02 Feb

“Again, here My Words well – I speak to My Children who love Me. Now daughter, I know I have heard your cries, your prayers – walk in My Light and My Glory.

Seek My Face throughout your day – search for all that is of Me and not what the enemy wants the world to see as Me and Mine for My True Children, My True Flock, My True Church and My Beautiful Pure Bride, see what is of Me for they see Truth. They see me as I AM. They know the Voice of their True Shepherd, their True God, their True Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua who gave up His Life and shed His Pure Sinless Blood for them and for their sins so they could be remembered no more and never reach the Almighty Ears of the Father of Heaven, Our Father who is the Creator of All and who waits for Me to bring His Children back from the wilderness in which they walk.

I Yeshua, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings, have been given glory to rule and reign with My Father and shall sit on the right hand of My Father in Heaven. I shall bring to Him My Spotless Bride who was plucked from a decaying earth but chosen by the Father Himself before the start of time. It is My Bride I will raise to My Home in Heaven to give Praise and Glory to My Father and it is My Bride that will show the sleeping children of the earth ME and what My Will and My Father’s Will for WE ARE ONE, will do for them and how these who are not Mine will not see any of God’s Glory…only His Wrath for His Will must be done and will be done!

Be not afraid My Children, war and evil have been delivered onto the earth and it searches to destroy all that The Father and I love for it wages war against My Spirit of Goodness and Love and has darts pointed to destroy the Pure of Heart and the Pure Love they hold. Pray Children for I AM here and I hear your prayers. I protect My Sheep so lose not hope in Me…lose all you attach yourself to in this world – leave this place of evil now. Keep your eyes and spirit – the Spirit I laid inside you at birth, to Me and to all of Heaven for now is the time of Great Glory from the Throne of My Father as now is the time of release of all He Promised to come upon this earth. Walk in My Spirit solely with each step taken. Keep counterfeits away and do not listen to words not of Me for you My Sheep, know My Voice and you know when I speak and when the god of this earth speaks for this Gift of Discernment is now upon all who belong to Me. I gave you this Gift now – use it and ask for what you need for all will be given. The Key to Heaven is also now upon you – listen to your heart for you surely hear Me there and you will have too, authority to walk in My Open Heavenly Doors that stand wide and clear, ready for the feet of My Flock to enter. You must enter through ME – you must walk the way of the narrow path and you too will see The Open Door. Walk through it Children and do not doubt this Good Gift I now give you.

Evil marks it threshold too. Keep away from those that dwell in him and his places for they may look beautiful but he is the great deceiver and will try to capture the souls of the innocent that cannot see it is false paint, false colors and it is truly black at heart. Keep to Me now; do not fall-in-line as others you see as the Abyss craves the souls of the good. Stay in My Truth – know now I mount and lead My Army to rescue My Bride for the fog that thickens the air and shields the eyes from the road ahead. It hides what walks the sides of their paths – what calls to them in silent-want and suffering and it seeks to destroy from within it’s chaotic darkness. Stay Children away from what seeks to do this. Have Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of what I speak and what covers and lays on and above the earth – what creeps about in it’s place I have set for them for their time in the forest of true darkness has too an open spot and they will be cast into the light-of-day for all to see and where they can do their devilish-deeds in front of all the earth to see. They hide no more for their battle comes forth as does their end. They fight now in open spaces because they know well where they shall be cast by Me and the time for such is surely upon them. My Blood covers, protects and gives authority over these so use My Sacrifice I freely gave so you may not be part of the chaos that comes and that you too are divinely protected by Me and My Blood Shield of Heavenly Protection. Seek what I give you; Hear what I say to you; and call upon the Open Doors of Heaven for it waits for all My Children. Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and I shall answer. Know now where you stand for My Door is widely open for the feet of My Children.

The descending fog carries the Fallen who come and seek new homes. They are searching for not who they already know, but the souls and bodies they are yet to know. Have no doubt for who they have their ungodly eyes set upon – for it is the eyes of those who think they know Me but do not. Those that walk with shut lids and are warm in their minds of Me. They shall set footing to those that too love Me – those that have fears set before them of the world, a world that the enemy shows them like the Matrix it is. When these that have fallen from My Glory and My Sight, they which seek to destroy and corrupt those I love and their steps see nothing else but what the evil that lives in them gives mind to do, you must not be fooled by them that seek full possession as nothing else matters but the will of their hate they carry for all I love and hold way above the ground upon which they crawl. I shall never allow them ME! This is the fuel that fills them for know this is Truth.

Use your Armor of My Words…use all I have allowed known to you this time as I give you Good Gifts and Wisdom in how to defeat what seeks always to destroy all that have what they secretly wish for – ME, and to be like ME for they too now demand false glory and worship. Keep from the creatures cast away from Me – lock them out of your home and where I dwell for they cannot tread on Holy Ground and where I stand is Holy. If I stand in you and you stand in Me – is this not too Holy Ground?

Fight not in the flesh for they have no flesh – but have victory in the Spirit for that is where the power of your Armor is worn and where it is victorious in battle. Your flesh cannot battle what it cannot see so look to the Spirit for Divine Sight and it is there you will know how to stand with Heavenly Stance and can call upon My Heavenly Angels into battle for this is where they have fought all the wars and have won each battle over the enemy’s forces. You too must fight the Good Fight in this Spirit of Warfare and use your Shield of Armor in full force and power. Do not fight in the decaying, dying flesh as it will not hold up to the darkness it is attached to…it will not fight it’s birther – it will only be weaken and awaken by it.
Use all I have given and you will stand. Use your Power of Prayer and this will be your mightiest weapon as it calls the Mighty of All to defend and you shall never be defeated.

