Who Wants To Buy A Ticket To Wally World With Me? Wanna Be “Crazy” With Me?

04 Jan

Okay, this is good, this is REALLY REALLY GOOD!  Just to show all of you that I am just like all of you, face the same disbelieving people in my life, etc., my daughter came tonight and told me something that is still ringing in my ears!  I’m laughing about it, yet the same time, it bothers me that what I’m about to tell you was even thought, even worse, spoken!

My daughter told me that my very best friend from childhood, who I spent my entire younger life so close to, well, she thinks I’m on drugs, or maybe just gone a bit mad, crazy is the exact words as she is very very worried and concerned about me.  Let me back up a minute…A few days before Christmas, I met my two dearest girlfriends for dinner where we had a great time.  In a comment to my one friend who I will call “T”, I mentioned that I had a blog, I call it my “Jesus” Blog and told her how much I loved it, and so on.  Well, she looked it up, must have read it, seen what it was really about and well, now, she is just concerned!  What happened to me that I could possibly think that I had this incredibly close relationship with God?

Now, she has gone to “Church” her entire life – every Sunday if I remember correctly, Lutheran to be exact but me, well, not so much a church to call my own, right?  As we got older, we grew apart and only see each other once-in-a-while yet never miss a beat in our similarities…all those things that first brought us close together as the best of friends.  She has no idea now who I really am.  She never cared to really know what I have searched for since the death of my son…she has no idea, even though I’ve told her many times or at least tried to, how close to the Lord I’ve become.  Now, when she sees it for herself, well I’m sure, it was quite a shock because she did not know this side of me.  You see, how can I possibly be blessed by God, hear from Him, learn from Him or even think any of these things are possible unless your “Godlike” or one of those people everyone thinks God would chose?  See what I’m saying?  She has gone to church her entire life yet knows very little about God, His Ways, His Love and His Lessons.  She has no idea what the Bible says, nothing, only the memory of what she learned all those years ago sitting in that church pew next to her mother.  She has no idea what is happening in this world correlates with exact events stated in the Bible, their timing and what it all means.  In her lack-of-knowledge and understanding…I repeat “her” lack-of-knowledge and understanding, it becomes easy for her to go to that place of judging what she knows nothing about.  If she truly knew God, truly knew who our Lord Jesus Christ really was, she would never nor could ever speak and say what she did.  Who does she think He is?  I will tell you…she thinks He is this character in this big book she was told to read as a child; a book she sees sit on her nightstand yet never opens because she has not a clue of it’s Author, it’s Creator and as we all know very well, people fear what they do not know.

She truly thinks “I’m on drugs”!  Really?  Really T?  I’m laughing now because I’ve never done drugs except for when I had my 2 back surgeries and yes, I did have to take pain medication for a long time but those have been cut out for a while now and I never remember them causing me to hallucinate  –  so what else could it be?  No drugs in my system, never even seen them up close and personal, so maybe, oh, I don’t know, I’m becoming mad or going crazy?  Me, the least crazy person I know being called crazy…it’s just too funny!  See, because I don’t care about the things that T cares about…her biggest worry is well, nothing.  She has never had the need or opportunity to turn to the Lord for anything or at least nothing I can remember.  She doesn’t know Him because He really doesn’t know her and He has not allowed her understanding of Him…not the full understanding as He has not removed the scales from her eyes.  I feel so sad for her, I do, yet I’m the crazy one here!!  Remember, we talked about “Wally World”!  lol  She grew up to be the lazy Christian – the Lukewarm that is just too smart or too scared to walk or to run to God…she takes Him for granted as she leans on her childhood Sunday School teaching as her footstool.  She has no idea what she is about to face…what she is about to see and learn, the hard way.

