03 Jan

Daughter, do not cry for I love you! You have pleased Me greatly. I speak to you now, Your Father in Heaven who sits on the Throne of Heaven and I say to you Child – you have heard Me well. Share all with My Children I send for know they are Mine and I send them for they are those I have marked and called My Own since birth. You tell the Truth in your speech to them.

Many Words have been spoken from Me and My Children have not the True Understanding of their true meaning. I am not the Father of Lies and I would not cause My Children to sin by writing Words of non-truth This cannot be. Allowances are given by My Hand ALONE for nothing can manifest unless I Myself ordain it so. Permissions were given long ago and the granting of what has been taught now in this time has been the way since the beginning…it is nothing new but I have now sent this Knowledge and Understanding of Secrets to the hearts of all who are Mine so they understand the Days of Now and the days ahead. They must see what I teach is needed for the enemy has been granted this time to fulfill words prophesied generations past. Do not be fools and mistake these for evil or tricks from the the evil one for they are not. They are Blessings and Gifts I now pour out to those I love for this is Divine Wisdom released to you so you can walk in My Light and help those who are lost from Me now.

Allow not the forces of evil into your homes, spirits and hearts for they try hard to corrupt all that is Good – all that is Mine. I watch from My Throne, the faces of My Children looking up to Me, their Father in Heaven with love abounding and I have not ignored their pleas. All is in motion and all will stand as I have said – planned from the Beginning Days. Scales that remain on many will not be removed by you Daughter nor My other children but by My only Begotten Son Jesus Christ so leave them to Him for they cannot see nor hear but they too will have a chance to repent and worship their Creator.

Do not let the god of this world distract you and what I have assigned you to do for this is your purpose of being born. Wisdom you heard as was granted in turning your head to the left and to the right for this was correct, a trick of distraction of the enemy. Look straight always for that is where your Home is.

You have listened and heard Me in your Spirit child, bless you for doing what you knew was from Heavenly Places. Divine covering is over you now so finish what I deliver to you for prayers are now heard up to My Throne. This is an Honor and a Reward I now place upon you for your faithfulness to Me and My son Jesus Christ.

Share Me with those I place in your path for I clean it daily as I watch your steps to Me and wish for you not to stumble. Keep to Me…use what I have taught and the Tools from Heaven as a great defense and Armor against the enemy. Listen to Me as I walk with you for I dwell in your heart and I know you well. I know ALL My Children well!

The Bride shall be first – the Church will not hear all what she does and they must wait awhile before they can join Her. Great love and rewards wait for the faithful pure spotless Bride of Jesus and they will be first to be received. My Children who remain in the safe walls of the Church are too loved, they just did not hear My Voice call them to hear the Good Word. They love Me – this I do know and for that, they too will be received with Great Glory and Love but they will be delayed in the glory I pour out for they did not care the time of which is now as the Bride did – so they must wait a bit longer as they were not hungry to see My Face.

Daughter – you have listened well – you share what I allow poured into your Spirit and yes, I AM well pleased! Do not doubt your Words or their Author & Creator. I AM with you and I will not leave you for you do My Will. Blessed is your heart for you love what I love and I told you Child, you dwell in the Garden of My Heart. I speak TRUTH – speak Me and speak what you know. I will guide you and help you always so walk strong in your steps for I AM with you.
Tell My Children to listen in their Spirits for they will hear My Voice. I AM not a stranger! Be Pure-of-Heart and be not of this world and you will be rewarded. I love all the same – each will do great things for My Glory…your time will come so do not think I will not use you Children…I will in a time soon ahead! Have blind faith and ready yourself for you know not the day this comes. All are dear to Me – all are loved and all have been ordained to do GREAT WORKS for My Kingdom and My Glory…stand in these Words and know they are TRUTH!

(received Jan 1, 2013 at 1:00 pm by MBJ)


6 responses to ““CHILDREN KNOW MY PLACE FOR YOU” MESSAGE 1/1/2014

  1. Patricia Burns

    January 3, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you sweetie. Xoxoxo
    Trish Burns

  2. Joanne Schriner

    January 3, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Mary Beth…Jesus is our reward…He has surely Blessed you for all you have given unto us.
    This is a sober moment of the seriousness of the Lord and His plans. Im getting it!!! Thank
    you for your help and thank God for leading me to this site! Hope to find more like-minded
    Brides around in my area to fellowship with, the Lord willing. Love you.

  3. Irene

    January 3, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Thank you for this message. I Pray I’m a Bride with all of you. I love Jesus more than words can say.

    • David Richter

      January 4, 2014 at 12:02 am

      I agree with you and hope that I am part of the Bride as well. That sounds sort of strange for a guy to say but, there it is. I love Jesus more and more as each day goes by and can’t wait to see Him. Hope to see you and everyone soon. Bless you and stay well.

      • Irene

        January 4, 2014 at 12:09 am

        Bless you too David. Mary Beth, reading the message, does it mean there will be two Raptures? For the Bride & the Church. I’m a little confused! Many Blessings

      • David Richter

        January 4, 2014 at 12:56 am

        Thank you.


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