Looking for a Great Web-Church Pastor Easy to Understand? Here is One of My Favorites!

06 Jan

HARVEST FAMILY FELLOWSHIP – PASTOR STEVE HADLEY is one of my very special “secret” finds – probably one of my favorite Breadcrumbs as I love this guy!!!  I love the way he explains things, speaks to his church…he is like us, like me and I so get him!  If I get him, most likely, you will too!


I have listened to his video messages that is recorded each Sunday for over 3 years now.  The tapes weekly services only show him, not the entire congregation and he has such a great library of information – I just can’t get enough of…again, key words here are “EASY TO UNDERSTAND”  and he has a fundamental foundation belief the same as me, believes as I do, as we do.  Here is a link to his message page where you can look up anyone that calls your name and know, they are all exceptional because he just has that “common sense” factor about him – that’s what I love the most I think.



Steve Hadley – Harvest Family Fellowship

I just wanted to post a picture of him…he has a great gift of being able to explain areas, teachings, Scriptures of the Bible that people can easily understand, making it much more fun when your able to follow along and “get” what he is saying…you will be able to follow this with him.  Also, you might be able to watch his videos on YouTube although I’ve always just gone to the website.  I have to say, that I have not visited the site in awhile as I have not had time but when I what a good teaching, this is where I go and I’m trying to play “catch-up” on what I’ve missed!  Look for his older ones too as they all are just wonderful!  This is the main page to the site:  Harvest Family Fellowship





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