After 200 Videos, My True Colors Finally Come Out – REALLY? REALLY?

16 May

I know the first video posted here is a bit long (almost 1 hour) but it is worth watching, along with the other 2.  I knew there would be many comments and hurt feelings lingering after my last videos due to their content and my comments but the statement “Finally your true colors are coming out!  I knew they would!  You are narrow minded!” was truly uncalled for and just a plain rebound feed of nonsense.  True colors, really?  You mean to tell me it took over 200 videos for my true intent, my true “colors” to shine through?  See what this was fueled by?  I hurt their feelings by offending what they have believed and stood in for so long and by calling this out, I personally attacked their discernment, their sight/hearing and they felt led to reciprocate (with the flesh leading) with mean unchristian comments meant to directly hurt me.  Well, I forgive them and no it did not hurt me nor offend me…but I’m sure it offended our Father in Heaven.  Why would it offend Him?  Because they were spoken and delivered for the shear purpose of causing pain, nothing more and that alone is what a Child of the Lord should be careful of doing because it was again, led by the flesh and not the Spirit.  Those messages were not personal although they are personal for so many, I get that and when a person’s long-standing committed faith/belief in a organized  religion or congregation has been questioned, bringing all the man-made traditions and wrong-doing up front and center to be reviewed, they look to themselves as being questioned to why they are staying, still committing themselves to that facility and teaching.  They feel like the world is judging them for believing what they do so when that happened, they get mad and they want to get even.  It’s okay – this is not my fight, it’s theirs and it’s between them and the Lord, one way or another!  I pray they receive divine discernment, knowledge and understanding and I pray that Jesus Himself shows them what is man’s law and what is of God, sooner than later!

God bless you all, I truly wish everyone nothing but good tidings, love and peace upon their hearts and I pray that the Lord’s Will be done.




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2 responses to “After 200 Videos, My True Colors Finally Come Out – REALLY? REALLY?

  1. Joanne Schriner

    May 17, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    MBJ…Such good information and encouragement on these videos…the sound is just too low. You are such a blessing to all of us in explaining the things of God and daily life. Thank you for that unshakeable faith and sharing it with us as you help prepare us for the future with the Lord.

  2. saab13

    June 7, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    strong spiritual meat and prophecies
    Do you observe the Sabbath-4th Commandment? In the prophecies there´s even warning to flee America


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