When Satan Blinds Children In Darkness, God Opens So They Will See The Light

17 May

Well, good morning to all God’s Children!  I hope everyone reading this, and those that have no idea this Blog even exists, has a Divine Blessed Day!  Today I come before the Foot of the Cross and today I bow at the bottom of the steps before the Throne of God, humbly petitioning Him in the Courts of Heaven that He grant this pray I now Petition before Him:

 I pray that the Lord’s Heavenly Blessings are poured out (and I do mean POURED) over all who seek His Word, Spirit, Love and Divine Guidance today!  I pray that He walk before all of us this day and moves His Mighty Hand in the supernatural way only He can.  I pray that all of us will receive Divine Sight, Divine Hearing, Divine Knowledge and Understanding, followed by His Ultimate Divine Wisdom enabling us to use all that has been graciously and mercifully bestowed upon us!  I pray too that we all walk with the Spirit of Moses upon us –  that blind faith that leads us to walk in unfamiliar places with strong steps we need to take in our Concrete Footing of the Lord, with also the “Chutzpah” (hutzpah) that one needs to walk this path, along with the loving, yet warrior-like Spirit of King David.  May we be blessed too with the patience of Job when we cannot see the Lord’s Will upon our life and may be remember that “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” and when He takes what He has given from our lives, that we thank Him and hold nothing against His Holy Ways.  I pray friends, we can all be pleasing to the Lord and ask that His Eyes be upon us as it was with Abraham…the Lord kept him, loved him and protected him without hesitation because He promised and made an everlasting covenant with His child Abraham and that holds true today.  Thank you Jesus for all your promises, love, teaching and watchful Shepherd’s Eye you never remove from us but ultimately Lord, thank you for your Perfect Sacrifice on the Cross and the shedding of your Precious Blood.  Lord, please allow the blind sight and the deaf hearing today by removing all scales that remain there, keeping many from receiving what you have released to us in these last days, all you warned about in the beginning.  Please oh Lord, bless us all with Divine Discernment in our Spirit, your Holy Spirit you have sent to Your Children to live within us so we are always ONE with you; let the Holy Spirit teach us and show us ALL THAT IS YOU AND OF YOU THIS DAY LORD JESUS!  Lord, please walk ahead of us today so that You can clear our path today, wiping the enemies mines, plots and worker’s of inequity from it so we have nothing to stumble upon…that we receive no dirt, filth and waste on our feet – the feet that hunger to deliver “The Good News” so they remain beautiful in Your Eyes as you say “beautiful are the feet that deliver the Good News”, may our feet be full of beauty today Lord Jesus!  In Your Precious Holy Name I pray – Amen!

Even though the world outside sees nothing of the real truth that is being told or trying to be told and shared, we must always remember we are not of that world, we are different.  Being different has always thought to have been a “bad thing” as different means “misunderstood” or really, it means “I don’t understand or I don’t know” thereby ironically, making it misunderstood and ignored or passed-over.  Isn’t that what most people do when they are watching a news program and when a piece of news comes onto the screen that has depth, history or is something you have no knowledge of, what do most people do…they skip it, change channels or mute it.  That is what the world or most of the world has done to us and to the Word of God as it’s just easier this way and doesn’t add anymore confusion and thought to their already over-stressed, over-thinking, over-loaded mind!  Do we not see this every single day?  I could never go back to that foreign land for all the tea in China!

All we can do is pray.  Pray for all those people throughout the world that are just “over-it” because they truly have no clue that “it’s” not even started yet so what they think of as being over-and-done-with, has yet to begin.  We have no power to do the things that only God can do – but know, He will do!  It’s time for us to “just be” and to let Him “do”!  This takes patience and great faith for a Child of the Lord and to give to the Lord in order for Him to truly “take” all we need Him to take/remove.  We must giveth in order for Him to taketh!  Why does it or did it take us so long to understand fully these simple words and the power they truly hold?  When I did this and kept my joy, He took and He gave!

I posted a video of my son Taylor the other day as he agreed to sit down so you could meet him.  He gave a partial testimony, spoke about his past, his non-belief in God up to now and his total love, faith and firm belief in the Lord.  Today, I am adding a small video I recorded after releasing this video because I did not realize just what a difference there was between Taylor’s memories of his life and my memories of the life I thought he had and knew.  I did not see that boy he saw himself as…I do not recall the darkness that was prevalent in his life and has been filed in the back of his mind as the “facts of his life”.  How did that darkness that shadowed moments in his life turn into an entire young-filled life in the dark without any remembrance of light – good light?  Taylor had a wonderful life but horrific events removed the “wonderful” from his memory and left only those horrific moments to remain.  I did not realize this…I did not see the enemies stronghold upon my child every waking moment of his young life from the age of 12 to 20.  The enemy made the darkness a comfortable place, a home for Taylor and thought he surely had won as he placed shades around all sides of my son, blocking out any rays of light that might come through and wake Taylor from a world he thought was his “normal” and just what his life must continue to live in.  The enemy twisted the rod, closing those blinds as tight as he could hoping that the “light-of-day” would never wake this deceived child to what was waiting for him once the shades were lifted…then when he did see the light, the enemy tried to board up the doors so Taylor would never be able to stand in the warmth that light brought.

Satan wants our children, he wants us but if he cannot sway us, turn our heads to all things of him and this world, he will try as hard as he might to steal our children as their souls are surely worth a mighty fortune as they are children of God’s Children and how better does it get for him than to see God’s Children hurt, in pain because when we are in pain, God is in pain…we hurt, He hurts.

I must give credit, give understanding to memories and/or thoughts that remain in the mind of my son, even though they may not be mine or what I knew or saw, but that is what he has allowed to settle in and stay so instead of thinking “what could I have done”, I must look at what has been done and is being done now!  I must continually see the Divine Hand of God placing all His Good Will upon and into what the enemy, Satan, meant for harm and truly stand here and see how God has turned it all for good.  Taylor recognizes that darkness or that dark place in others and that is what he is called to find – others that were like him, showing them the light that waits just upon the raising of the blinds.



Remember, God will bring them into His Light and Love!


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4 responses to “When Satan Blinds Children In Darkness, God Opens So They Will See The Light

  1. Susan

    May 17, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    Such a blessing to see The Lord working in your family. Looking forward to meeting you in our new home.

  2. Ray

    May 17, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Very nice, thank you MJ. Everybody’s situation and circumstances are different (some may have been worse than others) but the answer to al of them is in Christ. God bless you and yours with all the strength and faith you need.

  3. Elise Anderson

    May 18, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Dear Mary Beth., I feel as though I KNOW Taylor! Of course all his memories aren’t exactly accurate because young people FEEL things more than acknowledge the true facts. But God is going to use him! I know it! He is so heart felt and sincere. What a wonderful young to make a video for all his Mom’s crazy friends! Haha. God is so sweet….so much sweeter than we know. Love you

    • Irene

      May 19, 2014 at 8:31 pm

      Just trying this, can’t seem to be able to post. Thanks MB & thanks Taylor.


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