Oh That Arlo! What A Dog’s Fear Can Teach You About Human Fear & This Little Light of Mine

07 Apr

By now, many of my friends here at Can You Hear Me Now and those that watch my videos, have a pretty good idea by now, I think, how I battle each day with my little dog Arlo…or should I say my daughter’s dog by default.  You see, about 4 years ago, my daughter Tara who is now 31, drove 3 hours from our home to purchase me this little guy and surprised me at Christmas – and boy, was I surprised!  You see, about 5-6 months prior to that, my neighbors brought home a brand spanking new puppy and of course, I was all “ga-ga” over that adorable little dog and in my “puppy-bliss”, I nonchalantly said, “Oh Tara, you can get me one of these for Christmas!”  I WAS IN THE MOMENT – I DIDN’T REALLY MEAN IT!  I’ve already been through all the doggy stages I wanted to go through and I had a business to run (solo) so I knew I did not have the time nor the energy training and taking care of a high-maintenance “designer” dog as that is what they call this breed, the Shorkie which is a mix between a Yorkie and Shitzu.  At the same time I was contemplating the distress of what my coming days/weeks/months would be like bringing this little guy up-to-speed on the “do’s and don’t’s” that I do and do not allow, I realized Arlo was a Special Needs dog as he immediately showed signs of Separation Anxiety which then led to SEVERE Separation Anxiety.  Each day held something new and over-the-top that the previous day lacked and soon I had to just face the fact that he was more than I could handle so, downstairs to live with my daughter did he go.  We were still in the same house and I still was with him everyday but she had to take the bulk of responsibility in the “Doggy Daycare” scenario.

Arlo is also a runner and each time you let your guard down, get a little relaxed in your demeanor and open the front door without securely backing him away, he would see that small opening and DASH DOWN THE ROAD!  I cannot tell you how many times I had to chase Arlo down the street in my pajamas, barefoot or with dripping wet hair and trust me, these little jaunts normal lasted longer than just a few minutes – many times leading to posters on the poles with “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DOG” or “HAVE YOU SEEN ARLO – AGAIN” plastered throughout.  Each time we would eventually get a call and we would have to go to the Animal Control Center in town and pick the little runaway up.  Remember, he has SEVERE separation anxiety so can you imagine what he was like when we would finally get there?  It was all just too much for him and he would be almost catatonic until we would walk in the door  – then it seemed like in a flash the memory of what he just experienced just vanished from his little mind…until the next time he did the exact same thing!   This is why I may seem a little “over-it-all” at times but please know, I do love this little guy very much – he is just “special”!  The insane barking he does throughout the day, all day at times, just gets to my very last nerve because he runs from window to window like a maniac and acts like he wants to rip whoever he sees coming or going down the street into a thousand pieces.  If these people are walking slow and taking their sweet ‘ole time, well, let’s just say, it becomes very trying on me and I again, I have to use whatever “tools” I have at my disposal which lately has been my lamaze-like breathing technique.  Then to make matters worse, he has started biting me, breaking the skin biting which he seems to have no comprehensible thought or memory of which allows him to come up and cuddle right next to you just minutes after.  This is a problem with the baby coming as we are not the type of people to have a spastic dog around a baby or children, regardless the size or age as it’s just not acceptable – babies/children always must come first and their safety is just unquestionable in the matter.  So, as one last plea to help Arlo and his anxiety, Tara signed him up for Dog Obedience School (he is the only one in the class) where we both must attend as Arlo thinks we both are his mom.  (I’m getting to my point of the story soon, I promise.)

While I was away for 7 days, Arlo was NOT a good boy!  He would not go potty outside for my daughter and she said that she had to physically carry him and set him on the porch and tell him to go (yes it is fenced in).  He was having none of it – it was like he was just a wimpy, whiny little kid throwing tantrums and he was!  He was mad because I was gone so he continually went potty in my room and on my things (thank you goodness not many were left as I was moving all downstairs).  The minute I walked back in the door, he went into a back-hind two-legged dance and has not stopped following me since.  Now keep in mind, these last few months I thought he hated me because he has bitten me 4 or 5 times so this act of “Oh I missed you – Oh I missed you” slightly caught me off-guard and a tad confused.  He loves me, yet his doggy-way of thinking and actions caused by that,  to be honest, has left me feeling detached, not really wanting to be close to him because I can’t judge his responses nor his reaction to the normal things in life.  Now this is what the dog trainer has told us – he barks, bites and does everything he has done due to fear.   The reason he scratches the glass hundreds of times in a non-stop fast speed as he does when he sees the Mailman is because each day he sees him coming, barking non-stop, watching him walk to the mailbox then walks away and leaves.  Arlo thinks that he does this…that his barking and all his protective spasms/fits is what makes the Mailman eventually walk away!  In his mind, IT IS WORKING – HE IS PROTECTING HIS FAMILY!  How about that one!  He actually thinks that all his big bad barking and hysterics keeps people away from his home and his loved ones.

How many people, like me, have just assumed they knew what the problem was and became so regulated, repeating over and over the same disciplinary action day after day?  No wonder the poor little thing wasn’t getting any better because in truth, he thought he was doing something so good and was completely confused in his little mind each time he was scolded!  Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t get on my nerves 24/7, because it obviously does, but at least now, I have factual insight and knowledge of what the underlying problem really is.  Now, I can start the process of correction, change and hopefully, Arlo can learn to release at least some of the fear that overtakes the little guy each day or at times, every minute of every day.  If fear makes animals react this way – wow, makes you think and see just what it does to humans.  Is this why so many people act and say things they do in such ways it makes people want to avoid them as much as possible?  Is this their way of showing love to the ones they say they love yet leaving those loved ones again oblivious to just what kind of love they are showing them?  Do you get what I am trying to point out here?