I remember one day last summer, I went swimming with her in her pool and we had a wonderful time, laughing, talking, eating, you know, all the usual stuff friend do.  Well, when I started talking about God, which I always do, I started talking about stuff of the world, what the Bible says, etc., and I remember her saying, “Oh, I’ve never heard about that.  Oh, I don’t know anything about that.  No, I have no idea what that means.”  This was basic Bible 101 and she had not a clue.  I told my daughter tonight after she shared this “news” with me that it really didn’t matter.  I told her this is exactly why I don’t share with my friends and my family, exactly.  They do not know me now and because they have known me my entire life, they can never believe who I am now…what my standing in God’s Kingdom is now because to them, I’m just me, nobody special that God would allow special blessings upon, let alone allow anyone they ever knew to be part of His End-Time Game Plan!  Because of their lack of faith, knowledge and understanding, they think they have a right to speak about something they absolutely know nothing about, yet they truly think they do!  This is why they think their opinion should matter or carry weight.  Isn’t that so funny?  Trust me, T is the last person I would ever let judge what I believe or don’t believe and her voice has not carried weight with me for a very long time even though I love her very very much – she has not a clue of what she just said, not a clue!  She is all about this world, cares about trivial matters that I cannot even give a thought to and we all know why that is but like so many, she is in for the surprise of her life, is she not?  She truly has no idea how the Lord has blessed me and how I ran after the Heart of God every single day for 9 years and it’s okay, is as it’s not for me to show her.

Remember when I told everyone that my friend said to me “Well, if that is what it takes for you to get where you need and keep you happy” after I told her about how much I study and spend time learning everything of the Lord, well, this is the same friend.  I know, I know it’s too sad for words that I’m the crazy one, which still makes me crack up every single time I say it!


Well, like Forest Gump used to say…”That’s all I have to say about that!”

Blessing and love to all my “Crazies” out there!

Mary Beth


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31 responses to “Who Wants To Buy A Ticket To Wally World With Me? Wanna Be “Crazy” With Me?

  1. Patricia Owens

    January 4, 2014 at 1:10 am


  2. friendofheaven

    January 4, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Patricia you are so right and I do pray for her, I really do as I truly love her. She has a wonderful heart, would not hurt a fly, hold her tongue on gossiping about people, and she means well, she truly truly does. She is just one of the ones that will not move from that “footing” the Lord talked about and cannot allow herself to take steps toward Him to learn as she should now. I do pray for her. See guys, I’m telling you I know what everyone is going through when I say that because I do to! I go through the same things. I just think it was the way she thought she would go through my daughter and tell her in a fine light whisper, “Hey, I think your mom is really crazy, gone over the edge, went bye-bye!” that surprised me the most. Of course I pray for her and will continue to but you know, Jesus will have to show her Himself and she has absolutely no idea, really because she thinks none of this will ever affect her…so sad when you think about it. So many will face this and all the same type ‘Church” goers who have no idea why they go to Church because they have closed ears and eyes…such a shame.

  3. Patricia Burns

    January 4, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Girl, we all have those types of people in our lives. Unfortunately, mine is my sisters. Patricia is right. All we can do is pray for them. My heart truly breaks everytime I think of all the people that will need to find out the hard way that we were not crazy after all. Plus, we (the wally world members) have been given new friends and family through our Lord Jesus Christ, and I love you all !!!!
    I am sorry that she said and thinks that about you. I gotta say that if you’re crazy, then I am on that crazy train with you girlfriend!!!!!
    We love you!!!!!

  4. Sharon

    January 4, 2014 at 2:37 am

    Don’t worry about being ‘misunderstood’ Mary Beth. Very, very soon they’ll ‘get it’ when they come running to ask you what’s going on when the judgments begin. The best rumor I’ve ever heard was about my death from a drug overdose when I was in my thirties. I was married, had small children, and lived a Christian life. Someone, I don’t even know who she was, came up to my brother at his church and told him that she’d heard I’d died of a drug overdose. Whaaat? I love, love, love your blog and I am very blessed by what our Father and our Lord Yeshua are having you share with us. Bless you!!!!

  5. Roberta Bruss

    January 4, 2014 at 2:47 am

    I think I’ve been waiting in line a while with that “golden ticket” to Wally World. I concede with others that my enjoyment and pleasure is not typical as others’. I can’t get out of my mind and heart the anticipation of kneeling before the Great I Am with my brothers and sisters singing praises of worship to our Great God and Saviour, fully free without hindrance. 🙂 O glorious day!

