11 Apr




My Watchman On The Wall ~ Ring The Bell

Daughter listen to My Voice for it is Me, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua that speaks to you today. What you feel is Me, My Holy Spirit for it cries for those that do not know Me. Your heart breaks for the lost as that is the home in which I dwell.

Warnings are coming now to all My Children as they can feel the destruction descend upon the earth. I am warning all that they seek Me and only Me like never before. Time is not the friend of the blind and deaf, those who refuse Me for their lives in this world are more than their life in Heaven which is now upon all who belong to Me. Cry no more for I have given them chance after chance to hear the voice crying in the wilderness. They refuse the God of Heaven and they obey the god of this world attached to their flesh. They have not eyes in the Spirit and scales are not falling so they must continue the course they walk blindly.

My Messengers I seek now for it is their voices that are heard by those I wish to have hearing for they are faithful and true – they hear My Words and seek My Voice through whom I speak through. Child you must not let the enemy rest in you for he desires nothing more than destruction of My Chosen Children and will try to keep all he can from fulfilling their final race across the Finish Line as he will trip their feet as they near the Banner of Love that awaits them. Cross this for that is the FINALE which leads to Me and all My Promises. Do not listen to the whispers and do not turn your head to any direction other than forward for your Heavenly Home awaits beyond the Banner.

I have given My Messengers My Voice for time is upon the earth – the time I have warned about and this generation will see the True Living Word…ME, just as written by the Prophets of Old. Listen to them, heed My Warning and settle your Spirit into the peaceful rest I have poured out. Call to Me, your Lord and Savior, for I hear you always. My Blessings are upon My Waiting Flock, My Waiting Bride for they are the True Watchers of this time. Set your face upon Heaven now as My Words become alive in the hearts of those who wait for My Spirit that is upon them; that lead them in Truth and those My Grace rests humbly upon.

Watch the signs on land and in the sky. Is it too not the writing on the wall? All that has lain in plain sight can be seen in the open so it is not long hidden and this is how all who are Mine know the time I spoke of has come. Release your cries of hunger and thirst and I will satisfy each. Now is the Time of Glory and Destruction; the Time of Rescue and Judgment as division of the people has occurred and lines drawn. I know who call on My Name and I do not know those who do not. One more time do I give them a chance of introduction – one more time will I offer forgiveness for their ignorance and disobedience and that time is here. Pray they hear My Voice and pray in Petition to My Father in Heaven that they accept what only I can give; that they allow My Spirit that awaits placement a home in them that know me not.

Child write these Words and know them, soon all of you will be with Me in Paradise as I will ready Myself to fulfill what has been promised and spoken.

I know your sadness but you must continue to do as I ask. Walk through the stale air the enemy contaminates around you. Walk in The Spirit, My Holy Spirit and let Me carry you to your firm footing so you can steady your feet and finish the RACE as I have asked. Do not quit now for if you do, you give into the enemy and he will celebrate your tears as his victory. Do not let this happen for I have you and I will supply your needs and I, Jesus Christ, will cover your house with blessings – surrounding all with My Heavenly Angels for protection against the enemy’s army he sends out through the revolving door which releases false and evil with each turn. I have you! All I promised is now here – all will be as I stated. Cry to those who have not come from her, the evil Babylon as she has many names and associates. Come out of her Children, she is not your Shepherd, she is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that mimics all good things from My Father in Heaven and she misleads the feet of My Lost Sheep. Come out of her Children as it is time she falls. Cross the Finish Line and I await you there. I have you and I will not lose any who belong to Me. Stay strong in Me – cling to Me and love all as I do because now will be what My Watchers of the Day have been ordained to do. Now they will “ring the bell” to all lands and all peoples. I tell them now Watchers, RING THE BELL of My Arrival for the time of watching is over as I now come, now I’m here. Shout My Name and tell all I have come for the day has come. RING THE BELL that the Deliver has come now to bring His Promise!

Peace be upon you Children – Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Received March 8, 2014





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4 responses to “3 New Video Posts~NEW MESSAGE~”WATCHMAN RING THE BELL”

  1. Daniela

    April 11, 2014 at 7:45 am

    Oh, wow! Maranatha Lord Jesus. Please, come quickly! Thank you Mary Beth for sharing the message. Before I even read your message, today I change my FB profile pic with the Lion tribe of Judah: The King is Coming!!

  2. Patricia Owens

    April 11, 2014 at 9:43 am


  3. Lisa Brown

    April 11, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Absolutely awesome!-Lisa

  4. Irene

    April 11, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    It certainly is awesome! I’m getting so excited, come quickly Lord Jesus, we are all waiting for You. Irene


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