Important Time Now~We Leave The Left Behind Jesus’ Love & Joy They Will Remember

11 Jun

Feels like we are all standing in a bit of a “lull” right now, doesn’t it?  I’m very somber, yet peaceful and I know that regardless of what we can see, touch or feel in this dimension, it’s nothing compared to what God is doing in His, our Heavenly dimensional realm that we will dwell in very very soon.  Can you imagine what is taking place there right now?

I have to remind myself that just because I am not privy to the going-on’s in that realm, it doesn’t mean that all the pieces to the puzzle are not being put in place, their exact place.  All events and the people leading those festivities as spoken about in the Bible, must be in their exact positions before the “Event” that starts it off begins as once that Event comes to pass, all the others will follow and fall like a domino effect…it will be the first 6 Seals opening one-after-another so right now, those pieces must be set exactly where God has preordained them – ready to fall at the slightest blow of His Breath.

So, what about us?  What is our job right now, today?  Well, the following video is what I received yesterday…it was crazy!  He told me the importance of “NOW”; the instrumental role of ALL OF US and how without each of us, many would not find Him once the destruction comes,  It was so sweet, I wish I could show you, tell you just how loving those words were…WE ARE LEAVING HIS LOVE HERE ON THIS EARTH FOR THOSE WHO WILL HANG ON TO IT, FOLLOW IT WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE!  It is our kindness, joy, love, belief, compassion, mercy and faith in Jesus that our lost family members and friends, even strangers, will bring front and center in their mind when all the chaos starts and they have no where to turn…they turn to the “Love” we left them; they remember the “Mercy” we showed them; they remember the “Joy” we gleamed with; they remember the “Faith” we walked and lived in…wow, that is some pretty awesome words to take-in right now, isn’t it?  This my friends, is what you will do for the Kingdom of Heaven!  When fear wants to overtake them in the coming days, many will stand strong in their new-found footing in Christ because they saw you stand there many many times, never wavering and they will speak lovingly, leading others just as they saw you do to them and so on.  Our actions, our words and our faith that surround and fill us, will be the same “tools” those that are left behind will keep close to their hearts, using them in the future as they find their way home to the Lord and to us.  How wonderful is the Lord that He has allowed us to be apart of this time?  Never think you are not doing enough or ministering enough that it makes you feel sad, bad or less a Christian than your neighbor or friend, you are not….you are right where the Lord has placed you and right where He needs you to be!

Lastly, I remind myself each day that Jesus is truly “Love”; He is LOVE and if He is in us, we too are Love and when people see us, they should see Him which is what…LOVE!  We leave the lost of this world what is most important of all – love as Jesus is “Love Coming Down”!



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4 responses to “Important Time Now~We Leave The Left Behind Jesus’ Love & Joy They Will Remember

  1. Patricia Owens

    June 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm


  2. Irene

    June 11, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Hi Marybeth, can’t hear again! no captions either! but what I have read, wow! love you.

    • friendofheaven

      June 11, 2014 at 8:31 pm

      Irene – check the volume on when you play the video…when the video screen pops up, look at the play button underneath, next to that is a sound volume and sometimes, mine goes to low until I move it up to loud. Try that.

      • Irene

        June 11, 2014 at 8:44 pm

        Done that, still no louder! not to worry could be my computer still not right. Will try again later. xx


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