  6. mimiwonders

    January 4, 2014 at 2:54 am

    ike your friend, I’m a Lutheran too. My ancestry traces all the way back to Luther’s 95 Theses in the year1522! My families church converted (with Luther) from Catholism to Lutheran in the Alsace Lorraine region of France bordering Germany. If you’ll remember, back then you were probably Catholic, Muslim or pagan? Anywho – strange thing, up until about a month ago, I kept hearing about Martin Luther every channel I turned to whether on Christian TV or radio. It got to the point that I said to God “ok, I think you are trying to tell me something! I started paying attention to what all was being said – and, it was all favorable. Well respected Men of God who were classically trained in Greek and Hebrew; men who understood what it was like to live when Jesus walked the Earth; and the nuances of the languages and customs in Jesus time. And, I came to understand that God was reminding me that Martin Luther – history’s most important reformer, the first person to translate and print the Bible in German for the people, and great man of God during the Christian reformation risked his life for (Catholics were burning these “heretics” at the stake back then) to tell us is that WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE not by works, lest any man should boast. Also that we had to trust our Heavenly Father in every facet of our lives and to “lean not” to our own understanding but in everything give thanks for this is the will of God for us. Not a soap box here, just a primer on what being a Lutheran means to me, and to the world as a whole. What you experienced with your friend is typical. The fact is that only approx. 1% of us (maybe 2% tops), understand what is really happening in these last days and what is coming upon the earth. So, in effect, we forget how “alone” we really are in all of this. It is like speaking a foreign language when we try to talk to friends and family. In many ways, we put ourselves at risk (nothing like what Luther did) but, to a great degree, we are seen as some sort of nut or heretic! It has always taken people of great courage to make a stand for Christ – no matter the outcome! In my own circumstance, I searched for God and the real meaning of life when my son was almost lost to me. He spent 9 months in hospital with me by his side, and has lived at home with us since his accident in 2000. Because of his physical and mental limitations, we will always have him with us. He teaches us everyday what it means to be tolerant and to “walk the walk” not just “talk the talk” At the most critical hours when his life hung in the balance, I was surrounded by the “peace that passes understanding” and my beloved Grandmother who had gone on to be with the Lord. God sent her back to me at the darkest hours and her presence was so tangible that I would smell her perfume – in STICU, in my bedroom alone at night…My point in all of this is just to tell you that many factors contribute to who we are in our walk of faith. More than anything else, for me it is the crucible that God has allowed me to walk through in my lifetime that has shaped who I am and how I search for God and the deeper (and hidden) meaning in the scriptures. I too am alone and I mourn for those loved ones I cannot reach. I long for someone to talk too about these things that we understand and almost no one else seems too… We have each other. Fight the good fight! Yours in Christ, (Another) Mimi

    • friendofheaven

      January 4, 2014 at 3:27 am

      Mimi, have you watched all my videos? I ask because your story sounds so much like my own, minus the Lutheran background but when you know God is trying to get your attention and when you finally realize your “Aha” moment. I’ve said this over and over, 9 years ago when my son died, I ran after the Heart of God each and every day and it has been through that, that He has blessed me and taught me what I so searched His Heart for. You are right, they are so far off of what is going on – Jesus Himself will have to show them and nothing we say or do with convince them otherwise, only true Divine Intervention. God has a way of working in our lives to bring us to the exact spot He wants us to stand…I knew that the minute my son died, I knew it. Throughout the videos I’ve been doing, I speak consistently on how we are different, how our eyes are now opened and friends/family’s are not and regardless what we/you do, we are not going to be the ones to open them, only Jesus Himself will have that job. It was just such perfect timing as I’ve been talking about this very thing for the past few weeks and I kept telling everyone “I’m just like you – I have to deal with these same things!” We were all laughing about being dropped off at “Wally World” by our families because they just all thought we were crazy for believing in our “God-thing”. This came at the perfect time, did it not! Thank you for your wonderful reply!

  7. Tortie

    January 4, 2014 at 2:55 am

    One of my old Sunday School teachers said that everyone has as much Jesus as they want, but if you have more, you are suspicious.

  8. ThankfulforJesus

    January 4, 2014 at 4:50 am

    Dear MB, I kind of know how you feel. My sister thinks I’m a little nutty, but we love each other very much. I haven’t been as bold as you and shared all that much with her. She’d probably really think I’m really nutty if she knew everything. I pray for her, and although her relationship with Jesus appears to be lukewarm at best, only Jesus truly knows her heart. Although she may not be part of the bride, I believe the Lord will be merciful to her, and perhaps she Hasn’t yet been called into a closer relationship with Him. The rest of us “crazies” love your videos. I think you’re reaching those Jesus is sending. I pray that my sister and your friend will soon be called into a closer relationship with our Lord, and that they will want very much to make Him Lord of their lives. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen.

