Refining and Shining in the Garden of God~Yes, Spiritual Attacks Still Occurring To The End

11 Jun

The second video I am posting below is to remind us too that the Spiritual Warfare attacks are still continuing in our lives and will do so until the day Jesus takes His Bride…get used to it!  This is why He blessed us with His Teaching of the Tools – so use them each and every day.  This is a major, very important piece to our Heavenly Armor we need while on this earth because remember, we do not fight flesh and blood but principalities, darkness and evil that never cease in their plots to steal or destroy the Children of the Lord.  But…remember that our Father in Heaven who sits on His Throne, has a very special place in His Garden for those that overcome what was allowed in their earthly lives and God places their highly polished bronze or gold etched stone brick in the center of His path  where He walks each day and He sees their name written every day during His walk through His Garden so He can watch and delight in their refining, their endurance and their faith.  Those names that are etched in the bricks of God’s Garden that have be polished and now shine so bright, are the Over-comers, they are our names that God keeps close to His Heart each day He walks in His Garden, His most favorite spot.

I will tell you this my friends…those that have had the most trials, testing, hammering, chiseling, refining in their earthly lives, well, those are them that have had their names etched not only on the stones in God’s Garden, but written and held tight in the Garden of God’s Heart.  Those names that have been polished over and over due to their walk on earth – just think how bright your names shine straight up to God’s Eyes…your name is brought up to Him front and center each morning where He then keeps His Sight upon you, how pleasing is that?  So what I am saying here, after each attack, our names get polished and shined…can you just imagine how bright most of ours are?  WOW!


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