Harmony, Unison Between Believers & Unbelievers ~ Is It Possible? Is It Real?

23 Apr


Hi friends…I hope this finds all of my friends happy, healthy and walking strong on their path today or better yet, I hope everyone is running their race to the Banner of Love steady and strong – getting ready to now sprint fast and hard to that finish line!  That is where we are and that is how we must arrive at that “spot” the Lord Himself has ordained us to be.  This day is fast approaching and I know we can all feel it from our toes to the very top of our heads!

Now, what do we, as the Bride of Christ, need to be doing?  What do we need to know?  First, listen to the videos I posted yesterday, especially the one where I speak about the unequally yoked pairing and how we can no longer walk or reside in “their” world…it holds no beauty, no joy, nothing of importance to us any longer while our world, which is in the spiritual realm, God’s Realm, cannot even been seen by their eyes nor can they hear any words spoken on it’s behalf.  They do not even recognize our world and we cannot live in theirs – so ask yourself, how can that union, friendship, partnership, marriage, etc., be fruitful and/or harmonious?  Unless Jesus Himself blesses it and pours His Spirit upon it, it will always be a battleground of good vs. evil, spirit vs. flesh and God’s Law’s vs. man’s laws and so on…Whew…I’m exhausted just thinking about it, aren’t you?

Right now, one is either IN or one is OUT –  bottom line, and because we love unconditionally all around us, we continue our relentless “Savior-type-mission” towards these people day after day, thinking that maybe, just maybe, today will be the day they “see-the-Light”!  Well again, we need to imprint this into our brain – WE HAVE NO POWER to save anyone as we are not anyone’s Savior, not even for ourselves can we play this role for and it is only when the Lord decides to remove the scales/blinders from their eyes and the cotton from their ears will they truly have sight and hearing for and in “our world”. You, we, must know when to say “WHEN”, right?  So repeat after me…”WHEN”!  Give them all over to the Lord right now and move forward believing He has them…just be and let Him do!  Remember this too, not all are God’s Children and some of us may very well be married to, friends with or in a relationship with one of these “others” but just not aware of this fact. Now is the time for us to prepare our fields for a record-breaking Harvest that is about to be removed from the fields.  Now is the time to be truly alive in the Word of God…truly bring the Word alive in us so we can do all He needs us to do and to bring all the Promises He has given to be manifested.  We cannot again, truly fathom all the treasures and riches, nor the “good gifts” that await us in Heaven that will be given to us by the Great I AM, The Glorious Father who sets on the Throne of Heaven, Himself!  Can you just imagine how excited He is knowing all He has prepared, gathered and placed in our Treasure Troves just sitting there waiting?  Oh my…it’s like a parent’s excitement in the anticipation of seeing their children’s faces when they finally get to open those Birthday or Christmas presents they bought, wrapped and have waiting to open so long ago!  Just sit there imagining this in your mind – picture it, just see His Love that is about to burst out of the Heavens as our Father, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob waits ever-so-patiently for this day to come.

Right now, today and the days ahead, we need to fill our hearts with love – love for each other and love for our neighbors and love for ourselves.  We need to be ready to open our mouths in a moment’s notice and recognize the strangers placed in our paths and how to again, determine and discern, which of those were sent by the Lord and which were sent by Satan. How can we know this – how do we find this information out?  We speak to them!  We open our mouths first in whatever way is comfortable and necessary for each situation as not all are the same so pray, ask the Lord to give you the “tools” needed to allow His Will to be done and ask for His Spirit to be your “Bell Ringer” and your “Breadcrumb Alert”!  We all miss opportunities throughout our walk, our life, in which we knew, only after the fact, that God wanted us to speak a Word to this person or to that person but because of fear we all have, we allowed those “placements” to be ignored…we have all done this!  Please do not dwell on this and allow guilt to consume you because again, Jesus has this!  If that person is marked by God, one of His, He will have a “re-run”, a “do-over” in that person’s life and will place another Believer, another of His Sheep, in their path so they will see and hear what was intended to be delivered earlier.  See how He works!