People who live in fear BARK, SCRATCH AND BITE or they HIDE UNDER THE TABLE OR BED and when they think someone is trying to hurt not only them, but a family member or loved one, like Arlo, they show their teeth, howling a continual warning growl until the POSSIBLE intruder or danger has passed or has passed on.  Fear wrecks lives…Fear misleads ones true intentions…Fear causes division due to misunderstanding…Fear readjusts ones ability to show and receive love…Fear allows good to be perceived as bad/evil…Fear causes unfair judgment of persons, places and things…Fear can make a person feel less than what God made them to be…Fear allows one to rely on themselves, not God…Fear settles in a heart so one will live in the past of “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED”…Fear holds a person from the future and walking to the “OH ONLY IF THAT WOULD HAPPEN”…Fear keeps many from hearing the TRUTH…the truth that can truly set you free!  I was thinking about this as I was looking at poor little Arlo with all that “FEAR” inside of him – fear he cannot realize is keeping him from so many “treats” in life; fear that keeps him running in circles ALL – DAY – LONG!  How many humans do you think this happens to?

Fear is not from the Lord as anything that keeps a person in bondage is of the enemy and that is exactly what fear does, it binds a person and keeps them bound from walking free, without restraints.  The time we are coming into is a very frightful time be assured but not if you have no fear because you know and are confident where your feet will land.  When a person has no clue of the stability upon which they stand, well, one will always be afraid because the ground beneath them as not been secured – there is no Seal-Of-Approval given so with each step they take, they must take it as if they are walking through a mine field and yes, that is and will always be a very scary and fearful walk.  Could you imagine a path laid out with only quicksand…a path you no doubt would have to walk each day, all day?  Well, this is what people do when they do not have our Lord Jesus carrying them over those spots or the non-believers who stand on their own shaking, unstable ground not secured and “APPROVED AND AUTHORIZED” by Jesus Himself.  Wow, what a scary scary way to live – and even more chilling is what these people will have to cross in the very near future…can you imagine all the sinking bodies because they had no Guide to lead their steps?

I honestly feel that these are many of the same people who are the non-stop BARKERS AND BITERS, screaming uncontrollably at anyone who speaks to them regarding The Kingdom of Heaven as they must have a true deep-rooted fear that never leaves them.  They may talk a big game as we very well know they do, but realistically, down deep, they have no GAME to even speak of because you must be a PLAYER to be in the game and to be a player, you must have a COACH and we all know that people who live in fear, have no one to coach them, teaching them to play.  It’s so sad you know because if they would allow themselves the one-on-one training guarantied to them from the ULTIMATE HEAD COACH, they would  then be able to run full force into the game with their no-fear skills, allowing them to take home a sure VICTORY!  Fear is darkness, joy is light and as we very well know, the two cannot reside together, they cannot even play together let alone live together because fear will always be the deep well that never dries up – it has a never-ending source of renewal, feverishly filled each day by the joyful hands of the enemy because pouring fear into a person is his main source of joy – never mistake that fact.  When a Believer in the Lord is filled with the joys of the enemy, is douses and dims the Light that shines bright within them, dulling it with each trip to the well until finally, it is snuffed out like one does a candle flame and when that happens, the Light can no longer be seen by Jesus and Our Father on the Throne…all they see is darkness where there once was light.  So in sense, another one bites the dust.

Did you know that our Lights that shine bright within us, can get dimmer and brighter with each move we make?  Prayers strengthen the Light, while fear darkens it.  I keep saying we are in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES and as God’s Faithful, our Lights need to be shining like never before for we are the ones that show the others the way Home so how can we do that if we have no Light to shine or if it’s too dull for anyone to see or follow?  So like I have been saying, Whistle While You Work…now, I think we should be singing, “I’m going to let it shine, oh this little Light of Mine!”  Goodness and all that is Good is from God; all that is corrupt, hurtful, deceiving or mean, is NOT so now, especially now, we all need to walk in His Goodness so we can let our little Lights shine BIG and “let it shine…let it shine…oh let it shine!”

After I finished typing this post, I went to YouTube to try to find an upload of the song “This Little Light of Mine” – instead, I found a video song by Odetta and what really made this entire post about knock me off my chair, again, was what she says before she starts singing.  It was very similar, if not in fact the same thing, as I was trying to state above.  Isn’t God just so great!


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4 responses to “Oh That Arlo! What A Dog’s Fear Can Teach You About Human Fear & This Little Light of Mine

  1. Ray

    April 7, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Very nice, thank you MJ. Glad you had a safe and joyful trip. It sounds like it lifted you up! Ray

  2. Tortie

    April 7, 2014 at 10:06 pm

    Great article! I previously thought you were calling the dog a “sharky” because of the bites!

  3. Roberta Bruss

    April 8, 2014 at 1:27 am

    Odetta’s pre-song message was great. I am reminded that I forget that God’s enemy portrays all the opposites of Him, calling them good. I forget that shrinking back from being light to not be noticed is perfectly fine with satan so that His Light cannot cast out his darkness. “What I tell you in darkness, speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops.” Matt. 10:27 KJV “While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light…” John 12:36 KJV “Ye are all children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.” 1 Thes. 5:5 KJV “Thy Word is a LAMP unto my feet, and a LIGHT unto my path” ( emphasis added) Psalm 119:105 KJV

  4. Irene

    April 8, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    I thought I’d already commented, oh well! just a quickie, thanks for sharing pics of your cute sweet little dog, even though he does bite you he is still lovely lol. love bite, maybe! God bless MB for all that you share.


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