Why We Must Walk Away From The Blind & Deaf Or The Unyielding Fruit Trees In Our Fields

09 Apr

 Well, again, I woke up this morning, popped open my groggy eyes but yet the first words out of my mouth was “Oh thank you Lord!”  I am still aware when I sleep that I am learning something…again what exactly that is, I have no idea, but He is definitely downloading still.  Last night, I had another dream of an Alien attack on the United States and/or World.  Now, this is approximately my 5th or 6th dream regarding these demonic entities coming out of the sky since last September, 2013.  I am not a prophetic dreamer in nature so at first, I just thought they were just dreams and mean nothing but after about the 4th dream, I realized they must mean SOMETHING!  The dream I had last night, I did not even have time to run…once they were seen in the air, they were down, out of the crafts and killing everything that walked, including me.  I just laid down, put my hands over the back of the head and closed my eyes because I knew there was no where to run, they had me but I knew as soon as it was over, I would be with the Lord.  I truly had no fear. Now, I know when my friend Cherie who I was so blessed to stay with for 4 extras days after the Orlando Conference, reads this post, well, her ears are sure to spike because as we were driving to the beach one day, I saw something very familiar yet I had never been to that particular city/beach in Florida yet it all looked so familiar.  I told her that in a few of the dreams I had, I was on a highway that was in between two-type bodies of water which I knew was on the Atlantic side of the country or state and I remember there was a slight up-hill overpass on this highway in the center of these waters.  Well, here is where it gets good!  As we’re leaving, she received a phone call by her best friend, another beautiful friend I made, Dr. Pat, and she was calling to say that the Causeway route they normally take (which takes you right there in no time flat) was closed and that we had to go around and take the long way to the beach.  This meant nothing to me, but apparently, it was because Cherie was like, “Really?  Are you kidding me?”  So, off we were and once we started driving, I started remembering and then, there it was…that slight up-hill overpass I clearly saw in my dreams was right smack in front of us!  That is when I said, “Um, oh Cherie, this is almost exactly what I saw and it was over to the right, over that body of water, that the “aliens” and their 100’s or 1,000’s of ships came from.”  I told her how fast they came and how everyone started running – I even saw the little patch of trees where the people were running into trying to hide (me being one of them).  I told her that I must have been an exceptionally fast runner because I didn’t stop until I was in California (ha ha) and was telling anyone who would listen about the attack on the East Coast but no sooner did I get the words out of my mouth, there they were coming in from over the waters of the Pacific Ocean and into California.




What does this mean – I HAVE NO IDEA!  Are these just dreams with no rhyme or reason as most dreams are, especially mine?  They could be and I am in no way, shape or form, telling anyone who reads this to believe this will happen or is going to happen just as I’ve seen and told.  Do I think there is a deeper meaning behind them…yes, yes I do because of the specifics in each dream but will this happen the way I dreamed, most probably not but it was, I believe, the Lord showing me what, along with everything else, is coming upon the earth.   Now, having said all this, I received an email this morning from one of my dear sister’s in Christ who is a true Daughter of the Lord and receives (and has posted) many messages from the Lord telling me to watch this video.  This was in response to another very heavy message I received on April 4th, 2014 in which the Lord was giving huge warnings, not only to me to write, but also through my other 3 friends who He calls “Daughters”.   I cannot release it yet, but I am just waiting as I feel permission will be granted anytime, I truly do.  In this message though, I was given a specific day-of-the-week, not a DATE, but a day (ie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) but it meant nothing what-so-ever to me.  Well, sure enough in the video I was asked to watch, the day matched and this is why my friend thought I might need to see it as I truly had no understanding of this day and why He would mention it to me or have me forward to another because they would have understanding of what He was saying regarding this same day.  Did I lose you there?  I hope your still with me in this because this is exactly how Jesus confirms each message He gives…confirmation always comes via these 3 friends or another message from someone I have never seen or heard.  I wish I could post the transcript of what I read today but as of yet, I cannot but it has to do with those demonic aliens and their soon arrival on this earth.  They will come, introduced to the world as peaceful entities caring for the people of earth but in reality, they are demons in disguise and have come to kill.  This time is similar to the date we are looking to this month, the day of Passover and “tax-day” as this day is HUGE on God’s Calendar, His Gold Ring in Heaven which does not measure time/dates/hours/minutes as we do, but by EVENTS and the passing of those said EVENTS! Although I have never seen God’s Gold Wheel Clock in person, below is one of the oldest clocks in existence.  This is just me thinking out loud and visualizing His Clock of Events/Times.  I see as much smaller that sectioned out below, but the mechanics, the cogs is what I think is important.  I see it as just one large piece with multiple wheels within the one large wheel.