  9. Elise Anderson

    January 4, 2014 at 4:54 am

    Dearest Mary Beth
    There must be something in the air that is making loved ones and friends be mean. So sorry about your friend. Although you KNOW she is just deceived it still hurts. So….my husband has just unloaded on me tonight. Granted, we are going through…continuing to go through….such financial trials and continuing heartaches with our youngest son. But, when he got real nasty I remembered to mutter under my breath, “Jesus, you give me authority over the creepy demons that are influencing him”. I kept my mind straight ahead to Jesus, not left or right as you say. One way I know Jesus has changed me….and only He could do it….is that I felt only compassion and sadness for my husband, not anger. That’s not me! I remember what you said, Mary Beth, about the Father being so pleased when one of His children learn the lesson and put it into action in a difficult situation. I hope I pleased our Father….that’s what I live for! My husband is a loving man, but cannot understand handing over all our concerns and tragedies to Jesus for comfort. It requires complete surrender and he doesn’t get that. He thinks I’m “not realistic”. He thinks my relationship with the Lord is a bit too much. We just continue to keep them all in prayer, amen! Love you, Mary Beth, more and more with each video I watch. Elise

  10. Wendy

    January 4, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Mary Beth
    Thank you so much for everything you share on your videos and your blog. I am “one of those” who have been sent to your way to gain understanding, purpose and love during this very isolated and sometimes lonely walk with the Lord. I have lost all my friends, and I had so many! After waking up and hearing the call of Jesus, my social life and friends all ended. My husband asks me why I can’t be a “normal Christian”? He is refuses to let me talk about what is really going on in the world and makes plans for the next 20 years. We are both planning for the future, but very different futures! This causes much conflict and sadness. I feel so alone much of the time. I am so blessed to have found your videos and blog. Watching and listening to you fills a void I have inside for friendship and common understanding. I thank the Lord for you, I pray for you and I love you!

  11. Elise Anderson

    January 4, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Oh, man, I forgot a really good one! I was visiting my precious believing daughter and her family. Wonderful son in law but definately NOT a believer at all. I was using their computer to check my e-mail and left my gmail account open. He noticed my Prophecy Update….which is a wonderful site I have been reading for many years….and later asked my daughter IN AMAZEMENT if I was one of those nuts who believed in the Rapture. My sweet daughter, with a very placid nature, looked at him and said YES, AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON! Whoa, I guess he was speechless at that announcement!

  12. Mary

    January 4, 2014 at 8:36 am

    Luke 4:16
    And he came to Nazareth, where he was brought up: and he went into the synagogue, ACCORDING to his CUSTOM, on the sabbath day; and he rose up to read.

    Mary Beth,

    I love your videos, I watched the Ariel Sharon part 2 and a couple of your other recent YouTubes. You have this wonderful way of bringing hope, of including everyone and sharing so beautifully how we all are and why, as example asking, where does our empathy come from? Our Dear Father, from God. It was really special, your explaining the message
    from God the Father.

    See the above…

    Check the Gospel reference, what did Our Lord do? I have to stand in defense of your dear friend in one way. How come it is a mortal sin for Catholics NOT to attend Holy Mass on Sunday, the Lord’s Day? Simply put, it is still a required part of one of God’s Commandments, to gather together, to assemble, (the meaning of Church) to worship God. Keep holy the Lord’s Day. As written in the Gospel, the first Christians gathered together to worship God, to “break bread” (the original term used for the Eucharist) on “the first day of the week” which is Sunday.

    It’s a lot easier to stay home on Sunday, read some verses from Scripture, pray and you’re done.

    God is going to show this Truth to everyone in the Warning. His is going to bring His Bride, Christians in name mainly and non-Christians to one belief. God can do this, it is His desire, remember Our Lord’s prayer to the Father. A spiritual director had a vision of our
    brothers and sisters in Christ rushing past Catholics to receive Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior in the Eucharist. Alleluia!


    p.s. And the people who disagree, the Sabbath should not of been changed. This is the New Covenant and all Christians accept Easter Sunday. Sunday is the day Our Lord arose, the reason you gather to worship on Sunday instead of Saturday.