Okay, back to what I was saying about our loved ones, friends, etc.  Many of these people may truly have a Divine-Heavenly transformation overnight, I’m in no way saying this cannot nor will not be done and I absolutely believe it possible, but, I’m touching base here on those that say they have changed, but in reality, they have not – they have become a “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” and will pull your focus, attention and eyes off the Lord whenever and however they can.  Change is hard and it takes time!!  If a person has truly changed, it will not be overnight, unless of course it was Divine which I’m not saying can’t happen, but be aware when they are just trying to fool you.  A person cannot keep up a facade’ forever and usually, the person they were and still are will reappear within 4 to 8 weeks after.  Many Believers are having strongholds, battles within their partnerships on a daily basis now, many of these are ending and if you have a “control-freak” in your mists, well to them, it’s all about “winning-the-game” and not about God and true change.  They do not want to lose.  Keep this in your mind as your heart will want to badly believe what they say is true.  Tears do much damage and when they are poured out, we cannot stand it, especially coming from a person who is not a “crier” and when these people use tears as their last card ditch to win, we just crumble and start to feel guilty about wanting to leave or change our situation, making it impossible to do so now in good conscience.  They cried!  Sound familiar?  Remember again the video I posted yesterday where I talked about this and that this is why Jesus comes to judge the hearts – this is so He can see and show who is truly remorseful, honest and seeks forgiveness because again, the heart cannot lie.  Do not let the enemy and those he uses to attack the Children of the Lord, to fool you – to deceive you because we are in the Time of Deceiving, are we not?  How does this hurt us?  If we think the changes taking place are from our Father in Heaven, which then makes change and relocation next to impossible, we have allowed the guilt of their Salvation to consume us, making us fear and live in that fear that we are their last hope…that if we don’t “feed” them, they will be lost forever.  Wow, this is a heavy weight to carry!  Let me ask you this – how can you/we carry this upon our shoulders when we can’t carry our own?  Aren’t we suppose to give Jesus our burdens as they were not meant for us to carry?  Yep, we sure are!  But now, we have the Ultimate Burden of Guilt of Salvation for others that will most definitely weigh and cripple a regular man/woman who believes in this way.  How can you walk light, joyful and love others throughout the rest of our days if we cannot take one step forward from all we have taken onto our small, fragile frames?  Then, if or should I say when, that ole’ Ike Turner (that is what I call both men and women who fake change for their own selfish reasons) reappears within or a little after the time-frame stated above, you/me will be devastated to find out that it was not sincere or worse, not from God Himself as you previously wholeheartedly believed.  Next, you become angry, confused and doubtful which between the three, will then keep your attention on just why you didn’t see it, how blind and deaf you were for your lack of knowledge/discernment in this matter and then, another type of guilt, sorrow will set in and keep you from communing and walking daily with the Lord. This will now make you feel unworthy of your standing or mad at God for the scales over your eyes…take your pick!

DISCLAIMER:  Please know this – in no way am I condoning divorce or separation or telling anyone to leave another…what I’m saying is to 1) be aware of the daily conflict that comes with partners, friends, family who live in this world, the world where one is led by the flesh and you/us who live and dwell in the Spiritual world of God and God’s Holy Spirit, which is where you walk when you walk in the Spirit.  Also, I’m saying that change takes time, and you need to have eyes wide open at all times when all-of-a-sudden, the person(s) you are living with who just the other day hated God, now suddenly are all “ga-ga” over Him, IF it coincides with you wanting to leave or change your living situation.  If these are the same people that were trying so very hard to keep you from your God, our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ just last week or 2 days ago, but now, they are “all-in”, pray about this, give it to God but be aware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  If the change is true, honest and allowed by our Lord, then Praise Jesus, literally, but time will tell on this matter as they will not be able to keep up the farce more than 4, 6 or 8 weeks tops.  Their true nature and reasons will be brought to a head, I guarantee it so watch and be watchful at all times.  Minister to them, teach them and see their reactions to all you do – do they really want to know Him – are they interested or uninterested in what you are sharing and how is their patience level…this is what will show you what you need to know.  If this sudden “miracle-change” was brought on by a specific circumstance, a certain situation within the relationship, pray for Divine Discernment in this matter but please, please be watchful.  We know Jesus can do all things – make all things possible and does bring change to those who are marked by God at birth so they will now see whatever it is God predestined them to see.  I truly hope as always, this is the case in each and every person, but, realistically, not all are changed in this manner…just saying.

This has nothing to do with those who have been in the process of changing – those who have taken baby steps, yet still have open hearing to what you share regarding Jesus and His Kingdom and the days in which we live.  These brothers and sisters have started a true walk to the Lord but it’s just been a slow, steady pace, many times falling back, yet they still are moving somewhat forward.  These are not the ones I’m speaking of.  I’m talking about a transformation from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!






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3 responses to “Harmony, Unison Between Believers & Unbelievers ~ Is It Possible? Is It Real?

  1. Irene

    April 23, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    It really is strange, my daughter who is a non-believer, is behaving very nice to me these days, which is most welcomed, but is it Divine? I’m not sure! one little mistake from me, like the mention of God, could cause us to drift apart almost. I have prayed about her and what more can I do, but pass her over to Jesus, and hope He will save her soul. Thank you Lord! Thanks MB for your messages, although I did have difficulty hearing the videos. I’m watching what is going off in the world and things seem to be moving rather swiftly. My blessings for Jerusalem. Come quickly Lord. Love you Sister. Irene

  2. Roberta Bruss

    April 23, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Thank you, MB. I read this comforting post, but haven’t viewed the the previous video yet. The last 3 or so videos appear to be too soft and I can barely hear them. I had been able to pick them up fine on my current device. You put A LOT of time into these–you’re becoming so professional, thanks! 🙂 Thank you too for having a heart for others and His Bride. I hope I see the field where Jesus wants me working and hope I am willing to do the work. I am willing to be willing.

  3. friendofheaven

    April 24, 2014 at 12:05 am

    I’m sorry about the volume as it us loud and fine on my computer. Sorry to, I can’t do short videos! Much love!


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