20 Jan

Okay, before you watch the videos I am posting below, Part 1 and Part 2, remember not to fear what you see or be fearful.  This is what I was talking about that was all over the earth and all around us.  This is what we walk through.  Now, please do not kill the messenger!  I do not know why the Lord removed the veils from my eyes 4 years ago and allowed me to recognize and see these but the fact is, He did and I do!  Now, it’s time to share with you guys just what I’m talking about.  These 2 videos are only ROUGH DRAFT COPIES as I am working on one long one with many many pictures, this is just a glimpse of what I will show you.  You will see why it is so important to 1) USE YOUR TOOLS, and 2) FORGIVE EVERYONE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS AROUND THEM.

Please know this too – you might have to watch these more than once to see what I’m trying to point out and until your eyes get used to the forms and faces, it might not make sense to you but trust me, you will see them after a while, you really will.  Use discernment and do not be fearful as fear is not from the Lord Jesus Christ.  What you will see should make you stronger in Christ and understand fully the importance of His Blood Covering.  I’m sorry about the quality of these as I am not advanced in recording videos this way – this is why I am working on a full one that is better quality and more like the YouTube “Pro’s” do it!!!  How about that!




6 responses to “Pt 1 & 2 Rough Draft Video Posts – THE EVIL BEHIND THE VEIL – THIS IS WHAT YOU DON’T SEE

  1. Joanne Schriner

    January 20, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Mary Beth…I know what you are revealing thru these videos are true and thank goodness the Lord has put that veil over our eyes to not see. I was able to see a demon face that was attacking and its not pretty. Why dont people realize that there are spiritual beings other than angels. The Lord went around casting out demons and times have not changed. Thank you again for helping us to prepare for that veil to be down and all will be seen as it really is.

  2. Lulu

    January 20, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    So are you saying that spiritual beings can be seen on photographies? I’m not convinced. Rather what you’re seeing seems like an example of this phenomenon, which is a normal trait of the human brain organizing random shapes into structured shapes such as
    Not saying spiritual beings don’t exist, it just doesn’t make sense to me why they would appear on photos or what’s the use of searching for them on photos.

    • friendofheaven

      January 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm

      Let me try to explain Lulu – months ago, early on in my blog and videos, I was explaining why it is important to use your Heavenly Tools because we battle and are around each day so much evil we cannot see. I told the very long detailed story of how I happened upon this…trust me, it was not easy for me. In the final video of this (not this rough draft), I will explain it all again, step by step and how it all came about. Yes, the camera or video recorders just pick it up, that dimension behind the veil…I don’t know why I just know it does. Whenever you take a picture of a reflective material (ie. glass, metal, plastics), the camera/flash picks up the reflection off that and in pictures, you can see in that realm…everyday all day. Trust me, I was not looking for this in any way shape or form, nada, nope, I just happen to take and download thousands of pictures a week and after 10 years of doing this, 2 days after a hour long prayer session with annointing oil, communion, etc., I was at home, downloading my pictures and getting them ready to edit when all of a sudden, my eyes could see all that…I ran out of my house!! I have to zoom in on pictures to focus on specific details of the items so this is very normal for me to do in all pictures and never had I seen anything, until this night and then every day after that. This is what they are – this is what the Holy Spirit Restrains from us…this is only a partial glimpse of what will be released out when the veil is removed. I understand it is hard to accept, it was for me too, I stopped taking pictures for a long time but Lulu, it’s true. I will give the complete experience from beginning to end when I finish the video, I promise.

  3. Irene

    January 20, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    This is going to have me looking at all my photos now. That photo I sent you Mary Beth of the sunset was strange, could you not see it?

  4. Kathy Frier

    January 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    Some 30 years ago after I was saved I left the Catholic Church and my husband and I went to the Baptist Church and all was well until I was baptized in the Holy Ghost . I was asked to leave the Baptist Church and we did and went to Pentecostal church. The very first time we went our oldest son who was 7 at the time pitched a fit about going to that church. He was very fidgety and couldn’t wait to get out of their. I was talking to a friend artwork about the worsening situation and another worker came up to me and told me her dad could help me. To condense a very long story, her dad was in the deliverance ministry and he came to our house one evening to meet our son. We watched this man only mention the name of Jesus and stared in amazement not able to move or say anything. It was as though The Lord put a glass bubble over my husband and I. It lasted about an hour and we never saw any evil beings but our son named them to the man. He went from screaming and scratching the man to sitting on his lap and talking about fishing He was delivered of 13 demons. This was caused by my life style BEFORE I was saved. I had been to fortune tellers, taken astrology classes and played the ouigi board. I also use to watch vampire movies and loved magic books. I thank JESUS for saving my soul and delivering me from so many things. I don’t even want to think where I would be without Him. Sisters and Brothers, this is real stuff and I can’t tell you how important it is to know who you are in Christ and to plead the Blood of Jesus over your homes and families. I can’t hardly wait to meet all of you .Come quickly Lord Jesus!!!!

  5. Michele

    January 20, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    I KNOW it’s REAL!!! Growing up in a home where objects just “floated’ across the room when you asked for them…….The Lord once drew back the veil for me for just a little while. I was able to see the little demonic imps that were carrying the objects, BUT ALSO, for every One demonic entity, there were TWO angelic beings!!!!! In looking out the window briefly, this world is FULL, I MEAN FULL of spiritual activity that is hidden from our sight!!! Praise God He let me see things at such a young age and delivered me from such a horrendous childhood!!


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