Comayagua: one of the oldest clocks in the world

Why doesn’t anyone know the day or hour that God the Father will send His Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, in the clouds, saying, “Now, go get your Bride!”?  Jesus says that not even the “Son” knows this time and now we all have been given to reason why this is – there is no day or hour to know.  Since God has already spoken His Word into existence, it must happen at the appointed time, a time however we do not know.  He spoke these EVENTS into play at the beginning so each must exist and come-to-pass as spoken but we have no idea what they are or the exact timing of these to which they will occur as there is no set day or time, only the Word of God who gave them life and now, are just waiting for the cogs on His Ring of Events, His True Measure of Time, to turn.  As I have said before, there are many events that are yet to be seen, yet to happen, but we, the Bride of Christ, are only awaiting ONE.  One EVENT that needs to occur before all that I have shared with you, from what I have been taught, along with a few hundred more, over  the past 18 months.  The Lord keeps repeating to us over and over that the earthquakes are a sure sign and that the alignment in the sky is surely there for us to watch and see…that the timing of His Coming is right there in front of us, all is in PLAIN SIGHT!  He has told us that we are in the Season of His Return and now He has clearly told us to “READY YOUR FIELDS AND READY YOUR HOUSES”; He wants us to make sure we have planted our seeds, watered our seeds and have tended to our fields as all good workers of the field do.  We are the Vineyard Owner ‘s (God) farmers, field workers and we must continue to produce a good harvest but at the same time, we need to know when one or more of the Vines or Trees that we watch over and tend, is not growing nor receiving “good nutrients” needed for their growth, survival and are in danger of damaging or destroying the “Good Fruit” they were planted and designed to produce.  We must realize where our limited ability is, just what we can do and not do, knowing how and when we must give these who are in danger of decay and rot, over to the Vineyard Owner as it is for He Himself, to oversee their healing, growth and life as only the Owner knows His Field and the soil He plants on.  We do not have the tools certain Trees in the Vineyard need to survive in order to be a good producer of the fruit it was designed to produce and harvest – only the Owner Himself carries that knowledge and wisdom and it is only He, The Owner,  that has the ULTIMATE POWER to decide which must be cut down, which He will allow another chance and which ones He is ready to reap, ready to Harvest because He has tasted their fruit and it is GOOD!  He has the overall say in all these things – not the worker, and we are to do just as we are told but to, learn all He has shown and taught us so we can plant in the good soil that pleases Him.

Bottom line to this – WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER NOR THE ABILITY TO SAVE ANYONE ELSE UPON THIS EARTH…WE ARE POWERLESS IN OTHER’S SALVATION AND ALL NEED TO RECOGNIZE THIS NOW!  But, we all need to know what we can do, what capabilities we do have and that is the POWER OF PRAYER!  We can pray in Jesus’ Name to our Father in Heaven, God Almighty who sits on the Throne of Heaven, that He, and He ALONE, removes the scales from their blind eyes and He, and He ALONE, opens up their ears so they are no longer deaf, unable to hear His Voice and Call.  They cannot SEE nor can they HEAR what we do as God Himself must grant this, must allow this GREAT BLESSING AND GIFT!  Remember, we, all of us,  are truly praying for the afflicted, the truly BLIND and the truly DEAF born into this world.  Who was the Great Healer of these curses in the Bible?  Jesus, right?  So why would we not go to Him now as done in the past?  You, we, all of us who so love the Lord, must again pray ahead and ask the Lord to allow this transformation, this healing in those we love and care about but you must do this NOW!  They cannot see that what we are trying to share with them is LOVE COMING DOWN as they cannot see at all – it is like a veil of darkness covering their spirit, thereby blocking the Divine Light we are so passionately trying to place around them or in them…we just want them to see “The Light” that fills us, guides us, teaches us but more importantly, loves us.  We cannot shake sense into them nor can we talk to them till we are “blue-in-the-face”.  Ask the Lord to do this work, to give this blessing and then, move on because while we are spending to much time in this one spot, we are neglecting our field, our other Vines/Trees that the Lord asked us to attend, to work and to water.  We are not the Savior, Jesus is but He, through His Holy Spirit, His Helper that He sent us, can do great things and through The Helpers’ Great Divine Power, we can ask Him for His Greatness through prayer and this my friends, is where our power lies…it lies in all things Him.  We must remember in these last days that we walk in this…”just BE and let Him DO!” Today I ask that all my “friends-of-heaven”, give them up, give all you have been trying to save, to the Lord Himself and let go as this is where your power lays, no where else.  Give them ALL to Him, release your prayers up to the Throne of God and walk away but walk away whistling, walk away smiling and in joy because you know your Father in Heaven holds the only True Power of Change these blind, deaf loved ones need and that He will do what He ordained to be done from the beginning.







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3 responses to “Why We Must Walk Away From The Blind & Deaf Or The Unyielding Fruit Trees In Our Fields

  1. jayne

    April 10, 2014 at 3:21 am

    very awesome, Mary Beth..bless you ;))

  2. David

    April 10, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    This was very nice and informative. Thank you Mary and it is nice to be back. I’ve just been watching your videos and following whatever Breadcrumbs I could find. I am looking forward to this upcoming blood moon on the 15th. I have never seen one before and it is sure to be an experience. I also wonder if anything will happen during or after it like the others in history. I’ve been trying to get my spiritual house in order and as clean as I can manage but it is no easy task, let me tell you. But then, nothing worth having in life,or afterlife, is easy to get. If eternal life were easy to get, that would cheapen the value of Jesus’s Gift to all of us. I ask for forgiveness of my sins daily and seek repentance for everything I’ve done in life. I pray, with all my heart to be counted worthy to escape the troubles that come in the Great Tribulation. I REALLY don’t want to be here for that. I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, just as you do. It is the only hope I have. Because, honestly, if I were left behind when it happens, I could probably almost guarantee you that I would not survive very long. I have no special skills or training that would help in a situation like that. And I will NOT take the mark. Truly and honestly, I’d rather die. That is why I hope and pray so strongly that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will count me worthy to be among His Bride. I know not how I might help Him but I WANT to help however I can. I hope He knows that. Anyway sorry for rambling like that. I am glad that you had a nice time at your conference and I hope that, one day, I may be able to meet you personally. Thank you, for all you’ve done. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

  3. Karen

    April 10, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    All by Gods grace & mercy!
    Thank you MaryBeth


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