harvest time!
    Please sister try to get plenty rest, you deserve it! God bless you and thanks so much.
    The other day I was speaking in tongues and suddenly started singing my own Praise song, the words are simple & the tune is catchy, very uplifting! I would love to get everyone going in full Praise to our Lord. Here are the words!

    Halleluiah God Almighty
    Praise the Lord
    Praise God
    Halleluiah Praise God.

    Maranatha Lord come quickly
    Lord come
    Thank you Lord
    Halleluiah Praise God
    Halleluiah Praise God


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