When you drink from My Cup as I ask all now to do, you too shall carry what I do; you too shall carry a cross that’s size is greater in weight than you stand but My Blood that was swallowed when drank from My Cup, shall also flow in you and the weight will be light. If you accept Me, you too shall have all that I have and all My Father gives – use the Open Heaven I call upon for it waits to give to all who ask in My Name. As My Father gives to Me, He shall also give to you. Use Wisdom here and place upon your Spirit all that is released, for you too will have Divine Understanding and Guidance in all things and places you walk. Now what is asked shall be given and call now upon My Open Heaven and all that is at your disposal given by My Father on His Throne. Bless and you too shall be blessed.”

(January 26, 2014 mid-morning – Please use and pray for discernment)


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  1. Amy Dickerson

    February 2, 2014 at 9:22 am

    This is the most difficult lesson that the LORD has ever been in process of teaching to me. He is using whatever means He can use to get it to sink into my spirit. We wrestle NOT against flesh and blood….. I see the physical. I hear the physical and I react to what I see and hear through emotion.
    He is showing me that I am a SPIRIT, not a body. In order to deal with the physical, it must first be handled in the spiritual realm. You cant kill a tree by cutting off its leaves. The roots must be killed first. Everything that we see in this physical world has its beginning in the spiritual. If we want something to change in the physical, we have to take it to the Thrown of God. We are weak, but GOD will take care of it in His timing. The important thing for me to do, is to keep this understanding in the front of my mind at all times. It is so very easy to react.

  2. Ray

    February 2, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    So very sweetly said, thank you. I too have been frusrated and discouraged as i fight in the flesh (its so comfortable and feels so normal) but it leads to defeat and discouragement. The only way i can have strength in the spirit is to be full of the spirit. I must ure the tools God has given us – prayer, his word and promises, and i must be willing to wait and let him go ahead…that is difficult for me. 2 nights ago i blessed my daughters room (she has been very rebellious) as I was blessing there was an audible voice in my ear saying nasty things — startled me at first but i finished the blessing and it helped. This world is enveloped in evil and we must stand strong…for our Lord says the victory is Won and we shall celebrate with him soon. Praise God, Ray

  3. susan

    February 2, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    This is a very powerful Word. The last paragraph reminds me of Julie’s last word. Blessings to you Mary Beth!!!!!!

  4. Trishie

    February 2, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Reblogged this on My Jesus Blog * Inspiration In The Last Days. and commented:
    Thank you Mary Beth once again for sharing the word of Christ with us. I love the new page blog site!

  5. Irene

    February 2, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    I also felt blessed by these words from our Lord. I am weak, but my spirit is strong. I pray I’m doing enough that Jesus considers me His bride. I love you all! Bless His Holy name. Ray stay strong, don’t be tempted! The Lord is with you. Irene

    • David Richter

      February 3, 2014 at 12:07 am

      I pray that I am doing enough to be considered part of the Bride as well. Like I said the last time I commented, pretty much all I do is play video games and basically just sit around the house. I mean, I do chores around the house and whatever else my parents might need me to do but I don’t do much else to be truly honest with you all. I also help out where I can and I try so hard to be a nice guy, I really do. I can’t imagine that the life I live is extremely pleasing to the Lord but that’s not my call to make. I am weak as well but my Spirit is getting stronger all the time. I love you all. I bless you all and I hope to see our Heavenly sign soon. Is it wrong to want the three days of darkness?

      • Irene

        February 3, 2014 at 5:53 pm

        Our Lord knows how much you love Him David. Every task you do whatever it is or how small do it for Him. I have to tend to our animals, well God’s creatures! I’m looking after them for Him, but most evenings I sit at my computer waiting and hoping for messages that will lift my spirit, and to pass time away I play a card game, I don’t know if this is sin or not, I think maybe not! but to become addicted to it may lead to it becoming sin, so be careful not to let the video games take over your like, try searching on line for more Godly interest, or read some good Christian books, such as the Path Series. I don’t come into contact with all that many people, but those I do, I have more or less stop talking about Jesus and the end times, because they just don’t want to know, it is sad but there it is! Like you I try to be kind to others and love them, some it is hard I know, if I fail I will ask for forgiveness and help on this. I would like to give more to charities, but life is a struggle to get by with the rising cost of living. I use to go to church, but stopped because after 2 years people could not connect with us because we were different to them, also I needed to feel the power of God, that just wasn’t there. I do however still have some connection to this Church, one a month I make sandwiches for the Soup Wagon, have you thought of doing something like this David, helping the homeless? this is doing something for our Lord.
        Sorry for rambling on a bit. God bless you Brother. Sister Irene

  6. Irene

    February 2, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    I felt like adding this! sing it to ‘Tell Laura I love her’ if you know the tune! you’ll get carried away, I love it.

    ‘Tell Jesus I love Him, tell Jesus I need Him, tell Jesus not to cry, my Love for Him will Never die’

    It is a beautiful tune! Many Blessings Irene PS let me know if you sang it or heard of it.

  7. friendofheaven

    February 2, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Of course I know that song! I love it!}

    • Irene

      February 2, 2014 at 11:28 pm

      Did you sing ‘Tell Jesus?

    • Irene

      February 2, 2014 at 11:36 pm

      Jesus is singing this to His Bride too.

  8. Patricia Owens

    February 2, 2014 at 11:34 pm


  9. Irene

    February 3, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    I forgot to mention, I don’t think it is wrong to want the 3 days of Darkness, I do too, very much so! it shows how much we want and love Jesus. Blessings Irene

  10. Paul Ng

    February 4, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Thank You Jesus for this lesson and gifts. Thanks for MBJ’s faithfulness.


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