Perry Stone – The Hebraic Alphabet and Number Code Reveals Future Events (Full Sermon)

25 Jan

I have a true God-given soft spot for Perry Stone, the Evangelical Preacher who has hosted the Manna-Fest Voice of Evangelism television program for quite a few years now.  I “got” Perry from the first time I heard him not only preach, but EXPLAIN scriptures in the Bible…when he spoke sound understanding and “common sense” of God’s Words.  Perry’s teachings, which I believe are Divinely Inspired, truly I do, settled well into my Spirit immediately – I was led by his knowledge of God and God’s Word to learn, to really dig in and study what was given to us freely and that is exactly what I did – but too, I received my “UMPH” over that mountain top from watching, hearing and listening what Perry was trying so hard to share.  I know in my heart this was a major Heavenly Breadcrumb the Lord had left on my path.

Not all of us on this earth are going to agree or going to like the same “prophecy teachers” and that’s okay, I understand but do not discard someone because of what you have heard by another because as we all know, the enemy has placed counterfeits or counterfeits spirits upon and in the path of Children of the Lord, trying to keep them from following their Divinely Led Breadcrumbs…remember this.  Many do not like Perry Stone but I will stand firm in my support and understanding of what he is trying to teach to the world of believers.  Yes, he does take fairly fast at times, but again, so do I and all I do is rewind the parts I need to hear again but he just tries so hard to get it all out within the time-period, limitations he has preaching that message…I get that!

Perry Stone has been to Israel oh, I have no idea how many times and he still to this day, brings back something new to share with us and before he speaks a word of it, he has studied it and knows it!  That is what I love!  What people also cannot see is that Perry spoke and taught much about what everyone else is now speaking out and teaching or in favor of…I heard it first from Perry years ago – another confirmation for me.  The Holy Spirit has led me to and away from many people and places throughout my life, especially though these last 9 years and when I first started my “run” after the Heart of God, this is who He put front and center to get my walking shoes broken in. Now, I did my own homework from here which kept me always searching, digging, reading, listening and watching, always continuing to learn and walk behind my Heavenly Breadcrumbs laid in the exact places/spots Jesus was leading me to.  Every single time I got a little too cocky, feeling a little “too smart” for where He had me and I took it upon myself and walked ahead of my Breadcrumbs, oh well, I was standing in a place or ended up at a teaching site He did not want me to be at, therefore telling/showing me the teaching was not authentic, true-to-the-Word in parts and He would quickly remove me from those places.  I quickly removed any of that falseness from my head, my heart and my spirit so no damage or false-teaching lingered, but it wasted precious time of “real” learning…that is what infuriated me!  My lesson – don’t walk ahead of the Lord!

I love Perry and I believe he has been given Divine Sight, Hearing, Knowledge and Understanding of God’s Word in Prophecy and Israel. I will continue to post certain videos of his, those that I feel will help in areas of our walk and our teaching so please feel free to watch all that I post, or not.  If you do not feel a spiritual connection with these videos, it’s okay too, you don’t have to watch them but I will post the ones I feel need to be seen at the time they need to be watched.

One important note – Perry sometimes gets in that “soaring-excited-Christian-mode” where his voice kind of raises, lowers, sings, etc…that is who he is, what he was brought up in and although I do not do that nor do I really like a really loud or screaming teacher, I stay in there because his passes and returns back to his normal tone once he gets past those “Spirit-filled” moments!


4 responses to “Perry Stone – The Hebraic Alphabet and Number Code Reveals Future Events (Full Sermon)

  1. hopingmomma

    January 26, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Perry Stone really got me excited about the End Times. If you like reading, his book Unleashing the Beast is really an eye opener. I read it probably 10 years ago, and he has updated it since then a few times. He does a wonderful job of showing how the patterns in the Old Testament are repeated in the New Testament and are relevant to us today.

  2. Trishie

    January 27, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Reblogged this on My Jesus Blog * Inspiration In The Last Days. and commented:
    Thank you Mary Beth for posting tnis, and alliwing me to reblog it on my page. Much love to you GF!

  3. Ray

    January 28, 2014 at 12:35 am

    I like Perry Stone also, I like his style plus everything is according to Gods Word. So much of the bible is prophetic – how can we not devote time to reading and understanding it. The bible codes are amazing…How can anyone deny The Bible is God’s Word after hearing these amazing facts. God bless you and all your readers. Ray

  4. Daniela

    January 29, 2014 at 2:02 am

    I like Perry’s prophetic study..great man!


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