How Do I Know What I Know? I Followed The Breadcrumbs To The Heart of God

16 Mar


When I first started this blog and the videos, I honestly had no idea I would be doing it this long.  I thought maybe a few weeks, maybe 2 months tops, but never did I think I would be here this long.  When I first started, I also stated time and time again in the videos that this blog and the videos were not for everyone – they were for specific people and when they viewed the videos or read the blog, they would know immediately who it was that had sent them here!

I knew too I was speaking to a select group of Believers who for whatever reason, was looking for or needed to know something…something only Jesus knew and that whatever is was, would be spoken about again either here or in one of the videos.  Jesus had said the “Breadcrumbs” laid out for them was to lead those Believer’s to where He led them in order for them to receive that final “UMPH” they needed to get over that last hump, that last mountain peak they kept sliding down from or had in the past, failed to climb over.  I don’t know what that is or was, nor do I know who it is, was or still is talking about, but I know that many have had those questions or obstacles answered and they found whatever it was He had them searching for.

I am just a normal, regular person, a single mother who borne 3 children and who after losing my middle child at the age of 16 in a car accident in 2005, searched and literally ran after the Heart of God.  You see, I thought I knew Him.  I thought I had my Hedge of Protection up high and in my ignorance, I thought what I had done in the past and was still doing then, was enough to keep that hedge unbreakable and strong…I was wrong.  I was wrong in so many ways but did not know this until it was too late.  It took the passing of my beautiful son Trey for me to really know God’s Heart, His Ways, His Love, His Patience, His Kingdom, His Word and His Son.  I would always tell people this, “God loved me soooo much, that He took my son to give me His!” This is true.  I had known Him my entire life or so I thought I did but really, I did not know HIM at all.

My journey led me many places and I watched more videos, read more articles and listened to more Pastor’s sermons than I can count as I was always searching for The Truth.  After awhile, I started to recognize the clues He was leaving me and the Heavenly Breadcrumbs He laid out right in front of me to follow.  If I had not listened to my Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit inside of me, I cringe to think where my feet might have landed but somehow I knew it was Him that was guiding each click of my mouse, each search I typed on my keyboard and screen and when I finally landed in the exact place at the exact time He led me to be, I knew – I knew that I knew that I knew.  I knew I found Him and I had not a doubt in my Spirit, that Jesus Himself not only played this out, but that it was now He Himself that was teaching what I was soon to learn.  I was not alone as there were in total approximately 200 to 300 others from all around the world, just like me and just like you, who had too followed the Heavenly Breadcrumbs landings us all next to each other in this one place.  It’s so surreal even now how it all began and it’s even more surreal looking back seeing just what it was we have been taught and by Whom.  We all knew immediately, immediately what we were being shown and all of us were in complete awe and overwhelmed knowing we had been brought together to be given a teaching that had never been taught.

I don’t know why He chose who He chose – I don’t know why I was allowed such a Gift but I was and I will not be made to feel bad or left torn in half in guilt others of this world want to make me feel because they do not understand it or because they themselves did not “get it”.  The common denominator between this very humble group of Christians was 1) almost all had gone through horrific trials and traumas in their life, and 2) all had ran after and searched daily for the True Heart of God.  That is it, this is the common factor I found and this is what allowed us to be privy to the Divine Heavenly Teaching we received the past 17 months.  We were taught what Jesus said He would open in the last days, the end of days spoken about in Daniel and in Revelations – the Sealed Words and Mysteries of the latter times.  At first we had no clear understanding of what we were being shown, we didn’t but after a few months, we knew without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt just what it was we were being given and just WHO exactly was teaching us!  

I know this is hard for people to believe or understand but why?  He is doing exactly what He said He would do, is He not?  Every bit of teaching was backed by Scripture multiple times and multiple verses that confirmed each to the other.  He made us read, look, search, pray constantly for Divine Understanding, Divine Wisdom, Divine Sight and Hearing and He truly made us search out His Word in the Bible day after day, constantly and lovingly saying, “It’s all there, hidden in plain sight.  I’m about to do something in your day that you would not believe even if you were told!” It was not until these past few weeks/months, that all the teaching has come together, allowing us to fit each piece of the puzzle into place where it now reads like a book, well almost.  There are just a few pieces missing but we know what they are – we just don’t know when they will be placed into the final picture that is almost complete.  There came a time however, that the Lord repeated over and over that we needed to share what we had been given – we needed to teach to others what we had been taught…that we needed to leave our “Tools” for all those that are His now and for those that will be left here after we are gone.

This is how I know what I know.  This is why I speak confidently on the subjects I speak about.  You can believe me or not, that is totally up to you but please don’t let your flesh override your Spirit – be led by your Spirit, God’s Holy Spirit because if you allow your flesh to lead you, then reasons of unbelief in what I have said will be caused from and due to the enemy who whispers in your ear – as he is the god of this world who easily tempts the flesh in to believing or not believing God’s Word and Teaching.  He is the great manipulator and would like nothing more than to keep the Children of the Lord from knowing these Heavenly Teachings and Mysteries of the End.  Let God’s Holy Spirit be your Guide, believe Him and not your flesh.  Many do not want to believe this because they were not allowed or called to hear it which is a fleshly reason, not spiritual.  Again, I don’t know why He allowed me this Great Gift and the others that I walked with on this wonderful journey but, I am so humbled and blessed to have been a part of it.  I do know one thing – that all who were brought to “The Barn”, were also given our own special “UMPH” that the Lord knew we needed, which ultimately allowed each of us to grow and obtain the level of understanding in our own walk that He needed us to reach and/or to be standing in.  It’s always His Will and His Way, always.

Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing me to be a Sparrow and thank you for trusting me to share with others what you have shared with Your Sparrows.

*Many will not see or hear with clear eyes and ears and they will refuse to move from the spot in which they have stood for so long.  They will not see what the Lord Himself is showing us, telling us and wanting known to us for this time even if He is doing just as He promised He would.  I am sharing what has been released as this is the generation it has been kept for.  If you don’t believe what I say, it is okay, I understand and I pray that Jesus will open your Spirit for discernment as I have no reason to do what I’m doing other than to be obedient to what the Lord has asked.  If this offends people, I’m sorry as that is not the intent, just the Truth.*

Jesus 1 (Erin)


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3 responses to “How Do I Know What I Know? I Followed The Breadcrumbs To The Heart of God

  1. Susan

    March 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Thank you for your ministry, your love of people, and especially your love of The Lord. You have helped me so much in understanding how the very last days are coming together.

  2. Irene

    March 16, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Thank you Mary Beth for sharing. I desperately want to be closer to God, I’m suffering with health problems and daily I wish I could be removed from this earth, every day I ask the lord not to delay His coming much longer. It is wonderful that the lord is using you and other Sparrows in getting the message over, without we wouldn’t have much to hope for. Maranatha!

  3. Roberta Bruss

    March 17, 2014 at 2:12 am

    Yes, this is a definite UMPH for some of us as I have been looking for Jesus for about 3 years now. I go everyday looking for words of he Lord brought by the Sparrows. We all have our own jobs that God gives us. Some of my jobs resulting from the Sparrows’ words are prayer, loving others, and searching through Scripture, though I do them anyway. But the Sparrows words encourage me, and fuel me to continue trying to reach others for Him until the Father gives the Son the green light to get His Bride! My looking TO Jesus and FOR Jesus are two different actions and I can do them simultaneously. 🙂 Thank you for your courage:)


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