    Mark 16:9
    But he rising early the first day of the week, appeared first to Mary Magdalen, out of whom he had cast seven devils.

  13. Donna Lynn Hope

    January 4, 2014 at 9:50 am

    I get the crazy label all the time! I consider it a term of endearment. 🙂 I have no girlfriends left anymore, no real family, but I never lost the Lord, so I guess I could say I’m the lucky one.

    • Tortie

      January 4, 2014 at 3:27 pm

      Now that is funny~

    • Monda

      January 5, 2014 at 4:12 pm

      LOL! EXACTLY!! 🙂

      • Irene

        January 5, 2014 at 4:54 pm

        How lucky all of us Brothers & Sisters are! what more could we need? Praise the Lord!

  14. Janet Butler

    January 4, 2014 at 10:52 am

    I’m right with you in Wally World sister. My whole family thinks I’ve gone crazy. I was raised Catholic and my husbands family is also Catholic. When I became a born again Christian, they thought it was crazy. They have always made it plain what they thought about born again believers. They think that we are just a bunch of disillusioned Jesus freaks. My sister-in-law says the Bible was written by a bunch of mean old men. Really? I joined a Evangelical church, just so I could be baptized. I was baptized in August but, I was the only one without family there. Even though I do not fit in, I still attend the church because I’ve meet some of the nicest people. The people there are not awake and sometimes I want to just shake them and say don’t you realize how close we are to God’s judgement coming to the world? Wake up make sure your heart is right with God. I’ve prayed about this but, God says it is not time yet and I have to have patience and not to get ahead of Him.

  15. Kathy Frier

    January 4, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    I’m right there with you! I left Catholicism 34 years ago when I started reading the Bible and got saved. Talk about being the black sheep of the family ! I’ve never looked back and have tried to set an example I thank The Lord for saving my Soul !

  16. Karen

    January 4, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Loved reading everybody’s replies! It makes me feel not alone. I have known for years my insatiable need to be close to the Lord especially through prophecy was not where most people were at! I wake up with Jesus and go to sleep with Him on my mind and the day is filled with searching and learning. It is hard to get other things done! But I do and my family thinks I am crazy but they are so polite and don’t say much. lol.
    I have been at Wally World for about 8 years now and I want more,I don’t want to leave! So glad to see so many others on the same ride! Fun!

    Thank you Mary Beth for giving of your time to blog & do videos! All of the videos have been watched by me and I so appreciate it! Again,thanks for the breadcrumbs. Peace & blessings,Karen

  17. renu

    January 4, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Marybeth..I am with u…one of my friends recently told me..renu u have gone off on a tangent n then she has not contacted me since…

  18. friendofheaven

    January 4, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    We are all used to the over-the-top comments made as I always talk about but I think what surprised most about this “comment” was the fact that she actually said the word “drugs”…she really went there! That is what sticks to me the most, yet I know it’s her own ignorance from where those words come from, but really, drugs? That one just took the cake for me!!

  19. Anne Ross

    January 4, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    i get similar reactions from people. so many people are in love with their lives and this world. sad.

  20. neen stuart

    January 4, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    I would now officially like to apply to join the Wally World CrazyTeam, yahooooo!!!!. People it’s the same the world over.
    I live in Scotland and it is no different here, I can assure you, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues they all consider anything other than a superficial reference to our Father in heaven or Lord Jesus Christ as la la land. They continue in their ignorance of what is about to take place on this earth, and that is the saddest thing possible simply because they will
    will not listen.
    We must continue to love and care for each and every one of them despite the fact that they by their responses oft times hurt us very much.
    Mary Beth you just hang on in there, keep doing what your doing please.
    Love to all the Wally World folks.

  21. David Richter

    January 4, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    I don’t mind coming with you to Wally World. Besides, normal is overrated anyway. The only person I tell any of this to is my brother. And while he listens to me, I don’t think he quite believes it as I do. Thankfully, he doesn’t call, me crazy either.

