The Corrupt Church; Worrying About Being The Bride? Control Moments That Cause Doubt

11 May

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day!  I am posting 2 new videos and a third (3rd) one to follow on Sunday.  They are:

1.  Inside Church Denomination Walls & Teachings~It Is What It Is, Don’t Mean To Offend


2.  Worrying About Being The Bride? Stop & Walk in Jesus, Control Moments That Cause Doubt

This is a hard subject to tackle because it offends people…people we all love, sisters and brothers in Christ and believe me, that is not my intent nor does it bring me any joy to say what it is I have to say.  It breaks my heart really and I wish I did not have to say a word regarding all this, but I do, I have no choice.  We just cannot pretend it’s okay any longer because it’s not.  Man corrupted God’s days, laws, truth, etc. and now it’s time to know His Real Truth and not what Man has changed thereby declaring it was “God’s Will” this be done.  It was man wanting to control all things, including God’s Voice.  Now, God is making it known just what it is we need to do and I know in my heart it’s the Truth…His Truth.

Again, I apologize if this offends anyone – I wish that did not have to happen.

In the first video above, I state how so many of us are filled with the same Spirit of the Lord on this topic of the earthly churches, their man-made doctrine and laws.  This is no coincidence!  This has been on me for months and I know others have done videos regarding the same subject.  Below I am posting a video from Ed Amos (edamosamos on YouTube) and again, he is sharing the same type message, warning really, and again, confirmation.

Woe unto the Pastors, the King is coming back prepare to meet Him

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One response to “The Corrupt Church; Worrying About Being The Bride? Control Moments That Cause Doubt

  1. Irene

    May 11, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Dear Marybeth, I’m still struggling to hear the videos and the captions don’t match with what you are saying. Is anyone else having this problem? blessings Irene


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