Don’t Cross The Street Without Me – The Lights Are Changing Fast – Message 2/6/2014

07 Feb


Child of My Heart hear My Words well – no one, no one will harm you and no one will take what I have blessed, away from My Divine Eyes. Allow all you see and here to be forgotten – it is not of ME and therefore you should not walk toward those that speak them. It is the stranger at the door that you must keep locked out.

While the world sleeps, My World is wide awake and ready for what the New Day brings. Look to ME – see what I bring upon the sleepers of the world as they cannot see me come in their dreams. Turn from these now and let ME arrange My Divine Appointments in their unknowing life for they cannot see My Hands at work.

Remember all what I have spoken in days past for those Words were truly of ME. Scoffers have always been and will always be. I ordain the ears and eyes of all Children, to see and hear what I CHOSE to be so…do not fret over souls that are removed from understanding of the appointed times and dates. Cross not the street to seek who do not seek ME for the enemy deceives the light’s access to the crossing and surely tries to detain My Children in the middle of the road where the chance of death is centered between the lines. I hold the hands of My Children when I have brought their footing off the sidewalk and onto the roadway, so do not walk without My Fatherly Hand of Protection that pulls you away from the uncontrolled cars which drive in the fast-lane, or those that travel confused down the one-way street. Leave the driving to ME also –  for there is no other who drives and controls the passage of dear ones better than I. Do I not have a perfect driving record? Do I not control all the lights at each and every intersection controlling all traffic? Do My Actions and Words not say when one must stop, go or yield to on-coming danger? Surely this I do! Not all is good that waits on the other side of the street My Children that the Children of this earth try to cross to. This is why too My Children, you must watch the signs for the crosswalk to be safe and see clearly the flashing lights when the “DON’T WALK” is lit and shown.

When one is not paying attention nor holding My Mighty Hand or following My Lead and Footsteps I tell them to, many unaware and unawake Children sleepwalk into on-coming traffic that leaves them mangled and hurt, some even drug behind the racing cars for miles until they are finally released from the underbelly of the beast that pulled them far from the place of impact where they now cling to life only by My Grace, the Grace and Mercy of their Father in Heaven.

What is left of these Children who walked while they slept? How do they rise from this now-broken, critical state that dangles them between life and death? What can be done to rescue them from the yellow-centered line they now lay directly across, vulnerable to more dragging and abuse to their already delicate earthly bodies? How long do they lay in the middle of the road exposed to the elements and all that can bring both hot and cold upon them? It is there Children where many lay and it is on that center painted line, that many will reside on until it is too late to be moved away from.

If they only had enough energy, life or Heavenly Help to move themselves to one side or the other for safety, they could have avoided the trauma of the cars going in both directions instead of being hit by just those driven in a single lane. Surely now I tell you, one cannot survive when one’s body lays on both sides of the line.

Do you know what I say here My Children? Seek ME to cross all streets laid with traffic. Do not cross without waiting for ME to carry and guide you there and do not try to walk to the other side on your own – you will not make it without My Almighty Hand of Protection. Wait for My Safety Lights to be on that will clearly tell you when the time of crossing is upon you and occurring. Be wide awake – do not walk in your sleep so you are alert at all times. Do not be caught off-guard by even the runaway trains that can easily overpower and harm all who have boarded and even the ones yet waiting at the platform, completely unaware of the danger upon them as they stand so close to the edge, not knowing what travels at an unstoppable speed just a few minutes ahead. Children, stand back so you are not in harms way when the tracks can no longer hold such a power onto it’s lined metal rails or else you will surely be crushed under it’s mighty weight.

Look now for the traffic comes quickly and the lights will change faster in sequence – leaving you caught in the middle deaf and blind to the offset timing the lights represent. Red will change to green without warning and green will seem to pass the yellow and onto the red which will cause collision upon collision. Do you see the intersection now and the disaster sitting within it’s center?

This is how all will be now. Do not go this crossing alone because without My Heavenly Hand, you will not arrive to the side of the road you seek in safety, nor in whole for you cannot see the dangers in advance as I can. You will not know where to place your steps to walk for you truly know not where the metal beasts comes nor the direction from where it races and travels from.

Hold My Hand – the light is about to change. Be ready on My Safe Sidewalk and I will be with you to protect you when the light “WALK NOW” is above you and telling you to “WALK”. I walk with you!

(February 6, 2014 @11:15 am)


One response to “Don’t Cross The Street Without Me – The Lights Are Changing Fast – Message 2/6/2014

  1. Ray

    February 7, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Thank you MB, a message straight from God to his Children’s hearts. Very encouraging in these difficult and dangerous days. God Bless You!


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