Keep Praising God! Still Sick So Sorry; Friday Will Share Incredible Miracle From Jesus! 2 Min Video

01 May

Well, what can I say…I’m still sick and, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I just ran myself down and I knew the pace I was trying to keep was way too fast for my poor beat-up body and so this illness coming back is sort of “I told you so” to myself.  In January, 2013, I came down with a horrific respiratory infection, turning into pneumonia, then back into a viral infection…it was a long 6 months and one of the main reasons (I had many) that I moved back home from my short-lived move to Alabama and back home to Illinois.  I just could not seem to get better so you would have thought I would know just NOT what to do but no, I push it to the limit with my bad sleeping habits and not enough Vitamin C.  I’ve just been so excited, so energized each and every day walking in the Spirit of the Lord that I just couldn’t quit when it was clearly quitting time – when my shift ended I should have taken my boots off and put my feet up, allowing myself to recharge for the next day but that is so hard to do in the time we are in!  My eyes and ears are so wide open…I don’t want to miss a thing and with so much happening, one right upon another, I’m surely to miss something!

Oh, I still have had only 2 days of “taking-it-easy” don’t get me wrong – I have a pregnant whiny daughter who is so miserable she’s hard to tolerate at times and of course, any women who had carried a child for 9 months knows all-to-well what I am talking about and how she is feeling, so you know what, I just let her have her “whine-time” and I do whatever I can to comfort her and that my friends is what is important.  You should have seen us last week when she was more sick than I was but at the same time, I was just too sick to do anything, let alone cook any meals!  Trust me, that does not go over well with someone eating for two!  She was coughing so hard she was afraid she was going to injure the baby, little Miss Trey-Olivia so the worries came out over this but then quickly moved back to “But I’m hungry Mother, I really am!”  I still have no idea what it was she ate for those 2 days and to be honest, at that time, I just didn’t care – I was sick too.

Now through this, my son Taylor was sitting in a St. Louis County Jail and it was all looking very bleak for him and the lawyer now wanted $10,000 to even start the case (if that gives you any hint) which of course, we did not have nor would we ever pay out.  Taylor was just going to have to take what was given and stay faithful in the Lord and His Mercy.  He did fast for 2 weeks (is now showing the weight loss as proof) and he knew that he was truly in God’s Hands and whatever happened was the Lord’s Word, not man’s.  I told Taylor, “Taylor, Jesus is your lawyer, your judge and your jury right now and you have to rest in Him.  Whatever He allows to happen, so bet it and know He has placed you and will continue to place you exactly where He wants/needs you to be and nowhere else!”  My son knew this too – crazy how we both were on the exact same wave-length.  In order for Taylor to walk out of those cell doors, he needed a true miracle from God and that is the only way he was coming home.  I walked calmly each day, joyful, happy and whistling while I worked because I had to stand firm and true in His Word and His Promises…I knew what He would do, I knew it.  Each time I tried to feel sadness for Taylor, I could not because I knew there was no sadness to be felt.  You see – I know God has a special role for Taylor and I know too Taylor’s love for God and in order to use him the way He will in the coming days, God had to close all the open doors in Taylor’s life – all the open cracks, crevices, creases and doors that the enemy could use at any time now and in the future to pull Taylor back down and through those openings, could step in to cause havoc just when God would use him the most – causing a delay or crisis that would turn his head to the left and to the right trying again to hamper God’s Plan.  God had to place Taylor in front of all this so these doors could be permanently closed and not used as a stumbling block in the future.

I will tell you this – during or after Taylor’s 2 week fast, he said that the Lord told/showed him the division…the division of His Children or of His Church.  He said in detail there will be a split – God is going to see who is truly His and who is not.  He also told me that there is nothing any of us can do to save another – all heads or souls have been sealed and we just all need to be faithful to God now…know His Truths and separate man-made church laws from the True Laws of God and Heaven.  We all need to be “All-In” and not care what anyone thinks…wow, does that not sound familiar?

I am going to try my hardest to have Taylor do a video with me.  Oh yes, Praise Jesus to the Highest for softening the heart of my daughter and allowing my son into her home and giving him a place to rest his head.  This was HUGE!!!  Oh, another MIRACLE FROM THE LORD which again I will go into more detail about in my next video.  I know He must be coming soon now, I really do because the Lord told me in the Fall of 2013 that Taylor would be brought in from the cold; that he would be his sister’s comforter in a time of fear for her and that it would come after “the boy” was brought in from outside.  Taylor is a marker of sorts for me and I told my daughter that the reason she could not see, talk, walk and have faith as her brother and I do is because God has not removed the scales from her eyes and that He was the only One who could do this.  She is blind because God has allowed her to stay blind because she is refusing to move her feet “all-in” and I expressed to her how we walk in the Spiritual World while she and the others, all walk deaf, dumb and blind in the “Flesh World”, the “Matrix” World of the enemy but that I would pray continually that Jesus allows her sight and hearing.  Now with her about to become a new mom, well whoa, I stated clearly how she needs to be merciful and show mercy to others if she wants to walk in that piece-of-mind of Motherhood and without-a-doubt knows God has mercy upon her soul.  Scary thought thinking a mother would be too proud to walk without His Great Mercy – just because she won’t let go of non-reconciled feelings stemming back from childhood and teenage years of battling her younger brothers.  She has to forgive him for every scratched CD, every bad name he called her and so on.  One must give unconditional mercy to obtain Unconditional Mercy from the Throne of God.

Okay, well, I will promise you now that I will do everything in my power to feel better so tomorrow I can talk about this and much more in a video because I truly need you all to hear about what God has done – it will just knock you off your chair, couch, bed or feet, it’s just that wonderful!

Below is a quick video I just uploaded – don’t judge me for my dirty hair, 2-day clothes and sickly face – it’s who I am today!  lol



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4 responses to “Keep Praising God! Still Sick So Sorry; Friday Will Share Incredible Miracle From Jesus! 2 Min Video

  1. Hope

    May 1, 2014 at 11:09 pm

    I loved this post! Thank you so much! Taylor is my marker too…can’t wait to see him on you video! I truly believe he will do it, at least once. Go Taylor!​

  2. Karen

    May 1, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    Praise God! Also, praying for a quick recovery. For you.
    Much love, Karen

  3. Roberta Bruss

    May 1, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    If God can work with your son, then He can with mine. This brings me encouragement as I hope and pray for my 3 upper teen sons.

  4. Irene

    May 2, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    Amen! to all comments. You’re getting there MB, the Lord is with you. Look forward to seeing the video. and yes be great to see Taylor do one for you! Love to Tara. I use to have a beautiful grey mare called Tara. God Bless everyone.


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