  22. Irene

    January 4, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    I want a ticket for Wally world, because I’m crazy too! thanks for sharing this about your friend, it goes to show what we are all experiencing. Lets pray for the lost love ones, they need it! and what a shock they are going to get soon. Life is hard now, it seems tougher than ever, why should it be so? at times I’m irritable, I have to keep asking the Lord to keep me calm. God bless Irene

  23. Irene

    January 4, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    I have a very close friend, that I sent news of the 3 days of darkness to etc, she replied and ask me politely not to send her anything like this again, she said it was like receiving junk/ spam mail you don’t want, she said please respect this Irene, I admire your faith, although I don’t consider myself an atheist, I doubt the existent of God! since then she doesn’t visit all that much now, where she was coming often even to help with the horses. I pray for her soul! it is a shame really because she has a heart of gold, and would help anyone. My Minister friend said anyone that doubts God, surely has to be an atheist, do you agree? I told her that Jesus is the only way! she said No Irene! He isn’t. she believes she is saved. My husband said if she does not believe in God, what is she saved from? I pray that the Lord will soften her heart. my daughter’s attitude is similar. Blessings.

  24. Mary

    January 4, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    Hi friends…sharing….

    Mary Beth,

    We love the messages you receive from Heaven. I read the Catholic and non-Catholic daily messages. Here is a non-Catholic Christian message I saw today.

    In prayer, you don’t always experience God’s presence. Read on, it is consoling. The poster did not say who received this message.


    ~ ~ ~


    My dearest one, why do you labor trying to please Me?

    To truly please Me you must spend time with Me.

    You must believe that I Am.

    Do not busy yourself with the things of this world any longer. Come to Me and wait before Me. Let Me be the one to fill your cup daily.

    So many times you have sought the world and what it has to offer. No longer My child. The time has come to rely on Me daily to fill you with My purpose and vision.

    Try waiting on Me. No agenda, no time limits, really waiting on Me. Serving Me with your thoughts. Loving Me with your whole being.

    Do not become disappointed if you don’t experience My presence. Know that each time you wait upon Me you will receive a part of Me that your senses cannot pickup on just yet.

    Learn to wait upon Me knowing you will receive from Me. Diligently seek Me and you will find Me.

    Connecting with Me should be the most important part of your day.

    Seek Me before you start your day just as Jesus did. He awoke early to spend time with Me. He made Me the 1st priority of His day.

    You really can commune with Me throughout the day if you choose to… Will you start your day with Me?

    Matthew 22:37-40
    “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

  25. Mary Bean

    January 4, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Dear Mary Beth,
    I would so love to have you come to my home and swim in my pool, and talk and eat with me…your friend is so fortunate to have you, even though she doesn’t realize it. I so look forward to your posts, because I feel like you are speaking directly to me, and those of us who inhabit “Wally World” with you…you are a dear friend to all who have come to rely on your blog for encouragement and teaching, and who are excited everyday to interact with Jesus and our Father in heaven through your messages and experiences. I have wonderful girlfriends who know I love them but basically think I’m wacky, (although at least they keep it to themselves!) but I too, have had a similar situation with my sister, who flat out told me that I am a fanatic. She also said that I needed to stop sharing my faith and conviction with others so I didn’t offend anyone (No way! Jesus is Lord and as for me and my house, we WILL serve Him!). I also have an atheist cousin who is hard core about his “beliefs”, but the funny thing is, he can no more back up what he believes than He says I can, so, Ha!…it basically comes down to whether God wants you to know or not. As I am typing this, He is speaking to me and reminding me that He is not a “half-way” God. He does not deal in gray areas. You either know because He allows you to- or you don’t. You are so blessed, Mary Beth, as are your friends who have come to know you through your blog, and what you are doing is so important! Your messages from The Lord have given me confirmation and peace, as well as definition of who I am to God. This is why Jesus wants us to interact with other believers to encourage and uplift the body of Christ. Remember what Jesus himself taught on the Mount of Olives: ” Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven…” Matthew 5: 11-12
    Much love, Mary B

  26. Arine

    January 4, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this, but it sure is difficult for most people to understand. As you told yourself, your messages are not for everyone. I hope it gives you comfort knowing how many people there are who really get you and love you beyond words! You are doing amazing work and we are so grateful for it. Actually, we are not the crazy ones, but only the time will tell it also to the others.


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