Look In The Mirror~That Is Who Jesus Is Coming To Get And Know, He Is Not On Demand, We Are!

04 Apr

MB Orlando airport


Friends, I will tell you that sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at our Lord’s sense-of-humor! It truly never ceases to amaze me…that, and “His All Perfect Timing” of just where He plants our feet so that the steps we take in the allotted hours He so graciously grants us are placed in the exact spots He wants and/or needs them to land. He always has a Grand Plan, does He not? He always knows what direction we will go even when we have not a clue!

If you have been with me since the beginning of this “never-in-a-million-years-did-I-think-I-would-do-this” journey, you knew early on, right-out-of-the-gate, I am completely led by the Holy Spirit and am completely at the mercy of the Lord in what I am to share with you my friends – some days I still try to grasp the gravity of the situation and the responsibility for the words/understanding I share. I am and always have been a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kind of girl, leaving worry to worry about itself and I always knew that somehow it would all work out, whether or not I was organized, well-planned or not. For the most part, I have walked my life in ignorant bliss of how the day will wrap up – knowing it’s conclusion was occurring with or without me and it would happen regardless of what was pre-scheduled in my Daily Planner or just thrown in-mind that very morning. What was going to happen was going to happen whether I was ready or not! If I have never believed those words as much as I do today – this is why I was in my own little “Peace-of-Mind” (yes, I know I misspelled “piece”) and I do not change my “drive-speed” just because of the people around me who live their days the opposite. I have finally learned to “Whistle while I work”!

Last Thursday my flight to Orlando was departing at 9:15 am and we all know they say to arrive to airport at least 2 hours in advance just to have enough time to pass through security and all that entails, right? Well, I had gotten to bed around 1:30 but both my daughter and myself had our alarms set for 5:00 am so I could get up, shower, PACK and leave in enough time as it is a 40 minute drive to the St. Louis Airport. Well, my daughter wakes me up WELL AFTER 6 am as neither of the sounds blasted loud enough to wake even the lightest of sleepers so needless to say, the clock was ticking but I was just as calm, cool and collected as if I had 4 hours to spare. I had been just too tired to pack my bag the night before so decided to complete that task in the morning (of course I did) but now, I had no time to decide which 4 pair of black leggings to take and which hoodies/cardigans/t-shirts needed to be worn with them. My daughter insisted that I take none of my usual wear that everyone here has seen at least a zillion times so she had placed all these out-fits on my bed along with scarves, accessories, etc. Now remember friends, I have gained at least 12 to 14 pounds just in the last 10 weeks which I can thank my daughter’s pregnancy for (sympathy baby weight) and since I wear “comfy” clothes around the house, I had not realized that ALMOST ALL MY CLOTHES WERE NOW WAAAYYYY TOO TIGHT! I can be a lot of things but I cannot be miserable in another state, away from home in clothes that do not fit, especially when they are fitting on the small side, way too small side! Anyway, my mind was on overload and making this decision become a bit too important, a tad to confusing and I just could not stand thinking about it for one more minute! I decided to lay out the suitcase just below my bed, take my arm/hand and scoop ALL of it into my luggage, tossing flip-flops, a pair of boots and who knows what else into opening compartment and zipped it up! I could not tell you at that point what was in there and what was not in there – but I knew I would definitely be surprised when I arrived in Florida!

We left the house close to 7:30 am (remember plane departs at 9:15 plus I have a 40 minute drive), stopped by Starbucks for a to-go coffee and was on our way. I told my daughter to drive the speed limit, take her time as I was not going to “freak-out” or let anxiety of time or the lack of, fill me and I didn’t. I was calm, easy…I was Whistling While I Worked. We arrive at the check-in curb area of Southwest at 8:20 am, kissed my daughter good-bye then went on my way. Small line there but nothing too bad – continued onto the security line only to stand there for about 10-15 minutes then they told me I had already checked-in via on-line so I didn’t have to wait in that line at all, I was allowed to walk through the short line (no one was in that line), passing through a non-crowded handbag/carry-on/body scan area (hassle free) which then allowed me direct access to my awaiting departure gate. WITH 15 MINUTES TO SPARE BEFORE BOARDING!

See! I let the Lord keep and take all anxiety that could have festered there; I started with a faithful heart and a worry-free heart and truly expecting nothing less that what I knew He would do. Just let me say, this process was repeated in a very similar way today in regards to my return flight back home. I still have a giggle in my voice and a smile on my face sitting in my seat thinking about it – really I do! My steps today led me to exact, no precise spots He, our Precious Lord, wanted me to rest in because in each one, I spoke a word or two about this past weekend’s conference and what I do. I was able to open my mouth in a casual, yet “this is why I’m here” stance leaving all whom I spoke to with small seeds of information. Not too much, not too little (hopefully) but just enough to have them remember what God is doing when the events we know are coming, occur.

