~How You Found Me Blog-To-Blog~I’m Really No-One~I Just Chased The Heart of God~

29 Dec

This is an unlisted link that I’m just posting here on the Blog CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW.  It was recorded yesterday morning, December 27, 2013 but I forgot to download it (so something I would do lately).  Also, I should not have released Bonnie’s message as it was not for the public yet and was in a private forum but I did not know that it was not yet released for posting and excitement got the best of me!  I’m so so sorry if I caused anyone emotional stress or confusion by posting that message.  I cannot run in front of the Lord…I have to wait for Jesus and when He wants things released!!  I just got so excited, I didn’t even think and I should have.  Bonnie was so sweet and she is nothing but a completely sweet sister-in-Christ and I love her so much…I was in tears, so afraid I messed with the Divine Plan of things!  I did not as I went to the Lord twice in prayer and all is well.  He said that once something is posted anywhere in the internet world, it’s open to all even if we don’t realize it…it’s already out in circulation and was from the first moment it was posted in the private forum and it’s all okay, nothing has changed and that I should bring it to mind no more.  He is always “steps” ahead of us…He has to be so He can catch us every single time we fall or error!  He must surely walk next to me 24/7 then!


In all, I feel much better about it today because so many were blessed by it and Jesus knew that…He was not mad at me at all, so sweet and just rolled it off His Sleeve!  At this point, I really don’t think it matters – all information is going to be released out to all His Children and if something comes to one He loves or He is trying to reach, how can He or anyone be mad or upset over that!  It’s just a waiting game right now…but I know He is coming at any moment, He is so do not lose hope, faith or sight of how blessed you/we are that He chose us before we were even born to see and be a part of all this now.  How lucky are we?  Share what you know as we are in unprecedented times and He is opening/teaching what has never been taught as they have been sealed until now.  Again, how blessed do we feel that we have been called to be apart of this?


How You Found Me Blog to Blog-I’m Really No-One I Just Chased The Heart of God (Video Link – link is unlisted so unless you have the link itself, it cannot be viewed…I just posted this video here)


Follow the Heavenly Breadcrumbs He has laid out for you – don’t ignore them or scrap them away with your feet for they are leading you Home.


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2 responses to “~How You Found Me Blog-To-Blog~I’m Really No-One~I Just Chased The Heart of God~

  1. Sabbas

    December 29, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    Sister, thank you for your post. I am heartfelt glad you feel better today. I want you to know that when I raised up my voice on Bon’s message it was with no malice or intention towards you. I know you are HIS humble and loving servant, as is Bon in my book. I simply was surprised as Bon had so graciously signed off from her postings to her public forum and asked that each be in direct touch with our MESSIAH form then on. And with all the ugliness going on regarding prophesy on-line as of late I did not want Bon or you to be skwered by all the nastiness abounding out there.

    I am very disturbed by our divided house in these critically important days. The fate of many souls hangs in the balance. HE warned us against such divisions. I will continue to Pray that Blessings come upon all and that HIS will be done.

    With Love from your friend and fellow believer…!!

  2. Joanne Schriner

    December 29, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Mary Beth,
    This msg and video brought me to tears. You explain things so I can understand. You say what is on your heart in such a refreshing way. We are all blessed by this blog and your videos, following those Blessed Breadcrumbs. Thank you Lord Jesus for leading you and us on this journey to Home. We are so blessed to be forgiven when we make a goof.
    Any Word from the Lord is so exciting though and Worthy to be heard. We love you!


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