Thank You – Thank You – Thank You For All This Love and Support; We Are All Family

08 Jan

If all of you,  my dear friends, knew how much I appreciate your words and comments, well, you would just fall right out the chair right now, you really would!  lol  I say “dear” friends, because that is exactly what you are, all of you and I know that Jesus Himself and the God the Father who sits on the Throne of Heaven has led each and every one of us here through His Heavenly Breadcrumbs we were so hungry for.  If you are unsure of things of this world, be sure of this please.

I read each and every comment and if I do not  respond right-a-way, please please please do not take it personal because I too know what that feels like.  I should have told you that my eyes are very bad now and I have not been able to wear my glasses for over a year, waiting for well, I don’t even know what I’m waiting for but I just haven’t gone to get them renewed.  I know why I have put this off – it’s because I’M POOR NOW and my eyes take a specialist to test and it’s just that extra little thing I just don’t do but I will do it next month, I promise.  I get terrible headaches looking at this computer all day, did it to myself, I’m to blame for putting it off like I have but now, I can’t hardly watch television because it’s blurred and causes my head to pound.  These optical chain stores are just not equipped to test and diagnose my eyes correctly and this causes more problems when they try to formulate the correct lens strength needed – it has just become more of a joke and a total waste of money for me so until I can go to the specialist needed that will allow me to see properly, I’ll wait as I’ve been through that revolving door too many times to count.

I’m just like all of you and have “chores” that need to be done during the day and now that I am soooo far behind in those duties “assigned” to me, I find myself playing catch-up in every single room I walk in.  I walk in, do a little here, do a little there but since my heart isn’t in it, I turn around and come back and open my computer to do what I want to do here.  Well then before I know it, it’s time for my daughter to come home which immediately prompts me to jump up and run back to that room and look like I’ve been working in there for hours!  I know, I know but what are we to do?  Can’t help it, you know, just cannot help it!  She knows, of course she does and she has been handling much better than in the past (I see God’s Hand upon her with this).  It’s really quite funny – I’ll grab handfuls of clothes making it look like I just came from downstairs and carrying them up to fold.  Oh shame shame I know your name Mary Beth!!!

Sometimes when I start a video and I’ll be 5 to 10 minutes in, someone will come over, the phones will ring, something will happen and I have to restart them every single time because of my lack in video “splicing” and it may take 3 to 4 tries on just one.  Then, I always have to make sure I have my quiet time with my best friend Jesus and I have to go to Him multiple times a day.  I have family issues, friends issues, all the same as everyone else but I find myself not too involved with the outside world so when any of the above have problems in a “worldly” area, I find I’m just void of want or interest in the “goings-on’s” of their life.  Whereas before, I may have had someone, friend or family, come to help me complete tasks I needed (like cleaning the basement, organizing my boxes) to complete because they know I’m limited in my mobility and hours of use!  Bottom line – I’m just not interested in anything else except Jesus and everything HIM!  He is outpouring right now…I mean just opening up Divine Wisdom, Divine Knowledge and Divine Understanding like I’ve never felt – EVER!  There is no running or getting away from that…who would want to?  Today, massive download, massive teaching, unbelievable sight to what He has been telling me to share and I see exactly what He is doing.  I’m so overwhelmed, so completely, utterly, totally in awe and to be honest, starstruck.  I just cannot believe He is allowing me this, I can’t.  He is piecing it all together for me…every step along the way, every “dot” He connected, one’s I saw and ones I refused to see, but He is putting my last pieces to the puzzle together so I can see His Mighty Voice, Hand, Love, Miracles and Holy Spirit throughout each day of my life and pouring His Spirit of Understanding upon mine enabling me to follow along as He Speaks.  How can I ever give Him the Praise, Glory, Love and Worship He so deserves as “Thank You” does not give my feelings I’m trying to express enough credit.

I pray for all of my friends here too, always!  I can see His Mighty Hand through this all and I know He watches all who come here…I know this was well as I know my own name.  I see Him moving the “chess pieces” so all who are His are standing exactly where He wants them to be and I see too why He is sending all who He is sending.  Talk about surreal – you have no idea how He is blessing all of you, and me right now just by allowing us His Heavenly Breadcrumbs!  We never know the precise location they will lead but we know that whatever spot He has reserved for our footing,  it is written and willed by the Lord Himself…that in itself is enough to make you fall face down on your sofa and bawl your eyes out for hours at a time!  I do this sometimes, oh like EVERYDAY!  I have prayed so long, so very long asking Him to please open my eyes and ears to all that is Divine, all that is Him, along with my pleas of “May I do all that is pleasing to You, anything to give You Praise and Glory”, and asking Him to please find me a place that I can be used, truly doing whatever He wants me to do and allow me to be part of His End-Time “Jesus Team”!  A few months ago I was apologizing for not being “out there”, accessible to all the people He sent my way throughout the years and I was tearful in how I thought I was going to be of no use to Him now.  I knew this past year He was training me, giving me specific teaching in all He wanted shared but I had no idea how I was going to do it or when…He knew though, didn’t He?

At first, I thought to myself, “Well, I don’t know if anyone will ever find this blog, let alone read anything I would ever post – why would they?”  Then, when He led me to record a video, I thought the same thing, “Oh, who in the world is ever going to listen to one word I have to say?  How is anyone going to find my video throughout all those posted and what is going to make them want to even click the “play” button if they do find me?”  I will tell you, that is what went through my mind in the beginning but regardless, I knew I had to do it…He was making me do it!  He told me He would send those He had called…those He wanted to have hearing, and they would know immediately in their Spirit, He was speaking to them.  This was a Gift to His Faithful Children who followed His Divine Breadcrumbs.  Know this, I am not the Gift or a gift, oh no way…I walk the same path as you – but here is where He “put me in the Game” and here may very well be the place He assigns you your position on His Team…where you will finally understand what all that “stuff” was about.  Maybe here is where you, me, all of us will feel and know without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, that we are not alone, not forsaken, not crazy and given Heavenly Assurance that we are most definitely His.  That we are His Children, His Chosen, His Bride, His Love and that our True Gifts and Rewards are ready and waiting in our Heavenly Homes designed by God Himself!  How wonderful is it to know that you, yes you, are so loved by the One Creator of all things ever created, and it is He that has placed your feet, body, face, heart and spirit to all things Him?  He chose you to spend an eternity with. wow, nothing can ever compare to that, nothing.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives and remember always, I’m just like you!


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2 responses to “Thank You – Thank You – Thank You For All This Love and Support; We Are All Family

  1. renu

    January 8, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Love u so mch marybeth..pls get ur eyes checked..pls

    • friendofheaven

      January 9, 2014 at 12:38 am

      Oh my little Renu – I will, I am I promise. It’s just one of those things I just keep putting off but I promise I will get my sight back to full strength. I hope all is well with you, you sure have a lot of people praying for you and your children! Know this please – YOU ARE LOVED!!!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!


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