Now, back to my original thoughts on why I believe the Lord had me do all this, citing always that the Blog/Videos I share are not for everyone but for specific people that the Lord Himself is sending, directing via Heavenly Breadcrumbs to me so they can hear whatever it was the Lord needed/wanted them to hear. It was His Way of getting them to the spot He ordained and needed them to be but seemed to be having trouble walking there and this was His Way of confirming with those people (YOU) that 1) yes indeed it was His Holy Spirit you were feeling, knowing, hearing but because of the doubt and lack-of-faith in YOU, not HIM, you were not able to climb over that last hurdle or hump at the tip of that mountain He needed you to cross; 2) He brought you here so this doubt within could be recognized, removed and you could finally see all what He had planned for you – so you could see just how important you all are, we all are, in His Heavenly Kingdom’s End-Time Army and your place in the Bride of Christ; 3) that He uses everyone regardless what type of personality you have – showing especially how it is us that is called by Him, not the other way around…we are called “On-Demand”, not the other way around. What I mean by this is that God picks us, it’s totally His Decision and although we erroneously think God comes when we call and want Him, in truth, it is us that comes to Him when He calls and not the other-way-around! He is going to use all persons, and who He made them to be, whether others think they or you are God Material or not! It’s His Way, His Show and HE IS THE STAR!

I have said this many times that the Lord knows exactly who is He coming to get, no great surprise there so please do not listen to other “Christians” who think you need to look, walk, talk and morph suddenly into someone who mirrors them and someone you are not! If He wanted us/you to be someone else, He would not have made you who you are, right! Do not let anyone else Believer or Non-Believer, dictate who you are and where you stand in the Lord and His Kingdom just because it’s different by man’s standards and views. Listen to the Lord for He is the one that made each of His Children to be the original artwork He so designed and, with great thought and care might I add! No other human can define another’s stance in God’s Eyes…He sees something He needs in each He calls, something He can use, the way He can/will use them and His Design Work is precise, well-planned and is never by chance or mistake – it will never fail. His Grand Plan that includes you, will be victorious and perfect because His Creation was made in His Image and to His exact specifications so each “t” is crossed and each “i” is dotted. Don’t worry – that’s is His job and His burden to carry so keep always in your mind these things when you start to think that He could never or would never use you because you are not the “picture book” Christian other “Christians” impress on you to be. Be the Child of the Lord, the Christian that the Lord Himself designed you at the beginning to be and embrace all that goes with it, with you and your importance to God, especially now. Remember, all who were born of this generation, was done so according to God’s Ultimate Planning and He ordained is so, knowing this turnout from the beginning. We/you were made for just this time so do not look to the right, to the left – only forward to where He stands so you may be blessed and see the reason He made you, made all of us again to His exact specifications and patterns for this specific time in history and not a minute before. Grab this, hold it and walk in confidence He knows what He is doing and know that God does not make mistakes and hopefully, He will fill your heart and spirit with the confidence, love and strength supernaturally in order for your vessel to be completed – standing firm with understanding as you hear His final call to service.

Really, I truly hope that God blesses each and every one of you dear sisters and brothers in Christ and may He grant all of us Peace-of-Heart!


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4 responses to “Look In The Mirror~That Is Who Jesus Is Coming To Get And Know, He Is Not On Demand, We Are!

  1. Lorraine

    April 4, 2014 at 9:40 am

    Thanks Marybeth!
    I was feeling weary all week, stumbling, losing my focus on Him and feeling unworthy. You always say things I needed to hear at the right moment like you know what I’m going through. Your post really helps get me back on track. Have a safe journey. I’ll be looking forward to hear more about the prophesy conference.

  2. Karen

    April 4, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    What a great word of encouragement. Thank you Lord! I am so excited to see our Lord when that time comes. Maranatha everyone.
    MaryBeth thank you, Karen

  3. Irene

    April 4, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    Thank you Marybeth for these encouraging words. The Lord is with you! and all of us. God bless Irene

  4. friendofheaven

    April 5, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Remember, we are all going through this together. Each day comes but so does tomorrow which makes today look a lot less worse than we thought it was, right! He has a special use for all of us – ALL OF US! It’s just my turn to be in the game, then I’ll step away and it will be someone else’s turn, whoever He has in mind. Specific times for specific people. Love you guys so much, really, you are my family and friends…if you only knew!


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