More Videos Re: 3 Days of Darkness, Patterns of Earthquake And The Early Arrival of The Bride

11 Mar



Well, it took me long enough to post these videos!  I apologize ahead of time if they are out-of-sequence or repetitive in areas but I recorded these on March 5th or 6th and by time I finished editing them (very poorly might I add), I couldn’t remember which was first, second or last!

My heart has been very heavy these past few weeks and I have been under extreme spiritual attack, along with 3 painful dog attacks.  I stay up late the majority of the time so I can finish reading and earning whatever I’m trying to share and I guess my body was getting a little rundown.  A few nights ago I slept wrong and woke up, not able to move my neck…finding a comfortable sitting position was almost impossible as was me trying to look down onto my computer screen to type.  I have titanium plates and screws all up and down my back and neck, even a cage was placed in my lower back area so when I sleep in a non-upright position, I will pinch a nerve in my neck leading down to my shoulder blade area and the pain makes it hard to function in a normal everyday way.  It will pass in a couple of days but until then, I’m doing only what I have to do.  What a time for this two occur because there is so much going on in the world and I believe, so much more to come.  We are in a great season and I personally believe that March and April will be the time to watch – maybe even a time for the Watchers to finally ring their warning bells!

For anyone of my friends who has emailed me and are yet to receive my response, I apologize sincerely and I will try to work on that tomorrow but please know, it is not intentional and I am not ignoring them – I just haven’t been able to sit comfortably in any chair to read or type but please know that I will reply as soon as I can.







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2 responses to “More Videos Re: 3 Days of Darkness, Patterns of Earthquake And The Early Arrival of The Bride

  1. Irene

    March 11, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Oh dear Mary Beth, I pray that our Lord brings healing to your body, you certainly need it by the sounds of things! and I agree with Laura, you have no need to reply to any of us, just know that we all love you. lots & lots! God bless you. Sis Irene xxxxxxxxx

  2. Irene

    March 11, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    MB was sat just thinking about you and wishing I could be there with you. If only I wasn’t so far away! I pray that soon we will be together with our beloved Jesus.


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